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Title: Mixed feelings

Author: Heather


Summary: SG-1 lets their feelings out.  Some get hurt and some get lucky.

Pairing: Janet/Daniel, Sam/Daniel and a little Sam/Jack But mostly Sam/Daniel.

Spoilers: none

Season: Season 4

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: none

Category: romance hurt/comfort

Disclaimers: I don't own SG-1. But if someone is selling them, I'll sell all my stuff to buy Daniel.

A/N: Okay, this is the first challenge I have ever done, so I hope it’s okay. Feedback is always wanted!

Challenge #987
Hi guys, it's me again. So, this is something about Janet. Don't you think she's an interesting character? Well, I do. Do you know what would be funny? No? Here it is: Janet/Jack Romance. (Sam must be REALLY jealous. If you like Sam/Daniel try this one: Janet/Daniel Romance. There's one thing: Happy ending for Sam and Jack or Sam and Daniel!!!!!! 'Cause Jack and Daniel realize that there's just one woman in his life and it's Sam.
Submitted by Jewel <>


 He pulled Janet into his arms, kissing her softly. She was so warm against his body, and he loved the way her lips felt on his.  Her hands were so soft on his back.

 "I love you." He whispered into her ear.

 "I love you too, Daniel."


She kissed his lips and then moved down and kissed his jaw line. She pulled away and looked up and him. He smiled down at her; she was beautiful.  He pulled her closer to him and kissed her forehead, and he slow rocked her until he felt her relax in his arms and he knew she was sleeping.




 Janet woke up in her room to see Daniel sitting in a chair by the window. She slipped out of her bed, walked over to him and put her arms around his shoulders. He looked up at her, as she looked out the window to see what he was watching.

 "The sunrise."


He seemed to read her mind.

 "It's beautiful."

 "I know, but I always seem to find myself looking at it whenever I'm out of the SGC this time in the morning. It always reminds me of Sha’re, because I used to sit and watch it with her in my arms."


Janet let out a long breath.  It seemed that Sha’re came up every time.

 "I'm sorry, Janet." He pulled her onto his lap and gave her a kiss. “I shouldn't have said that. Sha’re’s gone, and your here." He kissed her again, but this time long.

 "Mom," Cassandra called from the other room.

 "Yes, Cassie?"

 "Can you come here?" Janet smiled at Daniel and then gave him a small kiss before she slipped out of the room.




 As Janet left the room, Daniel let a few tears escape. He always seemed to cry when he saw the sunrise because of Sha’re, and because in so many ways he still loved her.  But he knew that he had to move on, and he did love Janet; she was a beautiful, smart, kind woman.

 He stood and pulled his jeans on, then threw on his navy blue sweater. He walked out to the kitchen where Janet and Cassandra were.

 "Hey, Cassie."


She smiled at him to show she heard him, then she grabbed her backpack and made her way out of the kitchen.

 "Bye, mom." She yelled right before they heard the front door shot.

 "You want to grab a bite to eat at the coffee shop down the street before we make our way to the SGC?" She knew he didn't like eating in the morning, but he loved a good cup of coffee.

 "Sounds great, hon." He grabbed his and Janet’s coats, and the two left the house the way it had been when they had arrived the night before.




 Sam sat in her office as she slowly typed her notes from their last mission. She was forcing herself to stay focused. She knew Janet had been dating someone new and hadn't told her yet. It wasn’t that she was just curious, she wanted to know because she was worried and Sam believed he worked at the SGC.

 "Knock, knock."


Sam looked up to see Jack standing in her office doorway.

 "Hey, Colonel." She saved the little work that she had done and shut her laptop.

 "What are you doing?" he said, pointing to her laptop as she set it aside.

 "Not much, Sir, just typing some notes from our last mission." She knew she shouldn't even talk about what she was typing in any detail because she would confuse him.

 "Oh...well, did you have an thing to eat yet?" He asked, gesturing to the door.

 ", I haven't."

 "Well, I was on my way down to the mess hall and I wanted to know if you wanted to join me?" 

 "Yeah, sure." She slipped out from behind her desk and followed him to the mess hall.

 "So have you found out about Janet’s new boy toy yet?"


She looked at him sharply.

 "Excuse me, Sir?"

 "Come on, Carter, we all know that she has one, and I thought if anyone could find out it would be you."

 "I'm sorry, Sir, but I'm not going to invade Janet’s personal life to find out who her new boyfriend is.  If she wants me to know, she'll tell me."

 "Oh come on, Carter, you have to have some kind of interest in this whole ‘Janet’s new boyfriend’ thing, since we all know he works right here on base."

