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Elfin Antics in Santa's Workshop
A Christmas Play Children's Theater Script

by Rosemary Snow; (c) 2000 Rosemary Snow


Two songs from the play: Elf Boogie & Aurora Borealis
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by Rosemary Snow; (c) 2000 Rosemary Snow
Inexpensive Royalty must be paid to perform this play. Please go to

Elves: Alpha, Beta, Cheesy, Donut
Reindeer: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen
Polar Bears, 1,2,3
Santa Claus
Mrs. Claus
Elmo the Yodeling Elf
Sled Dogs (as many as you like)

Songs (on music CD):
Elves Workshop Song
Aurora Borealis
Reindeer Song
Polar Bear Song
Toyshop Yodeling Elf Song

Essential props: Santa’s sleigh & dog harness, hammer, screwdriver, paint can & brush w/dried paint, teddy bear, two similar dolls -one damaged, toy truck, bottle of white glue.

NOTE: This is not the whole script. Sections are summarized instead. When you order the script, we will send you the whole script and the sheet music.

(Scene: Santa’s workshop. Curtain Opens. Elves are working.)
(Song: “Elves Workshop Song”) (Reindeer dance and EXIT.)

Elf A: Why do we have to work so hard?

Elf B: The reindeer get to play in the snowy yard.

Elf C: They’re not playing, they’re taking flying lessons.

Elf D: Playtime for reindeer is out of the question!… Listen!

(They all listen to sleigh-bells in the sky.)

Elf A: Don’t they already know how to fly?

Elf B: They all forget by the end of July.

Elf C: Back to work! We have to finish these toys

Elf D: Yes! Toys for poor little girls and boys.

SANTA (ENTERS from rear of audience, arriving by dog sled): Mush! Mush! Mush!
Whoa! Ho! Ho! Ho!
Some kids’ parents can go to Toys –R-Us!
If their kids break toys being boisterous!
But poor kids depend on Santa’s elves,
To bring them the toys they see on store shelves.


MRS. SANTA: Yes, Santa, but all children who behave as they should,
Get a present from Santa for being so good.

Elf A: Well what do we get? We never have any fun!

Elf B: We work from morning until day is done!

Elf C: You’re exaggerating. The sun’s low on the horizon.

Elf D: The Arctic night is long, and the day, so short it’s surprisin’.

MRS. SANTA: Yes! Such little daylight must not be wasted talking.
Just look at the schedule! We’re backed up!

SANTA: Shocking!!

Elf A: But these new designs are so tricky! And our tools are all antiques!

Elf B: This paint is way too sticky (lifts paintbrush stuck in paint can),
and this screwdriver squeaks! (demonstrates screwdriver)

(FX: Squeak! Everyone covers his or her ears in pain.)

ELF C: Ow! My ears!

ELF D: My ears are bigger so they hurt even more!


SANTA: Our luck’s going to change! Look! A beautiful sight!

Mrs. SANTA: The Aurora Borealis is brightening the night!

(Song: “Aurora Borealis”)
(Reindeer enter. They are clumsy.)

DASHER: We were practicing our flying, beneath the Aurora Borealis.

DANCER (dreamily flapping arms): It was like butter-flying inside a crystal palace!

PRANCER: But here it is so cold. To the South Pole we should take flight.

VIXEN: It’s summer there I’m told, with daylight day and night!

MRS. SANTA: But over all, it’s colder there, ‘cause Antarctica is a continent.
At the North Pole we have ocean, with an ice cap floating on it.

SANTA: They have lots of penguins, but we have polar bears.
And the beautiful Northern Lights, caused by solar flares.
(Lines skipped: Discusson of the Southern Lights, Elmo the Yodeling Elf arrives with some advice. Polar Bears enter and sing a song which ends with...)
PB1: Humans wear snowshoes on their little feet.

PB2: So they don’t sink in snow twelve feet deep!

PB3: You really have to be a hero,
To go out in forty degrees below zero.

PB1: People pilot little airplanes over the ice field.

PB2: And they scoot through the white stuff by snow mobile.

PB3: We mighty polar bears are willing to share it,
With animals and people who can bear it!

(Polar Bears sit down. “Reindeer Song”)

Mrs. SANTA: We must make toys for all the poor girls and boys!

(Santa, Mrs. Santa and Yodeling Elf are working. REINDEER go downstage, whispering in a group.)

DASHER: (whispering loudly) Pssst! Hey, Elves!
(ELVES join REINDEER down stage.)
Summary of missing lines:

The reindeer feel sorry for the hardworking elves and offer to make toys while the elves go out for flying lessons, but they have to be sneaky about it. When Santa leaves the elves sneak out.

(Elves Exit. Reindeer clumsily pick up toys and tools trying to figure them out.
DASHER picks up hammer with both hooves, tries to hammer a doll.
DANCER picks up a paint brush and sniffs a paint bucket.
PRANCER sticks a screwdriver in a teddy bear’s ear and turns it.
VIXEN takes a toy truck and pretends to squirt glue into its tires, cab, engine, as if oiling it.)

DASHER: I’ll hammer out a pretty dress for this baby doll.

ELF A’s voice: Take me higher Comet… Wait! Don’t let me faaaaaalllll! (boom!)

DANCER (looking in paint can): Yum! Delicious frosting! Do you see cookies or a cake? (looks around then sticks nose in can)

ELF B’s voice: Look at me – I’m coasting!

ELF C’s voice: Watch out for that rake!

FX: Crash!
Summary of missing lines:
Vixen and Prancer destroy more toys and more elves are crashing onto the roof.


DASHER (holding up hammered doll): I think my doll needs bandages. Do you see some about?

DANCER (face is stuck in paint can): Help! My head is stuck! Help me get it out!
(DANCER stumbles about holding can up to face. Bumps into reindeer – they drop stuff.)

PRANCER: Watch it, Moose Face! You’re breaking all the toys!

(SANTA, MRS. SANTA, & ELMO ENTER, Wounded elves start crawling up through audience.)
SANTA: I heard a lot of crashing! What’s with all the noise?

MRS. SANTA: The reindeer have tools! It is total destruction!

VIXEN: We’re just helping the elves to take flying instruction.

(Elves crawl bruised and disheveled back onto stage.)
Summary of missing lines:
The workshop is ruined, the toys all broken. Where will they get new toys to save Christmas? The polar bears come to the rescue! They do their work, and then load the presents onto Santa's sleigh. He and reindeers fly off. The elves are tired and a little sad about being left behind.

Mrs. SANTA: So you want to fly? Listen! (Sound of helicopter)
You elves have worked very hard for the duration.
You’re going to Hawaii for a much deserved vacation!

YODELING ELF: That’s right!

ELVES: Yay!!!

Mrs. SANTA: Go get ready! Pack your shorts and sunscreen!
And your swimming trunks and tooth-brush, with a good book tucked in between!
(Elves Exit. Sound of helicopter leaving.)

Alone at last!
(She reaches into cupboard for a book, blanket and box of chocolates. Settles in chair by fireplace.)

I’ll read the Christmas Story, and settle down for a long winter’s nap!
(Northern lights begin. Song: Aurora Borealis” music only.)

Merry Christmas!
(Close Curtain.)