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Thor for Champions Play

Real name: Thor Odinson
Other known aliases: Doctor Donald Blake, Sigurd Jarlson, Jake Olson, Donar the Mighty.
Occupation: Hero and emergency medical technician, former doctor.
Current group affiliation: Avengers
Past group affiliations: Army of the Goddess, Secret Wars Heroes, Queen's Vengeance, Godpack, Thor Corps.
Major enemies: Loki, Wrecking Crew, Ultron.
First appearance: Journey Into Mystery #83
Origin: Journey Into Mystery #83
Description: Thor is a powerhouse standing 6'6'' tall and weighing 640 lbs. He has blue eyes and blonde hair.

10/60     STR      0
10/18     DEX      0
10/25     CON      0
10/16     BODY     0
   13     INT      3
   13     EGO      6
13/20     PRE      3
   16     COM      3
 6/16     PD       4
 6/10     ED       4
 3/ 4     SPD     10
 4/16     REC      0
20/50     END      0
20/57     STUN     0
Characteristics Cost: 33

Powers, Skills and Equipment

 8     +6 BODY,Linked(-1/2),"To CON bonus."     
24     +15 CON,Only In Hero ID(-1/4)     
16     +8 DEX,Linked(-1/2),"To CON bonus."     
 3     EC (5),"Iron hard flesh.",Linked(-1/2),"To CON bonus."     
11a)   8/6 Armor     
 3b)   1 LVLS Density Increase (stats already included),0 END     
        Persistent(+1)                                               0
 8     +4 Enhanced PER,with all senses,Only to detect illusions.     
 2     Instant Change,"To Thor outfit.",OAF(-1)     
10     Life Support,safe in vacuum/pressure,safe in radiation,safe     
        in heat/cold,immune to disease,immune to aging,Linked(-1/2),     
        "To CON bonus."     
10     13 Mental Defense     
 5     +7 PRE,Linked(-1/2),"To CON bonus."     
 4     8" Running                                                    2
 1     +0.2 SPD,Linked(-1/2),"To CON bonus."     
36     +45 STR,Only In Hero ID(-1/4)                                 4
 1     Animal Handler 8-     
 3     Climbing 13-     
 3     Flying Tackle     
 2     Federal Police Powers,Only In Hero ID(-1/4)     
 5     KS: Norse mythology. 14-,(INT based)     
 5     Lang: English,native accent,literacy     
 0     Lang: Old Norse,native     
19     3 Levels,all combat,Only In Hero ID(-1/4)     
 4     Martial Disarm     
 3     Martial Throw     
 3     Navigation 11-     
 3     Oratory 13-     
 3     Paramedic 12-     
 3     PS: Physician 12-,(INT based)     
 3     Survival 11-     
 3     Tactics 12-     
 1     TF,Other Air Vehicles     
 3     WF,Bows,Common Melee     
 2     Radio XMIT/REC,"Avengers ID card.",OAF(-1)     
46     Vehicle: Mjolnir (230pt)     
Powers Cost: 256


Base Points: 100
15     Accidental Chg,"To Jake Olson if away from hammer for 1
        min.",uncommon,occur 14-
10     Distinctive,"Norse Thunder God!",easily concealable,major
20     Hunted,"By various enemies and villains.",as powerful,
        non-combat influence,harsh,appear 11-
 5     Physical Lim,"Heavy in hero ID.",infrequently,slightly
10     Psych Lim,"Plays the hero to the extreme.",common,moderate
15     Psych Lim,"Prideful.",common,strong
15     Psych Lim,"Boastful.",very common,moderate
15     Rep,"God-like Avenger!",occur 14-
15     Secret ID,"Jake Olson"
10     Unluck,2D6
 5     Watched,"by the U.S. government.",as powerful,non-combat
        influence,mild,appear 8-
10     Watched,"by Odin.",more powerful,non-combat influence,harsh,
        appear 8-
Disadvantages Total: 145

Experience Spent: 44
Total Points: 289

Mjolnir - Thor's enchanted warhammer.

