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Pssst: come check out VannyCats... Saff's going to go see the show, here's where the planning and stuff takes place

To the Vannycats Site!

Hello and welcome!!! I am... *bows* Saffirejewl, owner and runner of this site.

Saff.. they prolly already know that.. they've been waiting FOREVER, for you to get off your duff and update!!!

*blush* I know that!!! It wasn't necessarily MY fault... you want to know busy, try living my life.

Yes... between sitting on the couch,
Chatting to Java and friends,
and RPING all the time...

*glare* Thank you for making me look like a lazy little kitty.....

*Giggles from the tribe*


*tribe rolls on the floor laughing*

*Sigh* ignore the immature and totally braindead members of my tribe. I'll introduce you to them later, *look* but since they seem to be having seizures I guess I'll leave them be for now.

Anyhoo.. as you're sure to know.. this site is about CATS.. yes some of it is to do with the animal.. but most is to do with the show.

Saff will you stop rambling and get to the point??

THUNDER!!! where'd you come from??

I'm more mature than those kittens, I don't fall on the floor in hysterics at the drop of a hat.

*Raises eyebrow* or a catnip mouse?

*Drools and gets hyper* Catnip?? ooo where where??

so um yeah... I'll let the tribe introduce themselves as you wander around the site. Have fun and don't let them confuse you too much. If you happen to find any broken links, lost images and typos, let me know, we seem to be having a problem with Macavity messing up the spelling and the Notorious Duo stealing all our pages.

*looks at tribe* DON'T YOU HAVE WORK TO DO???

*tribe gets up and scatters off to their respective pages*

*sigh* peace at last... Enjoy your stay... see ya 'round!!