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The New Warriors
for Champions

Significent Appearances Before the Series:

Sub-Mariner #50
  • Sub-Mariner #50 - June 1972
    Issue Summary: First appearance of Namorita.

  • Man Called Nova #1 - September 1976
    Issue Summary: First appearance and origin of Nova.

  • Ms. Marvel #16 - April 1978
    Issue Summary: Namorita is kidnapped by the Tiger Shark, but is saved by Ms. Marvel.

  • Man Called Nova #25 - May 1979
    Issue Summary: Last issues of the series. Nova teams up with Comet, Crimebuster, Diamondhead, Doctor Sun, Powerhouse and the Sphinx to save Xandar.

  • Uncanny X-Men #193
    Issue Summary: First appearance of Firestar.

    Power Pack #1
  • Power Pack #1 - August 1984
    Issue Summary: First appearance and origin of Gee.

    Amazing Spider-Man #22
  • Amazing Spider-Man Annual #22 - 1988
    Issue Summary: During this Evolutionary War crossover, Speedball makes his first appearance by helping Spider-Man and Daredevil against the Purifiers of the High Evolutionary. In a backup story Speedball stops an insane former actor with deadly intentions on his mother.

  • Marvel Comics Presents #14 - March 1989
    Issue Summary: Speedball vs. the Feathered Felon.

  • Captain America #352 - April 1989
    Issue Summary: Speedball auditions for the Avengers alongside the Blue Shield, Gladiatrix and Mechanaut. The Darkstar, Ursa Major and Vanguard show up unannounced and Speedball and friends attack. Captain America stops the fight and tells Speedball and the others to go home, practice, and try again in six months.

  • Fantastic Four Annual #22 - 1989
    Issue Summary: During this Altantis Attacks crossover Namorita shows up as a hostige being used by Llyra against Namor. He saves her and she asks him to visit her at college some time.

    Significent Appearances During the Series:

  • New Warriors #1-75 - July 1990 to September 1996
    Issue Summary: The regular series that went 75 issues. Issue #2 is the first appearance of Silhouette. Issue #28 was the first appearance of Turbo. Issue #50 August 1994 was the first appearance of Speedball II, who impersonated the real Speedball until issue #71 May 1996.

    Mighty Thor #411
  • Mighty Thor #411-412
    Issue Summary: The story in these issues takes place between issues #1 and #2 of the New Warriors regular series and actually came out several months before issue #1. It is their first appearance as a team and the first appearance of Night Thrasher.

  • New Warriors Annual #1-4
    Issue Summary:

  • Namor the Sub-Mariner #4 - July 1990
    Issue Summary: Namorita guest stars.

    Avengers #326
  • Avengers #326 - November 1990
    Issue Summary: First appearance of Rage. While the Avengers are overseeing the building of the new Avengers mansion, Rage shows up to become a member. After a misunderstanding with Sersi he decides he doesn't want to be an Avenger and leaves. He then makes it back to Brooklyn where he decides to knock down a crack house.

  • Avengers #328 - January 1991
    Issue Summary: Origin of Rage. As a 12 year old kid he was exposed to toxic chemicals while hiding from some bullies. First hint that he may be younger then he looks.

  • Avengers Annual #20 - 1991
    Issue Summary: Rage battles alongside the Avengers against sub-terrianians and Deviants.

    Darkhawk #1
  • Darkhawk #1 - March 1991
    Issue Summary: Chris Powell finds the Darkhawk amulet in the Wonderland amusement park and uses it to save his brothers from Bazin's men.

  • Web Of Spider-Man #75 - April 1991
    Issue Summary: During a freak snowstorm Spider-Man is aided by a number of heroes in helping take care of people including Firestar, Marvel Boy II, Namorita, Speedball and Night Thrasher.

  • Darkhawk #6 - August 1991
    Issue Summary: Darkhawk teams up with Captain America and Daredevil to help protect Portal from the U-Foes.

