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Title: Lost in love

Summary: Sam tells Daniel how she feels, but how does Jack react when he finds out?

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: low sexual contact

Pairings: Sam / Daniel

Subjects: romance, hurt/ comfort (more hurt then comfort)

Disclaimers: I don't own Stargate SG-1, even though I have spent many nights dreaming that I did.  And if Sci-Fi and MGM want to sell Daniel, I will buy him!!!!!!!!!!!

Janet sat in her office looking at the pile of never ending paperwork.  She looked down at the next file on the pile. ‘Dr. Daniel Jackson’ it read; he had to have the largest file out of everyone in the SGC.  He was almost in the infirmary as much as she was, not that she minded him there.  He was always a sweetheart to her and all the nurses.  He was also the only member of the SGC (but her) who knew all the names of all the nurses and never got them mixed up.  But she wasn't sure that he knew how many of them would love to take him home after work and buy him dinner.  Well, he is a very attractive man, and with those big, beautiful blue eyes, who couldn't take a second look at him? Janet was e pretty sure he had even heard some of the married women talk about how cute he was.

Janet flipped open the folder.  The first page had all of his basic background information, and clipped to it was a picture of a younger Daniel Jackson.  She pulled the picture out of the folder and looked at it.  His hair was still long and had fallen into his eyes when the picture was taken.  He had a sweet, shy smile on his face. Janet could remember that he had gotten the picture taken a few days after he had gotten back from Abydos.


She looked up from the picture to see Sam in her doorway.

"Yes, Sam…"

Sam looked slightly pale and very tired.

"I thought SG-1 was supposed to take the next week off? At least that’s what I remember telling all four of you.  I think Jack went fishing and Teal'c went off world to see his family.  But it seems that you and Daniel just don't understand what time off is."

 Sam smiled at her. Janet hadn't expected Sam or Daniel to leave the base, especially when they had new 'toys' from off-world.

"Well, you know how I just love the base so much." Sam said sarcastically. "No I just wanted to know if you had some time to talk." Sam moved in to the office and sat herself in to the chair across from Janet’s desk.

"Yeah, I always have time to talk.  What’s up?" She said as she slipped Daniel's picture back into his file.

"Well, I have a question."

"Go on."

"Okay, well you know how if you’re around a person … well, I mean a friend … after a while you become more than friends? But you don't know if the other friend feels the same and...."

"Hold on, Sam, you sound like Cassie when she asks me about the boy in her class who she thinks is cute."

"Thanks, Janet, but do you think you can help me?"

 Sam noticed her mistake within seconds. Janet knew that Sam was trying to make her think she was trying to help a friend, but that was gone now.

"Okay, Samantha Carter, who is he?"

Sam just looked quietly at her hand.

"Is he here on the base?"

Sam looked even more nervous.

"God, Sam, is he on SG-1? Is it Jack?"

 Sam looked up sharply.


"I asked if it was Jack."

Sam just shook her head.

Then it clicked …


"Not so loud, Janet."

"I'm right that it's Daniel?? Wow, that’s something that I didn't expect."

"Why do you say that?"

"Well, I and over half the base think that you’re in love with Jack."

"Well, it’s not that Jack isn't a attractive guy, but to him I will always be Major Carter.  I'm Samantha, and I'm a woman and I have other needs.   I need someone who can treat me that way, and I need a lover."

Janet was quite taken aback by what Sam was saying, even though it was the same thing that she had been feeling in so many ways.

* * * * *

Daniel sat in his office, filling out his late report from the last mission SG-1 had gone on.  He was rushing it in many ways so that he could move on to a set of tablets that SG-7 had found on P3X-47J2. He knew that he should be going home instead of being here, but how could he? This was so fascinating. He would give up almost anything to stay here and work on the tablets.

Still, it is nice to have some time and to sit and breathe.  Of course Jack had asked him to go fishing like he did every time they’d get any time off-base.  Daniel finished throwing together his report, then grabbed one of his many journals and walked over to the table which contained the tablets.  He grabbed a pencil and did a quick sketch of the larger of the two tablets. They both looked like they were Egyptian.  Go figure, he thought to himself, but they both still piqued his interest.

"Hey, Daniel."

He turned to see Sam standing in his door way.

"Hi, Sam, how are you?"

"Good.  You?"

"Good," he smiled at her.  She was the only other person he knew who would stay on base just to play around with some cool 'toys' they found off-world.

* * * * *

Sam looked at the two large tablets on the table in Daniel’s office.  It was a miracle that the table could hold them up.