24     STR     14
12     BODY     2
 0     SIZE     0
20     DEF     54
24     DEX     42
 4     SPD      6
Characteristics Cost: 118

83     MP (125),Gestures(-1/4),Concentrate(-1/4)     
 3u    1K" Change Environment,Desc: Weather                         5
 8u    10D6 EB (Electricity),+1/2 Variable Advantage(+1 1/2)       12
 6u    12D6 EB,"Hammer throw.",vs physical defense,x1 Armor     
        Piercing(+1/2)                                              9
 8u    14D6 EB (Magic),"God-Force",Double Knockback(+3/4)          12
 6u    42" Flight (Magic),x4 Non-Combat     
 7u    17 OCV Missile Deflection (Magic),deflect all attacks,     
        reflect at any target,deflect adjacent     
 4u    X-D Move (Magic),any dimension,x16 Increased Mass            4
27     2 LVLS Shrinking(0.5m,1.6kg,+4 DCV,+6 KB),Always On(-1/2),0     
        END Persistent(+1)                                          0
Powers Cost: 152


10     Distinctive,"The hammer of Thor.",easily concealable,major
 5     Physical Lim,"Small",infrequently,slightly
10     Public ID,"Mjolnir"
15     Rep,"Powerful Norse artifact.",occur 14-
Disadvantages Total: 40

Total Points: 230

Explanation of the conversion: Yes, I really did make Thor's hammer a Vehicle. They way I figure it is the hammer is a shrunken V`ehicle with an inbuilt weapon system. It flies and he holds on to it. By default only he can operate his vehicle. When left alone his vehicle is set to use all it's power to maintain his current location, which is why no one else can lift it. The hammer's powers use his END, and only works in hero ID. In normal ID it is a mostly useless wooden cain.

History: Thor is the son of Odin, ruler of the Norse Gods. Being the son of Odin, and the Earth goddess Joord, also known as Gaea, Thor posseses greater abilities than his fellow Asgardians. Thor was raised by Odin as a warrior, and trained in their fighting skills, including the use of the enchanted hammer, Mjolnir. Thor traveled to Earth as a young God, and promoted his worship among the Norsemen until he witnessed the atrocities commited in his name. Shamed by their actions, Thor left Earth and would not return for many years.

During this period, Thor led an active life in the realm of Asgard. He battled the enemies of the Golden City many times. and eventually his many triumphs made him headstrong and prideful. Odin saw this development, and realized that if Thor were not taught humility, it could lead to the death of his favored son. Odin subsequently sent Thor to 20th century Earth in the guise of medical student Donald Blake. Blake eventually uncovered his heroic identity after a vacation to Norway. After happening upon a budding invasion by aliens, Blake ran and became trapped in a cave in which he found a gnarled walking-stick. In frustration, Blake struck the cane against the collapsed cave entrance, unleashing a nimbus of energy that transformed him into Thor, and revealing the cane to be his mallet, Mjolnir. In the guise of Thor, Blake repelled the alien invasion and subsequently returned to the United States.

Due to his love of Earth, Thor remained for many years and became a founding member of the Avengers, and fought many battles to save his adopted home. Several of his battles brought him into direct conflict with Thanos of Titan. The first instance took place during Thanos' attempt to snuff out every star in the cosmos. Thor, along with the Avengers, was compelled to join the effort against the Titan by Warlock and Captain Mar-Vell. Thor's first battle with Tyanos occurred upon the duplicate version of the Titan's starship, The Sanctuary. Warlock had been fatally wounded by Thanos, and was subsequently engaged by Thor, while Iron-Man destroyed the Titan's Stellar Projector, his device designed to detonate all stars throughout the universe. Thanos escaped, and went on to stun the Thunder God with a bolt from one of the cannons adorning the original Sanctuary starship. Thor was then captured along with the remaining Avengers, and Thanos pilfered Warlock's Soul Gem. With Warlock's gem he possessed enough Power to at least destroy the Earth's Sun. But before he could do so, a wild card was introduced in the form of the Thing, and Spider-Man, who was compelled to find the battleground by Lord Chaos and Master Order. Spider Man freed the Avengers and in the melee' that followed shattered the sphere holding the Soul-Gem. The gem hit the floor and in a flash of light the Soul of Adam Warlock appeared from within the Gem. Now a being of pure energy, Warlock lunged for the panicked Thanos, and killed him, turning the Titan's body into solid Granite. Afterwards, the spirit of Warlock retreated back into the verdant world inside the Gem itself.

