Chapter V - The Rising Sun


The Versai Chronicles : The Rising Sun


    Many miles down, below the luxury, and the glamour of above, lies the heart of a fighter’s skill. Inside a massive room, set up with computers, hologram units, weaponry, multi-leveled decks, and extensive technologies, it is the breeding ground for the victorious, the place where men come to test their endurance, their skill, their logic, their limitations…and push them farther then when they first arrive. Such a place is the opening setting for an individual who has, for his entire lifetime since his introduction into this harsh galaxy, fought, trained, suffered, and bled for his existence. From the loss of his greatest treasure, to the denial of a stable family to grow with, he has walked into the mouth of death, fear, catastrophe…and told the forces of darkness…his “destiny”…”The more you try to slow me down, the faster I will conquer you.”

Within this training ground known as the “Power House”, our story will unfold. By the end of the chapter however, you will know far more then what you thought you knew. A different side, where the honorable warrior was not so fortunate was to walk away from a battle unscathed, indeed a more vulnerable time where lessons would be learned, and long held secrets would be revealed. As the hands of time tick away at the day, so then shall our tale now unfold as the fifth chapter in the life of Valaryc Winters Versai, is revealed once more within the realm known as…..

The Versai Chronicles – Chapter V - The Rising Sun

The figure’s eyes were narrowed, searching the vast darkness of the room, along the walls, panels of white cylinder shaped lights stretched from the ceiling down, snaking along vertically down the walls, within sections  of metal, meeting the polished black marble floor below. Hanging high above the floor, just below the ceiling, with various supports, were rows of various TIE fighter “racks”, storage units for the elite fighter craft, suspended for maximum deployment efficiency. Within the smaller scaled down version of the “Death Star” Hang bay, many columns and cargo boxes fill the room, like a giant storage room, with electronic equipment, scattered throughout the room. Settled along the floor were Lambda class shuttles, settled silently with their wings retracted up towards the roof of the structure. The lights from the walls bouncing off the floor, reflected upon the shimmering black glass of their cockpits, but something else zooms across the glass, too fast to focus upon. The sounds of blaster fire tears through the silence of the low humming electricity surging through the lights, as a spray of blood red luminous fire shatters the floor like deadly streams of electric rain, it rakes into floor sending the once luxurious looking polished black looking marble floor panels, flying through the air in shards of debris.

  A figure dashes in seconds from the destruction, looking on from behind a stack of cargo boxes. His long black sleeveless trench coat whips around a corner with his movements, hugging his body, as his shiny gauntlet hand steadies himself behind the cargo box before him. His medium length, brown bangs cascade over his facial features as his deep brown eyes stare into the darkness around him. His name is Valaryc Winters Versai and at the moment he is in a struggle for survival, like many times before. Within his left hand, he grasps the signature instruments of his survival. The sleek structure extends from the tip, to the hilt wrapped in shades of black, silver, and bronze hues. The multi faceted surface and signature rings reveal the device to be that of the slain former owner, Jedi Master, Obi Wan Kenobie. The current owner having acquired the device through his own methods and perhaps a twist of fate, now depends on the signature lightsaber to deliver him from the jaws of death time and time again, and many times since it has done just that. Val’s eyes travel along the blast damaged surfaces of the room, trying to track down the “hunter” whom currently paces through the hanger bay to find him. His fingers clutching the lightsaber tightly, waiting for his chance to strike, the curve of his thumb waiting anxiously on the ignition panel as foot steps, not human echo throughout the flickering darkness. The once proud lights in the hanger bay have now been reduced in number from an ongoing battle already in progress. As carbon scoring is clearly visible, as well as many streaks of seared metal.


The metallic struts of the hunter impact into the marble floor with a terrifying echo, as blazing red eyes glow from behind a dark, luminescent gray shell, searched through the darkness to find its target. Along the left hand of the mechanical terminator, a heavy-duty four-barreled gatling gun awaited, having been recently fired as smoke billowed from the barrels. Val’s eyes searched for a next place to duck into, taking another flying leap behind another stack of boxes, his gaze catching the shadow of a massive Dark Trooper droid looming ever closer to his last location…it was getting closer.

Suddenly, he ducks his head as a red beam, signifying the targeting laser of the droid ‘s gun locks on to the column above him and opens fire in a swarm of red bolts. In a spray of concrete and molten hot metal, the support beam shatters, sending a TIE fighter hurling from its rack, crashing down towards Val, whom is flat on his back, gazing upward. This brings about an interesting and crucial strategy, where he must decide how to handle both being spotted and being crushed in unison. With a flick of his wrist, his right hand comes up, using The Force to steady the decent of the massive TIE fighter structure. The weight is tremendous even though size matters not…to Val the weight was giving him the biggest damned telepathic migraine the world has ever seen. His brown eyes narrow in complete focus trying to time his actions just right, already sensing the fire filling the barrel of the Dark Trooper’s weapon, aimed straight for his chest. In a blaze of fury, the red bolts of energy rake the ground where Val just barely spins away, avoiding disaster. In his place the massive TIE fighter crashes to the floor in a hellish blaze of fire, exploding, sending flaming bits of metal hurling in all directions. The droid seeing this as a clear advancing threat opens fire, only making the damage worse to the decimated TIE fighter.

From his secondary location, behind yet another column, Val’s pride gets the best of him as he bursts out laughing replying to the droid…

“Boy they sure don’t program you with much sense do they? Ever heard of letting a sleeping dog lie?”

The Dark Trooper only replies with …


Val’s lips smirk as he clutches his lightsaber, extending the shimmering blue blade with a SNAP HISS, the room was now bathed in the hues of his dazzling blue blade. As the droid opens fire on him yet again the bolts pass right through Val’s image as it fades away in dim sparkling patterns of light, a wisp of Val’s signature black coat flies within its line of vision, for as the droid was distracted by a Force Illusion of Val, the real Valaryc Versai was behind the gigantic monster the entire time. Quickly Val’s saber slices into the thick armor plating of the Dark Trooper, but the massive droid is tougher then it appears, using its free hand to grab Val by his coat and hurl him across the room, slamming him into a computer console.

Val’s eyes narrow in anger as he absorbs the impact of the computer equipment, the static shock of the electrical components only angering him more, as he gets back to his feet, his eyes locked on the droid now with deadly precision. The Dark Trooper lifts its barrel, and opens fire once again, sending another deadly swarm of red energy bolts toward him. This time however the real Valaryc Versai smirks replying….“OH HELL NO…..not this time.”

Evoking the powers of The Force, Val uses it to Force Leap across the gunfire, as the bolts of energy, follow his accent, but unknown to the droid, Val is counting on the droid to continue firing, because as the droid razes the roof with its deadly fire, it is unaware that what comes up, must fall down. Val’s saber ignites as he flips 360, towards the droid, between the two arms of the Dark Trooper, sending a vicious slash towards its head. The Dark Trooper proves more resourceful however, turning its body forty-five degrees to the right, as Val’s shimmering blue saber blade succeeds in cleaving off the Dark Trooper’s right arm. The bundle of wires and seared metal crashes to the floor, but this is only step one of Val’s strategy. Suddenly Val spins along the floor to his knees, then rolls along the it, at breakneck speed, gaining a distance of 10 meters, he flips back to his full standing posture. A searing pain rips through his arm, but he ignores it.

Taking his lightsaber, clipping it to his belt, Val seems to be making a critical move as he watches the droid whirl around in utter confusion. As the scene pans up, from Val’s shiny black boots, along his belt, to his eyes once more, that signature smirk once again plays on his lips, as his arms cross on another daring the droid to attack him.

Val’s lips part as he utters to the droid… “I’d give you a hand, but I see you’ve only got one.”

The Dark Trooper responds by sending a barrage of blaster fire towards Val’s current location. Valaryc just stands there, not moving as the blaster bolts slam into an invisible shield, Val’s face illuminating with pleasure as he grins behind his personal shielding device. Finally the damned thing started to work for him. He had tried to operate the stubborn device earlier, but it was just that a stubborn device.

The Dark Trooper extends its only good arm baring its weapons towards the figure of Val, as a panel on it, slides back, followed by a rectangular shaped containment unit popping into position. The clicking sounds of a weapon being primed, like the chamber of a gun tells Val he best be on his guard, the Droid has a new trick up its sleeve. However as the Dark Trooper preps itself, the blaster riddled roof above the hanger bay begins to creak and groan, as the screeching sound of metal grows louder and louder…like a sinking ship, something was about to come down…crashing.


