(part II)

"I’m very much alive no thanks to Jenner, however I service a new employer…
someone that can offer me more then money."

Terra, who has been standing here the whole time raises her eyebrow as she sees a large grin spread across her father’s lips, whatever else Gen was whispering beyond what we could make out was making him more and more nervous, shifting his feet a bit on the floor as she slipped her fingers into his, leading him towards the exit of the room. Gen turns her head and gestures for her daughter to follow, Terra already well aware of the plan in advance.

GEN – Come Terra, its time to have a little amusement. Inform Sacul to ready the ship, there is no time to lose for we have a schedule to keep if we want to arrive in time to meet the others.

VAL – (blinded) What others? Should I be getting nervous now?

GEN – You will if you do not cease this interrogation. Don’t make me resort to placing binders on you…at least not in a manner you would find enjoyable.

TERRA – (smiles) I’ve already taken care of that. The Assailant is already prepared and we’re all packed to go. All I gotta do is get Lon from the Powerhouse and we’re set.

GEN – (nods) Go fetch Lon, and let’s get moving…make sure none of you forget your parcels, I do not plan on making any extra trips once we’re underway.

Terra smiles warmly and gives Val a tight hug, and then hugs Gen as well as the two parents embrace their daughter. Val is still completely unaware of what is going on as Gen leans into his ear and quickly whispers to him another command, having just thought up what Val might resort to.

GEN – (whispering) None of those mind reading tricks either mister, I want this to be a surprise. Is that clear?

Val feels around, caressing Terra then feels her presence exit the room, hearing what he assumes is the metallic ring of her grabbing his sword off the table as his fingers blindly travel along Gen’s thighs, up to her bare navel, to her chest, boldly squeezing her leather clad bossom, tracing over the cool surface of the golden swirl designs while she gazes down and purrs seductively, knowing he’s taking advantage of being a blind man, aware what his fingers touch. She allows him freedom to explore her body for she knows at that moment he’s putty in her hands and will obey her every whim, even without the additional power of her evocative gaze, confirmed so by his sarcastic remark to her request.

VAL – Yes Mistress Zeridian, I hear and obey. You realize if I wasn’t blindfolded there is no way I could say that with a straight face.

Gen pulls Val’s hands from her body and quickly wraps her fingers around the lapel of his black shirt, yanking him from the room by the collar towards the hallway, letting her grip drop long enough to see him waltz directly into a wall, with a SMACK. Her actions are a test of his compliance, proving that he was not using the force to guide his movements and was indeed placing full trust of his trajectory into her guidance.

GEN – (purring) Remember tiger, I alone prevent you from careening into another wall.

VAL – Mmm hmm, you’re quite exceptional at leading me on.

GEN – Oh is that so? Am I required to give you something?

She kisses him again, more intensely erotic before he can reply, pushing him against the wall while her moist tongue intertwines with his, taking his breath away, drawing back obviously giving proper repayment for her trickery, once again leading him through the mansion, down some steps and into the foyer, walking to a turbo lift then enter the shaft, as both of the two bound lovers head towards the hanger bay containing The Assailant II.


Slowly the conversation plays back as the view darkens instantly, then fades in with a series of flickering red, white, and orange lights dancing across various panels of machinery. While gazing out of a large, triangular view port, the home planet of Adega looms large. Seated within an angular chair, a mystifying figure looks over a fluctuating wavelength…we recognize the waveform as the readout of Gen and Sara’s conversation by one line reading “Sara” the other reading “Incoming signal”.

The words could not be traced back to the Versai Mansion from the UNITRAC transmission but this invader was able to use sophisticated equipment to patch together bits and pieces of dialogue like a jigsaw puzzle. He was only able to do so by incorporating the aid of stolen Killian technology and it was clear by the insignias upon the rear wings of his craft, he worked for them.

