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Welcome to my Roswell Music Video page!

My name is Nicole Anell and this is where I will share my odd little form of fanart with the world. All of the following are WMV files that can be played with Windows Media Player.

Thanks to Kim for the webspace!! Show Kim love!

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SPECIAL UPDATE: It's been several years now since I've made these videos, and in the interest of saving bandwidth, I've transferred them all to YouTube. You will find them here. If you experience any problems, or if you want to download and save them to your own computer for any reason, please email me and I can work something out.

9/4/2003 - added a very nice Max/Liz video by Kirsty :)

"I'll Get Along" - Mythology File size: 5.97 MB Length: 3:39

Alex/Isabel, post-Cry Your Name angst (note: my first video. some of it isn't pretty.)

"Thick" - Jennifer Marks File size: 4.91 MB Length: 2:59

Michael/Maria foof

"I Think I Love You" - Less Than Jake File size: 3.34 MB Length: 2:02

Cliffie video! Michael/Isabel goodness

"Outside" - Staind File size: 8.30 MB Length: 5:02

General 'Roswell', season one and two

"Denial Revisited" - The Offspring File size: 7.51 MB Length: 4:34

non-Max/Liz, major season two angst

"Undertow" - Ivy File size: 7.04 MB Length: 4:17

"Heart Of Mine" video. Liz/Sean, Max/Tess, Alex/Isabel, Michael/Maria. I want you to 'ship like I do.

"A Cheap and Evil Girl" - Bree Sharp File size: 5.02 MB Length: 3:03

Tess's bad girl video! You know I love her. But she's, like, evil. And cheap. In a cool way.

"Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps" - Doris Day File size: 4.21 MB Length: 2:34

shameless Max/Tess romanticism

"Forbidden Love" - Madonna File size: 4.15 MB Length: 2:33

Max/Isabel - If you don't like it (or at least find it amusing), just don't download it. You don't have to send me a nasty email. Really.

"In Your Eyes" - Jeffrey Gaines File size: 8.44 MB Length: 5:09

Max/Liz romance video

"Good" - Better Than Ezra File size: 5.06 MB Length: 3:05

Kyle and Tess. Is there anything cuter?

"Distractions" - Zero 7 File size: 8.67 MB Length: 5:17

spankin' new Liz/Kyle video

"And I Love You So" - Perry Como File size: 5.28 MB Length: 3:14

Jim/Amy romance. Dedicated to Adele/Lavenda99!

"Buddy Holly" - Weezer File size: 4.77 MB Length: 2:57

"I Married an Alien" video

"Kiss Me Idle" - The Verve Pipe File size: 6.88 MB Length: 4:11

lots of kisses from various couples, conventional and not.

"Sail Away" - David Gray File size: 6.89 MB Length: 4:12

a new Michael/Isabel video


VIDEO BY JENNIFER - "Points of Authority" - Linkin Park File size: 5.50 MB Length: 3:21

Rebel video by Jennifer/Dreamer4Ever (see Dutch Roswell for her other videos
Download: Rebel.WMV

VIDEO BY DANI - "Imagine Me Without You" - Jaci Velasquez File size: 3.05 MB Length: 4:10

S3 Dreamer video by Dani (see her wallpapers at my other site)
Download: Imagineme.WMV

VIDEO BY KIRSTY - "Hero" - Enrique Iglesias File size: 7.06 MB Length: 4:24

a Max/Liz video by Kirsty
Download: Hero.wmv



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