Val only smiles, his arms again crossed over his chest as he replies, “Oh yes, you droids always have a one track mind, but tell me…what do you intend to do about…that? (points up)

No sooner does Val utter his sarcastic retort, then the roof raked by the powerful bursts of the fire from the Dark Troopers gun, begins to buckle under the pressure of gravity. Without warning, it collapses, sending hundreds of tons of debris hurling upon the Dark Trooper unit, the room echoing with the thunderous crash of concrete, twisted metal and the clangs of heavy support beams all slamming down upon the Droid’s current location, and as an added bonus in Val’s favor also brings down a rack of TIE bombers as well

Val’s eyes light up with eager enthusiasm as he watches his master plan unfold from a save distance, as ton after ton of metal, rock, damaged ship remnants, and electrical components fall on top of the Dark Trooper burying the unit in a massive heap of rubble. For Val it is victory as he takes his hands and brushes them across each other, for a job well done.

But…this droid is more durable then its predecessors.

As Val begins to walk away from the scene, to board a shuttle and escape, a flurry of rock and debris explodes from the elemental tomb of rubble, slamming Val back into a wall from the sudden shockwave of the blast, as tons of sheared metal, rock, and iron flings all throughout the hanger bay, damaging ships as they explode into huge fireballs of light. Electrical components of all shapes and sizes hurled across the room from the disruption. As the dust begins to settle from a newly crafted hole in the towering mountain of rubble, the Dark Trooper’s weapon baring hand stretches vertically forth from within the droid’s words echoing like thunder throughout the battle scene…


Val replies with, “OH SHI------“

Quickly leaping out of the way, Val narrowly escapes the horde of concussion missiles impacting upon the very back of the hanger bay, shattering the wall upon impact, as more racks of TIE fighters fall down and explode upon the surface. Val is fortunate to just barely escape the melee of devastation, but again he disappears from sight. The droid now extends itself up from the rubble, walking out into the destructive surroundings it has caused as the once tidy, and elegant Imperial style Hanger-Bay is now reduced to a room that looks as if a tornado had come across it, followed by a 8.5 earthquake. The floor now is akin to that of a monster truck pit, with debris dominating what remains of the highly polished dark marble floor. The lights along the walls only functioning at half rate, flicking and sputtering in places where the electrical circuits have now been sheared away, where the main sources of light in the room are the raging hellish orange fires roaring from the damaged pile of ship parts, that were once mighty weapons of war…reduced to nothing but giant paperweights.

The stage has been forged it would appear, but the battle is still to rage on. The Dark Trooper scans the area, looking to pick up any signature of life, and it spies it a second too late. Val’s silhouette leaps from the heavens down towards the droid with the blazing light of his second saber now highlighting his warrior pounce decent. The golden yellow blade of his newly constructed Luminex crystal lightsaber rakes down on the Droid’s visual plates, slicing the head in two sections, down through its body. Before Val can finish the attack however, the Dark Troopers heavy right arm, slams its gatling gun weapon into his chest, and begins to open fire again. Val however uses his quick agility to flip back off the molten surface of the droid’s chest, using his feet to climb up on the droid’s shoulders, flipping back as the blazing red blaster fire shreds his coat to ribbons, filling the material with wave after wave of piecing ammo fire. Val’s flip completes as he leaps in front of the droid and holds his place, standing once more, as both his hands clutch his shimmering golden yellow blade, awaiting the droid’s damaged body to come back to bare on him, for he has a plan that many an enemy had fell victim too, and this droid would be no different.

The Dark Trooper’s guns align to the head of Valaryc Versai. The red hot four barrels of the gatling guns begin to spin as red bolts of coherent energy spew forth, heading towards their target. Val’s eyes narrowing as he times just right, able to whisper to the droid as the bolts streak towards his head at breakneck speed.

"Only now TIN CAN," (drops to one knee)

"DO YOU UNDERSTAND…"(as the droid’s arm is raised to fire towards Val’s head, Val now having ducked down, leaves the droid vulnerable to attack. In a flash of golden light Val’s blazing saber shears through the Dark troopers already damaged midsection)

Upon Val’s last word, the Dark Trooper’s body cleaves into two section, the heavier of the two, sliding backwards along the surface of molten white hot metal, careening to the floor with a massive THUD, the legs of the droid still standing erect as electronic sparks explode from the base of its cleaved torso. Val’s posture, having completed his swing, holds his arm outstretched, eyes turning back towards the severed body of the once threatening Dark Trooper


With a deep breath, Val stands back to his feet wiping the blood from his lip, steaming from his arm where a piece of shrapnel had unknowingly dug into him, during his spin across the treacherous floor. Narrowing his eyes at the destruction of the Hanger Bay, with the halved droid fallen before his feet like David and Goliath, and the arena was wondrous at first but now a sign of epic struggle, from the piles of TIE fighter parts and devastated ships inside…he had completed his training session for today…

His words uttering to a unseen presence – “End Simulation…”

No sooner had his words come forth, then the entire destruction around him faded away into nothing but a huge empty room. The only thing that remained was the halved droid before him. For it had all been an illusion, a test of wit and a test of skill against an opponent far bigger then himself to prove that he still had what it takes to shift the odds, and ram it down its mechanical throat.

His success did not come with a decisive victory, for the shrapnel in his arm was very real, and so was the pain. Val didn’t care however, ever since his telepathic conversation with Crymson Vachon a week ago, he knew he had to train and train hard for his approaching confrontation with her. He would not let her get the best of him again. Flicking a switch on his wrist gauntlet, Val leaned close and whispered to his trusty protocol droid and friend…

“Sacul, I have need of your medicinal services…meet me in my quarters.”

Sacul replied,“Oh Master Val, have you been playing too rough with your toys again?”

Val’s face cracked a smile and replied, “Don’t I always? Now get down here…and Sacul?

Sacul replied quizzically, “Yes?”

Val took a deep breath and whispered, “Bring the bacta.”

Sliding his lightsaber back into the holding clip, Val ripped out the shrapnel from his arm, for he had maintained a level of tolerance for pain, few had experienced…what would have sent a grown man reeling in tears, only made him stronger. Val liked pain in a battle…because it let him know, he wasn’t dead yet. As long as pain existed, so did he.

Spinning on one heel, Val waved his hand out to a sensor in the wall, as two massive metal doors slide open revealing a much more comfortable atmosphere then his previous location. The “Power-House” as he called his private training ground was behind him, silent once more. Val’s boots collided along the soft red hues of his carpet. The walls were adorned with lavish tapestries and various statues peering down towards him as he walked by. Grasping his shoulder, Val gritted his teeth as he took off his coat over the wound, casting the makeshift “rag” aside, standing in a torn black shirt and tight leather shredded pants, above which glistened his custom made belt, where his two lightsaber hilts collided along his hips, one on each side like a gunslinger and his own weapons, ready to draw at a moments notice.

Rounding a corner, there stood his friend Sacul holding the medical case in his left hand, all to familiar a sight for Val having evoked the medial assistance of Sacul, which he prided himself upon. Val knew Sacul wouldn’t care though, if he saw himself in a less then glamorous status, not in his customary black and crimson red lunging attire, but rather looking like he just fought the entire Empire itself!

Sacul smiled as he spoke to his master, “My, my, my, Master Val you seem to have encountered a train wreck.”

Val only groaned as he sat down in a chair, leaning back as he steadied his breathing, returning to a relaxed state, remarking to Sacul, “Normally I would be up to caring on a sarcastic debate with you Sacul, but for the time being I would rather just fix this damn arm of mine and get a shower, I’ve been training in that damn room all day and I feel all hot and sticky.”

Sacul chuckled with his mechanical laughter, but he knew Val was not in the joking mood, quickly removing the makeshift bandage that was part of Val’s coat, applying a bacta patch across the torn skin. The look of concern an mother would show her son, for Sacul thanked his “Maker” for all he was, more then just a machine with circuits and programming, more closer to a human then his other predecessors because unlike them, Val gave Sacul the gift of emotion, granting his tough, HRD body from another model to a soul…a soul of silicone, but a soul none the less.

Val’s eyes narrowed as he sucked in the fresh air about him, for the “Power-House” had replicated every aspect of his chosen battle location, evoking all the laws of nature, from explosions, to lung choking smoke. It was good for Val to return to the safety of his mansion, amidst the friends he cares for. As Sacul wrapped a tough waterproof cloth dressing around Val’s left upper arm, he observed the other cuts and bruises along his master’s form.

Gazing from the damaged rims of Val’s jet black boots where the rubber had melted, forming smooth but uneven patterns in them, to the dangling fabric tears in his leather pants, Sacul could tell Val was pushing himself harder then ever before. Sacul’s hand lifting up Val’s torn black shirt, to dap away the lacerations across his chest, where more bits of metal and debris had racked his skin, it was readily apparent that Val didn’t care what price he had to pay for the thrill of victory.

Val could sense Sacul’s thoughts, through the expression in the droid’s eyes. He whispered amidst his labored breathing, as his breath caught up to him,“Do not worry my friend, I know it must be tough to see me come out of there day after day damaged…but it is nothing compared to the skills I need to conquer the threat drawing closer here. You see Sacul, if you think that the damage you see is nerve wrecking, there was a time I almost did not come out alive….”