Incredible Hulk #279 Once it was established that Bruce Banner's mind was in control of the Hulk's body, the Hulk was treated to a celebration in New York City where he received a presidential pardon from Ronald Reagan, the key to the city, and praise from a number of superheroes, including Thor (Incredible Hulk #279).

Thor was among the superhumans who were invited to take on the Champion of the Universe in a fighting contest at Madison Square Garden. Sadly Thor was disqualified for using his hammer illegally in the combat (Marvel Two-In-One Annual #7).

Several years later, Odin would enter his Odin-sleep, and noble Heimdall would take over as Asgard's ruler during this time. During this period, Thor had taken on another guise, residing in the body of a man named Eric Masterson. However, Thor's half-brother Loki would then enter into a gambit that eventually left one of Thor's friends dead. Enraged, Thor used his hammer to seemingly kill Loki. However, that possibility had been forseen, and to prepare for that eventuality, Loki had enetered into an alliance with the demon Mephisto. As Loki perished, his own soul displaced that of the sleeping Odin to Mephisto's realm. Then Loki, who now inhabited Odin's body, awoke and declared to Heimdall that Thor should be banished. Heimdall argued against it, but was compelled to obey. He banished Thor deep inside the psyche of Masterson himself. Thus, Masterson took over as Thor, controlling the Thunder God's own body when he transformed.

Shortly afterwards, Mistress death would resurrect Thanos and order him to kill half of all sentient beings throughout the universe. In order to accomplish this task, Thanos gained the legendary infinity gems once more and assembled them onto his left hand into the almighty Infinity Gauntlet, making him the supreme being in this universe. Soon afterwards he fufilled the wishes of his beloved mistress death and instantly and randomly extinguished half of the sentient population of the Universe. Opposed by the reborn Adam Warlock along with some of Earth's Mightiest remaining heroes, including Thor, and the Universe's most powerful cosmic entities, Thanos triumphed, seemingly transforming Thor into glass and subsequently shattering him. and briefly ascended as the center of all reality. However, as with every other time Thanos seemingly triumphed, he subconciously supplied the means of his own undoing once more, and was usurped by a soul even less worthy of Godhood than he. His granddaughter Nebula. Nebula was eventually deposed with the help of Thanos himself, and the mantle of Supreme fell upon the shoulders of Adam Warlock. Eventually the gems were split among different guardians, to protect them from a similar occurance. The Eric Masterson version of Thor would again become involved in events regarding Warlock during the Infinity War, when Warlock's banished evil nature would reform as the Magus and attempt universal domination. With Thanos' aid, Warlock and the heroes of Earth would gain victory over the Magus

Mighty Thor #411 Later still, Odin would awaken, still controlled by Loki, and would banish Heimdall. However, Loki would give himself away with his rash judgements and actions, including the persecution of the Warriors Three. Mephisto would then betray Loki, giving the soul of Odin over to Masterson, the Lady Sif, and Balder the Brave. Masterson, as Thor, then promptly battled Loki, who was slowly absorbing the mighty Odin-power. Thor was crushed by Loki and left near-death. However, with Mjolnir in Loki's hands, Thor transformed back into Masterson after one minute had elapsed. Before Loki could then kill Masterson, he was attacked by Balder, Sif and the Warriors Three. Masterson used the distraction to regain the hammer and transform back into Thor. He struck savagely and suddenly with his mallet, stunning Loki. Sif then promptly released Odin, who went on to defeat Loki and thus regain his own body. Loki, for his troubles, was then claimed by Mephisto, the true goal of the demon Lord all along. Odin then went on to reveal that Thor lay within Eric's own mind. Eric decided to face down his own demons and free the Thunder God. This left Thor and Masterson as seperate beings once more. However, Masterson was still able to transform into a version of Thor, and would eventually go on to become the hero known as Thunderstrike.

