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Akkarsargul Background

The Akkarsargul were so named by the people of Lyndrythe because they lived near and among the Akkarsargul mountains, valleys and surrounding hills. Originally the people of the Akkarsargul were like barbarians living is small tribes and very unorganized. However from time to time they would raid the surrounding towns and Cities for what ever they wanted. They were not a very significant threat to the Larger more organized cities such as Lyndrythe. Over time the Akkarsargul developed a system of organizing all the tribes. The heads or Chiefs of each tribe would take his two best warriors with him to a “Tribal Council”. It was held on the most sacred of all the Akkarsargul mountains called Dal Saren. There they would meet and discuss what is best for their tribes. The very first Meeting ended in a fight that precipitated tribal war among several of the tribes. But, year after year the Tribe leaders would go meet to try to bring ORDER to the tribes. Eventually the leaders who would go to the council were called the Akkarsargul Order. Unity was eventually attained and a Hierarchy of leadership was made within the Akkarsargul Order.
The Primeval Ulanog (The Blood Stones)
The Origin of the stones is not known, but legends speak of a prince of Darkness called Dal Saren Rashtar who wielded a powerful an magical scepter of evil. This scepter was said to be forged in hell from the souls of the Damned. The Scepter itself was said to have life of its own and was referred to as Angrinar by Dal Saren Rashtar. In appearance it was of remarkable beauty and had inlays and designs of gold and gems. Among these Gems were the Primeval Ulanog. Dal Saren Rashtar used the scepter to suck the blood and souls of men. When the Scepter was destroyed it was shattered into pieces. The Gems were scattered. Some lost and some hidden in dark places. And yet still some were displayed as treasures with their origins unknown to their owners.

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