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Time for another irregular update. Hurrah.

The Artwork section is changing; content moving over to deviantART. Also went through the Links section and got rid of a few dead PSO links, as well as adding some new ones. Most significant is the new ETL message board. And then there are some Ragnarok Online links, since that happens to be my latest freetime addiction.

However, things are changing in this Gryphon's life. I may have a job in California working hotel security. As it stands, I will likely not have regular internet access while I'm there. So, not only have I put on hold any online galavanting, but I will likely have another lengthy hiatus between site updates.

This is of course assuming I get and take the job.


Well, it has been QUITE a while, hasn't it? At least on the up side, I *have* got a job and have been working dutiously with First Response Inc. since late September I think. And much of that was on graveyard - and that shift by itself is enough to put anyone's natural life on hold.

Presently, however, I am two weeks into a more congenial shift and site change. The new settings have proven much more conducive to my creative energies, as well as peculiar sleeping habits. I've already read two books and am already on the way through another one. There is plenty of idle time in between hourly rounds, yessiree.

New Dreamscape Content: Places in Middle Tethas.


Been another few months since last update to content - of which I heartily blame EverCrack - er, I mean, EverQuest. *nods vigorously* Since my grandparents are up visiting from California, and I have a pet sitting job in the neighborhood, I'm taking the next couple of weeks (if not more) off from EQ. Hooray for productivity!

New ETL Artwork: Jude Law influenced portrait of Solin Jack.

New Dreamscape Artwork: Solus Design.

I is sleepies. ~.~


Now that I have Word back on my computer (though it seems to be a new version that likes to use XML in it's conversion of documents to web pages), I have new stuff! Silver Sight cast and story are up. Well, the story is incomplete at any rate, but the first piece of it is available for viewing. More to come!


Class is over with, and I've got some editing to do. Unfortunately, my computer went splat and needed to have it's main drive formatted so I lost Microsoft Word. That in itself wouldn't be so bad except that we don't know what happened to our copy of it; I can't reinstall it. :( Not s'good. Until I find a satisfactory way around converting Word docs to HTML (I'll probably have to do it manually *groan*), there likely won't be much updated in the story section for awhile.

In other events, I recently was converted (thanks entirely to some friends of mine) to EverQuest, AKA EverCrack (or EverCrash in my case). I've uploaded some screenshots to this site, but have yet to build it's own spot for it yet.

Oh yah, Links is updated.


Class is in session! My first submission to the class is due tomorrow, Thursday, by 8:00p.m. PST. And since it needs to be something that hasn't been worked before, "Dreamscape: First Dream" is on that list. As such, whatever version is posted on this website is up for changes. (Hell, I've already made changes to it, adding in some stuff...)

Also, information on this short story's main characters Soryn and Kristin is tentative as well. Basically anything under scrutiny at any given time can and will be changed at any given time. I may or may not give notice here - that aspect depends on how busy I get.

That is all.


Holy monkey drool! The counter has already passed 500 hits! Mrmrmrmrm!

Some information on the Dreg'num has been tentatively updated.


The weather has managed to be quite brutal, postponing classes for the time being. *sigh*

Updated About The Gryphon page in the Stuff Box.

I'm sleepy, but there's so much to do yet! Yarblgh.


Yiiiii! I start class tomorrow at Portland State University. If all goes well, I'll have a good structural incentive to write stories - in particular, continue development of the Polar Hearts storyline, and put some of my Dreamscape stuff into story form. Huzzah!

Speaking of Dreamscape and new stuff, I cranked out Arlen's portrait today, shading the face and shirt before work this morning (around 2am), and just did the hair a little while ago. So next will be the Te'lessir...unless I get distracted by something else. *sweat drop*


New ETL Artwork: (Color) Portrait of Talis in human form. Originally I wasn't going to color this picture, but I've been lacking a nice character portrait for a human Talis and this was a lot easier than drawing up a whole new one from scratch.

I also have a nice new pretty portrait of Kaia Brooks from the Dreamscape world of Tethas. That leaves Arlen to get his portrait colored, and the Te'lessir to get their race picture colored.