Sacul raised an eyebrow, for in the many years he had been active never once had he ever pictured a time Val could ever be brought to the point of damage that severe. This intrigued Sacul greatly, for now perhaps he might understand more why Val has pushed his limits and is body to the extreme over the last week.

Sacul replied curiously, “Would you tell me Master Val of this event? I am curious to see how you survived such an ordeal.”

Val sat up in his chair flexing his newly dressed arm, clutching his hand into a fist, rotating his shoulder muscles smiling to Sacul with his response, “You have outdone yourself ol boy! This feels rather well. Of course I will tell you my story but first I need a shower. Meet me in an hour in the West Wing, start a fire, and put a bottle of Endor Ale on ice.”

With a nod, Sacul motioned his confirmation, shortly before Val stood from his chair, and paced from the room, heading to his Master Bedroom to step into the “fresher”, another form of a “shower” but much more efficient. Val feels the need to wind down from the excitement of his training session. Inside the fresher, as the water trails down his body, Val leaned back, letting the steam fill his lungs, cleansing his body of any left over fumes or debris from his battle, recalling the events of the past in flashes of imagery.

The images streamed through his mind like the droplets of moisture down his chest, the image of a woman with long, flowing purple hair that cured towards the ends played forth. Her curves perfect in every way, as her tight flat gray jumpsuit and sexy midriff caressed the smooth inviting shapes of her figure. Her lush, smooth lips pursed in thought. While wrapped around her physique, her long black trench coat billowed from a wind behind her, the yellow stripes of her collar fluttering in the breeze, revealed to be none other then his one and only love Gen Zeridian. More images flowed through his mind, images of the Dark Jedi Academy, of Foe Raker his brother…polishing his proud ryyk blades, .of times in the forest alone, with Gen where Val would lead her to secret locations he had discovered, unknown by others. Together they would share their pleasures, beyond the sight of anyone else. Free of duty and responsibilities, of codes and conduct, to do as they pleased…how they pleased. Standing most prominent to Val though, as the pictures of his past rippled through his mind was Gen’s first kiss to him…he had lost his duel with her, and why not? She was the Master and he was the student, but even though the kiss was at the time, a sign of what Gen felt was “teasing” Val’s curious little mind, the contact of flesh upon flesh was almost sexual in nature, the caress of her velvet lips upon his, just for that one brief moment of time, sent shivers through his spine and from that moment forth, something inside him knew that no matter what it took…she was meant for him and him alone.

As the scene plays on however, suddenly the picture shifts to a more dismal location. The Dark Jedi Academy is surrounded in raging flames. Val is dressed in his oldest of attire, the red gauntlets again laced around his wrists, with the pads hugging the tops of his hands, watching himself in the middle of a nightmare he has experienced time an time again, with the same result…Gen’s body hitting the floor, Cire’s sadistic grin curling at his handwork, and the screams of hundreds afire, or shot from the invading Imperial death squads streaming through the entrance. Suddenly as if life hit the fast forward button, the scene now shows Cire’s face contorting with excruciating pain as his eyes lock on Val’s own, his lips curling as blood streams down from the side of his lips, uttering those last words that would haunt Val to this day…..

“Your living without her…is my ETERNAL vengeance.”

As Val seems to scream in pure rage, the visions cease…his eyes focusing slowly back to the running water before him, the last remnants of his blood swirling down the drain embedded within the “fresher” floor. The bacta having clung to his wounds restored the damage at an accelerated rate. Val was in his fresher again, as he leaned back smoothing his hands through his long, dark, brown locks of hair, slicking his bangs back under the shower head, narrowing his eyes in thought, then slowly opening them. Grasping his location in the present, no longer in the past…accepting reality for what it is at the present time. His eyes peer along the smooth walls of his fresher, tracing the tiles, glancing about turning his body towards the downpour of water running along his neck and chest, reaching to turn off the water with a slight twist of his hand.

The moisture beads down his body, as he grabs a towel, and dries himself. To his left a fresh set of clothing is hung in arms reach, choosing to wear his evening robe and the proper undergarments. For he had spent all day in the “Power House”, it was already nearly ten o’clock at night. Stepping from the shower he grabs his robe and twirls the fabric around his body, securing the black cloth belt about his waist.

Taking a deep breath, Val emerges in a shiny black robe. The Versai crest shimmers from his left breast as it bares his symbol. His toes curl into the lush cords of carpet in the floor below him. There’s nothing like taking off your shoes and socks, and curling your toes into freshly groomed carpet, this is one of the things Val thoroughly enjoys on occasion.

Descending a flight of royal red covered stairs, he sees Sacul awaiting his presence, with a bucket of ice and a bottle of his favorite drink, ready for their meeting. Val’s lips curl into a smile towards Sacul in approval as he heads into the main “Thinking Room”, a huge area filled with things from his past, a dazzling fireplace, velvet curtains, a cathedral style ceiling, and some books along some shelves which hug the walls in a rectangular pattern. In the center of the room, above the fireplace however lies a giant portrait of his lover, for he would never allow himself to forget her…she stands tall, like the amazon she was, gazing into the depths of the room with deep purple eyes, one arm up, brushing her vibrant purple locks behind her shoulder, while the other hand draped along her side, resting along her thigh. There was no coat, nor was her hair tied back, it was free flowing for this was not a picture of battle, but of a rare time of utter peace and serenity, this was Gen at her rarest form, not upholding a strict Headmistress role, but a more vulnerable side only her “Loved One” saw…only Val had witnessed. Only he could have captured…for he had painted this portrait from his memories of Gen. Val was quite skilled at many things and art was another one of his traits he evoked in his everyday life. Through the portrait Val seemed to have captured Gen Zeridian’s soul…her very essence within in her eyes, her lips, her expression, the detail could make one person just imagine that this was not a portrait, but a window into another world, where you could step into the painting and speak to her, touch her. Everything was there, but life…it was a moment captured for all time, but just that…a moment and nothing more.

Val paced slowly into the dimly lit room, Sacul had followed his requests to a tee, as Val took his seat in a giant, comfortable lounge chair. He leaned his head back slowly, allowing the smooth, comforting velvet of the headrest cradle his head. His deep brown orbs reflecting the serene flicker of the fireplace, filling the room in shades of orange and soft hues of yellow and red, illuminating the scene, that would best be found in a storybook. The kind where a family sits upon a serene night, with a cheerful aura of hopes and dreams filling the room with wonder and delight.

True though, Val had no family here to embrace or to share within of blood origin, but Sacul was the closest thing to family he needed and that was good enough for him. Sacul sat across from Val in another chair, keeping his eyes intently upon his master’s reactions, ever willing to be there to heed his master’s request. Val however was pondering how to tell a tale that hit a little too close to home for him especially in this room, for it involved Gen, who gazed above him from the portrait, and the other malicious woman who spoke to him of her approach…the sadistic being who killed without mercy or hesitation, and yet remained seductive as a black widow to her mates…Crymson Vachon.

(The story now shifts to a screenplay form)

Val picks up a glass, and holds it out to Sacul, who pops the cork off the bottle of Endor Ale, pouring the contents to the brim of his master’s glass.

Val –To start from the beginning Sacul (sips his Endor Ale, taking a deep breath) I would have to tell you what I know, because a lot of things leading to the event, I do not recall given my state after their occurrence you see.

SACUL –I can understand such Master Val, please do not worry about flaws, I only wish to hear your views of it.

VAL – Very well, I warn you I do not know what caused the whole ordeal to this day, other then I suspect it was a set up, in which Cire had something to do with.

Val’s eyes stare into the fire of the fireplace, as he lays down the setting of the story, the characters, and the events following. The Scene shifts from Val speaking to Sacul into a more interactive, up close look of what Val is telling his friend, this way you can feel as if you are right in the action, while keeping in mind what occurs is the past, as told to Sacul by Val within their location.



The trees stretch towards the heavens in an almost immeasurable distance. The sunlight from Endor shines upon the Forest Moon. Pacing along the grounds of this location, we come to view the silhouette of Valaryc Versai. Not in his current attire but adorned in his required jet black pants and shirt, with a long flowing black, sleeveless trench coat billowing as he strides on, just pacing through the forest on a routine exercise “hike” he takes every day to keep himself in top shape. Being chosen, as an Instructor for the Dark Jedi Academy is both an honor and a responsibility, where you are quite often forced to practice what you preach in full.

As Val paces on, seeming like just another hike, he hears something rattle the bushes behind him, quickly snapping back to bring his eyes to bare on the movement.

VAL – (curious)What the…who’s there?

The bushes rattle more so, as someone or something appears to be racing through, approaching behind him. Quickly Val spins around to track the disruption. No sooner had Val spun around to investigate the strange movement, then a sudden smack across his head, send him crashing to the floor. Instinctively Val grabs the back of his head, gazing up from his knees to see a woman standing before him.

