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Jar Jar didn't ruin Star Wars, here's what would....

1. Changing the font or color of the opening text....especially if it was changed to pink.
2. Fire John Williams and instead use pop or rap for the background music.
3. Cast the Backstreet Boys as main characters.
4. Darth Vader isn't really Luke's father, Vader was actually a multi-personalitied psycho who started to think he was Anakin Skywalker.
5. Time travel.
6. Yoda and Obi-Wan both die, but are brought back to life through some kind of magic.
7. Make it a cartoon.
8. Digitally replace the entire cast with ewoks.
9. Digitally replace the entire cast with gungans.
10. Digitally replace the entire cast with Jar Jar.
11. Tell us that the planet Coruscant is actually the planet Earth in the distant future.
12. Use a different song as the opening theme for an episode.
13. Call it something other than Star Wars.
14. Make it a musical.
15. Reveal that Yoda was just a figment of everyone's imagination.
16. Kill Wedge.
17. Show us the afterlife when someone dies, and have the afterlife include harps and wings.
18. Have Anakin find fairies in the woods.
19. Have an episode without a single lightsabre.
20. Put any character in blue jeans.
21. Use the phrase "far out."
22. Call one of the ships a Toyota.
23. Using product placement, sneak a can of Pepsi into a cantina.
24. Have God speak to one of the characters.
25. Mention Yoda's urinary problem.
26. Uttering the words, "Beam me up."