 "Jack, why can't you just leave it alone?" She had now raised her voice twice as much as it had been minutes ago.

 "Leave what alone?"


Sam jumped around to see Daniel walking up behind them.

 "Oh, Jack and over half the base are talking about who Janet’s new boyfriend is."

 "And who do they think it is?" Daniel asked, now walking at her side.

 "No one that I know of, but there's a lot of people betting that it’s a guy on base."

 "Oh. Well, I've got some work I need to do." And with that he turned and walked away.



 Daniel slipped into his office.  Damn, since when did everyone care who was dating who on base? He threw himself into his desk chair and flipped on his computer.

 "Hey, Daniel."


He looked up to see Janet slip into his office, shutting and locking the door behind her.

 "Hey." He smiled at her as she walked over and sat on his lap.


"Did you know that half the base is talking about you?" She smiled at him.

 "And you in a way."

 "Well, they’re talking about the new boy toy of Dr. Janet Fraiser."

 "I'm sorry, Dr. Jackson, would you like it better if they knew it was you?"

 "No, that’s okay.  I'll stay out of the limelight."




 "Hey Jack, I think I'm just going to get a cup of coffee and go finish those notes if that's okay?"

 "Yeah, whatever.  I'll just go eat my food over there with Teal'c.  He’s always happy to eat with me." Jack smiled and walked across the room. Sam just shook her head and then grabbed a cup of coffee and started her way back to her office.

 When she got to her office she flipped open her laptop and opened the file with her notes in it. But she couldn't keep her mind on it.  Her mind was on something else…well, really someone else.

 Daniel.  God, she just couldn't stop thinking about him. Maybe it was because he hadn't come to talk to her and his office door always seemed to be shut now.  She felt pushed out and she really wanted to be close to him, closer than she was supposed to be.

 It wasn’t that there were any real rules against them having a relationship of being more than friends. Not that Daniel would ever do that with her, they all knew he still had feelings for Sha’re in some way. But that had never stopped Sam from falling in love with him.  He had been there for her for as long as she had been a part of the Stargate program. She didn't know when she went from being just a close friend to dreaming of having him in her bed, and being his lover.  Maybe it was when she stood by his side as he had to relive his parents’ death again and again, as she wished she could do something to help him and make it easier for him.




 Daniel gave Janet a kiss as she left his office.

 "I'll see you tonight." She waved and walked down the hall.

 Daniel sat back down in his chair. How long was he going to have to keep this to himself? It wasn't that he wanted to tell the whole base. He had one person he wanted to tell, just one close friend whom he hated to keep things like this from because they always told each other about things like this. He wanted to tell Sam, he felt bad hiding this from her. He always felt bad when he didn't tell Sam thing like this.

 He found himself thinking about Sam a lot even though he was dating Janet. Sam was very close to him, sometimes he was afraid that they were getting too close, even for friends. Not that he didn't want to be close to her, but at this moment he didn't want to think about having a relationship with Sam while he was having one with Janet.

 He got up and grabbed a book off of a shelf from across the room. He needed to clear his mind.  He took a few deep breaths before opening the book: Scandinavia: the Pre-Christian Mythology of the Germanic Peoples in Northern and Central Europe. Daniel let out a small laugh.  Now whenever he read about them he always seemed to think of short little gray aliens. Of course his thoughts on a lot of mythological gods and goddessed had changed since he joined the SGC and gone through the gate.

 "He,y Daniel."

He looked up to see Sam stepping into his office. "What are you working on?"

 "Oh just, looking up something on the Scandinavian gods."


The look her face told him that she really didn’t know what he was talking about.


"The Asgard have posed as them.  They’re a nicer breed of gods compared to most … never mind." He knew she didn't really care about the Scandinavian gods.

 "You didn't have to stop," she said, sitting in the chair next to him.

 "Come on, do you really care about the Scandinavian gods?" he smiled at her. "So what’s up?" he put his book on the table next to them.

 "Well, I thought I could get you to talk to me since you seemed to be trying to avoid me lately."

 "It's not that, Sam. I've just been tied up."

 "Well, most of the time when you’re tied up it means you’re in your office non-stop, day in and out."


He knew that she would pick up on him going home when everyone else did, and not pulling any all-nighters.

 "Well, Sam…" He said, getting up and shutting the his office door. "Well, I've been seeing someone, and… well, I'm trying to stay out of the limelight of all the SGC."

 ”Does that mean you’re…"

 "…Janet's new boyfriend." He finished for her.



The office fell silent.




 It had been him and that is why he was going home like everyone else, just leaving her alone. That would mean that she may never have her coffee partner anymore, and she wouldn't have a person to spend her all-nighters with. So he was the man the whole base was talking about. He had no idea how she felt about him, or he would have never told her about Janet.