However, the Killian Commander known as Gannon, a six foot former bounty hunter employed by the late Jenner, granted the rank of “Commander of The Killian Order”, looked on to the planetary surface. Waiting for some event he was not yet aware that a year later, his employer was already replaced by Q2. Gannon was in the shadows when Skorne was sadistically gunned down. Gannon witnessed the brutality by Jenner as his lightsaber lopped off Skorne’s leg. With his competition...weakened it was just the opportunity that Gannon needed to excel in the ranks. Added to this, Gannon had originally trained as a Sith initiate but soon fell out of training and lost interest in their bloodthirsty nature. He preferred to make a profit off murder, rather then mindless bloodshed.

He possessed his own lightsaber, a crude design of pieced together black and silver metal with a knurled black hilt and four prongs around the emitter shroud, most unimpressive and with its current regions of rust and scratches also highly neglected. Gannon was a rogue force user, not very developed in his potential but knew enough to get by. Make little mistake, although he didn’t depend upon the force as so many others did he captured many a bounty with what saber skills he did possess.

Gannon was garbed in Coruscant Guard armor from the Shadows of the Empire era and wore a shiny onyx Stormtrooper helmet. He was the backup Jenner had spoke of when he viciously betrayed Skorne. Gannon was contracted to hunt down and destroy Lance and Sara as payback for Jenner’s near death experience at the hands of Lance inside J-1198. However having broken contact with him, Gannon kept to the plan and passed the time patiently before taking action. He was also a bitter rival of Skorne, eager to snatch up his contracts first. Gannon knew where Adega was but with the upgraded planetary shields installed by Versai Tech, all he could do is watch and wait.

His eyes were entirely ice blue with black irises as opposed to a human’s white and single colored iris, depicting his rare species. He waited like a shark…then he saw the sign. Appearing first as a glittering star of sky blue, he saw the exhaust of Sara and Lance’s luxury liner, The Mirage exit the atmosphere of the planet and line itself up for the jump to lightspeed.

GANNON – (smiles) Finally…you have come out of hiding. Where are you going I wonder? After all, I’ll need to remember the location when I carve it on your tombstones.

Flipping a few switches, the torpedo bay of his ship slid back with a rush of hydraulics as he trained his aim, then fired a tracking device while his vessel was cloaked, attaching the mechanism to the backside of The Mirage, shortly before it vanished into space. Containing advanced stealth technology, the mechanism was not detected by The Mirage.

GANNON – (speaking into a com unit) LISTEN UP RUST BUCKETS! Suit up and be ready for deployment. Upon entry, you’ll know what to do.

Gannon’s voice echoed through a series of speakers running down various hallways of the craft, until they reached their intended audience. In the darkness a progression of XIM battle droids began to stand and stir, reaching for rifles and pistols, locking in energy clips, all lined up against the walls, seating themselves for the moment with weapons in hand. Gannon was not stupid enough to assume that he could take down Sara and Lance on his own…he had requested “assistance” from Jenner. Upgraded models of the droids that invaded the Versai Mansion under Crymson Vachon’s command were now under his full control. Most of all these droids had no sense of greed or individuality, which of course left the full bounty for Gannon, hired help that worked for nothing more then oil baths and repair work.

Gannon grinned satisfied, pressing a few buttons, waiting contently for Sara and Lance to gain a lead over him before kicking in his engines with a roar watching the stars stretch forward. Soon his craft was in hyperspace in hot pursuit of the couple, in due time he would make it his goal to collect his bounty.

Little did he know that accomplishing such a task was far more expensive and complicated then he had assumed. All the data and statistics of Lance and Sara’s fighting abilities and force levels were nothing compared to what is learned from experience, especially when that gathered data is older then the previous figures…outdated and deceptive.


Drifting far away from the secretive methods of Gen’s game with Val, leading him to a most eventful and unforgettable experience, flickering away from the heavy metallic interiors of a watcher’s interception and stealthy pursuit of Lance and Sara’s departure from Adega we now enter a turbulent world.

Upon this nature torn landscape, tremors echo throughout splintered wood and shattered stone, amidst an atmosphere of thick, heavy haze and very little plant life, choked off by the hellish demands of the gravitational pull, tightened around the heart of this solitary rock known as Eol Sha.

However, our attention is not focused upon the exterior nature of this establishment, but a man made structure where nature crosses with the ingenuity of human flesh. A temple that belonged to the first clan of Sith, long extinguished by the wars of the Empire and their hunting squads that tracked down force users purging them to the brink of extinction…that was then and this was now.

