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Hall of Fallen Warriors

Dead dopplegangers who are not forgotten...

Speedball II

Speedball II Who is he: Darrion Grobe
What does he do: A really wicked Speedball impersonation.
How he became a Warrior: Darrion and his father were scientists from New York of the year 2092 who were investigating time travel. While doing a rush job to create a time travel suit, they opened a door to the kinetic dimension Speedball gets his powers from. After his father tested the suit he went insane and tried to take over the world as Advent. In order to persue his father Darrion created a techno-organic shell modeled on his scan of Speedball and downloaded his mind into it. He jumped into the kinetic dimension and made his way out the way the real Speedball had entered. His mind then fell back into the subconsious, and the duplicated Speedball mind took over (seen in New Warriors #50, but expanded and explained in New Warriors #70).
How he fell: New Warriors #69-71 - Darrion remained Speedball until the Warriors faced the Sphinx, who killed him. Seems the Sphinx knew that Darrion's plan would fail and needed to change how things went. As he died Darrion transfered his mind into Timeslip. After a very convoluted story involving a lot of time travel, the time lines were restored and the real Speedball returned to his rightful Earth, over a year from when he left. Darrion Grobe was erased from history, and a new Darrion and his father, who never became Speedball II and Advent were created in 2092.

Turbo II

Turbo II Who is he: Mike Jeffries, college student.
What does he do: Mike used the Torpedo armor, badly.
How he became a Warrior: New Warriors #33 - Mike took his first turn being Turbo in aiding the Warriors and a number of other heroes in fighting the Darkling and a number of possessed heroes and villains. He became a reserve member of the Warriors and surpassed Speedball in the inexperienced, juvinile, comic relief catagory.
How he fell: New Warriors #73 - Mike was killed by the Dire Wraith queen, Volx, in her attempt to regain the Torpedo armor. She sucked out his brains and shapeshifted into Mike. Volx went to the Crash Pad and picked up the suit and nearly neutralized every super hero on the face of the Earth using the neo-neutralizer Forge built to stop the Dire Wraiths in the pages of Rom.


Scarlet-Spider Who is he: Peter Parker clone/Ben Reily/Spider-Man II.
What does he do: Anything a spider can. Makes a web any size, catches crooks just like flies, etc...
How he became a Warrior: Can I get some help here?
How he fell: Basically the same story used on Doc Doom, Speedball, and Alica Masters fineally pissed off one too many fans. When they tried to say Spider-Man was a clone for years and this was the real Spider-Man returning, so many fans rebelled that Marvel did a quick switch and made Ben the clone again and killed him off. Ben was killed by the Green Goblin while saving the real Spider-Man in Spider-Man #75.

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