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Title: Grand Canyon Sunset
Author: kbk
Disclaimer: J.K. Rowling, not me. Not getting paid.
Notes: I love Draco... 200 words, PG. Written for Seema's OPI Nail Polish Challenge, all responses to which will be archived yon.

Draco had always had a sense of the dramatic. He was and had always been a study in monochrome, the only colour on his entire figure a splash of Slytherin green and the red gash of his mouth. His life was eventful and dangerous; his loyalty the talk of the school; his love, once and forever.

Draco had been at once aloof and eminently available free with his favours but jealous of his heart. When he fell in love, he fell hard and irrevocably. But he made the mistake of falling for an enemy, one he was sworn to kill. He was not, in the end, the death of this one love. Neither did he stop he who was.

And in the aftermath, Draco broken chose the most dramatic retreat he could envisage. He set his affairs in order and left the country of his birth to find a scar in the Earth dramatic enough to represent the pain of his heart. And he waited. Past cloud, wind, and tourists he waited. The fifth day was perfect. The sun was red; the sky an intense gradation of colour.

And greyscale Draco stepped into the pink of a Grand Canyon Sunset.

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