  • Fantastic Four #356 - September 1991
    Issue Summary: The Puppetmaster decides that their is something wrong with Alica Masters and makes a puppet of Marvel Boy who he controls into attempting to kidnap Alicia. Firestar, Namorita, Night Thrasher, Nova and Speedball show up to discover Marvel Boy and Human Torch II fighting and help their teammate, then the Invisible Woman, Thing and Mister Fantastic show up to help the Torch. After some mandatory hero/hero fighting they discover the Puppetmaster and chase him off. This was a lead into the whole plot which revealed that Alica had been replaced by a Skrull named Lyja years ago.

  • Darkhawk #8 - October 1991
    Issue Summary: Darkhawk faces Lodestone.

  • Marvel Super-Heroes II #7 - October 1991
    Issue Summary: Has a Cloak and Dagger story. Marvel Boy II and his father go to a wrestling match together.

  • Amazing Spider-Man #353 - Early November 1991
    Issue Summary: Darkhawk and Spider-Man fail to stop Midnight from freeing Thunderball from jail for the Secret Empire. Round Robin: The Sidekick's Revenge part 1.

  • Amazing Spider-Man #354 - Late November 1991
    Issue Summary: Darkhawk, Night Thrasher and Nova make appearances with Spider-Man. Round Robin: The Sidekick's Revenge part 2.

  • Avengers West Coast Annual 7 - 1992
    Issue Summary: Darkhawk appears with the Avengers-West in Part two of the Assault on Armor City storyline.

  • Web of Spider-Man Annual 8 - 1992
    Issue Summary: Warriors Firestar, Namorita, Night Thrasher, Nova and Silhouette team up with Spider-Man against the villany of the Beetle, Blacklash, Bombshell, the Constrictor, Discus, Hydro-Man, the Rhino, Speed Demon and Stiletto under the direction of the Sphinx in order to save Speedball, Silver and Auric. Their is also a Cloak and Dagger back story.

  • Amazing Spider-Man #358 - January 1992
    Issue Summary: Darkhawk, Night Thrasher and Nova join up with the Punisher, Moon Knight and Spider-Man against Midnight, Thunderball, Lynn Church, Chain, Grasp, Sonic and the Secret Empire. Round Robin: The Sidekick's Revenge part 6.

  • Spider-Man #20 - March 1992
    Issue Summary: Nova shows up in the first two pages, saving Spider-Man from drowning after he was beaten by the Sinister Six in the last issue.

  • Alpha Flight #110 - July 1992
    Issue Summary: During this Infinity War crossover, Speedball shows up in two panels having a snowball fight with Iceman.

  • Night Thrasher: Four Control #1 - October 1992
    Issue Summary: Night Thrasher and Silhouette, guest starring Bengal.

  • Sleepwalker #17 - October 1992
    Issue Summary: Darkhawk teams up with Sleepwalker to fight the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants III to save Portal and Spider-Man. This story follows Darkhawk #20.

  • Marvel Holiday Special - January 1993
    Issue Summary: Several mini-stories with a Christmas theme. One story of Night Thrasher and Silhouette saving a Santa from being mugged. Speedball and Rage go shopping for presents. Vance gets to call Firestar from the Vault. Nova gives Laura Dunham a ring and she invites him to go skiing. Namorita then meets the gang at the Crash Pad and they have eggnog.

  • Secret Defenders #1 - March 1993
    Issue Summary: Darkhawk teams up with Nomad II, Wolverine and Spider-Woman II under Doctor Strange.

  • Secret Defenders #3 - May 1993
    Issue Summary:Darkhawk teams up with Nomad II, Wolverine and Spider-Woman II under Doctor Strange, part III.

  • Secret Defenders #4 - June 1993
    Issue Summary: Namorita teams up with the Punisher and Sleepwalker under Doctor Strange to stop Roadkill.

  • Secret Defenders #5 - July 1993
    Issue Summary: Namorita teams up with the Punisher and Sleepwalker under Doctor Strange to stop Roadkill, part II.