Here is where Q2 stands against a clear, pale blue colored night sky alone focused upon three figures standing in front of the entrance to the temple. Stone pillars and wooden supports hold the archaic domain in tact for the most part but stability was not found easy on this lifeless surface. Life you see, that is intelligent life thrived within the protective walls of Elixis Kel’s Sith Temple.

Q2’s ruby red lens shifted from one figure to the next, draped in what appeared to be crude, patched and stitched together fabrics, forming a tattered robe. Were these people nomads perhaps, transients? No, to be in Elixis Kel’s exclusive ranks, one had to be stronger then the Jedi, and hatred had to burn as hot as the fires of Korriban itself. Hatred and lust…lust for power; that was what drove these individual’s dedication to their appointed leader. Elixis Kel had seen death…she tasted its bitter confinement, but she escaped with the aid of her ally. Unlike Luke Skywalker, her ally was the dark side and it was indeed strong here and sensed accordingly. She had ruled the Shadow Guild at one time and it as clear that now she had reclaimed her leadership in a new regime, this being her New Sith Order.

With the demise of Palpatine and Vader, The Sith were extinct but many still studied its lore and gradually these Sith “appreciates”, possessed some form of force abilities be it the older order of Dark Jedi or simply men and women of wicked and twisted desire. Elixis having studied the Sith arts long ago decided to grant them their requests and she issued private challenges through her secondary guardsmen in order to select the best of the best and hide her identity while reforming the glorious bloodthirsty era of The Sith. Those who were deemed worthy were allowed entrance to the temple and those who were not, just as in the old Shadow Guild were easily replaced…the strong dominated the weak. The only price was that all who entered recognized that Elixis Kel was the undisputed leader, although anyone could challenge her power…all who dared evoke their right of challenge, met with a sudden and swift end. Elixis’s dark side mastery had grown so incredibly adept, her hatred so focused that she denied the requirement of a lightsaber.

Her force mastery was brutal, swift, and efficient. In fact she held such control over her dark side attacks that rarely would anyone who wielded a lightsaber could get close enough to use it. Her attacks from a distance were devastating and it kept her minions in line. Terror and fear were common among her servants but those who followed her wishes without question or relent were spared her wrath. Another symbol of her power was the ceremonial gloves that she wore. If she pointed to a questionable appreciate with a red gloved hand extended, it was a symbol of mercy and compassion and whatever misdeed that was committed was forgotten. However, if she pointed towards you with her black glove, it meant death…sometimes swift, sometimes slow but always black hearted and eternal.

Q2 smoothed his fingers along his ponytail and adjusted his white cut-away suit, flexing his fingers behind the one sophisticated white glove, and the other jet black, ribbed Vader like glove. This was after all was business and as such time was money and he did not appreciate the cold reception.

His gaze slowly scanned over the three muscular guards blocking his path. He didn’t need to squander his words to know exactly what their purpose would be…their minds were child’s play to read and already he could smell their intentions through the odor of their confident sweat, fresh from a training session and apparently ordered to greet Elixis’s guest.

With a commanding series of steps, he made them wait. Q2 swung his arms along his sides slow and casual, sensing the tension build within the three guardians. Looking along their belts, he saw they had constructed what he considered to be crude lightsabers as well, all identical for save that they had all the same general shape but were like their uniforms, slapped together from various forms of scrap metal. A thought entered Q2’s mind if they even functioned properly. Sensing the tension, Q2 briskly ran his white gloved fingers over the hilt of his heatsaber and pulled it free, letting the weapon remain firm in his grasp but not ignited.

Two of the figures saw the gesture and immediately answered Q2’s internal question as two shafts of crimson light erupted from within the shrouds of their lightsabers, each assuming a defensive position while the third of the two… the stronger leader stepped between them as he orders the two to turn off their sabers and stand down. He aligns himself with Q2’s approach from seemingly no where as his ship was absent from view. The cool wind rustles Q2’s suit coat and flows smoothly over the exposed right side baring the crimson material of his padded under suit material casting his silhouette against the pale cerulean of moonlight.

