Not Okay

Category: angst, drabble
Spoilers: "Heroes, Part 2"
Summary: Sam seeks Daniel out
Author's notes:I knew shouldn't have watched the Gateworld tribute video, but I did *sobs* First drabble I've ever written backwards though

She's left him alone for three days now. She knows that he needs time to grieve by himself, but she also knows that he's going to need help if he's going to get through this.

She finds him in the infirmary, sitting alone in the dark. His eyes are red and swollen... she doesn't think he's stopped crying since it happened.

She says nothing as he falls into her arms.

She wants to tell him that it'll be okay, but she can't.

She knows it won't be okay.

Janet's not there, and without her, it will never be okay again.