And oh yah, it looks like the counter has reached over 400 hits! I guess that isn't too bad for being up around four months. Heeh...


Christmas is over and the New Year is on the way. Humsees...

As promised, I have New Artwork: Colored version of Solus Guards. Some of my titles aren't particularly wonderful, I know, which is due to the fact that they correspond to the file name than to the actual picture. And since I like to keep my files nice and orderly, it helps to have the character's name in the beginning of the title where possible.


Quick Update: New Existence Triad Legacy Artwork: Color version of "Troubles". Probably the next thing I'm gonna work on will be coloring the Dreamscape pieces I put up yesterday.

Return of the King rocks! And that's all I'm gonna say about it here. Gotta go to work in a half-hour.


New Dreamscape Artwork: Solus Guards, and a new Te'lessir picture for the Te'lessir section


Revisions and additions to the Stuff Box made. Specificially, I made a separate page for Icons, whereby the new stuff I made (wanted to pretty-ify my desktop - what can I say?) can be viewed and downloaded as a pack.

Anyhoo, I've gotta go get my haircut.


New Artwork: ETL: Mina Portrait (watercolor). I made quick work of this one and since the pencil work was inconsistently dark and light I decided to run it through an artistic filter to help it's appearance. I fancy it turned out well enough.


New Artwork: East Nighon: Angel of Loyalty, ETL: Poise, ETL: Troubles. As I was unsatisfied with the face, I touched up Solin's EV Suit, so consider that updated somewhat.

There have been and will continued to be a number of updated pictures available in the Dreamscape: Tethas section, so feel free to browse along in there at your own pace. I have recently gotten down a skeleton working of the initial short story involving this world and characters and hope to perhaps add some role-playing game campaign information when I get to it. =)


New Artwork: PSO: Light and Dark (Color).

Recently I got a job doing stock and flow work for Target from 3am-9am and haven't had much time or energy to work on the website or other creative enterprises. Yesterday and today were my days off, which I've used splendiferously to rest up and do necessary things like laundry. Khaki pants get dirty very quickly with all the box hoisting that goes on. And hey - I need to go get paid! EEP!

*scurries off*


Added another fun new section: Phantasy Star Online Character Data. I'm only missing pictures for two of my characters, Astrea and Griff. Eventually I hope to get their gear linked to another page with specific stats and stuff. There are a number of items I simply transfer back and forth in sets, rather than keep them on the character all the time. This link is accessible also from the Links page.

Revamped some of the Artwork section so Dreamscape, East Nighon, and ETL have their own sections.

New Artwork...Dreamscape: Dreg`num Sample, and Te`lessir Sample. ETL: (Preview) Charming Conversation, Mina Portrait, and floating head syndrome Solin head. Fanfiction: NGE-OnTheGround, depicting a scene from my Evangelion Fanfic. The scene itself is actually written, but the story/plot itself is in-process.

Oh, and you might note more counter excitement: during the weekend this site broke 200 views! Screechy!


Seem to be having some errors for no discernable reason. Previously this entry headlined my posting of my halfway completed short novel Polar Hearts. But for some reason it would show up on the page as only "New Site Content: Colored Portrait of Solus Osmund." *grumbles*

At any rate, I've spent the better part of today putting together sections for information on my two major fictional worlds: Dreamscape and ETL (Existence Triad Legacy). Setting, Cast, and story are up for Polar Hearts. Going to work on getting some stuff up for the Dreamscape section next, like my short story Dreamscape that started the whole thing.

It's hardly worth mentioning, but I made some more cosmetic changes to the site.

Oh yes, and in case you wish to view it before I clumsily try to generate a suitingly wintry background, you can view the colored version of "Compassion" here.

Time for a break...


New Artwork: Colored Portrait of Solus Osmund.


New Artwork: Light and Dark, a sketch of HunterKieran's characters.


New Artwork: Colored Profile of Solus Osmund.