LEAD GUARD – (eyes narrowed) You’re early…Lady Kel expected you here later.

Q2 boldly glared towards the two brawny guards to his left and right as he stared the leader dead in the eye through his mask, letting the golden sheen of his facial cover gleam lines of reflection onto the lead guard’s face. The silence between them increased the anxiety as the two guards tightened their grips on their stationary weapons.

Q2 – Ah the “predictable” leader of the pack… I can smell your fear.

The lead guard gestures to his two companions as they step menacingly closer to Q2, literally they were pushing him forward in an effort of intimidation. Q2’s eyes narrowed though the ruby lenses of his face mask, scowling just a bit under his wrapped facial appliance, drawing in a deep breath as his mechanical voice echoes in rhythm with his white glove stretching to the lead guard, handing over his cherished prototype.

LEAD GUARD – The name is Slade. I fear nothing. Its Elixis’s orders that hold me back from removing your self-righteous tone. You best not try anything or my two associates will make sure your visit is a brief one.

Q2 yawns with a mechanical rush of air, covering his mouth with his ominous black glove, completely ignoring Slade’s warnings. He could take all three of these children in the blink of an eye, even the flick of his pinky but he bided his time for it served him well. Seeming to completely give in without putting up so much as a word of protest to these pieced together barbarians, his focus was still on the main prize of this journey and perhaps something more then business as the night’s festivities drove on.

Slade gestures with this finger towards the entrance as Q2 steps into the shadows of the interior, flanked by the two guards while the leader remains planted against the wall, as Q2 passes he whispers a few words, snapping the attention of Slade who steps angrily in front of Q2.


Keeping his mechanized voice calm and drawn out, Q2 begins to repeat his words…words that started out as a thought spoken aloud but with each threatening trait of the leader starting to wear thin on Q2’s tolerance.

Q2 – (looking up to Slade) If I had intentions of harming you or your acquaintances, you would never see it coming.


Q2 – (grins) A threat is a defensive exchange of words to expel paranoia…a trait I do not possess.

SLADE – Is that so? I suppose time will tell then won’t it?

Q2 – Time is a predator, it stalks you till an appointed moment; until that moment arrives it merely watches.

Q2 points towards his ruby lenses as he defiantly pivots on his heel, gesturing for Slade to “do his job” following closely behind, down a series of stone corridors with the two guards in the back close on his heels. Keeping his eyes directed from the ground to his descent into the torch lit darkness of the temple, he allows time to pass. His eyes shift from left to right, drinking in the story of his environment, sensing the unsettled rage of the ground below as a small series of tremors shake the foundations of the building, causing patches of debris to rain down from the ceiling. Clouds of dust swirl along the ground which reveals a tiled floor with multiple cracks and heavy wear on the grayish stones, confirming Q2’s suspicions regarding Elixis’s “crumbling” empire. A fitting word since he knew that Eol Sha was drawing closer and closer to its own destruction.

The gravity of nearby moons and planetary trajectories had caused Eol Sha’s orbit to gradually decline, which is what caused the earthquakes and thus explained the multiple fractures from the floor to along the walls and passing into a larger chamber, unveiling toppled stone columns. The series of supports that were not fallen at sharp angles bared heavy cracks and some of the towering, thick cylinders were worn and chipped away. Yes…Eol Sha was steadily heading towards its own oblivion and this was the main barter of Q2’s proposition to The Sith, an exodus from this retched lifestyle into his Killian Bastion…well those of which he would ALLOW to make the journey, for Q2 was selective of his forces and the weak were exposed and disposed of accordingly.

Rounding another series of hallways and a large, expansive cavern he notices that the lead guard and his minions have stopped before a large crescent moon shaped archway, upon which there were two doors (always two for some reason) which slowly groaned forward in two wedges of solid stone baring multiple carvings of some runic symbolism, spilling forward to what Q2 assumed was the final entry into Elixis’s Throne Room.

