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Wandering Steps Holt

As you are travelling through the dense voices, stars shining in the midnight sky above you, you catch the faint sound of music ahead. You walked towards the sound grows louder and louder. Soon voices are added to the melody and you can barely catch a glimpse of a fire burning bright ahead. You enter a clearing in the forest and almost gasp as you see a ring of large objects the likes you never come across before. They almost seemed to be dens sitting atop of large circular pieces of wood. A female elf suddenly drops from the tress and lands in front of you. Her stares pierces into you, her eyes glint like the metal end of her staff. You hear a warm masculine voice.
"RoseThorn what have you found???" A handsome male walks to you and the other elf. His chesnut mane drew into up into a lock on his head. "Her look could turn anyone to stone but she is really soft on the inside. My name is Brightblade, and what lies before is the holt that is never in the same place twice, Wandering Steps. Come meet the tribe, howl with us, and share a skin of dreamberry wine."

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