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Hellboy for Champions

''I'm not kidding! I will not be food for bird women! - Hellboy

Real name: Hellboy
Other known aliases: Anung un Rama, Mr. Boy
Occupation: Occult Investigator
Current group affiliation: Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense (BPRD)
Past group affiliations: None.
Major enemies: Rasputin, Hecate, Nazis
First appearance:
Description: Hellboy is a large red-skinned demon with a barrel chest, chiseled features, coarse black body and facial hair, reptilian tail, and cloven hooves. He is usually dressed in shorts, utility belt and B.P.R.D. trenchcoat. His golden, glowing eyes are surmounted by the disks of the sawed off horns on his forehead. His right hand and forearm have the appearance of a massive gauntlet and are made from an indestructable stone-like material. It makes a pretty good club.


40    STR     30
18    DEX     24
33    CON     46
12    BOD      4
13    INT      3
14    EGO      8
20    PRE     10
 6    COM     -2
20    PD      12
20    ED      13
 4    SPD     12
15    REC      0
66    END      0
43    STUN    -6
Characteristics Cost: 154

Powers, Skills and Equipment

 5   1D6 Luck, "various occult and religious fetishes"
10   1 BODY Regeneration
 6   EC (6),"Right Hand of Doom"
 6a) 4D6 HA                                                      1
18b) 20/20 Armor, 8- Activation(-2)
20   20/20 Damage Resistance
 3   Scholar
 2   KS: Mythology 12-,(INT based)
 2   KS: Folklore 12-,(INT based)
 2   KS: Occult 12-,(INT based)
 2   KS: Religion 12-,(INT based)
 2   KS: History 12-,(INT based)
 5   Lang: Demonic,native accent,literacy
13   3D6 HKA,"Torch of Liberty's Pistol",vs physical defense,OAF
      (-1),5-6 Charges(-3/4), 15- Activation, jammed             0
Powers Cost: 96


Base Points: 100
25 Psych Lim,"Protective of friends and allies",very common, total
20 Psych Lim,"Hates Nazis",common,total
20 Distinctive,"Giant red-skinned demon",not concealable,major
15 Enraged,"When attacked by monsters",common,occur 14-,recover 8-
10 Rep,"Harbinger of the Apocalypse",occur 11-
20 Hunted,"Rasputin/Nazis",more powerful,harsh,appear 11-
15 Hunted,"Hecate",more powerful,harsh,appear 8-
 5 Makes pithy epithats after killing badguys
 5 Unluck,1D6
 5 Physical Lim,"Really big guy",infrequently,slightly
10 Weirdness Magnet
Disadvantages Total: 150

Experience Spent: 0
Total Points: 250

Explanation of the conversion: I decided not to include in this writeup Hellboy's ability to speak with the dead, other than giving him the Demonic Language skill, as this seemed to be something that would be plot (Game Master) driven in a roleplaying game. I instead gave him the Disadvantage ''Weirdness Magnet'' in part to represent how freaked out normal folks get when corpes start to talk to him and other weird stuff happens. The 1d6 Luck power represents the various occult and religious fetishes he carries in his utility belt. On a successful Luck roll, he can have just the right item to help him deal with the current situation. ''Good thing I picked up this knuckle bone of Saint Thomas from the Vatican Museum last week, I'll have to remember to thank the Pope the next time I see him.'' The 1d6 Unluck is to represent his bad luck with experimental rocket packs, satellite telephones, crumbly castle floors, etc.

History: 1944 - Near the end of WW2, Rasputin and his Nazi patrons summon a creature to ensure their victory. (Actually Rasputin had duped the Nazis into helping him in his plan to destroy the world.) However, an American commando group led by the masked hero, Torch of Liberty, and a group of British occult specialists found the demon child and christened him "Hellboy". Hellboy is then trained and raised by the U.S. government as an agent of the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense. Among his friends are some other unusual agents of the B.P.R.D.: the fish-man Abe Sapiens, the pyrokinetic Liz Sherman, and Roger the Homunculus. In his long career he has teamed up with many heroes including Batman, Starman, Madman, Ghost, and Dragon.

Powers: Hellboy is a spawn of hell, a demon with the power in his right hand (not yet realized, but coveted by Rasputin as well as others) to destroy our world. He is very strong and very tough. He often talks to the dead, and vice versa (Weirdness Magnet).

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  • Character created by Mike Mignola.
    Champions rules conversion by John Powell -
    Last Updated - November, 2001

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    Authored on Amiga.