As Slade stepped forward looking towards a set of half mooned steps leaping up to a dais, he senses a slight tug to his belt then hears the detonation sound of echoed, sizzling, rippled energy. The noise shifted to the left with a grunt, then whizzed just as fast to the right followed by two loud thuds. Pivoting back on his heel reaching for his lightsaber, Slade’s vision plunges to black as his head is separated from his body, while Q2 stands before him. Sneering through his mask with his weapon held in one hand, Q2 arched backward from Slade’s body in a gracefully completed, faultless swing. The two guards dead and halved at his feet, while their legs lean against the wall as steam rose, cut down in place it would seem completely unaware of what had struck them. Slade’s body remains erect long enough for Q2 to send it flying back with a sharp kick of his boot. The squealed echo of his heatsaber howled throughout the room as he walked over the corpse and picked up the head with his black gloved hand while his left hand extinguished his weapon. The sizzle of heated flesh filled Q2’s nostrils as he looked into the wide eyed expression of the headless guardian.

Q2 – (talking to Slade’s head) That appointed moment was the instant you never saw it coming.

Suddenly Q2 is alerted to the sound of clapping resonating from the dais. He assumes instantly that the gesture is Elixis as he tosses away Slade’s head and resumes his course forward, taking gradual steps while replacing his heatsaber back upon his belt. His eyes survey everything in the room, calculating at blinding speed the layout. He sees that the entire design of the room is reminiscent of a typical headstone to a grave with a elongated rectangular formation that ends with a half moon curve, where in the center of the interior there is a series of half circle shaped steps, everything inside this domain made of stone and heavily chipped or cracked, while these steps seemed to be maintained leading upward and decreasing in width until the smallest semi-circle met with the rectangular platform of the dais, upon which Elixis Kel was revealed in her full glory, backlit by a series of hidden torches that sunk down into conical wedges embedded in the walls where their fire cast rippling shadows along the orange and blue bathed interior. In random areas, the cracks in the walls were so severe that moonlight streamed in, lighting the floor in pastel cerulean, while two holes in the ceiling, intentionally made guided the moonlight to cross over and center like a spotlight on Elixis’s chair.

Q2 made his way closer into the depths of these ancient ruins. He could see the same pattern of columns supporting portions of the roof that he noticed before his escorts were…educated. One along each side and evenly spaced apart with the same singular level of erosion, cracks, and decay. In fact in one such instance a column completely toppled over and fell across a smaller stump on the right side of the room, which caused the mammoth structure to form a roughly 35 degree bridge of stone across the room leading the end of it roughly 30 feet in the air, breaking up the balance of its grid layout. Q2 gazed upward to the gigantic beam and proceeded to close distance to Elixis’s location. Her body was in silhouette for the moment, which deeply kindled Q2’s attention, seeing how the pale moonlight lit the outer regions of her platinum blonde locks, while the fiery orange luminescence spilled along her body suit and accentuated her raised firm breasts enhancing the rims of her snakelike bright red scale patterns contrasting the padded black Vader like material of the rest of her suit while her cloak was draped across the armrest of the chair, hints of its silken red inner lining visible.

The clapping echoed and Q2 could detect the sarcasm within Elixis’s body language as she gazed downward, keeping her crimson eyes transfixed on his position playing a battle of wits as to whom would control whom.

ELIXIS – Bravo, I anticipated the usual menacing dark robed, typically cliché man in black and instead I receive a corporate executive in a white suit and a touch of maleficent charm.

Q2 seems unfazed by the comment as he advances a few steps towards a pillar tracing his glove along the dusty, crackled surface of the rock, keeping his eyes diverted spotting that in the shadows are several silent figures watching his every move. Assuming from their tattered attire like his escorts, these were Elixis’s minions gathered to observe the conversation.

Q2 – (focused) I expected more of a challenge.

Elixis appears puzzled by the lukewarm response as she adjusts her outfit, pulling up her semi-fingerless gloves; both red for the moment. As Q2 continues to inspect the contents of the room, he can see that Elixis has reached the bottom of the half moon shaped stairs, listening to each clack of her boots pass along the stone tile floor.

