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Title: Blue on Blue

Author: Heather


Summary: Sam and Daniel are on a planet without Jack or Teal'c, and find out that they can't go home through the stargate.

Pairing: Sam and Daniel

Spoliers: none

Season: between 4 and 5

Rating: R

Warnings: adult content

Catgory: romance

Disclaimers: I don't own stargate SG-1, so if you want to sue me this is what youíre going to get: Stargate fan fiction, stargate pictures, a pile of old clothing, and a old coffee cup that I have used many nights to finish writing fan fiction.

A/N: I'm not sure when this one is going to end so I broke it into parts.

Feedback: Is always wanted

Challenge #905
MUST be Daniel/Sam romance! Remember that film "Deep Impact?" Well imagine that the Stargate wasn't working so they couldn't use it to get off the planet. How would Sam/Daniel feel about evacuating and never seeing each other again, not surviving and would they be able to?  Can be adult if you like but must have some bedroom action!...sorry.
Submitted by Rhona <>


 SG-1 stepped out of the stargate on to J7X-97N4.

 "Trees Ö what a huge surprise. It's always trees or sand." Jack said, pulling off his sunglasses. "There can't be some nice little oceanside stargate."


 "What Daniel?"

 "Can you not complain for five minutes please?"


Daniel looked around, then spotted what looked like a large building through the thick trees.

 "What, did you find something?"


Daniel just nodded and started to move through the trees in the direction of the building.

 "Yeah, um, follow me."


He waved in the direction of the building. Sam jogged up to his side and moved around to get a look at the place before they got there.

 "Daniel! Carter!" Jack yelled after them. Then he turned to Teal'c.


"Come on."


The two followed behind Sam and Daniel.It took around five minutes for them to get to the clearing of the trees.

 "It looks like Middle American."


Daniel walked over to the wall.


"Yes, it is Middle American Ö looks like the writing is Nahua."

 "And??" Sam asked, hoping to learn more about what this building was and where it came from.

 "Well, I think itís a temple to Mictlanteccuhtli."

 "And that is?" Jack asked.

 "Oh, he is the Nahua ruler of the underworld."


He started to make his way over the wall.

 "Is there a way in?" Sam asked, looking over the walls.Daniel ran his hands over the writing of the walls, and then with a small push on a little tile, a door to their left opened.

 "Well, I think thatís a yes," Jack said, pointing to the door.


He looked down at his watch. "Carter, how about you and Danny go on in, and Teal'c and I will go set up for the night." 


Jack looked over at Daniel who was already going in and messing with everything.He looked over to Sam.

"Maybe youíll find something all science-y?"


He was happy to see her smile at him.He grabbed Danielís arm and pulled him into the large building. Jack looked at Tealíc and the two made their way back to a clearing they saw as they had made their way out of the gate.



 Sam pulled Daniel into a large room.

 "This is amazing!" She said, letting go of his arm.

 "I know."


He made his way over to the walls. Sam walked up behind him.

 "Hey, do you know more about this Mictacuntle?"

 "It's Mictlanteccuhtli, and yes, I know one of the legends that we have; The god Quetzalcoatl, while passing from west to east as the plant Venus, encountered Mictlanteccuhtli, the Lord of the Dead Land, the underworld, and asked him for the 'precious bones' or manioc, from which man was to be made."

 Daniel took a seat on the floor before starting again.


"The god asked: 'What do you want to do with them, Quetzalcoatl?' He answered: 'What worries the gods is who shall live on Earth.' The Dead Land Lord gave him a conch to blow and told him to carry the bones four times around a jade circle, but the conch was blocked up."

 Daniel took a sip of water, and Sam sat down next to him.


"Quetzalcoatl summoned the worms, which hollowed it out, and the bees, which forced their way through it. He blew the conch and the Dead Land Lord told him to take the bones, but instructed his vassals to order Quetzalcoatl to leave them underworld. On the advice of his nahual (His animal form) Quetzalcoatl pretended to have left the bones."


He looked at Sam. "Do you want to hear more?"

 "Yes" she said, moving closer to him. She felt like a little girl being told a bedtime story. Daniel smiled at her.

 "Okay, but let me sum it up. Quetzalcoatl really did that with the bones and put male on one side and female on the other, and then wrapped them and took them. Mictlanteccuhtli found out that Quetzalcoatl took the bones, so he told his vassals to dig him a pit and Quetzalcoatl fell into it. The quails picked and broke the bones. Quetzalcoatl gathered the bones and took them, and he made man from the ground bone and blood from his penis."

