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Sites I Visit! A Whole Lot!!


You Never Know (it's NOT yaoi! ^__^;)Vee ForeverButterfly


Team Rocket's Underground Lair (give the webmistress some feedback! :3)Brock-o-RamaVanity Unit

Tiffany's Team Rocket Site- Tons of spoilers and information about the Pokemon CD dramas.

Shadowcat's Suite- All of Shadowcat's diverse fanwork is here, go see! ^^


The Chestnut Tree- I love this button. :3Juunana-gou's TempleFamily Photos- a Krillin/18 shrine~East - A Kaioshin Shrine


The Cabbit Patch, with the most adorable banner ever!!

The Dragon's Masaki Shrine of Tenchi Muyo- Quite a long name. ^^ It's not being updated anymore, but it's a very thorough and neat site. I really like the character profiles, but then, I'm weird that way...


BOW TO ME, MEATBAG! yes that's the site's name. :3JTHM: A look into Nny's worldZimmy Zim Doom Night, merged with Prepare to be Subjugated! w00t.

TOAST!!Paranoia: a Dib shrineThe Ultimate Gaz


Revolving Around EvolutionEvolution

X-Men Evolution Probed- w00t, that name sounds odd. ^^; This is a REALLY spiffariffic "stroll through the minds of the X-Men Evo characters through insanely in-depth essays" site, which is just my style. (Heh. ^^;;;)


SomethingInsert Catchy Title HereBob 'n' EdAs If!Demonology 101

Eversummer EveNot Gonna Take ItLand of Lost MythologyOzy and MillieRPG WorldSnail Dust

Bite Me

... And Then There Was Fred- Zany goodness!! :P

F.O.G. Club Adventure- A simply awesome anime-styled comic, which rocks. ^^

BoxJam's Doodle- Go ahead and laugh at the art. The writing makes up for it five times over. I couldn't really say why, but this comic quickly became one of my favorites, and shall probably remain so. ^^;


DragonsThe Fluff Factor (spiffy, but don't go if ya can't handle yaoi ^.^)

Dark Enigma

Higher Rhlem- A site dedicated to fantasy writing and artwork. ^^

Team Rocket Ramble Land: Fanfiction Archive- Yes, TRRL is the forum that I keep slyly linking to at the slightest provocation. ^^ This is the fanfic archive for the lovely people who live- uh, hang out there. ^_~

.::English.Senshi::.- A pretty, professional-looking site run by Miiol (who is very very awesome), about, well... the English Senshi!!! It's cool!! Go there! ^.^