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Absorbing Man

Absorbing Man
for Champions

Real name: Carl Creel
Other known aliases: Crusher Creel
Occupation: Professional criminal.
Current group affiliation: Partner and husband to Titania II.
Past group affiliations: Secret Wars Villains, Legion Accursed, Masters of Evil IV, Masters of Evil V. Former henchman of Tony Gold and Hydra.
Major enemies: Thor, Avengers, formerly Thunderstrike.
First appearance: Journey Into Mystery #114
Origin: Journey Into Mystery #114
Description: Crusher is a powerful man, standing 6'4'' and weighing 365 lbs. He has blue eyes and no hair. He usually goes shirtless with a pair of purple pants and carries a ball and chain. His appearance, weight and size can change as he invokes his power.

   34     STR     19
   14     DEX     12
   23     CON     26
   13     BODY     6
    8     INT     -2
   13     EGO      6
 9/19     PRE     -1
    8     COM     -1
   12     PD       5
   11     ED       5
    4     SPD     16
   11     REC      0
   46     END      0
   40     STUN     0
Characteristics Cost: 91

Powers and Skills

  7     1 LVLS Density Increase (stats already included),Always On     
         (-1/2),0 END Persistent(+1)                                0
 10     EC (Magic) (18),"Copying powers",Only In Hero ID(-1/4),Only     
         up to amount appropiate for his current form.(-1/2)     
 18a)   13/13 Armor (Magic),x1 Hardened(+1/4)     
 54b)   15 LVLS Growth (Magic)(64m,3.2kt,+15 BODY/STUN,-10 DCV,+75     
         STR,-15 KB),0 END(+1/2)                                    0
  9c)   +26 STR (Magic),doesn't add to figured,0 END(+1/2)          0
 30     Life Support,doesn't breathe,doesn't eat/sleep/excrete,safe     
         in vacuum/pressure,safe in radiation,safe in heat/cold,     
         immune to disease,immune to aging     
  5     +10 PRE,Negative uses only.(-1/2),Linked(-1/2),"to Shape     
 42     2D6 RKA,vs physical defense,Gestures(-1/4),Double Knockback     
         (+3/4)                                                     5
 30     Shape Shift,limited group of shapes,0 END(+1/2)             0
279     VPP (150),only change in given circ,can change powers as 0     
         phase,no skill roll required,Only In Hero ID(-1/4)     
  3     12- Contact: Various criminal buddies.     
  3     KS: Super criminals 12-     
 16     2 Levels,all combat     
  3     Streetwise 13-     
Powers Cost: 509


Base Points: 100
 5     Distinctive,"Sloppy speech.",easily concealable,minor
15     Distinctive,"Ugly muscular brute with ball and chain.",
20     Hunted,"By heroes and authorities.",as powerful,non-combat
        influence,harsh,appear 11-
10     Psych Lim,"Keeps his word.",uncommon,strong
15     Psych Lim,"Won't to allow bystandards to come to harm.",
15     Psych Lim,"In love with Titania II.",common,strong
10     Public ID,"Carl Creel"
20     Rep,"Powerful super criminal",occur 14-,extreme reputation
20     Unluck,4D6
Disadvantages Total: 130

Experience Spent: 370
Total Points: 600

Explanation of the conversion: The Absorbing Man's was clearly seen displaying minor superhuman strength and resistance to harm in human form in Marvel Super Heroes II #14 and a decent super leap in human form in Incredible Hulk #348, so I reflected this. His absorbing power starts when he touches or is touched by something and decides to absorb it's properties. This activates his Shape Shift power, changing him to appear like a humanoid version of what he absorbed. His Elemental Control then kicks in and allows him to gain the Armor, Strength, Density Increase and Growth of what he is copying. Armor is equal to the Defense of what he touched. Strength is equal to two times the Physical Defense bonus of the Armor, added to his normal Strength. Growth and Density Increase is up to the height and weight of the object he absorbed. When he copies a person he gains Strength, Armor and Growth equal to theirs or his, whichever is higher. The Variable Power Pool is set by the Game Master, and is used to duplicate powers other then the Strength, Growth, Density Increase, and Armor. This could include an Energy Blast from absorbing lightning, Stretching from absorbing rubber, Flight from absorbing Thor's hammer or even Super Leap from absorbing Speedball's kinetic field. The ball and chain is not taken as a focus because it heals damage and returns to his hand when he calls it.

