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Hi, I'm Scully's Evil Sister and this is THE place for Shippers. Because we know the truth. But being kind-hearted soul that I am, all are welcome. And, yes that does include NoRoMos and Slashfans. Who knows we may even convert them ;) Don't forget to drop the authors a line. Its only fair, after all they're keeping us in slushy fic. We don't wanna go into cold turkey, now do we? Or even worse be left with only CC's version. (Quick beg: bring back Mulder pleeeeeeeeease.)BTW I'm English, which explains why in my XF world Mulder isn't back yet. And while you're typing, give us a bell with comments and ideas or just to say 'Hey, I miss Mulder too.'

Happy reading. And remember The Truth is Out There. (and its romantic!)

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