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Episode Guide

The Lost World Actors: From far left to right
David Orth, Jennifer O'Dell, Peter McCauley, Rachel 
      Blakely, William Snow
From far left to right David Orth, Jennifer O'Dell, Peter McCauley, Rachel Blakely, William Snow

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Anyone sending fanmail to any of the cast or crew has been advised to please begin sending it to the address below,

[Actorís/Recipientís Name]
The Lost World
c/o New Line Television
Promotions & Marketing
888 Seventh Avenue
New York, NY 10106

8/08/02 Episode Summaries no longer being added; taking up too much time, however any news regarding the show will still be posted.
5/31/02 Spoilers Added for the episode 'Legacy".....I know, I know....a million days late, and million dollars short, but I've had a ton of stuff to do the past few weeks.
5/07/02 Spoilers Added for the Episode "Tapestry." Also news of a fourth season seems to be pretty much confirmed and the only thing that could stop it would be something unexpected.
News: Will Snow has married Australian Actress Kim Kilbey.

If you're looking for something that you don't see on *this* the main page, or in the menu on the left, then my "Links" section will be the most valuable thing to you on this site.

Finn: The Newest Addition To The Story
Finn was introduced in the third season episode entitled 'Finn.'

Lara Cox in Heartbreak High
This isn't a pic from her on TLW, it's from a tv show she used to be in called Heartbreak High.
A fansite dedicated to Lara, mostly Heartbreak High related materials, photo galleries, bio, links, message board.
Fansite, mostly Heartbreak High material, photo's, bio, interviews.
A page of photos of Lara from Heartbreak High, insanely graphics intense.

The Lost World has is supposed to be renewed for a fourth season, and is currently running re-runs in syndication, if you're looking for showtimes in your area, check out or for an online tv guide of your area, which you can search for TLW.
Visit the Xenite TLW message board, and talk with other Lost World fans.

You can find the Official TLW website here
Note: For those of you who have been trying to get to the website that you see mentioned at the bottom of the end credits on the TNT reruns, don't bother it has been changed to the url mentioned above.
The Links that used to be listed below have been moved to the "Links" section, you should see a menu on the left of this page that will take you there. I have filtered out all the ones that were no longer any good, and have added descriptions for the current ones, I shall be adding more as I find them.

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