Journey Into Mystery #114 History: Carl Creel was born in New York City. He was a high school dropout who eventually landed in jail. While serving time in prison for aggravated assault committed while a member of an extortion racket, Creel was selected by Loki, the Asgardian god of mischief, as his unwitting agent in a scheme against Thor, god of thunder. By adding an enchanted potion composed of rare Asgardian herbs to Creel's drinking water in the prison commissary, Loki granted the brutal convict a bizarre power he hoped would enable him to defeat Thor. He battled Thor and exploded (Journey Into Mystery #114-115).

Absorbing Man was restored by Loki and used by him in an attempt to overthrow Odin. When they failed he was banished with Loki to outer space (Journey Into Mystery #120-123).

Absorbing Man returned to Earth on a spacecraft piloted by Bruce Banner, the Hulk. He first battled the Hulk and was crushed under a collapsing mountain (Incredible Hulk #125).

Absorbing Man was hired by Those Who Wield Power to kill the Hulk, but he was turned into glass and smashed (Incredible Hulk #208-209)

Avengers #184 Avengers #183 Absorbing Man attempted to abduct Sandy Herkowitz and faced the Avengers lineup of the Beast, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Ms. Marvel and the Vision II. He was turned into water and dispersed (Avengers #183-184).

Absorbing Man battled and was defeated by Dazzler and Black Bolt (Dazzler #18-19).

He was among the villains transported to Battleworld by the Beyonder during the Secret Wars. He met Titania II, and the two hit it off (Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #11).

The Absorbing Man was among the villains recruited by Mister Bitterhorn into Mephisto's Legion Accursed. They were used in part of a plot to kill the Beyonder with Mephisto's Beyondersbane weapon, but were delayed by the Thing until the weapon melted down (Secret Wars II #7).

He joined the Masters of Evil IV under Baron Zemo II in their attack on the Avengers Mansion (Avengers #273).

Absorbing Man battled Thor and was transported into an other-dimensional limbo (Mighty Thor #375-376).

He escaped that dimension and was hired by Tony Gold in Las Vegas to deal with the enforcer Mr. Fixit. What he didn't know is that Mr. Fixit was the Hulk, and he was eventually beaten (Incredible Hulk #348).

Absorbing Man fought Quasar III (Quasar #5).

He then found himself in Springdale Connecticut where he fought Speedball. He was defeated when he absorbed Speedball's power and started to bounce around uncontrollably, becoming dizzy. When he landed police covered him in blankets and hauled him off (Marvel Super Heroes II #14).

Along with the Titania II, he joined the fifth incarnation of the Masters of Evil under Doctor Octopus in attacking the Avengers Mansion while the Avengers were away during the Infinity War, but they were met by the Guardians of the Galaxy. Titania II was knocked unconscious by a double full-power blast of Nikki's blast knuckles and the Absorbing Man accidentally became dirt and was blown apart by Charlie 27 (Guardians of the Galaxy #28).

Crusher then had a number of encounters with Eric Masterson as both Thor II and Thunderstrike, the two became friends. Erik helped out in a bungled plot to scare Titania II into giving up a life of crime, during which Crusher absorbed the properties of a steel beam, granite, and steel from bullets he was shot with. He tried to absorb Thor's hammer, but Erik hit it to the ground the moment Absorbing Man touched it and knocked him out (Mighty Thor #448).