"Those are cool," she said, looking over at Daniel.  His big blue eyes were on her, and just looking at them made her want to melt. He took a few steps closer to her.  

"I know.  Why do you think I stayed?" he smiled at her.   "Well, there are other reasons, too."

"Oh, so what are the other reasons?"

Now she could feel his eyes on her, but she couldn’t look up to meet them.

"Well, what would I do if I went home, sit alone in an empty apartment?"

"I know what you mean, I would do the same thing.  I don't really have a life outside of the SGC."

"You don't have to tell me.  I don't talk to any of the people who I knew before Katherine pulled me in to this whole thing."

"Yeah, I know.  I don't have many friends or a boyfriend or anything off base.  I don't want have to explain all the nights I'm not home and all the injuries from off world."

"I know, they would probably think you were seeing someone else or avoiding them."

She nodded.  He was right, but she was trying to avoid the fact that she didn't want someone she would have to lie to since she wanted him.

"Hey," h said as he looked down at his watch. "Do you want to go get something to eat? I mean, its getting late and I'm starving."

"Yeah, as long as it’s off base. I would love to eat some real food." She let out a small giggle.

"Okay, I'll meet you topside."

"Sounds great.  I'll see you in around 10."

She turned and slipped out the door.  Now all she had to do was change her clothes.

Five minutes later she was locking her office door.  She had thrown on a pair of jeans and pale blue shirt with her jacket over that.  Right about now she started wishing she had worn something a bit nicer this morning.  She made her way up to topside.  When she got there, Daniel wasn't there yet so she walked over and lead against the walk by the door.

After about two minutes, Daniel walked through the door. Damn, he looks good, she thought as she looked him over quickly.  He was wearing a pair of black jeans and a blue t-shirt that was mostly covered by a dark brown leather jacket.

"Hey," he smiled

"Hi, there," she smiled back at him.  "You ready?"

The two got in Sam's car and made their way to a little Chinese restaurant.


"Did Jack ask you to go fishing?" Daniel asked as they sat down at a table by the widow in the restaurant.

"Yeah," she said as she looked over the menu, which she noticed was all in Chinese.  "Um, Daniel this is all in Chinese."

 He smiled at her.

"Did you forget who you’re eating with?"

 She felt her cheeks grow red as she put 2 and 2 together.

"Would you like me to order for you?" he asked her with a wide smile.

"Yes, my Chinese is a little rusty."

The two broke out laughing.

A waiter walked up with a smile.

"What can I get you?" he asked.

Daniel turned to the man and gave him the orders in perfect Chinese.  The waiter paused with a surprised look on his face, and then wrote down their orders.  When he walked away, they both let out a few more laughs.

"I don't think he expected that."

"Well, how many white, skinny geeky kids do you know who speak Chinese?" he said, pulling off his jacket.  She noticed how the blue of the shirt pulled the blue out in his eyes.  It seemed every time she saw him he was even better looking than the last.

* * * * *

Daniel set his jacket on the back of his chair.  Sam smiled at him.  God, she’s beautiful. Damn I,t I can't think of her that way.  She's Jack's, not yours, he thought.

The waiter set their food on the table.

Daniel looked at Sam as she started eating. Taking a bite of his food, he hoped she liked what he ordered for her.

"This is good," she smiled at him.

After they finished their dinner, Daniel really wished he could have spent more time with her.

"Hey, Sam?"

 She looked over at him as they walked out of the restaurant.


"Do you want to go see a movie together tomorrow?"

"Sounds good to me."

"Okay, so when do you want to meet up?"

Sam unlocked the doors of her car.

"Daniel …"

"Yeah, Sam?"

"Thanks for this dinner, it was great."

"It's nothing."

He had no idea how much that the dinner meant to her.  She started the car, and pulled out on to the road and back to the SGC.

* * * * *

"Hey, Daniel, since it's late and nether of us have to go back to the SGC, do you want to come over for a cup of coffee?"

She could tell that he was surprised by the question, but he answered in just the way that she had hoped.


Sam turned down a street and backtracked her way back to her house.

They were pulling into Sam's driveway ten minutes later. Sam pushed open her front door and threw her keys onto a nearby table as she switched on her lights.  She led Daniel into her living room.

"Have a seat and I'll go make a pot of coffee."

"Let me help you with that,” he said as he dropped his jacket on one of the arms of the couch.

"No, that's okay, just have a seat," she said as she pointed at the couch, trying to see if it might get him to listen to her.

"Are you sure?"

She nodded, and to her surprise he sat down as she walked out of the room.

* * * * *

Daniel leaned into the coach, waiting for Sam to come back in.  Why had she asked him to come over? Not that he minded. He could think of a few times he had been in Sam's house before, but that was only with the rest of SG-1.