Her figure was not so as curvaceous as it was muscular and athletic. The image of a woman stands above him, with red crimson eyes piercing into his own, as if searching for his soul. Her boots came up to her knees, as Val’s own had, but her attire was entirely different then he had ever seen before.

Starting from her deep red pants, up along to her shoulders, she is revealed to have a full body “cat-suit” that extended from the cloth leading into her boots down to her ankles, up to her the right side of her body, along the side of her pants, creeps up a embroidered red flame pattern, which extends to her belt, but from there still creeping up the same side of her body, along a crimson red top, the fabric loops up and over her right shoulder, extending out to her back. This left her shoulder sleeveless and bare, a very well toned and exposed shoulder bares an odd looking tattoo, of what seemed at first glance to be a cat’s eye with three sections, along the top a curved arch, and below the same facing opposite with a sharply curved smaller triangular piece in the center space between the arches. Along the left side of her body, there was nothing on her shoulder, as the fabric again embroidered with the flame pattern, traveled down from her right shoulder, to above the rise of her left breast. Her wrists were wrapped with white cloth, which looked like some sort of dressing, but more a fashion accessory then a medicinal need.

Her raven black hair was set off by a single band of white, streaking from the front of her bangs, leading back towards her back, the locks of her hair, billowed as one form, leading to a slight curve at the tip. Val stood there motionless not knowing whether to attack this girl or make peace, her presence was simply overwhelming as he could feel something dark about her and utterly foreboding that she is more then she appears.

The figure lowers her eyes to Val below her, emotionless…standing above him watching in kindled curiosity as she looms above. The sun catching dazzling points of light off her menacing looking lightsaber clipped to her belt. It was the strangest thing Val had ever seen, it appeared to have matching hilts, but he couldn’t tell where the emitter shroud was. From his view all he could really make out was the distinct and, sharp looking triangular forms of metal extending from both sides of the weapon akin to Gen’s own saber. Truly to Val it was as impressive as elegant.

The figure looks down to Val once more, stepping back as she glances to her lightsaber, then to Val, then to her saber again, cracking a sadistic grin.

Val is the first to speak, breaking the silence with as much curiosity as intrigue. He had not forgotten the blow to the back of his head, and as much as he was intrigued by this figure, he wanted to know why she struck him.

VAL – I see you have a lightsaber, at least I think you do, are you a friend of Gen?

The figure scowls, curling her lips in disgust, casually glancing to her red nails, replying to Val with her deep, and very controlled voice.

VOICE –Hardly…You might say we’re old acquaintances.

VAL – Then excuse me but umm….just who the hell are you?

VOICE – My name is Crymson Vachon that is all you need know for now. I have come to test you.

VAL – Croissant, or who ever you are, I think you’ve got the wrong person.

Val stands to his feet gaining some distance from the new threat, part of him still wondered about her, but after all she made the first remark of a threat to him, like her or not…What the hell right did she have to test him? She wasn’t even his teacher…He is a teacher! Lowering himself into a defensive posture, leaning his left foot back, Val keeps his eyes on the strange figure named Crymson before him. Awaiting her next move.

CRYMSON – (closing her eyes as if sensing something, reading Val’s mind) Ah yes…you are correct Mr. Winters, I was looking for your brother Foe Raker, but you’ll have to do in his absence.

VAL – (puzzled) Foe Raker? Just what do you have to do with him?

CRYMSON – Isn’t it obvious? I’ve come to test you. The BOTH of you are considered the best in your “class”. You see I too am a Teacher, I can show you powers you have no idea you can possess, I can show you unlimited strength that you can use to CRUSH your enemies with merely as much as a sideward glance.

VAL – Test me? You are not my Master, Gen Zeridian is…I have nothing to prove to you.

Crymson moves along the forest floor, circling around Val as she keeps her eyes locked on him as if she was the hunter, ready to pounce her prey, again she shows little emotion.

CRYMSON – (narrows her eyes, as a flash of anger runs through her, her body tensing)This is not a test of your skill FOOL. It is a test of your survival skills. If you fail, you will DIE.
I’ve heard of your skill level, and your ranks in Gen’s academy. I want to see for myself if you are even half as good as you claim. Your interference has cost more then you know, and now it is time to see just how tough you really are. The only way you will leave here alive, is to survive.

Come now young one, Do not provoke my wrath, be reasonable. You can both negotiate and walk out of here in my good graces, or you can be CARRIED out, either way it doesn’t matter to me, I will find out the answers I seek none the less.

Val stays in his position, glaring to Crymson, who seems to be making a very bad impression if she wishes to get on his good side, but the fact she has come to seek out both his brother and himself, makes him sense she is all the more dangerous then she appears, not letting his guard down.

CRYMSON – (stretches her hand out, and with blinding speed, Val’s own lightsaber is torn from his grasp, as the hilt spins around to stop in the very center of Crymson’s outstretched palm.)

What do you have there?


Crymson- (narrowed, aggravated glance) Oh come now young one, what are you going to do hmm? Slap me?

VAL – (staying where he is, he attempts to focus the Force around his lightsaber hilt, attempting to pull it back into his grasp, but for some strange reason, he is unable to overcome Crymson’s own hold over his weapon, deciding it is best to save his strength releasing the hold.)

CRYMSON – (smiles slightly) Ah, ah , ah,….learn to share.

Crymson overlooks the construction of Val’s lightsaber, particularly closely inspecting the hilt, where triangular shards of metal jut forth around the deep polished black base. Her finger travels up the shaft, circling the metallic divisions in the case of the saber, along the shroud, running along the under side of the black ribs, further towards the head of the weapon, her fingertip tracing around Val’s signature “rim” of his lightsaber, her eyes seeming to read into every detail of the handle, as her fingers trace its contours.

CRYMSON – This is most impressive Mr. Winters, you’ve duplicated the lower half of Gen Zeridian’s lightsaber remarkably close. I see that you are no Padawan apprentice such detail in your weapon of choice is too precise.

VAL – I forged it after my Master, and how would you know….

Crymson (yawns)  - Oh please Val, I’ve trained a lifetime before you even picked up your first twig to fence with, you see….I helped Gen make her lightsaber.

Val - (startled)Wha? How………who ARE YOU…

CRYMSON – I believe I already answered that question.

Crymson flicks the ignition panel as a thin, fiery orange blade extends from the emitter shroud with a VRRNNN humming sound. The blade’s orange, yellow, and red hues vibrate as Crymson seems to become lost in the blade’s radiance, trailing her eyes back towards Val’s own.

CRYMSON – Quite a dazzling piece of work young Val. I must admit I’m quite impressed by the size of your “toy” but tell me, how do you handle using it?

VAL – (eyes narrow, as his lips form a straight line, a low growl escaping his throat)I handle it well enough to remain breathing girl, now if you don’t mind I would like my “toy” back.

CRYMSON -  (a sadistic grin on her lips) Oh that remains to be seen, now doesn’t it? You want this toy back, your going to have to come and take it.

Val’s lips curl into another menacing growl, but he remains calm, as he knows that the first mistake of a Padawan learner in a fight is that they will always act on emotion, over common sense. Often they ignite their lightsabers and charge full on into a fight, which depending on the skill can get them killed in seconds. It only takes one mistake to lose a limb.

Crymson remains still, twirling Val’s saber with expert precision, swaying the vibrating orange blade to and fro, in small arches. Her handling of Val’s saber reveals that indeed she is not a fluke when it comes to her claims, and truly more then she lets on.

CRYMSON – I can do this all day Val. Come, I’m only a woman…take back what is yours..

Val lowers his defenses a bit, standing back to his usual negotiation posture, his hands draped over his chest, pondering the best way for him to achieve his plans. Suddenly the idea sparks in his mind, as he glances to a near by rock, using the Force to lift the stone, hurling towards Crymson at breakneck speed.

Crymson senses the advance, quickly catching the stone, but Val’s plan was not to strike her with the rock, rather to distract her concentration and knock her control off kilter, as Val’s hand extends, his lightsaber blade slides back into the hilt, the weapon spinning back into Val’s outstretched palm and into his grasp once more.

VAL – (a grin splayed across his lips) What was that quip about handling my toy? (holding the saber up) I told you I handle it quite well.

CRYMSON – (drapes her fingers that once held the saber along her thigh, while in her other hand she continues to hold the stone, narrowing her eyes, angered that she fell for such an obvious distraction)

You are more resourceful then I thought...I have crushed (squeezes the stone as it shatters) many a challenger with that test. You passed.

VAL – Hey, there are reasons why I am the best of my class, thank you.

