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Static Shock

Static Shock

for Champions

''I put a shock to your system!'' - Static

Real name: Virgil Ovid Hawkins
Other known aliases: V, Virg
Occupation: Hero and student, former fast food server.
Current group affiliation: None
Past group affiliations: None
Major enemies: Hotstreak, Ebon, Shiv, Talon, Slipstream, Puff, Onyx, Replay, Omnifarious.
First appearance: Shock to the System.
Origin: Shock to the System.
Description: Virgil is a short young black man with long hair.


 9     STR     -1
15     DEX     15
13     CON      6
10     BODY     0
13     INT      3
14     EGO      8
15     PRE      5
10     COM      0
 6     PD       4
 6     ED       3
 4     SPD     15
 5     REC      0
26     END      0
22     STUN     0
Characteristics Cost: 58

Powers, Skills and Equipment

 3     +0 Detect,"Encoded music."     
 5     Discriminatory,Detect     
10     2D6 Luck     
75     MP (Electricity) (75)     
 6u    8D6 EB (Electricity),Damage Shield(+1/2)                     6
 5u    10D6 EB (Electricity)                                        5
 3u    10/10 Force Wall,No Range(-1/2)                              5
 5u    2D6 Flash (Electricity),Sight Group,No Range(-1/2),Area     
        Effect(+1),cone,1/2 END(+1/4)                               3
 8m    20" Flight (Magnetism),Requires a piece of metal.(-1/4),1/2     
        END(+1/4)                                                   2
 2u    7D6 HA (Electricity),"Taser punch."                          2
 1u    -0 Images,Hearing,Only to play sounds detected with his     
        senses.(-1),No Range(-1/2)                                  1
 7u    30 STR TK (Magnetism),fine manipulation,1/2 END(+1/4)        2
 2u    2D6 Transform,"EMP - Transforms electronics into junk.",     
        minor,cumulative,No Range(-1/2),Concentrate(-1/4),Costs END     
        (-1/2),1 Charges(-1 1/4),continuing,duration: 1 turn,Area     
        Effect(+1 1/2),radius,x4 Increased Area                     6
 5     Radio XMIT/REC (Electricity)     
 5     +4 Telescopic Sense,Hearing Group,Requires a piece of     
 3     Breakfall 12-     
 3     Computer Programming 12-     
 3     12- Contact: Friends     
 3     Criminology 12-     
 3     Deduction 12-     
 3     Electronics 11-     
 3     KS: Historic figures. 12-,(INT based)     
12     4 Levels: With multipower.,tight group     
 3     Lockpicking 12-     
 4     Martial Dodge     
 3     SC: Physics 12-,(INT based)     
 3     Streetwise 12-     
 4     2/2 Armor,"Costume",OIF(-1/2)     
Powers Cost: 192


Base Points: 100
20     DNPC,"People of the city.",incompetent,appear 11-
10     Distinctive,"Makes static sizzle when using powers.",easily
10     Hunted,"By evil Bang Babies.",as powerful,harsh,appear 8-
20     Normal Stats
 5     Physical Lim,"Minor",infrequently,slightly
15     Psych Lim,"Joker.",very common,moderate
20     Psych Lim,"Code vs. killing.",common,total
20     Psych Lim,"Protective of innocents.",very common,strong
10     Rep,"Heroic Bang Baby",occur 11-
15     Secret ID,"Virgil Ovid Hawkins"
 5     Watched,"by his father and sister.",less powerful,non-combat
        influence,harsh,appear 8-
Disadvantages Total: 150

Experience Spent: 0
Total Points: 250

Explanation of the conversion:

History: Virgil Hawkins was a normal teenage boy in Dakota city. He lived with his father and sister. He was among over a hundred teenagers exposed to an unknown gas, in what was later called by the media the "Big Bang". A large number of those teenagers later expressed metahuman powers, and Virgil was no exception. Virgil decided to don a mask and costume and took the name Static Shock to protect his identity. He's fought a number of other metahumans created in the same explosion, which have come to be called "Bang Babies", and has so far been successful in protecting his secret identity from all except his best friend Richie Foley.

When one of Virgil's old rivals became the metahuman known as Hotstreak he successfully defeated him.

When Adam Evans used his metahuman powers as Rubberband Man to take revenge on a record company that stole his money, Virgil stopped him, and saved Rubberband Man's life. The record executive and Rubberband Man both went to jail.

Although Adam attempted to served his time in prison, he discovered life wasn't easy for a metahuman there. Eventually he escaped and started a new life under the identity of a musician called Stringer. After hitting it big he met and started dating Sharon Hawkins, who unknown to him was the sister to Static Shock aka Virgil Hawkins. Things seems to go well for Stringer until a pyrotechnic accident at a show he was giving and that Sharon and Virgil were attending. During the fire Virgil changed to the identity of Static to save people. After the fire he confronted Stringer about his carelessness in starting the fire and Static discovered Stringer was really Rubberband Man. Adam then vowed to uncover Static's secret identity as payback. During a later confrontation between Static and Rubberband Man they were attacked by the metahuman bounty hunters Puff and Onyx. Adam evaded them. Although Sharon talked Adam into turning himself in to the police and serving his time, Puff and Onyx were determined to collect his bounty and attacked him anyway. Static helped Rubberband Man defeat the pair and then Adam turned himself in (Bent Out Of Shape).

After serving his time in prison Rubberband Man was released and became a hero in Dakota, and defeated a Bang Baby known as Aquamaria, who was working for Ebon. Later when Rubberband Man ended up in direct conflict with Ebon and his gang the Metabreed, Rubberband Man let Ebon go, making others question if Rubberband Man was really reformed. Ebon took the opportunity to frame Rubberband Man for aiding in a prison break, and on the run from the law Rubberband Man joined the Metabreed. Static then proved how it was Ebon who set Rubberband Man up and together they defeated the Metabreed (Bad Stretch).

Powers: Virgil has enormous control over various aspects of electricity and magnetism. He can move objects at will, use them to fly, make bright flashes of static electricity and a number of more subtle tricks. He has been able to intercept radio broadcasts and use his powers simulate electronic equipment, such as a CD player or shotgun microphone. The use of his powers is accompanied by a yellow electric aura and the sound of static electricity. By focusing his power Virgil can create a wall of electromagnetic force. Probably his most impressive ability is the ability to summon an electromagnetic pulse that can destroy any electronic item in his area. He can only do this once a day and it leaves him exhausted.

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