Sam walked into the room with a coffee mug in each hand.  She gave Daniel one as she sat down next to him on the couch. He took a long sip of his coffee.

"Daniel, I really need to talk to you."

He looked at her.  She looked very serious, so he set his coffee cup down and gave her his full attention.


"Well it’s about us."

Okay, now this was like nothing he had expected.

"What about us?"

She had gone from serious to nervous.

"Okay, I'm not going to beat around the bush here."

She took a deep breath.  

“Daniel Jackson, I love you."

Daniel was now very glad that he had set his coffee down because if he hadn't he would have just dropped it. This is to good to be real, he thought to himself.  He had dreamed about this about a million times before. This is the part where he wakes up and is alone, remembering the fact that Sam loves Jack.


He jumped.  He had forgotten she was still there.

"Sam, I don't know what to say."

 She looked away sadly and Daniel knew that she thought he didn't love her.

"Sam I mean, I love you too."

He cupped her face in his hand and lowered his lips to hers.  All she could do was pull closer to him, and he kissed her deeper, searching her mouth with his tongue.  To his pleasure, she responded in the same way.  He slid his hand down her back, and then pulled his lips from her and slowly kissed her down her neck.  He could hear her moan as she arched her neck.

"Daniel …" she moaned

"Yes, Sam?" he asked as he looked at her, seeing the passion and lust in her big blue eyes.

"Let’s go to my room."

He smiled and then picked her up off of the couch.  He carried her into her room and put her on the bed.


Sam woke up, wrapped up in Daniels arms.  She thought of the night before and how great it felt to make love with him, to feel him inside her.  She smiled to herself. 

She was pulled away from her pleasant memories by a knock on her door. She slipped out from Daniel’s arms and pulled her robe on over her naked body.  She walked out to the front of her house and opened to door.

"Hey, Sam."

"Jack! What are you doing here?" She exclaimed as she looked at him in shock.

"Um … well, you see, we've been given time off and I wanted to know if you wanted to go do something since you won't go fishing with me."

"Well, Jack ... um …"

"Sam?" another voice called.

She turned to see Daniel walk out of her room in nothing but his boxers as he put his glasses on.  He jumped when he saw Jack.

"Hi, …" he started as he looked over to Sam for help.

"Jack, can you come by again later?"

"No, that’s okay.   I can see that you’re very occupied, so I won’t waste your time."

He walked out of sight.

* * * * *

Jack made his way down the street to his car.  God damn it, had he just seen that? Why Daniel? Why not him? I should wring his little neck, damn it.  He knows how I feel about her. He knew that I was in love with her, he thought.  All the things that Daniel had just done with Sam were the things he had been dreaming of doing for years. When Jack got to his car he slammed his fist into it with enough power to leave a dent.

"Jack ..."

He turned to see Daniel running down the sidewalk.  Jack didn't really want to hear what Daniel was going to say, but for some reason he didn't walk away; he stood there waiting.

"Jack," Daniel leaned over with his hands on his knees to catch his breath.  “I really need to talk to you." he managed to say in between a few heavy breaths.  He stood up and looked at Jack.

"Okay, Jack, I know how you feel about Sam and I didn't do this to hurt you."

Jack wanted to hit him, but he let Daniel finish.

 "I wouldn't have done it, but I lost control when she told me that she loved me."

Jack could control himself any longer.  He gave Daniel a upper cup to his lower jaw.  He watched Daniel hit the sidewalk, his lip bleeding.  Jack knew that he shouldn't have done that and should help him up, but instead he just got in his car and drove away, trying to sort through all the things that had just happened.

* * * * *

Daniel pulled himself from the ground, wiping the blood from his lip.  How was the team going to work if Jack hated him and Sam? Well, he didn’t hate Sam, he loved her.  He was just pissed because he – as well as everyone else in the SGC - thought Sam liked him back.

"Daniel, what happened?" Sam asked as Daniel walked into the house.

"Well, Sam, I know that … well, you see, um .... Well, there's the fact that even though you’re not in love with Jack, he is in love with you and … well … I think this whole thing was a big blow to him."

Sam wetted a small cloth and put it to his lip.

"Look's like you’re the one who got the real blow."

"Well, I kinda earned it, you see, because I know he loves you."

"Daniel, just because you know doesn’t mean that you should give up your happiness for him.  What I mean is that I could never like Jack more then I do now.  I just wouldn't be happy."  She pulled him in to a hug. "Daniel, I love you and I always will."

"I love you, too, Samantha Carter."