CRYMSON – Of course you realize though, you are unwise to lower your defenses to an unknown opponent, you only know what I’ve allowed you to know. To me you’re nothing more then a puppet. You live because I have allowed it…

VAL – Because you have allowed it? Listen sister, you should be grateful you’re still standing, if I wanted you dead, you’d be eating grass right now.

CRYMSON – (flickers her eyes with interest) Oh, now that is exactly what I want to see Val, your dark side. You are arrogant, and you are overconfident. You will soon learn that nothing is as it appears, and when you know the truth, it will be too late.

VAL – (scratches his head) Ok then now I’m confused, are you asking me on a date, or are you trying to kick my butt here?

CRYMSON – (growls)You? A date? Why yes that’s exactly what I’m asking you on, a date to your own FUNERAL!

As Crymson screams those words, in a blur of crimson red, Val feels multiple kicks to his torso, and his legs. His hands coming up to block the onslaught with little effect, the woman proving to be faster then he can counter. This assault now making Val angered as he goes on the offensive now, launching a series of countering blocks, his boot slams deep into Crymson’s abdomen.

CRYMSON – (panting, hunched over) How could you….I’m a woman!

Val feels a moment of sympathy, attempting to apologize, but his kindness in met with a furious kick to his chest, as the back of Crymson’s fist slams into his face, sending him reeling to the grass below, knocked completely off balance, attempting to gain his composure.


VAL – (licks the corner of his lips, as a stream of blood trickles down, glancing from the ground)

Lady, you just made a BIG mistake!

Val quickly launches his own flurry of kicks and punches, but Crymson seems to move with inhuman like speed, dodging every blow, ducking to the left and right, down, around, along side Val as the two cross the forest floor, then Crymson, having been backed against a tree, defies gravity, walking up the trunk, flipping around, sending another devastating kick to Val’s chest, knocking the Dark Jedi Instructor off his guard once more. Crymson is relentless as she smells blood, savagely attacking Val with kicks and punches, as Val is helplessly sent backwards, this time he is pinned against the tree, but just as Crymson seems to strike the final killing blow to his face, Val’s eyes flash with hatred as he grabs Crymson’s hand, slamming it full on into the rock hard surface of the tree trunk, with her hand colliding with the tree, Val then sends his fist plunging into Crymson’s exposed midsection, slamming his fist into her ribs time and time again.


Crymson careens backwards, falling to her knees, as she scowls to Val, licking her lips as if deriving some sort of pleasure from the pain racking her body, her eyes glancing up from her from her face, her head down low with a sadistic smile, the red orbs shimmering on Val as if she was about to pounce on him. Getting back to her feet, regaining her composure.

CRYMSON – (panting) Tell me……tell me Val, how does it feel? How does it feel to experience the power of anger flowing through your veins? Gen never taught you that one did she? Look at you, you haven’t even broken a sweat and you’ve thrown more punches and felt more power then you ever have in months training under her academy.

VAL – (blinks) What…I….no… Gen told me that anger is not always the answer.

CRYMSON – (standing now, cracking her neck with a sudden twist)That was good for round one of your test, now come…round two awaits.

As Crymson speaks, she reaches for her lightsaber, pulling the menacing device from her belt, holding the weapon along the center of its base. The surface of the handle is covered in rivets, forming a perfect grip, while both the identical ends face opposite to each other. Her hand brushes the white streak of hair out of her eyes, as she throws her head back, sending her black locks of hair flinging backwards, off her shoulders down her back.

CRYMSON – You will learn anger, rage, hatred is EVERTHING. Emotion is weak Val abandon the one thing that could prevent your victory. If you care for the life of a strange they will take your own from you.

VAL – You are a stranger, should I not care for you?

CRYMSON – (slowly uttered) Exactly…

In a blinding flash of light, Crymson’s dazzling pink lightsaber blade screams to life, giving Val only seconds to re-ignite his own orange bladed saber, to counter the incoming arched slash towards his midsection. Val’s eyes lock with Crymson’s red orbs, seeing that the woman has more intentions then she lets on, not forgetting her barrage of hits to his body, Val decides the only way to deal with this woman is to treat her as the enemy. If She doesn’t wish to be friends, then she is no friend. He can see this now.

CRYMSON – Your timing is impressive, yet another lesson few survive. However you still have much to show me boy, you will either meet my expectations, or die proving them. Let me see just how well you handle your saber against my own. I assure you, one mistake and you will be mine.

VAL – (growls low) There will be no mistake….

Crymson’s blade screeches against Val’s saber, as she sends a upwards swing, arching her blade with authority, in which Val quickly counters the attack, sending a slash from her shoulder to her hip, Crymson effortlessly counters the assault, as the speed of their blows begins to speed up, Val finds it harder to track her uncanny speed. With each whirl of Crymson’s pink blade, Val makes split-second decisions to counter the assaults, both blades dancing in a deadly waltz of fiery death, as the sounds of the two blades colliding echo throughout the forest. Crymson shows no restraint, sending Val once again back towards the end of a tree trunk behind him. Her saber coming across to cleave off his head. Val quickly ducking under the blow, as the tree behind him showers with glowing embers, Crymson’s swing, cleaves unrestrained clean through the tree’s base. The sound of the tree falling through the forest surroundings to the floor is deafening.

With a dramatic crash, the mighty tree slams into the earth, rising up a wave of thick dust, swirling around both Val and Crymson. Val steps back from Crymson, trying to gain some distance, visibly out of breath, wearing down from the intense movements of countering Crymson’s lightsaber blows. Crymson only continues her assault, charged by some form of anger, Val has yet to discover he continues to parry her advances, sending her blade off his own, to the floor, as sparks of chard dirt fling up from the multiple impacts.

VAL – (while moving a increased speed, countering Crymson’s blade, as it comes just inches to his face, and body, feeling the heat across his body, as her pink blade illuminates his dark attire.)

Damn woman, don’t you ever slow down?

CRYMSON – Shut up and fight Val! Your holding back, unleash the power inside you or die holding it back, either way you best decide, I will not stop until you obey or hit the floor in four segments.

VAL – (trying to reason with Crymson) Look lady, I don’t know what it is you have against me, but this is turning into a real fight here, you best calm down before I have to hurt you.


VAL – (narrows his eyes) Ok lady. You want it you got it!

Crymson has seconds to react as a whole other side of the meek Valaryc Versai erupts forth, Val’s face contorted with pure concentration and anger, sending blows just as fast as Crymson’s own, the shimmering orange blade inching closer and closer to her own skin, as the tables have turned now on her, but she only responds by putting more rage into her swings, screaming in anger and grunting as her fists slam the elegant blade into Val’s own time and time again, as if she was trying to break through, and cleave into Val’s own body.


CRYMSON – (rolls back, using the Force to leap a distance of 30ft, retreating from Val’s advances)

Yes, that is exactly what I want from you Val, pain, anger, rage, hatred…the only way you will walk away from here is to give in to the darkness inside you….embrace your destiny Val, embrace your DARK SIDE!

Crymson hurls her lightsaber towards Val, as the hilt spins on its axis, tucking the hit in the center of a whirling disk of pink energy, like a deadly discus, the weapon slams into Val’s blade, but it does not bounce off but rather like a saw blade continues to push into it, this slowly makes Val’s own orange blade come closer to his own face, Val knowing that he can’t hold off the pressure, or stand the heat from the assault much longer, tries to find a way to counter the assault, seeing a pile of rocks directly behind him, he times his actions just right, with the Force flowing through his veins, he back flips upon the pile of solid stone twenty feet away from the spinning pink disc, seeing the danger racing through the air, knowing the disc will track him, and as the saber discus hurls to slam into Val’s body, he quickly moves out of the way, knowing that if the blades balance of spin was interrupted by the solid mass of the stone it was cutting through, the hilt would slam into the rock and shatter.

CRYMSON – (agast) NO! (flicks her wrist back, as the saber blade slices into the stone, with some difficulty, then the hilt suddenly flings backwards away from the white hot material, smoldering as bubbling glass, towards Crymson’s outstretched palm.)

VAL – (from atop the bubbling rock formation) If that’s the best trick you have, it is YOU who has a lot to learn about how to use your saber, not myself.


VAL – I’ve been called that, and worse…had enough?

CRYMSON – No, I have not even BEGUN to fight. YOU WILL LEARN TO FEAR ME!

With her words spoken, Crymson’s body hurls through the air in a blur of red and black, the ignition of her saber is the only visible manner of tracking her blinding movements, as Val quickly finds his distance no safe, once again engaging in a fierce lightsaber battle. Crymson’s eyes narrow as she growls, sending her saber down time and time again on Val’s saber blade, the force enough shown as she misses, slicing holes into the ground, her attacks un-relentless. Val blocks and parries, tiring very quickly, never having to endure such a heated pace of fencing, each move, a flurry of ten to fifteen separate gestures per second, surely a unskilled Padawan would be killed a hundred times over. Val had proved he could hold his own in the fight, but even his skill was diminishing.