 "Sam, are you okay?"


 She looked up into his big blue eyes.

 "Yeah. I wanted to know if you had time tonight to help me with this thing SG-13 brought back from P3X-47Y9."




She saw his expression change.

 "Yeah, I think I can do that.  I just have to tell Janet." He drew her name out as if he noticed something as he was saying it.

 "Okay, then I'll meet you in my office around 21:00."

 "Sound good."  He smiled at her, and she turned and left his office. She would never tell him or Janet, but she was jealous in every way she could be. Now she knew that it was Daniel's arms that Janet had been spending her nights in. Janet had no idea that she would give up anything to spend a night like that in Daniel’s arms and not alone in her bed, in her empty apartment.

 She walked down the hall full of people but she still felt alone. She didn't want to go back to her empty, lonely office, so she decided she would go talk to Janet and maybe hear about how great Daniel was to have in all the ways Janet had him.

 The infirmary was empty except for two members of SG-11 who had gotten burned. Sam walked over to Janet’s office door and stuck her head in.

 "Hey, girl."


Janet looked up her.

 "Hey Sam, come in."


Sam sat down in one of the chairs by Janet’s desk.

 "I think I need to ask you something, but I don't think you want the door open." She nodded towards the door. Janet eyed her before getting up and closing the door.

 "Okay, so what's this all about?" She said as she sat back down.

 "Well, I know who your new boyfriend is."

 "And who told you who he is?" She asked, taking a sip of her tea.



Janet nearly spit her tea everywhere.


 "Just a few minutes ago."


 "Janet, I don't know, but I have to say you’re lucky."


With that a smile appeared on Janet’s face, and Sam knew what she was thinking about.

 "I know, he is so amazing, the warmth of his body is like no other feeling on earth."


Sam watched Janet’s eyes gloss over as she talked about Daniel, and once again Sam wished that it was her talking about Daniel. Sam just sat there as Janet rambled on about how great it was to have Daniel as her lover.  But no matter how happy Janet was, Sam wished she could take it all way from Janet and have it for herself.




 Jack sat in the mess hall looking over his bowl of cereal. What was with all of the love confusion going on the SGC? Not that it really mattered to him. He knew how he felt and it had been that way for a long time. Now all he had to do was tell her without getting court-martialed.  He was pretty sure that she felt the same way.

 "Hey, Jack, can I talk to you?"


Jack looked up to see Daniel leaning on the back of the chair next to him.

 "Yeah, sure, have a seat, Danny."


Daniel sat himself down in the chair that he was leaning on.

 "Okay.  Jack, I'm in love with three women at once."

 "Damn, Danny, you’re very active,” Jack cut in.

 "Let me finish, Jack." He looked at Jack very sharply.

 "Okay, go on then."

 "Well one of the women is dead; one is a close friend, and the other one I'm dating."


 "No, sorry, no names, Jack; just try and help me without me giving you any names."

 "Okay, but can I guess the names?"

 "Jack, please."

 "I'm just joking, Daniel."

 "Jack, can you go five minutes without joking around?"

 "Oh, don't be so boring, Danny."

 "Jack…" Daniel gave him a warning look.

 "Okay, talk, I'll shut up now."


He watched Daniel take a long deep breath.  He looked more tired than normal, which was weird because he had been going home before midnight.

 "Well, which one do you love more?"

 "Jack, if I knew I wouldn't be talking to you right now."

 "Well, then, um . . . . . . you said you’re dating one, right?"


 "Well, then, may I ask why you are thinking about two other women?"

 "I wish I could answer that, but I can't stop myself from thinking about them." 

 "Then I think you have a problem."

 "Jack, I know that."

 "Sorry." Jack had to hold back from laughing.  Poor Danny, Jack was making this so hard for him.


 "I really need to learn when to shut up, don't I?"


It was a little more comfortable when Jack knew he could make Daniel smile, and that last comment did just that.

 "You have no idea."

 "Thanks. Well, my advice to you is to think about all three of them long and hard, and truly find out which one you love the most, even if it's just a little more than the other two.  Oh, and don't spend the time thinking about it when you’re with the girl you’re dating." Jack smiled and then sent Daniel on his way.




 Daniel stepped out of the mess hall, still partly in shock by the fact that what Jack said made sense to him. But he knew he didn't have to think a lot to know who he loved more.  He had been hiding it for a long time, mainly due to the fact that he knew she didn't feel the same way. Maybe that's why he started dating Janet, not that he didn't love her also, but she was… well… not Sam.  Sam was everything he could ever want. And she was all he wanted and he would do almost anything to have her.

