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"Revelation 6:8"
Methos: I've been spending too much time in cities.
Kronos: Two days on an airplane and another two on a horse. I hope you're not wasting my time.
Methos: I thought you enjoyed my company.
Kronos: Even for you, Methos, my patience has limits.
Methos: This is the place. I'm telling you, Kronos, he's here. Would I lie to you?
Kronos: Have you ever done anything else? This is what I've dreamt of every night for the last two-thousand years. The four of us reunited.
Methos: Gives a whole new meaning the phrase dream team.
Kronos: Ah, It'll be like the old days. Better! Whatever we want, we have.
Methos: Or else we take.
Kronos: That's the spirit. (They hear someone chopping wood.) It's Silas.
Methos: It's been over a thousand years. He might not remember us.
Kronos: He'll remember. What we were, you don't forget.
Methos: And if he doesn't want to come with us?
Kronos: He'll come. (They approach. Silas laughs.)
Kronos: I guess he remembers.
Silas: Brothers!
Methos: Good to see you too, Silas.
Silas: We ride?
Methos: We ride.
Kronos: Come, we have much to do.
* * *
Doctor: This is a highly irregular request. It will take weeks, perhaps months.
Methos: Well, we'd like him now.
Doctor: We have procedures, gentlemen. Patience is a virtue. I'm afraid my hands are tied.
Kronos: Then, ah, perhaps this could help you to untie them. Twenty-five thousand dollars, US. Now it seems to me, doctor, that you have a procedural choice to make. Forget your impeccable paperwork, hm? I give you twenty-five thousand dollars; you give me Caspari, or you keep Caspari, and you lose everything.
Doctor: This way, gentlemen.
* * *
Doctor: What are you going to do with Caspari?
Kronos: Rehabilitate him.
Doctor: You serious?
Kronos: Mm hm.
Doctor: You can't be serious.
Methos: Why? What did he do?
Doctor: Nobody knows how many people he killed. They found parts in his basement, in his garden, in his freezer.
Silas: So, why don't they execute him?
Doctor: Ah, in a less progressive age, a man like him would have been, but today, we are more humane.
Patient: He's here! The dark man is here! It's you!
Doctor: Pay no attention. He's harmless. He's been saying that for thirty years.
Kronos: One day he may be right.
Doctor: And one day Romania will be a superpower.
Doctor: I don't know what you want him for, but believe me, this one is better off dead.
Methos: Very humane.
Kronos: Open the door.
Doctor: Are you sure you wouldn't like to consider another candidate?
Kronos: Unchain him.
Doctor: I think we should call security. (Kronos cuts Caspian free. Caspian attacks the doctor.) Get him off me.
Kronos: Why?
Caspian: Stop! (Caspian picks up the cockroach Methos was about to step on.) They are better alive.
Methos: Bon appetit.
Kronos: Come, Caspian. I have bigger game for you outside.
* * *
Silas: Methos! Hey, Methos! What the hell is this place?
Methos: This is Kronos's idea of Camelot.
Silas: Where are the stables, hm? The horses? Well, how do we ride?
Caspian: Where have you been for the last two thousand years, idiot? Living in the woods, and now you think we can just mount up and gallop down Broadway?
Silas: We can do whatever we please.
Caspian: Right. Four guys on horseback. Wild masks. They'll think we're in a circus.
Silas: They won't think it for long, will they?
Caspian: We're having a friend for dinner. Tell me what's best with rodent, red or white?
Silas: Eat him, and I eat you.
Caspian: You're crazy. You should have been in the madhouse instead of me. (Silas and Caspian raise their weapons.)
Kronos: Put them down. Do it now. We never raise a blade against each other. Isn't that right, Methos?
Methos: You said it.
Kronos: We are the Four Horsemen. No band of men has ever been more cruel or more feared. Remember that.
* * *
Kronos: Silas, my brother, why would we ride with sword and ax when today there are weapons of unimaginable power?
Methos: Weapons ready to plunge the Earth into generations of darkness.
Kronos: If we choose. What more could we ask for? What better time for us to come together than in the scientific age? Just think of what men like us can do. Men without conscience, without fear. Think of the destruction, the devastation, the death. A world of anarchy and madness. Now you think of that and dream. The weapons of today are different, but it all comes down to the same thing: there are the conquerors and there are the conquered.
Caspian: You wanna conquer the world with monkeys?
Kronos: Not with them, with this. Glorious virus. AIDS, ebola, and now mine. It doesn't have a name, and it doesn't have a cure. Tell me, Caspian, were you in England when the plague struck? I was.
Caspian: You have a plan?
Kronos: I have a few thoughts. I have a few dollars, enough for a start. Now we have Methos; now we have a plan.
Methos: What did you have in mind?
Kronos: Once we rode out of the sun bringing death at the point of a sword. There was no man and no Immortal who could stand before us. We were death on horseback. They called us the end of the world. Well, gentlemen, I want to give them what they fear most, the apocalypse.