New Artwork: Compassion, in a more or less finalized sketch. The background is gonna get cleaned up when I color it, I hope. There's also a crumby piece of Kael'n artwork that I probably won't finish because I've other things to work on. Also uploaded Griffeth's New Armor, a design tracing for his new gear.

Re-organized and added links (mainly PSO-related) to the Links section.


Yay! According to the counter this part of the site has had over 100 hits! Screeeee!

New artwork: Colored Salis, and Colored Solus Saber. I experimented with the Solus picture and found that it worked very quickly. That has to be the shortest time I've ever got the base colors down and colored a whole picture that wasn't just a portrait.

The sections for each of the RPG characters is getting rather big...Considering putting them on separate pages...


New East Nighon preview picture uploaded to the Artwork section: (Preview) East Nighon: Compassion.

Edited some more content on the site.

I am addicted to role-playing. After more Amtrak antics that have shaved another year off of my life, I arrived home yesterday around 9:00 p.m. PST after a few days up in Seattle with my pal and Game Master Russell. We made a lot of progress in the East Nighon campaign, though we only got to game with both Brian (who plays Milton Caernholme) for one night (though all three of us had excellent Chinese food the night I came up to Washington). We were all rather loopy that night from not sleeping well and as a result some of the contrived events will be edited later to fit better in the overall story. Wakka wakka.

Presently, I'm working on writing down notes for our RPG backlog. We got a little behind with all the fixing required for Milton and Griffeth's sudden convenient meeting outside the Great Forest of Trivla, so while Russell's dealing with the particulars of that, I'm gonna write up what I can of what Griffeth's group was doing before they got there.


New PSO Fanart picture uploaded to the Artwork section: PSO: Colored version of the PSO Solin. The background was done by a PSOWorld user that goes by the name of Getintothegame. I really needed some kind of PSO hexagonal filler.


New Dreamscape pictures uploaded to the Artwork section: Solus Portrait, Scarred Profile, Saber Stance.

In other news, I'm finally feeling normal again. And there was much rejoicing! Huzzah! Also, if you've checked out the other pages, you should notice that the Navigation section is at the bottom of all the available pages for easy access.


New ETL picture uploaded to the Artwork section: EV (Environment) Suit.


Okies - added yet another section: the Stuff Box. Basically when I make something neat (like icons Windows OS users can use to customize their desktop), it's going to go in here until further notice.


Yeah! More content! More cosmetic changes! More lung-dung!

I added a links section so I could share some of my favorite linkage. Not to mention I utilized some background images from Angelfire to make the site more beautanamous. Next on my list of stuffage is adding RPG elements. Considering how much I tend to mention a character or what not here or there, with very little information, it might be useful to have some formal profiles assembled. What do you think?


Well, it's the two-year anniversary of September 11th. Two years ago I was in China wondering what the hell was going on back home...

And having nothing to do with this particularly historic date, I've made some more site changes - I guess it is sufficient to say life goes on even when it doesn't seem like it should. Primary on my list of changes was making an Artwork index (linked below under Navigation, as usual). So instead of the picture preview, it works the same way as the literature page with a list of categorized links. Other than that, I've made some rather unexciting cosmetic changes and more minor text (hyper and otherwise) editing.


Still sickly with a persistent aggravated cough, but I like to keep busy. Edited some of the content, and added an intro on the Literature page. Working on the art pages next. I expect to make the format more like the Lit page so I can cram more content there. *gryns*


I am getting my butt kicked by some kind of flu virus that's been going around. Thankfully, I'm feeling well enough not to toss my cookies all over the keyboard. (My, that would be messy.) I'm re-arranging my directories and what not so I can put up more content than just artwork. Presently, however, I've just added another page to the artwork section. Weeeeee.

After more tweaking, I've added a literature section. *gryn* Not much in the way of descriptions for now though...


Many apologies for the lack-luster display of the site. I personally have very limited skill with HTML and so, accordingly, it is extremely difficult for me to build a nice webpage. There isn't much to look at around here right now, but the main thing you can find here is artwork by yours truly, the resident gryphon, Flux Gryphon. (But you can call me FG if you like.)

Check the Navigation section below for places to go on the site.

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