Absorbing Man was among the people given bogus invitations by the Impossible Man to the wedding of Rick Jones and Marlo Chandler. He attended in the company of the Wizard, Mr. Hyde and the Living Laser (Incredible Hulk #418).

After the death of Thunderstrike Crusher visited his grave site to pay his respects and was attacked by Thor, where he absorbed Thor's hammer and a tree in the fight. Thor realized that Crusher was only saying good-bye to a friend and he and Crusher parted without finishing their fight (Mighty Thor #490).

Absorbing Man got married to Titania II in a large, super-villain filled wedding ceremony that was interrupted by the Avengers. Titania II's bridesmaid was Volcana and his best man was the Wrecker III. For the wedding march Klaw played the song ''More Human Then Human'' by White Zombie. (Avengers Unplugged #4).

The Absorbing Man attacked Rick Jones and Janis while they are driving through New Orleans. He destroyed their car and told them they are lucky that he was there just to talk to them. He told them that the Hulk had gotten involved with Apocalypse and that Apocalypse is messing with his mind to create a new dangerous Hulk to send after people. The Absorbing Man and his friends figured Rick could get through to the Hulk. They got on a plane with Creel to find the Hulk. While on the plane, Creel talked to his associates, the New World Order, to give them an update. They landed in Egypt and drove in a jeep when a pyramid was nearly dropped on them. Creel turned into stone and went up against the new Hulk, now called War. Creel grabbed the Hulk's sword and tried to absorb it but it was too much and the Absorbing Man broke into pieces (Incredible Hulk #456).

Rick gathered all the pieces of the Absorbing Man together in the shape of a man. Creel came back to life and took Janis's staff, absorbing it's powers. Right before the Hulk was about to behead the Juggernaut, Creel came crashing down on him. They fought and the Hulk embedded the sword into Creel's chest. The Hulk regained his mind when he hit Rick against a wall, severely injuring him. The Absorbing Man took the sword out of himself and he and the Juggernaut took Rick to a hospital. He took the sword back to the New World Order to get paid (Incredible Hulk #457).

Crusher and Titania II went to the high class restaurant Heaven's Grill, where they attempted to rob the patrons, but were stopped by Luke Cage and the She-Hulk, who were eating there that night (Heroes for Hire #17).

Captain America III #24 Absorbing Man was then hired by Hydra to assist Crossbones to keep Captain America busy as Crossbones planted a bomb. During his fight with Captain America Absorbing Man became bricks, steel and electricity, but then Cap dumped a water tower on Creel in his electrical form. Absorbing Man was able to become water and survived unharmed. Absorbing Man then attempted to absorb Captain America's shield, but was tricked into touching the Captain himself, becoming human. Captain America was then able to defeat him with one good punch to the jaw. Cap then fought Crossbones, but the bomb was already set and Crossbones ran off. Absorbing Man recovered the turned to bricks again to confront Cap, but Cap convinced him that the bomb would kill thousands of innocent people. Absorbing Man absorbed Cap's shield to make himself invulnerable and grabbed the bomb, containing the explosion. Absorbing Man then escaped by absorbing the smoke from the bomb and floating away, vowing to get even with Crossbones and Hydra (Captain America III #24).

When Titania II started to display signs of cancer, Absorbing Man kidnapped Doctor Jane Foster to treat her, but was followed by Thor. Absorbing Man was talked into giving Titania II to Thor and Foster for hospital treatment, despite the risk they both might be jailed (Thor II #26-27).

Trivia: In the alternate future depicted in What If II #114 Absorbing Man married and had a daughter with Titania II. This daughter, named Trudy Creel, inherited her father's powers and became the super villain called Chokehold.

Powers: The Absorbing Man's body is charged with magical energy that maintain his health and grant him physical power above that of normal humans. He is stronger then a normal human and resistant to injury. His most notable power though is his ability to copy the properties of any material object, energy or being he touches or that touches his ball and chain. His ball and chain are mystically linked to him and always return to his hand as well as changing with him.

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