* * *
Kronos: A bomb with the virus in a fountain? How many do you think that would kill? You've gone soft, Methos.
Caspian: I'm scared. Are you scared?
Methos: It's a prelude. Have you read Aristotle's Poetics? No, of course not. You haven't even seen Casablanca. What is the first rule of great drama? Start small and build. A fountain to get their attention. Then a public pool to kill a hundred. Then a stadium to kill ten thousand. Then one drop of the virus in the city's water supply. Within a week...
Kronos: And then a country.
Methos: You want to own the world, you offer them a choice: the Horsemen rule or they all die.
Kronos: The Horsemen rule or the world dies. Has a nice ring to it. I forgot how good you were, Methos. We begin tonight.
* * *
Silas: Methos, you look troubled.
Methos: Just thinking.
Silas: Ah, you were always good at that, eh? And after all these years, you still are.
Methos: (Says something unitelligable.)
Silas: It's nothing like the old days, is it?
Methos: What do you mean?
Silas: I don't like this killing from a distance. I like to feel my ax in my hands. Look into my enemy's eyes before I strike.
Methos: Soon enough.
Silas: You don't think the virus will work.
Methos: It will work. Silas, for two thousand years, we have lived without this. We have lived without the blood, the fear, the power.
Silas: And for two thousand years I've dreamed of the day when we would ride again! Like you always said, Methos: we live, we grow stronger, and then we fight.
Methos: I'll see you later.
Silas: Do you think he'll let me have one?
Methos: What?
Silas: Monkey. I like this one.
Methos: I'll ask him.
Silas: Thank you, brother.
* * *
Duncan: Hello.
Methos: (On phone) Elysium church. Thirty minutes. Come alone.
* * *
Duncan: Well, I'm here.
Methos: Yeah, thanks.
Duncan: Why did you lie to me?
Methos: About what?
Duncan: About Cassandra, about who you were.
Methos: I have been many things, MacLeod.
Duncan: And who are you now?
Methos: Why do you think I didn't tell you? I knew how you'd react. What I've done you can't forgive. It's not in your nature. Well, you accept it.
Duncan: Accept what? That a friend I trusted with my life slaughtered innocent people for what? A few head of cattle? What are you going to tell me, Methos, 'that's how the world was.'
Methos: No, the world was how we made it.
Duncan: No, the world was how you chose to make it. How you chose to slaughter her people and burn her village.
Methos: And I chose to take her prisoner.
Duncan: And?
Methos: There's more.
* * *
Silas: (To slaves) Keep moving!
Kronos: Another day well spent, Methos. Come, let's celebrate. Divide our bounty.
Methos: You can have my share. I'm tired.
Silas: (To slave) Come on, you dog.
* * *
Methos: It's good.
Cassandra: I cooled it in the river for you. You rode far?
Methos: Yes.
Kronos: My compliments, brother. You taught her well in everything, I see. And it seems she keeps the best fruit for you.
Methos: It's no different from the rest.
Kronos: Maybe it just tastes better in here. Made quite a prize of her, haven't you?
Methos: She's no different from the others.
Kronos: Except you seem to prefer her to all others. Why is that? Have you grown attached?
Methos: No.
Kronos: Good. I didn't think you'd make a mistake like that, brother. Because now it's time to share the spoils of war.
Cassandra: No!
Kronos: Ah, you've left some spirit in her, brother. I like that. After I finish, maybe I'll let Caspian have her.
Cassandra: No! Methos, please! No! Methos, please! Methos!
* * *
Methos: I could have stopped her, but I didn't. She escaped across the wilderness, and she must have died a dozen times from heat and thirst before she found a village that would take her in, and I bet it was worth it just to get away from us.
Duncan: So, what are you doing with Kronos now?
Methos: Same as always, trying to survive. And if you want Cassandra to live, you'll get her as far away from here as you can.
Duncan: What, and let Kronos go?
Methos: You don't have a choice, MacLeod. You can't stop him. I can't stop him. Nobody can!
Duncan: Yeah, four guys on horseback are gonna rule the world.
Methos: The world doesn't change. Not in five hundred years. Not in five thousand. It's only the details that change. Kronos didn't torch those villages for a few coins. He torched them to watch them burn, and now he'll have a nuclear bomb or a planeload of Napalm, but the effect will be the same: the world living in fear of the Horsemen.
Duncan: You expect me just to let that happen? You should know me better than that.
Methos: I came to warn you. The first step towards Kronos's brave new world will happen tonight.
Duncan: Where? When?
Methos: In a fountain at La Place Des Quinconces.
Duncan: You set a bomb?
Methos: Do you know anything about ebola, MacLeod? Well, there are worse things in the world if you look. And Kronos looked. He's bred a virus, no cure, it's very exotic. He's got cages of monkeys he's been testing it on. He's got enough to destroy half of Europe. Now, a little bit in a fountain will only kill a few, but it's a start.
