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Lunatic Ravings

Ask Bob
Maculate Conception

Chick Shit for Chic Chicks

Strange Crap

Alarmingly Strange Stories:
An excellent collection of original, strange stories from from humor to horror there is one common thread in each one, and that's a consistant shock value.

Dabbling in the Depths of Her Soul
by Evgeniya Seizova
To be absolutely honest, I didn't get this one. But I read it again - more slowly - and now I get it! The strange ending may seem irrelevant at first, but makes perfect sense later..... Read it...

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The Gray of the Streets
by S. E. Costard
S.E. Costard has a unique way of telling a story. As strange as the characters are, they all somehow seem believable. She has a web site called "Dryadbubbles," with more interesting tales and musings..".... Read it...

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The Daily Demented Comics:
The Internet's most bizarre collection of "off-center" daily humor. New comics every single day!

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