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Synergy for Champions

Real name: Jesse Kilmartin
Other known aliases: He once impersonated Daniel Benedict.
Occupation: Hero.
Current group affiliation: Mutant X
Past group affiliations:
Major enemies: Genomex
First appearance: The Shock of the New 1.01
Origin: The Shock of the New 1.01
Description: Jesse is an attractive blonde man.


13/23	STR	 3
   18	DEX	24
   13	CON	 6
   13	BODY	 6
   13	INT	 3
   13	EGO	 6
   13	PRE	 3
   14	COM	 2
 7/ 9	PD	 4
 7/ 9	ED	 4
    4	SPD	12
    8	REC	 4
   26	END	 0
   28	STUN	 1
Characteristics Cost: 78

Powers and Skills

 8	2 LVLS Density Increase (stats already included),Must hold	
	 breath.(-1/2),1/2 END(+1/4)                                0
30	EC (30),"Density control powers."	
15a)	8/8 Armor,Only In Hero ID(-1/4),Must hold breath.(-1/2),	
	 [Usable Against Others(+1 1/2),x4 Increased Mass,	
	 Concentrate(-1/2),constant concentration	
64b)	Desolid,Concentrate(-1/4),Usable Against Others(+1 3/4),x8	
	 Increased Mass                                            11
 1	2" Gliding,Linked(-1/2),"to Desolid."	
 5	4" KB Resist,Linked(-1/2),"to Density Increase"	
 3	Acrobatics 13-	
 3	Acting 12-	
 3	Computer Programming 12-	
 3	Forgery 11-	
16	2 Levels,all combat	 
 4	Martial Disarm	
 4	Martial Dodge	
 5	Off Strike	
 3	Systems Operation 12-	
 1	TF,Planes	
 4	Radio XMIT/REC,"Ring",IIF(-1/4),personal focus	
Powers Cost: 172


Base Points: 100
5	DNPC,"Protects innocent mutants.",less powerful,appear 8-
30	Hunted,"by Genomex.",more powerful,non-combat influence,
	 harsh,appear 14-
20	Normal Stats
5	Psych Lim,"Sensitive about being called a freak.",uncommon,
15	Psych Lim,"In love with Emma.",common,strong
20	Psych Lim,"Code vs. killing.",common,total
5	Rep,"Mutant hero.",occur 8-
35	Susc,"to staying desolid for more then 1 turn.",very common,
	 per phase,3D6
5	Unluck,1D6
10	Watched,"by Adam",as powerful,non-combat influence,mild,
	 appear 14-

Disadvantages Total: 150
Experience Spent: 0
Total Points: 250

Explanation of the conversion: The two sets of Characteristics represent Synergy at normal density and when he activates his Density Increase. The powers that work Only In Hero ID come on when he activates his Density Increase. The limitation that he cannot breath while certain powers are active should be handled with the drowning rules. The Gliding power is based on one episode where he phased out of a jet while it was in flight and merely floated to the ground unharmed.

Synergy Synergy History: Jesse Kilmartin was one of the children of Genomex, whose genetic code was altered by an experimental procedure to cure some disease by Adam Kane. Later in life these alterations would manifest unusual abilities. In Jesse's case he manifested the ability to control his density. Jesse joined up early on with Mutant X, a group that helps hide new mutants from Genomex's further experiments headed by Adam.

Jesse dated a fellow hacker who was a mutant telekinetic named Toni Quintana (In the Presence of Mine Enemies 1.08).

Jesse dated a feral mutant named Amanda Terry, but she died (Sign From Above 2.08).

Trivia: On the Mutant X television show, the part of Synergy is played by actor Forbes March. The character of Synergy originally was supposed to split into three people, but this was changed.

Powers: Jesse has the ability to control his density. He can become solid as a rock or completely immaterial. Although he can move easily in either form, they both have limitations. In his dense form he cannot breath, so he can only stay dense for as long as he can hold his breath. In his immaterial form his body will quickly start to disperse beyond his ability to put itself back together, so her can only stay immaterial for a short period. Recently Jesse has learned to make other objects immaterial, and has pulled stunts like making a wall immaterial for others to walk through, or turning other people immaterial. He can also increase the density of others with a touch.

Jesse is a skilled computer hacker and pilot, and is very well trained in martial arts. He knows how to utilize his powers in hand to hand combat effectively.

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  • Character created by Avi Arad.
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    Last Updated - November, 2005

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