Crymson’s blade scores a lucky blow as Val begins to exhaust from the barrage, the tip racking a half inch across his arm, sending a howling scream of pain exploding from Val’s lungs.

Crymson backs off, standing up brushing herself off, making a mistake as she has the upper hand, yet chooses to give her opponent time to recover.

VAL – (clutching his burned arm, the blood having cauterized, his hand switching the saber from his right, to his left, narrowing his eyes in pure rage.)NO, THE LESSON IS NOT OVER…I STILL HAVE MUCH TO LEARN!

Crymson spins around, just in time to bring her saber to bare, countering Val’s monstrous vertical slash, coming down in a arch towards her legs. Her eyes narrowing, but her lips smile for she is enjoying every moment of Val’s anger, feeding off his power derived from it. Her blade locks vertically now with Val’s own blade, her arms holding her saber into the blow, pressing against Val’s blade, while Val’s eyes show no emotion now, glaring back, knowing that if Crymson dares to make a mistake, he would tear her in two.

CRYMSON -  (blades locked) – Oh yes, that is what I like to see Val, a MIRROR reflection of myself in your eyes…cold and heartless. You care nothing of my life all you want to do is end it. You have grown strong now, give yourself to your anger and know your full potential. Gen was wrong, I am right.

VAL – (blades locked, blinks quickly with a confused look on his face)What I…What are you doing to…NO! THIS IS NOT LIKE ME, I am Gen Zeridian’s student, I am loyal only to HER WAYS. I don’t know who you think you are, but if you are trying to become my Master, that JOB IS TAKEN.

CRYMSON -  (smiles, another low growl escaping her lips) If you will not see your power Val, if you will not embrace the dark side within you…then I will TAKE IT FROM YOU!

Crymson’s foot comes up, sending a devastating kick to Val’s midsection, with their blades locked, he is unable to dodge the move given their close proximity. She then stands her ground, waiting for something, with her eyes slightly closed, begging Val to strike her down.

CRYMSON -  (voice echoes in Val’s mind) – Val, you will not leave here alive I assure you that. If you choose her side then you have outlived your usefulness to me. If you will not embrace the TRUE power of the Dark Side, then you will meet the fates of hundreds of Force Users before you…you mess with powers far beyond your comprehension. So go on, have your love, your compassion…in the end it will DESTORYYOU.

 Val gets back to his feet, but a thunderous gust of wind slams into his body. Not hard enough to knock him off his feet though, Val’s coat billows behind him as his hair feels as if the force of the wind erupting in front of him is about to tear it from its roots. Crymson stands before him holding her saber in both hands, turning the blade down, as the earth behind her begins to tear from the ground. Tree trunks, stones, debris, patches of grass, and various plant life are torn from the ground behind and below her feet, sending a deadly cloud of danger hurling in Val’s direction.

Val is unable to move from his current location, for if he moves from his spot, he will be hurled back into the trees behind him, flung for miles. Narrowing his eyes, Val holds his saber out, timing his strikes as a tree trunk races towards him, in a shower of sparks the wood is cleaved in two along the sides of his dazzling blade, slamming into the trees behind him the stones too are cut like ripe tomatoes in two, flinging in two halves behind him. The wind is intense, gusts of sixty miles an hour, hurl everything imaginable towards Val, but he stands his ground, repelling everything that comes in his way. Crymson’s eyes continue to focus as the sounds of the rushing wind scream throughout the forest, knowing she is running out of things to hurl at Val. She opens her eyes. The rushing wind stops almost instantaneously. Val’s breaths heavy as his body aches from the intense workout, the saber battle, the dodging, the flipping, the movements taking a great toll on his endurance, but with all battles he knows if he lowers his guard for just one instant it could mean disaster.

CRYMSON – (pants as if exhausted) You are...proving to be…….more trouble…..then…….your…..worth.

VAL – You have no idea….

CRYMSON – I…I tire of this game Val, its time to end it.

Val (panting himself)- Does this mean I didn’t pass the test? (laughs)

CRYMSON – (growls)You passed with flying colors on perseverance, but on actual worth…you fail miserably. Your usefulness to me has ended…I was sent here for more then to teach you a lesson, I was sent here to send a message to Gen Zeridian, your master…

VAL – (labored breathing) And what message is that…?

Crymson moves closer to Val again, holding her saber ready to deliver another blow to the exhausted youth.

CRYMSON – That as long as I live, Gen will suffer for my humiliation in the past. You could have been my student Val. You could have known power and strength within the Dark Side, things you cannot even comprehend with your moral limitations. Now you will meet your destiny…

Crymson sends a anger filled swing down on Val’s blade, a blow that would crack a human’s skull in two, making Val’s saber slam backward to the point, Val uses both hands to steady the impact, pressing forward with all his strength, to hold his own against Crymson’s advance.


Val’s blade collides against Crymson’s, sending her own blade once again back towards her own face, but Crymson begins to concentrate, and increase her blows once more, from one to two in a seconds time to thee and four, picking up the pace, she knows with Val’s injured arm, he cannot contend with, as the two blades whirl in a dizzying blur of light, humming and sizzling with each crack of impact. Val himself knows too well he cannot keep up with her blinding pace, trying to think of a new strategy and fast. He decides to sidestep Crymson and let her race forward, and like clock work her own momentum sends her reeling forward. Val’s blade extends horizontally, in front of her path, but Crymson defies gravity once more, front flipping over the blade, as a high jumper would do with a set pole before him. Retaking her ground, she hurls her blade once again backward, locking with Val’s own.

CRYMSON – (heavy breathing) You’re getting tired Val, your defenses are getting slower, while my attacks are only getting faster.

VAL – So are you…if not for your last minute decision, you would be the lesser of two halves by now.

CRYMSON – But unlike your weakened state, I know how to re-energize myself while you continue to expire your energy (leans closer to Val’s face)

I can outlast you…and you will fail.

VAL -  Maybe so, but until then…shut up and fight.

Both Crymson and Val spin away, unlocking their dazzling blades, as they gain some distance from once another. Crymson’s eyes radiate with a deep red glow, as she narrows them, flicking with anger she holds her saber ready, awaiting Val’s next attack, but to her surprise he restrains himself.

CRYMSON – What? ATTACK BOY, while you have the strength to do so…

VAL – No…That is what YOU would do, not I. You want to kill me? THEN FETCH!

Crymson’s anger clouds her judgment as she screams in utter rage, sending her lightsaber swinging without restraint full on to cleave Val’s head off his shoulders, Val of course has been in this situation countless times, this is why he is the best at what he does, for he knows a critical weakness in such a maneuver. Val quickly drops to one knee, seeing Crymson’s midsection wide upon, bringing his lightsaber blade horizontally to slash across it. Suddenly to his surprise, another pink blade extends in seconds from the other end of the hilt Crymson arching her blade diagonally to compensate, catching his orange saber in mid swing, pinning the blade from its target. Crymson looking down with a wide eyed grin…..

CRYMSON – (laughs)Ha ha ha ha…It doesn’t work on me.

With Val’s orange saber blocked by the second pink blade from the other end of Crymson’s lightsaber, her knee comes up with breakneck speed along side the shimmering blade. The impact of her knee slams full force under Val’s jaw, as a rush of blood explodes from his mouth, knocking the spit from his lips, sending his body crashing back to the floor behind him, his saber blade retracting from a dead man’s switch setting.

VAL – (coughing from the ground, completely amazed) But how…(coughs)how did you…(winces as pain wracks his body) did you…know…to…?

CRYMSON – I told you I’ve revealed to you what I have allowed you to know, you’re just a puppet and from the looks of things, I just knocked the stuffing out of you.

VAL – (narrows his eyes, but has little time, spinning away from a downwards jab of Crymson’s blade, heading for his midsection) That does it…That’s the very last straw Crymson, (coughs) You want pain, you want the same…ITS TIME TO PLAY THE GAME!

Val’s eyes narrow in pure concentration as his saber lies near his feet, knocked from his grasp. His hands erupt into two balls of fiery orange light, growing in size expanding bigger and bigger, his concentration on Crymson’s movements and her blades positioning.

CRYMSON – (puzzled) What…what do you think you are doing…?

Val doesn’t say a word, his actions tell all. With his hands glowing with orange fire, he thrusts his palms forward as two twin spheres of radiating orange energy swirl around each other, expanding in size, then with a sudden bang, they impact into one another forming a 30 ft ball of light, known to Val as his ultimate attack dubbed the “Bolt of Hatred”, his last desperation move when in danger. Crymson sees the attack a second too late.


Crymson’s lightsaber blades close in to the hilt as the weapon is hurled 20 feet, the sharp ends slamming into a nearby tree, as now 40 ft of pure light illuminates the sky, shredding the ground below it, slamming full on into Crymson’s body, her silhouette is lost in the blinding display of white light, as everything in its path is instantly incinerated, leaving nothing but smoldering craters of upturned earth.