  • Infinity Crusade #3 - August 1993
    Issue Summary:

  • Darkhawk #31 - September 1993
    Issue Summary: Darkhawk and the Infinity Crusade heroes board the spaceship and make way to Paradise Omega. Includes Night Thrasher in his third armor and Firestar.

  • Alpha Flight #127 - December 1993
    Issue Summary: During this Infinity Crusade crossover Speedball is depicted as fighting Aurora and Firestar fighting Puck.

  • Nova II #1 - January 1994
    Issue Summary: Story of Nova getting used to his increased powers. Story follows New Warriors #42. Gladiator of the Imperial Guard tests Nova.

  • Secret Defenders #11 - January 1994
    Issue Summary: Nova teams up with Northstar of Alpha Flight to track down a runaway robot left as a present by the Starblasters. After failing to stop it the Hulk shows up and knocks it into pieces with three punches.

  • Web of Spider-Man #109 - February 1994
    Issue Summary: Night Thrasher in Armor #3 teams up with Spider-Man to take on the Shocker, but they discover the Shockers powers are out of control and end up helping him shut them down.

  • Namor The Sub-Mariner #50 - May 1994
    Issue Summary: After a night in the sack with the Invisible Woman, Namor goes to the Warriors Crash Pad to get advice from Kymaera about dating and women. When he arrives at FF headquarters he discovers that Sue doesn't remember anything about the night they spent together. He discovers it was really Llyra using her shapeshifting powers, finds her, and beats her senseless.

  • Quasar #60 - July 1994
    Issue Summary: Nova notices the fight between Quasar II, Darkstar and the Presence. He witnesses Quasar II's supposed death and Firestar, Justice, Rage show up after the fight.

  • Justice: Four Balance #4 - December 1994
    Issue Summary: Justice passes on his Marvel Boy costume and name to David Bank. Brief appearance by Firestar.

  • Web of the Scarlet-Spider #4 - January 1995
    Issue Summary: After seeing that the evil Scarlet-Spider II plans to kill some hostages, including Speedball's mother, the Warriors fly into action. They consist of Spider-Man II (aka Scarlet-Spider), Justice, Firestar, Powerhouse II, Turbo and Speedball II. This story takes place between issue #67 and #68 of the New Warriors.

    Appearances after the series cancelation:

  • Thunderbolts #1 - April 1997
    Issue Summary: Nova, Night Thrasher, Namorita and Speedball appear.

  • Thunderbolts #8 - November 1997
    Issue Summary: Darkhawk, Firestar, Justice, Night Thrasher, Nova, Rage and Speedball are among the New York area heroes to confront the Elements of Doom II. Night Thrasher is wearing his forth armor.

  • Thunderbolts #10 - January 1998
    Issue Summary: Nova, Firestar, Justice and Turbo appear.

  • Avengers III #3 - April 1998
    Issue Summary: Justice, as Squire Justice, fights alongside the Avengers against Morgan LeFay's Queen's Vengence. The Queen's Vengence is made up of mind controlled heroes including Darkhawk, Firestar and Rage, who go by the names Falconer, Lady Comet and Blacksmith. They are freed of Morgan mind control and join in defeating her.

  • Avengers III #4 - May 1998
    Issue Summary: Darkhawk, Firestar, Justice and Rage are among the Avengers who bungle an attempt to capture the Whirlwind. The founding Avengers decide that they have to choose an active membership for the Avengers. Darkhawk tells them he would rather stay a local hero in Queens. Justice and Firestar decide to go out on their own to capture the Whirlwind and are successful. Hawkeye talks Captain America into letting Justice and Firestar into the team as reserve members.

  • Avengers III #7 - August 1998
    Issue Summary: Firestar and Justice are among the Avengers when they confront the Kree rebels and Superme Intelligence on the moon.

  • Avengers III #8 - September 1998
    Issue Summary: Firestar and Justice get new costumes from the Wasp and confront Magnum Force and meet Silverclaw and Triathlon.

  • Avengers III #11 - December 1998
    Issue Summary: Firestar and Justice are among the Avengers when they confront the Grim Reaper.