 "Thatís nice." She smiled at him.

 "I know, great to think thatís what we came from, isn't it." He smiled at her.

 "So, is there any Ďmeaning of lifeí stuff here?" She pointed at the wall.

 "No, it doesnít look like it. But hey, this is just the first room. I'm guessing that there must be around 50 rooms in all."

 "I think it might make a great hotel." She let out a giggle. She got up off the floor and pulled Daniel up with her.


 "Yeah, but I don't think the people of Earth are ready for off-world vacations."


He pulled her into his arms and looked down into her deep blue eyes. It was blue on blue, and he didn't know how to pull away from it.



She said his name so softly. He watched her face move closer to his. He leaned in to meet her lips.

 "Carter, Daniel, get your butts out here!!!"


They pulled apart and turned to the door to see Jack walk in.


"You two find anything?"

 "Not in here, but weíll have to do a lot more looking around tomorrow."

 "Okay, well then you can look around more tomorrow. I just talked to Hammond and you two are going to be here for three days, okay. Thank God Teal'c and I get to go back home."


Sam and Daniel exchanged looks.

 "Youíre not staying?"

 "Are you mad that I get to go home and take a good, long, hot bath while you two get to stay here off world in some big old thing? I think I'll go home and be back to see you walk through the gate in three days.There are some supplies, and Teal'c and I put up a tent for you two. So I think that's it, and I'm going now."

 "Teal'c is going too?" Daniel asked

 "Yep. I think I'll take him camping off-base with me."


Daniel rolled his eyes.The three walked out of the building.




 Sam walked behind the two men in a daze.Had she and Daniel almost kissed? In a way that was scary and in many other ways she wished they had kissed. She loved the way she had felt in his arms and looking into his big blue eyes.

 They walked Jack and Teal'c to the gate.

 "So you two know the rules: check in every 12 hours, no getting your butts in trouble, and Ö well, you two know it all."


Sam gave them a quick wave and then dialed home for them. She and Daniel watched the two walk through the gate and waited until it shut off before starting back to their camp.

 Sam got a fire going and then sat next to Daniel.

 "Sam Ö um, what almost happened back there in the..."


Sam watched him struggle to get the words out but she didn't even let him finish. She let herself drop the Major Carter and let out Samantha.She put her index finger over Daniel's mouth.

 "Daniel, you don't have to say anything."


She leaned over and kissed him. She was so relieved when he pulled her in to his arms and closer to his body. When they finally parted, they stared into each otherís blue eyes.


"Daniel." His name came out sounding a little more sexual then she had meant it to.

 "No, Samantha. I want to say that Ö that was something I have dreamed about for so long and I was hoping that would almost happen earlier."


She smiled at him and then she smiled to herself. Then she sat up and kissed him again, but this time she pushed him down so that now she was lying on top of him. Kissing him with not only her lips but with her tongue, he tasted better than she could ever had imaged. But it got even better when she felt him pull off her vest and jacket, then ran his hand over her bare arms and then down her back.

 She slid her hands under his jacket and his shirt. He let out a soft moan that did things to her that she couldnít even put into words. She pushed off his jacket with one of her hands and then pulled off his shirt with the other. His chest was warm and hard, and she rubbed her hands down it.

 "You feel so unbearably good," she whispered in his ear, and then nibbled on it. He slid his hands up the back of her shirt and planted kisses down her neck.


 "And you, Samantha Carter, have no idea at all how much of a beautiful, amazing, smart, sexy woman you are. And I don't think you know what you can do to a man."


He moved his mouth to her collar bone, kissing it softly and wetting it with his tongue. He lifted her shirt and threw it by his forgotten shirt and jacket.He looked down at her black sports bar that covered her perfect round breasts. He slid his hand up the back of her bra and pulled it over her head, then cupped her breasts his hands, rubbing his thumbs over her nipples.
 He loved watching her arch her back and the sound of her soft, deep moans. He pulled off her pants and sat her on his lap.

 "Are you sure you want to do this here, and with me?"


Her eyes glittered.

 "More than words could ever say."


With that Daniel slid himself into her and she let out a loader moan. He started to move slowly at first, he couldn't help but moan himself the way she felt as he moved in her. When she fell into complete and perfect rhythm with him, he sped up until he released himself into her and she let out a load moan.They fell softly onto the ground, wrapped in each otherís arms.


End of part 1