Duncan: The water supply's next.
Methos: Bright boy.
Duncan: Let's go.
Methos: Oh, no-no-no. If I go up against him, I lose.
Duncan: Going with the winner? So why are you here, Methos. What game are you playing?
Methos: It's in the bottom fountain just above the water line. White, then black, then red.
Duncan: Don't do this; you have a choice.
Methos: And you have twenty-four minutes.
* * *
Kronos: Your bomb didn't go off. Not much of a plan, was it?
Methos: Well, I'll think of better.
Kronos: I'm sure you will. Otherwise I'm going to have to improvise. By the way, where were you?
Methos: I was just --
Kronos: Warning your friend. You didn't really think I wouldn't know you'd tell MacLeod, did you?
Methos: It's not like you think it is.
Kronos: Ah, it's exactly like I think. My dearest brother, that's what makes you my perfect right arm; we think alike. We always have.
Methos: I doubt that, Kronos. No one thinks quite like you.
Kronos: Spoken like a true scholar. Look at this. All I have to do is punch in a few numbers. A small vial explodes in the reservoir above Bordeaux, and then, well, you know what happens next, don't you? We all have our own little plans. I'm sure you won't disappoint me. Come with me. I have something else to show you.
* * *
Kronos: She was asking about you. You knew exactly what you were doing when you sent MacLeod to that fountain, didn't you? So I did what you expected; I went and got Cassandra while she was unprotected. That was the plan, wasn't it? You see, I know you better than you know yourself.
Methos: Which is why the plan was perfect.
Kronos: Your plans always are. I wonder what your friend MacLeod thinks of you now though.
Methos: Think I care?
Kronos: You should. You lured him away. When he comes back, he finds that someone has stolen his woman. I mean, if that, if that was me, I'd want you dead.
Methos: Well then, we should prepare for MacLeod to come here.
Kronos: Already thought of that.
Methos: Did you send Caspian or Silas?
Kronos: Both.
* * *
Methos: You should eat. (Cassandra kicks the bowl.) This is familiar.
Cassandra: I'm not your sorry little slave anymore. I know what I am now. What you are. You may have fooled MacLeod, but you never fooled me.
Methos: I wasn't trying to fool anyone.
Cassandra: If MacLeod knew what you really are, he'd have taken your head long ago.
Methos: Well, he had his chance. He didn't. Wasn't all bad when we were together.
Cassandra: I only served you because you forced me.
Methos: Don't hate yourself. Stockholm Syndrome. It's like Patty Hearst. Hostages come to rely on their captors for food, for approval, and they fall in love.
Cassandra: I never loved you.
Methos: You thought you did. You thought I would protect you. You forgot what I was.
Cassandra: I forgot nothing! I'll take your head with my bare hands, you and Kronos.
Methos: I have seen what happens to people that go up against him. If we want to survive, we will keep him happy.
Cassandra: I didn't do it then, and I won't now. I'd rather die.
Methos: Well, then you'll die, and you can forget about MacLeod. MacLeod is dead.
* * *
Duncan: The three Horsemen of the Apocalypse doesn't exactly have the same ring, now. Does it, Kronos? What are you gonna do now?
Kronos: You're not gonna be around long enough to find out.
Duncan: Oh, we'll see about that.
Kronos: Think of Cassandra. Lay down your sword and she lives. Fight and win or lose, she dies. Come on, MacLeod. Your life for hers, what do you say?
Duncan: I think she'd rather be dead.
Kronos: Your call.
Duncan: You set me up.
Kronos: Tell Silas to finish her. And let her know it was MacLeod's decision.
Duncan: Methos, don't do this!
Methos: Like you said, I go with the winner.
* * *
Silas: MacLeod's here?
Methos: Yes. (Methos lifts his sword to Silas.)
Silas: You're challenging me? For the girl's head? Take it. She's yours, brother.
Methos: I am not your brother.
Silas: How can you do this? How can you go against what you are?
Methos: You don't know anything about me!
* * *
Methos: I killed Silas! I liked Silas!
Cassandra: Now I'm supposed to forgive you?!
Duncan: Cassandra!
Cassandra: You want him to live?
Duncan: Yes, I want him to live. Cassandra! I want him to live!
* * *
Duncan: But you had to know Kronos would come for you one day.
Methos: I tried not to think about it.
Duncan: You could have killed him, why didn't you?
Methos: I wanted to, but we were brothers in arms, in blood, in everything except birth, and if I judged him worthy to die, then I judge myself the same way. And I wanted to live. I still do.
Duncan: Kronos was right, you set the whole thing up, didn't you?
Methos: What d'you mean?
Duncan: You knew he'd come after Cassandra, and you let him because you knew I'd come after her. You couldn't kill him, but you hoped I could.
Methos: Maybe.
Duncan: 'Maybe.' Methos, what about Cassandra?
Methos: One of a thousand regrets, MacLeod, one of a thousand regrets.

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