However, the recent events had left Thor unbalanced and vulnerable. A beautiful Valkrye started to appear before him and convinced him to reject his beliefs and start looking out for himself. During this time Warlock's expelled good nature would resurface as the being known as the Goddess. She would convince the unbalanced Thor to join her cause. Warlock would again gain his victory, but Thor's mania remained.

Eventually, Thor would truly go off the deep end. Sif managed to gain an ally in her quest to find a cure for Thor, whom she feared was loosing himself to the incurable Warrior's Madness. She recruited Beta Ray Bill to help her, but Thor rejected their offers of aid, and heeded only the words of the mysterious Valkrye, an being who existed only in Thor's mind. Before Thor could kill Sif and Bill, the Silver Surfer intervened, but he too was defeated by the mad God. Enter Adam Warlock, who attempted to use his soul Gem to deternine the cause of Thor's malady. He too would find himself at Thor's mercy, and would soon lay in defeat. As Thor departed, swearing to destroy the cosmos, Warlock enlisted the aid of the mystic Dr. Strange. However, as Warlock did this, Pip told the Infinity Watch of Thor's insanity. Without Warlock, the Watch engaged Thor en masse' but could not defeat him. Moondragon attempted to cure Thor with her Mind Gem, however, she succeeded only in making the Valkrye a physical being. Making matters worse, over the course of the subsequent battle, Thor caused Drax the Destoyer to loose the gem of power, which Thor quickly claimed. Realizing the danger, the Watch retreated to find Warlock. They found him in Strange's sanctum sanctorium, and together the group went off in search of Thor. They found him in an abandoned part of Asgard's realm. The engaged him in battle and fell one by one to his rage and power. Panicked, Pip decided to teleport Thor, along with himself and the Surfer, to the home of the one being who might be capable of halting Thor's rampage, Thanos.

Thor battled Thanos, who eventually managed to restrain the mad god in a block of pure force. Following the battle, the Watch arrived via Strange's magics. Together, the entire group attempted to excise Thor's mania. However, they failed and nearly became lost in madness themselves, returning to reality only when Thanos asserted his willpower. The resulting backlash caused the Valkrye to vanish into Thor's mind once more. The group then decided the only way to cure Thor was to take him to Odin. The arrival of the group was misconstrued as an act of agression, and Asgard attacked. Thanos himself eventually battled Odin, wrecking a portion of Asgard in the process. However, before events could escalate further, Sif and Beta Ray Bill appeared and told Odin of their suspicions. Odin entered Thor's mind in an attempt to cure Thor. This gambit failed. However, Dr Strange and Warlock convinced Odin to try a new tactic. Instead of battling Thor's mind, he decided to journey across his mental landscape in a search for the source of the mania. There, Odin found his son chained unto a mountain. There Odin realized that by continually attempting to teach his headstrong son humility, he had driven Thor to madness by splitting off his power among others such as Beta Ray Bill and Eric Masterson. Odin freed his son, but then was faced with the Valkrye. Odin dubbed her a bit of debris birthed by Thor's mind. However, the Valkrye had gained considerable power inside Thor's mind and would not stand down. Odin began to battle her, but feared destroying her since such an outcome could harm Thor. As the pair battled, Thor watched on and decided to take matters into his own hands. He then asked Odin to stand aside while he fought his own madness. He quickly bested the Valkrye and destroyed her, thus curing his madness. Returned to reality, Thor thanked the Surfer, the Watch and Dr. Strange for aiding him in a time of need. Thor even acknowledged Thanos' role in his eventual cure.