Crymson’s hands from within the circle of light come up to block the blow of energy as it rips into her clothing, making parts of it burst into flames but she remains on her feet, as her own dark ways from within work their protection around her far greater then Val’s strongest efforts.  Revealed to him as the light from the explosion dims, there is nothing Val can see but a smoking pile of rubble, and a clearing of flaming trees behind set afire by his burst of energy.

Val (searches through the debris and thick smoke, his eyes widening spotting a human shape) HOW IN THE HELL ARE YOU…IT’S NOT POSSIBLE!!!

Crymson (standing with her head tilted to the side, her clothing singed in places but for the most part her skin and posture is unharmed.)Is that the best you can come up with against me? A fancy lightshow?

VAL – (aghast, searching for the words to say) But I…you, fire…standing…there…

Crymson’s head snaps towards Val, who is on his knees now, completely exhausted from his best offensive Force Attack in his arsenal, attempting to reclaim his strength. She raises her hands, as her eyes explode in a fury of crimson red radiance. Bolts of electricity begin to snake up her well-toned muscular arms, gathering to her fingertips as she glances towards a very exhausted Val before her vision.

CRYMSON – You think that was real power? Come now, your pathetic training efforts are no match for the true power of the Dark Side! ALLOW ME TO SHOW YOU WHAT REAL POWER IS! UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL!

No sooner than her words spoken, does blood red lightning explodes from Crymson’s fingertips, sending wave after wave of paralyzing electricity into Val’s body. Val’s face instantly contorting to pure agony, as the bolts from Crymson’s powerful Force Lightning rack his body, causing his wound on his arm to reopen, and sizzle from the intense heat.

Val screams in pain, trying to control it but finding the pure agony of the assault too much to bare, his eyes close tight as he screams telepathically outward, in which another hears his desperate cry for help.


The figure of Gen Zeridian meditates in her chambers, suddenly she thrown back by the scream of Val echoing through her head. She sees what he sees for the moment, as Crymson’s face is exactly the same menacing expression as The Emperor when he filled Luke’s body with powerful waves of deadly lightning. She quickly leaps to her feet, dashing out the door in a trail of dust. Foe Raker senses the cry as well, turning to his students, he tells them to carry on, as he wraps his hands around his ryyk blades, dashing right behind Gen’s coat fluttering with her swift stride.

GEN – (telepathically) Hang on Val, please hang on….

FOE – (telepathically) We’re coming Bro, stay with me….

Val’s eyes widen from the wave of lightning ripping his body to shreds internally, it feels as if his entire frame will burst into flames at any moment. Out of pure desperation he manages to get his hand up, and channel enough willpower to hurl a Force Push towards Crymson, even though it is a small one, it is enough to distract Crymson as she is forced to cease her deadly energy attacks. Val pants from his slumped form, raising his head, glancing to his lightsaber, using his reserve strength to levitate the hilt from the ground, and ignite the vibrant yellow- orange blade.

VAL – (thinking)Ok Val, you can do this…remember your training…block the pain, never let your opponent know your weakness…and strike with the moment.(breathing softly, subsiding the pain riddling his body)

Crymson gets back to one knee, drained herself from her Force Lightning, she starts to stagger to her feet, while unknown to her line of site Val has listened to her twisted lesson and he evokes what he has learned The hilt of Val’s saber begins to spin on its axis, the steadily rising sound hum of his orange blade gets louder and louder, the steady rhythm of the orange blade increases in speed as it spins into a disc of deadly energy, exactly in the same manner as Crymson’s blade had done previously. The whirling sound is enough for Crymson to look around for the source, seeing Val’s hand outstretched.

VAL – (thinking) Ok just a little more…that’s it, up, wait for it, wait for it, wait for it, a little higher now, a bit higher…almost there…

As Val utters to himself, his lightsaber “discus” now spins above, behind Crymson like a plane waiting to dive bomb its target. Suddenly in seconds, it does exactly that, the deadly energy disc hurls at a downward arch, coming up fast behind the stunned Crymson.

CRYMSON –(shocked)What is he? NO!

Even with Crymson’s expert speed she is not fast enough to dodge the assault from Val’s deadly discus, as the raging blade of orange connects, it rakes across the back of Crymson as she attempts to leap away from the deadly weapon. Her back having been clipped by the very tip of the blade, causes a quarter inch gash to tear into the skin of her back, the cauterizing effect of the heat stops her blood from flowing much, but leaves a far worst third degree burn of blisters and melted flesh across upon her body. The pain is too intense for even her to bare, as the anger wells inside her, the stinging pressure of the pain ripping through her upper back only angers her further.


VAL – (panting)Then it pleases me………to be…the first…



Gen and Foe leap over fallen obstacles in their path, both running at blinding speed through the forest, weaving around trees here and there, almost as fast as speeder bikes would, both not saying a word, only bent on one thing…revenge.

Gen’s purple blade ignites as she sees Crymson and Val in the distance, Foe reaches for his Ryyk blades and growls in anger, prepping himself to seriously injure Crymson and take names later, not giving a damn who she is, just another victim to add to his list.

Crymson senses Gen’s Force signature, knowing her time for vengeance is short so she tries a new tactic, gathering her anger and drawing strength from it….


With her words screaming in Gen’s head, Crymson’s hand presses forward, curling into a tight fist beginning to shadow box something in front of her with thunderous lefts and rights as the figure of Val, whom had finally gotten to his two feet flings back, as if being struck by a closed fist, the impact sending him back into a tree, as his body seems to convulse with impact after impact of the invisible fist slamming into his rib area. Val doesn’t understand what is going on, but Crymson is using telekinetic blows to his body, using the Force as her hands, she inflicts Val’s chest with fierce “TK” Force Attacks. He has no time to even access the situation as his ribs eventually begin to bruise and with a sudden CRACK, fracture into two…

VAL – (screams in utter agony as his ribs break) ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!

GEN – (screaming to Crymson) NO! YOU BITCH!!!!!! I’LL RIP OUT YOUR HEART FOR THIS!!!!!!!!

Gen and Foe close distance, finally close enough to engage in battle. Crymson having retreated back towards the forest behind her, as Val lies motionless against a tree trunk, his eyes narrowed to slit, with his hands clutching his ribs, blood streams from his lip from internal bleeding.

Gen spares no time, sending her purple blade hurling towards Crymson’s own ribs, Crymson quickly igniting her lightsaber to fend off the blow, trying to fend off the searing pain racking her own body from the deep gashed burn across her back, knowing she would not last long at less than 50% of her fighting potential.  Gen however strikes with fierce intensity, something inside her seems to have snapped as her blade slams into Crymson’s pink saber over and over again, knocking Crymson back with each slash across, each impact knocking her back even further.


CRYMSON – (panting heavily) Another…another time…Gen, another time…I will finish with you, the damage is done here. Your…your champion is as good as dead…what will you do? Kill me, or save him?

Choose…quickly…his vital signs…are fading…fast.

FOE  - Attend to him Gen, I’ll kill the bitch myself!

Foe rushes with his ryyk blades primed, sending a vicious slash along Crymson’s left thigh, tearing open the skin, as Crymson’s blade just barely manages to block the other advance of his second blade. Her eyes narrow as she fends off Foe’s assault.

CRYMSON – Save your brother Foe, What I did…was meant for YOU.

FOE – Woman, you just made the biggest mistake of your life. If you wanted to find me ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS ASK!

CRYMSON – Kill me, he will die…What is more important to you Foe, his life or your vengeance? You best decide, it appears Gen has already done so…look for yourself (points)

As Foe on the defense allows a single glance back, he sees that Gen is on her knees, cradling Val in her arms, trying to keep him stable, her hair dangling over his limp body which it lies motionless, his eyes closed…

CRYMSON –  Well? Choose….

Foe Raker looks back to his fallen brother, then back towards Crymson, then back to Val again, yelling in a murderous rage, be strikes towards Crymson one more time, which she again barely defends, now reduced to one knee as her leg injury is not cauterized, as blood pours from the laceration. Foe knows he could kill her at this instant she is at her weakest. Then again he also knows that if he pursues to kill Crymson, with her death she will still win, for Val would die as well. Glaring deep into Crymson’s injured form before him, Foe growls his final words to her….

FOE – Where ever you go, where ever you hide….I will find you, I will hunt you, and one day soon woman, I will kill you. Enjoy life while you have it…when next we meet I will separate your head from your shoulders.

Foe quickly spins on one heel, racing over to join Gen and Val, as Gen clutches Val’s body within her arms, gazing down at him, with concern in her eyes.

Here is the mighty Gen Zeridian, the woman who shows no emotion, no weakness, now allowing herself to show her true emotions, shelving the pride, the ego, the “image” to hold not just her top student in her arms but more as she gazes into his narrowed eyes.