It is only when he senses her directly behind him that he takes a greater observation. Revolving on his left foot he is met with her long fingernails tracing down his chest. His masked gaze travels upward from Elixis’s winding red boots, upwards along her padded black thighs, towards her top and slowly to her bust and neckline. He seems conflicted however, sensing that her approach has vastly shifted from what he imagined this “untouchable” woman would be in person.

Elixis runs her fingers down along Q2’s chest as he stares at her, seemingly unaware of neither her gestures nor showing any sign of encouragement. Her eyes gaze prominently along the details of Q2’s apparel. One hand sweeps to the left, over the suit covered region of his shoulders down to where the fabric tucks under his simple brown belt. Her attention then passes over to the right…the more interesting and foreboding aspect of his ensemble.

From the collar down, she delved her fingers along a shiny durite shoulder piece which was black, containing a highly visible red Killian insignia unchanged from the era of the first Quillion. Cascading his arm was the same material as Vader’s costume, but again it was curiously dyed a deep crimson red, where it met into that distinct black glove. Elixis took Q2’s hand in her own a moment, swift and brisk which snapped his gaze downward. Elixis’s fingers traced the horizontal lines of padding contained in a rounded square along the upper portion of Q2’s wrist, slowly working down to each individual digit, ribbed to the last tip of his fingers.

Her grasp snapped upward, splaying her fingers along a region of Q2’s cut-away suit, where under the formal attire the fabric also red, was padded as well, given mass by the vertical lines of stitching that swept downhill. There she felt something more…something less uniform and hard. Before you assume it as sexual, what she feels is not in that region but nonetheless there was another hidden layer to Q2’s uniform.

Sliding down before Q2, who still seemed to observe much more then interact, Elixis traced the rims of his boots with a most peculiar symbol…a recognizable one yet converted. Smacking her lips together, Elixis whom knelt to one knee slowly outlined the emblem.

ELIXIS – This insignia is different then the others above…what does it mean?

Q2 glares a moment, then grabs Elixis by her platinum hair and lunges his grasp upward, jerking her back to her feet, putting a bit of a push into his movements, which sends her spiraling back off balance.

Q2 – It is the symbolic representation of one man’s era, and in my uses…the signifier to the end of his legacy. Have you forgotten that my presence here is BUSINESS? It is not admiration.

Elixis narrows her eyes a moment, flashing a hint of crimson hostility towards her spurned actions as she snaps her eyes directly towards Q2, shifting from a curious kitten to a feral leadership stance. She circles Q2 a few times waiting for him to dare make another move before heading backward to her throne.

ELIXIS – You expected more of a challenge…I expected more cooperation. I’m bored with you. Now leave.

Q2 is undaunted by the rejection, instead his eyebrow perks upward (although concealed) in peaked interest watching Elixis begin to ascend the steps to her throne. What the hell was this? Some sort of complex mind game now? Was she playing hard to get or was she putting him to some sort of test? Ah the lack of certainty sparked Q2’s attention once more…he loved a challenge, but there was still something not quite right about this woman….something distinctive the other image had, a level of sheer disgust that this figure who stood before him failed to display, even though she was trying to emulate that trait.

Q2 – I did not venture here to depart with my goals unfulfilled. Shall I remind you what disrespect yields, yet again?

ELIXIS – Is that a threat? (pause) a threat?

Suddenly Q2 snapped his eyes forward and raced towards Elixis, grabbing her by her hair and whipping her into a pillar, pinning her against it as his golden face mask leered into her surprised eyes. A few moments passed as Elixis’s chest rose up and down in nervous, perhaps terrified breaths. Slowly, ever so slowly Q2 loosened his grip as he slid his fingers along Elixis’s chin. The squeak of his right glove glided down the side of her cheek. He was listening to her breath…letting the silence of the room amplify the echoes of her movements.

Q2 – (focused) What did you just say?

Elixis swallows a moment as she draws in a few deep breaths, trying to recompile herself. Q2 doesn’t let up his assertive position as he waits for the answer. Now it was becoming much more evident that he knew there was another force at work within the chambers and it angered him. As each moment passed he despised the idea of being a figurehead in someone else’s game…Elixis or otherwise. He was a man of power and prestige; he would never let anyone reduce him to a pawn.

ELIXIS – I said, “Is that a threat?”

