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Joining Wandering Steps

If you wish to join Wandering Steps Holt, please read the rules below then copy the blank CIS, fill it out and then send it to

Rules and Guildlines

1. The egroups Role Play is mandatory!!!! I dislike silent elves with a passion. You are required to participate at least a paragraph every week.

2. Magic, I am limiting the magic down to two members per each magic listed below. As I recieve characters I will add their names to the list. If I recieve more then two I will give you the option of changing the magic.

Healing ~ Slot 1: BlueMist Slot 2: LukkiI am allowing no other healers
Tree Shaping ~ Slot 1:Phoenix Slot 2:Greensong
Water Shaping ~ Slot 1:Storm Slot 2:
Fire Shaping ~ Slot 1: Sunfall Slot 2:
Rock Shaping ~ Slot 1:Shadowhunter Slot 2:
Metal Shaping ~ Slot 1: Riskcahaser Slot 2: Greywing

3. Postitions in the Holt, below are some of the positions in the holt other then hunters.
Hunt Leader: currently held by Rybec
Tanner: currently held by Raven
Midwife: currently held by Greensong
Jewerly Maker: currently held by Riskchaser
Weapons Maker: currently held by Greywing
Musicains and Entertainers:
Silk Weaver: currently held by Nomad
Cub Sitter:currently held by Greensong
Howl Keeper:
Wine Maker:

4. Recognitions are done by random draw when I think the tribe needs some.

5. And for gosh sakes.....Have some fun!!!!!

Blank CIS
Adoptable Characters