(BHD) = Bounty Hunting Days
(MOTL) = Master of The Light Era
(CW) = Current Weaponry

Name:  Valaryc Versia (Val)
(Dark Justice, Dark Overseer, Light Master)

Age:  Unknown 

Sex:  Male

Height:  6'1  with a medium build

Race:  Human Hybrid (red eyes when angered, Light Powers, Enhanced Agility)

Classifications: Former Dark Jedi Master/Bounty Hunter, Master of the Light
Co-leader of the Rebel Alliance, Dark Overseer, Dark Justice.

CL Family


Dear Friends 

Foe Raker/Matt, Corerilla/Chrissy, General Luke/Adam, Rayloth/Ray, Martina/Jenny
Bane/Jason, Drakh/Mike, Grath/Dan, Cavendell/Ryan, Raven/Raven, Liza/Tabby
Taluna/Tina, Bei/Melissa, Aventrix/Dan, Azel/Sam, Nhat, Luke/Dave, PhoenixCat/Cat
Blackheart/Matt, VIIC/Randy, Jace/James, Alexandra/Cat, Lance/Lance, Darksaber/Bo
Leia/Jenn, Kyre/Eric
The rest of you know who you are...


1. Extensive training on Endor as a Scouttrooper #1897b
2. Expert weapons technician, and master of armed combat, trained in
The Imperial City.
3. Personally appointed by Emperor Palpatine to train with 
Gen Zeridian, an evil Jedi Master and leader of the secret 
Dark Jedi Academy.
4. Master of the "Light" ancient form of magic long forgotten.
5. Extensive training on operation of all vehicles, master of ship 
Mechanics, as well as all forms of ship weaponry.
6. Currently Co Leader of the RA with Leia Organa Solo (IPL)

Weapons of Choice

1. Force shield - Custom made shield device attached to right arm. It is encoded
with ysalamiri DNA, once activated "force" attacks cannot effect him. It has the power
to absorb almost any bombardment, such as Ion cannon (small) 
and turbolaser fire, typical Imperial blaster fire (all types), 
as well as the ability to absorb a Thermal Detonator blast, finally 
not to mention Lightsaber blades. (BHD)

Weaknesses in the shield: (To make this fair) - The shields will drop/lower if Valaryc 
uses his lightsaber, or momentarily his cannons, pulse rifle. However
his special TWIN cannons will fire through the shield.

2. Obi Wan's personal lightsaber - Acquired shortly after Obi Wan 
was struck down by Lord Darth Vader. (fanfic explains this).(CW)

[ Click here to read more on this event ]

3. Gen Zeridian's personal lightsaber - Acquired after his love 
was struck down by Cire, it has a sleak and menacing design with
a claw like shroud, and when ignited emits a dazzling purple blade.(CW)

4. T.W.I.N. cannons w/jetpack - Twin Weaponry (with) Infrared Network:
Specially created backpack that is attached to Valaryc's back, 
it contains two blaster cannons that retract inside the backpack. 
When engaged, extend out and fire twin beams of coherent energy 
- can penetrate Valaryc's shields. The backpack also has a small jet 
engine, granting Valaryc short periods of flight. (BHD)

Finally the backpack contains a self-replenishing power source, 
which is connected directly into Valaryc's body suit, 
powering various weapons.(BHD)

5. Dual cannons attached to left arm. - powerful cannons used to 
fend off attacks from the air. Rarely used for one on one personal 

6. Trident pods (3 each knee):  Used to stun opponents, can penetrate 
Stormtrooper armor, six total 3 per pod attached to kneepads.(BHD)

7. 3 Thermal Detonators attached to right leg:  You know what they do
 -enough said (BHD)

8. Sword named "Destiny" - Forged from the ancient metals found long 
ago, granting the blade a brilliant glow, that illuminates anything 
it surrounds, it can cut through the strongest steel and the hardest 
stone (MOTL)

9. FWG-5 Fletchette Pistol and FC1 Fletchette Launcher (CW)
10. The "Light" - Ancient form of magic used long ago, long forgotten.
Valaryc discovered a secret in a long buried Temple with the sword 
"Destiny" and many records of the Light's techniques - after leaving
the Dark Jedi Academy, he disappeared for many years training to use 
the Light - soon after mastering all of its powers and limits. (MOTL)
They are the following

Molecular Regeneration - Channeling/Generating things, by rearranging
molecules into various objects and things.

Barrier projection - Opaque or Transparent - Raises barriers over 
others to protect them from harm.

Mental/physical things  - Telepathy, strength channeling, telekinesis,
self-healing or healing of others.

Attacks of the Light

Purple Lightning bolts: Can either stun or temporarily paralyze 
opponent allowing Val time to think of his next move. NOT fatal.

Purple Flames: Fireballs/bursts: Used to knock opponents away from 
him, basically defensive "deflect" attack - The flames sap the 
opponents strength once again leaving Val time to decide his next 
move - NOT fatal

Levitation - hovering - enough said

Light deflection/absorption - Basically the ability to deflect 
blaster fire back at an opponent by either direct contact, or by 
bouncing his own attacks against his opponents, 
(off walls and such).

Major Powers

Phoenix Resurrection: This power is extremely taxing on Valaryc, 
it grants Valaryc the ability to bring others back from the dead, 
as well as himself (I will observe any kills made on me - however 
will return as someone else). This gives the ability to bring a 
fallen friend back to full capacity as well. 

NOTE: Used one yourself only twice

Purple Lightning Electrocution - This would be a last chance attack 
against someone it would beat a person so bad they would have to 
leave, because it would not kill them, but Val's next attack surely 
would. This attack leaves Valaryc extremely open to attack, 
as he will be quite weak.

[ Click here to read the powers of The Light and The Dark in more detail ]

1. Scouttrooper/Mandalorian enhanced armor: He acquired these after
leaving the 1st Death Star, shortly before its destruction. He has 
combined his old Scouttrooper armor with his newly acquired 
Mandalorian armor - then applied custom "plating". Granting his armor
the ability to absorb heavy blaster fire, slight resistance to 
lightsaber blades, and also the ability to absorb thermal detonator 
blasts. It also has oxygen capabilities to allow Valaryc to fight 
in space.(BHD)

2. Modified Scout trooper Helmet: Modified helmet with descrambler, 
com system and infrared/X-ray vision technology. Mainly used to track
his enemies' communication and get them before the get him first.(BHD)


The Assailant: Former Imperial Shuttle bought for him by his friend 
John Masterson, whom was killed when the 1st Death Star was destroyed.
It has Val's special "plating" that his armor does but thicker, 
thus making his Shuttle quite tough to take punishment. The Assailant
also has heavy deflector shields, making attacks on it quite hard to 


Heavily Modified Lambda class Shuttle
Reinforced Hull
Multiple Shield Generators
3 double blaster cannons (one rear mounted)
2 Double "enhanced" laser cannons
cloaking device
Holonet receivers
Specially customized mini "superlaser" type technology - stored in 
the underside of the Assailant, this device lowers at the push of a 
button, will NOT destroy in one hit, takes time to charge the crystal
points - which once charged deflect into one supreme beam of green 
highly coherent energy - once the beam is released it severely 
damages opponents themselves, as well as other ships shields, if 
shields are down on the opponents shields, depending on the type 
of ship, three charged direct hits typically destroys the target.

2. Howlrunner - see ship manuals for specifications
3. Imperial speeder bike - see ship manuals for specifications (BHD and CW)

4. Marauder Corvette - "Assailant" version II
Specs - unknown as of yet (CW)

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and concept is © 1998-2001 Nick Nugent all rights reserved.

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