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Lorel's Stargate SG1 Music Vids

To download music video, right click on desired file size and choose Save Target As.

Fall to Pieces (10MB) New!                         Captain Crash... (10MB) New!

Sam/Jack                                                         Sam/Jack

music by Avril Lavigne                                   music by Bon Jovi

August 2004                                                    August 2004

Here Without You (10MB or 2MB)          Kryptonite (9MB or 5MB)

Sam/Jack                                                         Jack character vid

music by 3 Doors Down                                 music by 3 Doors Down

August 2004                                                         May 2004

Going Under (8MB)                                    Too Lost (9.5MB or 5MB)  

      Sam character vid                                         Sam/Jack (both POV)

       music by Evanescence                                 music by Evanescence

       Apr 2004                                                          Mar 2004

Sanctity of Dreams (10MB or 5MB)            Sweet Release (9MB or 5MB)

Team/Action                                                  Sam/Jack shipper

music by Live                                                music by Live

Mar 2004                                                        Jan 2004



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