Foe Raker boils with anger, glaring towards Crymson as she smiles with a sadistic grin on her face, hobbling away into the dense mists of the forest, disappearing from sight. Foe then turns his eyes back to his brother, watching over his silent form, trying to find the right words to speak to him, feeling a shudder of concern throughout his body as he sees his most trusted friend, his deepest, closest thing to a blood brother, coughing up his own blood, in a vulnerable position…so close to death, the type of thing no one would ever want to see, and no one would ever forget.

FOE – Val, come on bro, hang on…you hear me damn it! You’re a tough son of a bitch! You can get through this. Suck it up man, stay with Gen and I here, you ain’t going no place you hear me?

Gen’s eyes water with tears as they stream down her face freely, her mind racing with the right words to say, what a teacher would say to her student could never do in this case, in this case, in this moment after the months of teasing and taunting, the months of holding back, denying her affections for this man in her arms she decides to let them go…

GEN --  (leaning close to Val’s ear) Val…I…You can’t die Val, you can’t leave me because….because you see Val I…I…love…you…

Val’s eyes barely flicker, showing that he understands the words clearly, amidst his pain racing throughout his body, his lips parting a bit, trying to speak.

GEN --  (puts her finger over Val’s lips) Shhhhhh save your strength, you’re mine now and I am yours…I’ll be damned if anything is going to take you from me…I need you…hang on.

Gen’s hands begin to glow with purple radiance as she narrows her eyes, looking to Foe across from her.

GEN – Foe, concentrate….close your eyes and remember what I’ve taught you…focus the Force and feed it to Val’s injuries…together, we are the strongest of the Force users here on this moon…we can stabilize him enough to get him back to the Academy….but we must concentrate.

FOE – I hear ya Gen….you’re like a sister to me, and Val is my brother…we will save him…..He ain’t going no place..

Val’s body lies limp, his head laying in Gen’s lap as her glowing purple fingertips touch his chest, the pain of the impact to the sensitive area makes a moan of pain escape from Val’s lips…but pain is good, pain lets you know you are not dead yet…Gen and Foe’s hands on Val’s body send waves of Force energy into Val’s slumped form, as the purple glow from Gen’s hands travels into Val’s body, down through his skin to the damaged ribs themselves. In Gen’s mind she can picture the damage, using all her healing strength along with Foe to evoke accelerated Force Healing into Val’s body…the ribs beginning to re-align in Val’s chest cavity as his lips part, more gasps of pain coming forth from the unsettling motions within him.

Gen and Foe block out the sounds, only focused on Val’s damaged ribs as they both lend their Force energies to form a temporary bond around the rib structure, restoring any pieces that might have fractured, as within Val’s own body his ribs mend as one, once more….Inside, a glowing purple band of energy spins around the rib bones. Gen quickly opens her eyes, and glances to Foe.

GEN – Go get the others now, the bond will not hold for long…we need to get him back to the Academy ASAP…and get his ribs properly attended to.

Foe nods to Gen, then races back to towards the Academy, leaving Gen alone with Val in her arms…as she strokes his hair with her fingers, holding his hand. Not much is known exactly beyond that moment or what is said but in the months following Val and Gen would draw closer during his recovery, as he trained stubborn as ever with a cane, and taped ribs…making sure his mistakes were well learned from, and that next time he would be better prepared.



Val’s eyes narrowed from his seat, as Sacul was leaning back with an intense look on his face, a look of pure intrigue, hanging on his masters every word.

VAL – And so (glances to the fire, sipping the contents of his drink) that was the pivotal moment that Gen revealed her feelings for me (glances up to Gen’s portrait) That is why I can never forget Sacul, what she did for me…in my hour of need.

SACUL – Val I…I had no idea of how close…you really were to her. I understand now why you grieve, why you long for her presence day in and day out.

VAL -  (looks over to Sacul, smiling warmly) Sacul, you may some day experience that level of for a woman. Just because you are a HRD, still gives you the full function of us humans. Believe me, I made sure of that (grins)

SACUL –  (smiles) I don’t know Master Val, such a degree of love is rare.

VAL – She would have been my wife Sacul (blinks away a tear) she was taken from me…but she is not forgotten. Every touch, every caress, every word she spoke when she lived…I remember as if it were yesterday. I cannot forget love that strong…and maybe its foolish, maybe illogical but I happen to believe a bond that strong can never be broken…not by death, not by is eternal.

One day…I will see her again Sacul, on that day I will be right where I belong…one with the Force, and one with her.

SACUL -  (with a low sound) I grieve for you Master Val, and I share your pain…you struggle to survive struggles me though, if you long to be with her, to be one with her essence, why do you fight to live? Why deny yourself?

VAL -  (takes a deep breath) Because of two things, the first was something Cire told me before he died and the other is that she would not want me to join her until fate allowed it.

You can defy your destiny Sacul, I have endured a menagerie of pain and suffering, and yet I still stand strong and fight to survive, fight to restore my family, and restore my place in the galaxy. I fight to live because I cannot let people like Cire and Krevlin, be proven right. Do you understand? I MUST live to prove that each day I awake, that they will never succeed in their efforts.

SACUL – (nods slowly) I understand Master Val, as you have lived by “Truth, Honor, Respect, and Loyalty” I have watched you become a stronger man, each day you train, each fight to walk away from. I see your power Master Val, you will to live…is astounding.

VAL -  (smiles) – That is why I must train so hard Sacul, because Crymson is not finished, she wishes to finish what she started years ago, and I MUST be ready for her. I was weaker then, more trusting, and perhaps more arrogant and it nearly cost me my life. I cannot make the same mistakes again.

SACUL –  (nods) – Yes Master Val, you are strong and I understand. I have full confidence that when the time arrives for you to face her, you will prevail.

VAL – (grins) Indeed…

SACUL – Well Master Val it is late, do you wish me to do anything else for you this evening? Thank you so much for the story of your past, I know it must have been difficult for you to tell me such things.

VAL -  (in a smooth voice, hesitant) Difficult…..but necessary my friend. You may take your leave to re-charge. I’m going to watch the fire die out and finish my Endor Ale here. (winks)

SACUL –  (smiles) – Ok Master Val, I will see you in the later then, and prepare your “late” breakfast. Enjoy the fire my friend.

Sacul nods silently, then paces from the room as Val lies back in his chair, alone with his thoughts and a dying fire, with Gen’s picture above him, seeming to stare down with the vibrant orange reflections of the fire causing the shadows to dance around the room in rhythmic patterns.

VAL – (glancing to the portrait) Oh Gen, how I miss you, each day is so, so, tough without you at my side, without your touch, your lips…your words. Some day Gen, some day I’ll see you again…someday I will hold you in my arms again, and be happy and safe.

The portrait of Gen seems to stare back down to Val, the expression a comforting sight with Gen in her happiest moments, watching over her fighter, her lover, her survivor knowing all too well his battle with Crymson will not be easy, but he will not be alone as he faces her, Gen in spirit will watch over him and give him the strength he needs.

Just as it seems all will end with a happy note, another voice, dark and deep from the past creeps into Val’s mind as he narrows his eyes, the sadistic laugh echoing into his psyche replaying his last words, over and over again inside Val’s head….

The voice is Cire T’Negun

His words play like a broken record in Val’s mind, echoing, torturing him from beyond the grave….

“Your living without her…is my eternal vengeance.”

Val growls low, trying to block the voices from his head.

VAL – My living is your failure! As long as I live you will never win…you couldn’t win in life you will not win in death.

Cire’s words continue to echo in Val’s mind, louder then before

“Your living without her…is my eternal vengeance.”
“Your living without her…is my eternal vengeance.”
“Your living without her…is my eternal vengeance.”

VAL – ENOUGH! (voices cease)You are dead, I am not, you can taunt me all you wish, the facts of the matter is that you and Krevlin have all failed…the Versai prosper and I still live. You will NOT win by my death…this I swear.


    With those words uttered, the voice in Val’s head ceases, as the fire dies out to a smoldering ember, Val’s eyes close as another long day comes to a close. A step closer to his confrontation with Crymson, and this time he would see to it that their last encounter would not repeat, but conclude, one way or another one of them would not walk away alive…

This was his promise to Sacul, to his deceased family, to his lover Gen Zeridian, and to himself.

Tomorrow would be another day of training, and then the next, and the following day after. When the time was right and their paths crossed…the battle for destiny, would at last arrive and decide just who is…

The better fighter…


All will be revealed, and all will be decided in
the FINAL thrilling series of Valaryc Versai's life.

Versai Chronicles

"You're going to find that many of the truths we
cling to, depend greatly on our own point of view."

~Obi Wan Kenobi to Luke in ROTJ~

What might this phrase have to do with Valaryc Versai's future?


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