 But the fact was he couldn't have her because she didn't want him. But Jack was right; he couldn't do this to Janet. He loved her, but she would always be second to Sam and he didn't want to hurt her if she found out in the wrong way.   He knew he would have to call it off with Janet. He didn't want to hurt her, but had no other choice; either way she would get hurt, but which would hurt less?  He made his way down to Janet's office.




 Sam sat in her office.  She had her laptop out, but she couldn't work. She wanted Daniel here and now so that she could tell him all the things she would give to have him. She wanted him more than she should because of Janet. She felt so bad about thinking of Daniel in all the ways she had been.

 Sam was pulled away from her thoughts by an abrupt knock and Janet slipping in her door.  Tears were pouring down her cheeks.

 "Janet, what happened?" Sam got up, rushing to her side and sitting Janet down in the closest chair.

 "He said that he couldn't do it anymore." She started crying even harder now.

 "Who said they couldn't do what?"

 "Daniel…he said he needed to think about everything and everyone."

 "What do you mean? Janet, hon, calm down." Sam rubbed her back in an effort to relax her.

 "Daniel said that he had been having a lot of dreams or nightmares, and he has someone else on his mind and it's not Sha’re."

 "He told you this?"

 "No, I hear him talk in his sleep.  He tosses and turns violently. And I know he’s been talking about Sha’re a lot, but I know when he’s thinking about Sha’re and when his mind’s off on something else. And that's why I told him I was okay with him taking space from me.  I told him to do whatever he needed, and then I told him that after he left my office he left my heart and he couldn't come back." She let out a few more tears.

 "I'm sorry, Janet." Sam felt the guilt of her early thoughts sinking in.




 Daniel sat in his office.  He was hurt and relieved at the same time. Janet told him that if he left her then, it was over and there could never be anything between them again. He felt relieved because of the fact that he wouldn't have to feel that guilt of loving Sam while he was with her and thinking about being with Sam instead of her.


 Jack made his way to Sam's office.  He had to tell her how he felt even thought he knew at this time they couldn't date.  He just needed to hear her say that she loved him in all the ways that he loved her, and that she had the same dreams of being in his arms. He took a few breaths before opening Sam’s door.

 "Knock, knock."


He saw Sam sitting at her desk. She lifted her face from her hands.

 "Hey, Carter."

 "Hi, Sir."

 "Um, can I come in? I really need to talk to you."  He could feel the knot in his gut.

 "Yeah, um, sure." She pointed to a chair near her desk, and he slid into it.

 "Well, I know that because of all that government stuff I'm not allowed to tell you this, but I can't hide it anymore. Samantha Carter, I love you."


Sam just stared at him, saying nothing.  Now he was feeling uncomfortable because she didn't look happy and she wasn't in his arms kissing him. He heard Sam take a long, deep breath.  She rubbed her face with her hands and then looked him straight in the eyes.

 "Oh, Jack, I'm so sorry." Why was she saying that she was sorry?


 "Because I can't return that love, Jack."


Jack was frozen.  She couldn't return his feelings. Oh, God, he had just made the biggest ass out of himself.

 "I'm sorry, Sam." He said, leaving her office. God, what the hell had he done? He was sure she felt the same way. How could this have happened?




 Sam sat in her office, stunned by what had just happened. Had the SGC become a soap opera? She took a few deep breaths. Hell, she might as well go tell Daniel that she's loved him longer than she ever should have, and had spent many nights dreaming about being wrapped up in his arms, kissing his soft lips and feeling his hot, bare skin against hers.



She looked up to see Daniel in her doorway. This was great; she didn't know if she could keep her feelings in check right now.

 "Yeah, Daniel."

 "I don't know what to do right now.  Things are so mixed up right now."

 "I know what you’re talking about.  Um, Colonel O'Neill just told me that he’s in love with me."


Daniel looked at her.

 "He did?"



 "And I told him that I don't feel the same way."


The look on his face was one of surprise. Instead of saying a word, he leaned over her desk and kissed her in the way she had only dreamed of, and all she could do was kiss him back. He pulled away all too soon for her.

 "You have no idea how great it was to hear that." she kissed him this time.

 "You have no idea how great that felt." this time he pulled his arms around her and kissed her deeper and longer.

 "Damn, this has been one hell of a day, Doctor." She smiled at him.

 "You can say that again, and I'm sorry it’s been hell for you."

 "It’s okay, Daniel. Hey, what do you say we do that work on the thing from P3X-47Y9 now, and we can work everything else later?"


She leaned over and kissed him one more time before they started to work.