Afterwards, Thor dreamed of Ragnarok, the Twilight of the Gods. He grew angry at his father's past efforts to discipline him and decided to leave Asgard. Thor would soon afterwards become allied with the High Evolutionary and his newly created godlike beings. Thor accepted the Evolutionary's offer to lead the group, now dubbed the Godpack. During this period, Thor returned to Asgard to find another Thor taking his place there. This imposter Thor was man named Roger Norvell, a man who had once before held the mantle of the Thunder God, and had died defending the realm. After Thor had departed, Odin decided that should Ragnarock come, he needed Thor at his side. Thus, Odin joureyed inside the Hall of Valhalla to find Roger Norvell. Then, Odin bestowed upon him the power of Thor, and even gave him a new version of Mjolnir. Then, Odin declared Roger "Red" Norvell his own son and thus disowned the true Thor. In the aftermath of Odin's latest descision, Odin told Thor the truth bout Donald Blake, leading to a split with his father. During this time, others possessing the powers of Thor fell ill or died. This culminated in the fall of Asgard, and the banishment of its Gods to Earth. Before Thor could help restore the Golden Realm, and return its Gods to their immortal status, he fell in battle to the creature known as Onslaught. Thor vanished, along with members of the Avengers and the Fantastic Four. But, like them, he has appeared again in another dimension and was eventually returned to his own universe.

When Thor returned, he found the Golden realm overtaken by an overwhealming evil force. A group of Dark Gods had conquered Asgard, following the return of the Asgardians from their banishment, and now held Odin, along with the remaining Asgardians, captive. During this time, the Asgardian Destroyer began a rampage on Earth. Thor, along with the Avengers battled the animated suit of armor. Over the course of the battle, Thor's obsessive desire to stop the Destroyer resulted in the death of a mortal man named Jake Olsen. The Avengers fell, and Thor battled the armor alone, he was defeated and left near death. A mysterious being named Marnot appeared to Thor and offered him a chance to return to the land of the living if he would take the place of the mortal Jake Olsen. Thor accepted and returned. There he banished the Destroyer to another dimension, and began to try to live up to his bargain with Marnot. Later still, Thor and Hercules journeyed to Olympus to find it in ruins. There Thor found that the Olympians had been attacked by the Dark Gods, masquerading as the Asgardians. Thor became even more determined to defeat the Dark Pantheon, and eventually discovered that they had invaded centuries before when Thor was but a child. That time they had been defeated and banished. Now, they held Asgard in their sway. Eventually, the Dark Gods were defeated, and Asgard freed. Then, Marnot was revealed to be Hescamar, one of Odin's ravens. After the Dark Gods had been defeated the first time, Odin had prepared for their return by casting a spell on Hescamar that would transform the raven into a powerful being named Marnot should Asgard fall. This being was then to find a way to defeat the Dark Gods, a mission Marnot eventually fufilled by aiding Thor. Afterwards, Thor decided to continue living up to his obligation by retaining the mortal guise of Jake Olsen.

Avengers III #1 Thor was among the members of the Avengers who were captured by Morgan Le Fay and mind controlled into becoming her personal guard, the Queen's Vengeance. While briefly under her control he went by the name Donar the Mighty (Avengers III #2-3).

Thor resigned his active status as an Avenger when he was asked to apologize to news reporters for breaking their camera (Avengers III #26).

Thor was among the reserve Avengers who responded to Quasar III's call for assistance in investigating the destruction of a Rigelian outpost world. He traveled with Photon and Moondragon to the outpost world and met up with Tigra and Starfox, where they found the only survivor to be the wounded Jack of Hearts. Together they fought a Servator of the Infinities (Avengers Infinity #1).

He was among the heroes incapacitated by Graviton when he attempted to take over the Earth once again (Thunderbolts #57).

Trivia: In the alternate future depicted in What If II #114 Thor had a son with the Enchantress and named him Balder Blake. This son became the hero known as Bravado, having inherrited his mother's talent for magic as well as the mighty strength of Thor.

Powers: Thor is a member of the immortal human-like race native to Asgard. He is one of the finest physical specimens their species has ever produced, and a skilled fighter. He carries an enchanted hammer which grants him a number of powers, including the ability to fly, open dimensional doors, control the weather, shoot lightning bolts, and summon the God-Force, an attack which has damaged beings as powerful as the Juggernaut! Currently Thor shares his existance with Jake Olson. He can only become Thor with the use of his hammer, and becomes Olson again if away from the hammer for more then a minute.

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