  • Avengers III #13 - February 1999
    Issue Summary: Firestar and Justice visit their old buddies in the New Warriors, Night Thrasher, Nova, Rage and Speedball. They help bust up a street gang that seems to have advanced weapons then have pizza at the Crash Pad. Nova tells them that Kymaera is in Atlantis,but is expected back soon. They then follow a tracer to an AIM weapons depot and procede to bust up the place until they are interrupted by Lord Templar, who claims to want to confiscate the arsenal. They call the Avengers for help and Scarlet Witch, Thor, Vision II and Wonderman show up. After some vibranium is accidentially broken open during the fight the metal encasing the power packs of the weapons melt and the whole place explodes. As Justice contemplates leaving the Avengers, Firestar shows up and tells him that her father has given her permission to move in to the Avengers Mansion.

    Wolverine #134
  • Wolverine #134 - February 1999
    Issue Summary: Firestar, Justice, Speedball, Rage and Darkhawk are among the heroes who unsuccessfully try to stop Wolverine when he goes on a rampage.

  • Avengers III #14 - March 1999
    Issue Summary: Firestar and Justice confront Pagan alongside Captain America and Thor.

  • Avengers II #15 - April 1999
    Issue Summary: Justice helps the Avengers track Pagan on the first few pages. Wanda decides that they should have a rotating chairmanship at Avengers weekly meetings, and appoints Firestar to run the meeting. Firestar talks about Pagan, Graviton, Apocalypse and the Wrecking Crew and then schedules the team for duo-training schedules. The team then go out to pick up the trail of Pagan and trace him to the Triune, home of Triathlon where Pagan attacks. They are ineffective against him, but Lord Templar, old Warriors foe from Avengers III #13, shows up and defeats Pagan.

  • Thunderbolts #25 - April 1999
    Issue Summary: When the Masters of Evil try to extort a fortune from the world by using their weather control machines, the book flashes to a variety of locals with different super-heroes fighting to help people survive. In one panel Nova, Turbo and Night Thrasher are saving lives in Stamford Connecticut. Thrasher is wearing his 4th armor again and the Torpedo suit is blue again. Also of note are the fact that Cardinal and Lodestone are members of the Masters in this issue. Cardinal originated in the pages of the New Warriors, and Lodestone was a villian from the Darkhawk series.

  • Avengers III #16 - May 1999
    Issue Summary: Justice leads the meeting of the Avengers and feels he embarised himself, but Firestar and Jarvis tell him he did fine. Then the Black Knight drops in and says hi, followed by Photon, who says she was attacked by the Wrecking Crew in New Orleans. Firestar and Justice are among the Avengers who jet in to tackle the Crew. Justice save some people from falling debris and Firestar helps people ecsape the damage. Durin the fight the Black Knight accidentially hits Justice in the head with a backswing of his sword.

  • Nova III #1 - May 1999
    Issue Summary: Nova faces off against the Rhino, only to have the She-Hulk steal all the glory. Then we flash to a scene where Nebula talks about getting revenge on Nova for killing her father Zorr and retells the plot of the first Nova series. We learn that Nova has started a job at Marvel Burger and tells most of his friends he is Nova. He then faces Doctor Octopus, but then Spider-Man shows up and takes over. Then we flash to Nova, Speedball (old costume) and Night Thrasher (in street clothes) talking about disbanding the Warriors when Namorita shows up and shows that she is going through more changes, and Rich upsets her. Then Nova flies off and faces off with the Grinder, and after defeating him Nebula shows up with a bunch of flunkies and attacks, but Nova has a power surge and blows most of the away. Nebula escapes. That night Ginger Jaye calls him for help, because she is being beaten by her husband, and Nova rushes to the scene and puts him into a coma.

  • Thunderbolts #56 - November 2001
    Issue Summary: As the Redeemers face Graviton, he attempts to take over the world with his powers, causing massive worldwide earthquakes. Nova is given a few panels where he saves a girl and her puppy from a colapsing building in Manhattan.

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