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Title: Blue on Blue Part two

Author: Heather


Summary: Sam and Daniel are on a planet with out Jack or Teal'c and find out that they can't go home through the stargate.

Pairing: Sam and Daniel

Spoilers: none

Season: between 4 and 5

Rating: R

Warnings: adult content

Category: romance, adventure

Disclaimers: I don't own stargate SG-1, so if you want to sue me this is what you’re going to get: Stargate fan fiction, Stargate pictures, a pile of old clothing, and an old coffee cup that I have used many nights to finish writing fan fiction.

A/N: I'm not sure when this one is going to end so I’ve broken it into parts. A big big thanks to Jess who does all the beta-ing on all of my fics because she's a sweetheart she even puts them on her site after she’s finished with them, and by the way she’s a great fic writer herself!!!! (So read her fics too or I will find u and make u read them all day and night) Sorry, I really need to start taking my meds again.

Feedback: Is always wanted, send it to my e-mail.

Challenge #905
MUST be Daniel/Sam romance! Well imagine that the Stargate wasn't working so they couldn't use it to get off the planet. How would Sam/Daniel feel about evacuating and never seeing each other again, not surviving and would they be able to?  Can be adult if you like but must have some bedroom action!...sorry.
Submitted by Rhona <>

 Sam woke up in the tent, wrapped in Daniel’s arms. She thought back to the night before, the way Daniel had touched her and the way he had made her feel. She smiled to herself; he made her feel like a woman in ways no other man did.


 "Sam," he said into her hair.


 "Daniel." She turned in his arms to face him.


 "You know how much this is going to change everything?"


She had hoped he wouldn't bring this up yet.


 "We'll just keep it off-base and off-world, but any other time we can do whatever we want."


She kissed him, and he smiled at her.


 "I forgot how much of a genius you are, Samantha Carter."


He kissed her on the forehead. Sam giggled - he was the only person who called her Samantha.


 "We should really get to work, so we have something to radio in."  He reached over her to grab his pants that had been thrown there the night before.


 "But, Danny, five more minutes," she said, pulling him back down onto the blankets and kissing him. She was happy that all he could say was okay and kiss her more.



 Daniel stepped out of the tent and pulled on his black t-shirt. He would have loved to stay in that tent with Sam in his arms, but he knew that if he was going to get up he had to do it then, or he might not be up for a few more hours and they had to contact the SGC in less than an hour and a half.


 He let out a heavy breath. Work … what he needed to do was work. He needed something to report in. He needed to focus, that was all.


 He started his way back to the castle.  He had hoped that Sam would stay back and get some more sleep, but he knew she would be up and working soon, and he couldn't do anything about it. He smiled to himself.  He had loved her for so long and now he knew that she had felt the same way. He hadn't felt this good in a long time.


He looked up at the large castle in front of him.  It was almost as large as some of the pyramids he had visited. Man, do I have my work cut out for me, he thought as he opened the large doors.



 Sam sat in the tent Daniel had left around 15 minutes ago and yawned.  God, he was a pain in the ass.  She wanted him to stay with her in the tent and forget about the work they needed to do, but Daniel was persistent to go and get some work done. Of course, it would be good to have something to tell Gen. Hammond.

Sam wondered what Jack would have done if she and Daniel didn't radio in.  He’d come through the gate and find her and Daniel making love in the tent. She couldn't help but laugh as she pictured what Jack’s expression would be.

 She pulled the blankets up farther over herself as a cool breeze filled the tent. This planet is a lot cooler when you have no clothes on, and her clothes were on the other side of the tent; she didn't want to get up and get them.

 Her mind wandered back to Daniel’s body and how it felt last night. The way he had moved against her, you would never know his body was that hot by the way he carried himself. He had the body of a dream lover, by the way he had moved with her. It was the best love she had ever made, she thought as she ran her hands through her short, blond hair.

 He could make her happy in so many ways. He was her equal, her friend, and now her lover. How could one man be so wonderful? And on top of that, how could one man be so wonderful and be in love with her?

 She looked down at her watch resting on the ground next to her. Wow, it was 20 minutes until they had to radio in. She slowly grabbed her clothes and pulled them on.  She made a few sandwiches/ then made her way out of the tent and in the direction of the castle.

 When she got there, she found Daniel sitting on the dust covered floor, reading the wall in front of him. She walked up behind him and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. In reaction he gave a small jump.

 "Sam," he exclaimed as he grabbed her hands and held them to his chest. "You scared me."


She slid herself into his lap and then kissed him softy.

 "I'm sorry."


She kissed him again, and he smiled at her.

 "I don't mind.  What’s that?" he asked as he pointed at the bag with the sandwiches.

 "It's lunch,” she replied before kissing him again.  "But first we have to go report in or Jack will have our heads."


He kissed her before she felt him pick her up, and then set her on her feet.

 "Okay, let’s go."

 They walked to the stargate hand in hand, laughing and kissing from time to time. When they got there, Daniel dialed up the gate, but when it got to chevron 7, the gate just shut off.

 "What just happened?"


 END of part 2.  Part 3 coming soon