Q2 –(smiles)  I wasn’t aware I was so transparent.

Elixis paused a moment to ponder Q2’s words…calculating them. Q2 was getting closer and closer now, he could feel it. Perhaps there was promise to this “Dark Lady of The Sith.” She was unorthodox in her methods or perhaps she was just getting lucky to this point.

ELIXIS - Stand in the same room and I will show you…burned.

Q2 smiles broadly behind his wrapped facial appliance. As unexpected as it sounded, he dropped his grip on Elixis and burst into a steadily increasing mechanical laughter. Each string of laughter grew more and more intense and ominous. Elixis was perplexed by the display looking around the room and for a moment, towards the gathering of robed figures in the lower right hand corner.

Q2 – (looking around the room laughing) I must admit Miss Kel I find your games quite amusing.

ELIXIS – What do you mean? I’m standing right here!

Q2 leans in and whispers into Elixis’s ear a moment, drawing her closer to him as he pressed her body flush against his. The fingers of his ribbed glove traced boldly down the backside of her, squeezing her rear then rushing back upwards towards her spine.

Q2 – Did you think I would be so simplistic? Tell me Miss Kel…what do you feel?

ELIXIS – I feel your fingers touching my body and I don’t like it. You’re far closer then I should have allowed you to be.

Q2- Let me tell you what I feel…

Elixis’s expression shifts to confusion as he feels her fingers curve from her behind, towards her midsection, running upwards to just under her neck, then around it. Suddenly the grip tightens more and more. Her horrified pupils expand as she stumbles back slightly, transfixed on Q2’s gleaming red eyes.

ELIXIS – Wha…what…what do you feel?

Q2 – Absolutely nothing.

In a blink of an eye, literally Q2’s deadlocked grip around Elixis’s throat jerks upward as her head is completely torn from her body in a blaze of blue-white fury. Sparks flicker and sputter as severed, torn, wires flail around like angry serpents in ropes of mechanical agony. The body still stands a moment, before toppling to the floor revealing a not so obvious HRD unit, now headless as Q2 tosses the duplicant cranium to the ground carelessly. He glares around the room pacing from place to place, pacing towards the exit, and then spins around moving along each toppled pillar and crackled column until his sight returns to the silent group of robed figures in the corner. He slows instantly, returning back to his calm stature as he seemed to be searching for something in the darkness, walking in slow calculated steps closing distance with the figures. Approximately twenty in number and all with their hoods drawn up, Q2 began to slowly pace down the line, looking at each as if he could see straight through the fabric. He passes the seventeenth figure then stops at the eighteenth.

All of a sudden he lunges at the seventeenth figure and rips off the robe, whipping the figure with great force enhanced speed across the room. The figure’s body cracks into a wall and slumps towards the ground with a loud, metallic crunch. We can see with the shafts of pale moonlight that it is Skorne dressed in his menacing orange, red, and black armor as he glares through his helmet, reaching for his blasters sheathed along his sides.

SKORNE – That was a mistake…

Q2 is a blur as he moves out of the way of a series of purple bursts from Skorne’s twin pistols. Before Skorne can react he finds himself disarmed and held by the throat. Q2 still isn’t convinced as he growls with a mechanical rush of air, slamming Skorne into another pillar then in one swift moment, rips off Skorne’s helmet to reveal the real Elixis underneath, glaring at him with hatred filled, blood red eyes.

Q2 – (taking a deep breath) Enough introductions.

Elixis who had disguised herself in Skorne’s armor grins widely with crimson, lush red lips as she stares upward to Q2, staying at his feet but ever so slowly begins to raise her hands. Her eyes transfix on her opponent trapped in the “spider’s web” at last.

ELIXIS – (growling) Did you really think it would be that easy to command me? From a distance you might hold the advantage but face to face you’ll soon find the balance of power has shifted.

Q2 – I know of your abilities with a lightsaber…substandard and outdated I assure you.

Q2 licks his lips underneath his facial mask as he studies Elixis encased in the heated confines of Skorne’s armor. He could feel her hatred brewing…the urge to appease her bloodshed and avenge her humiliation. He feasted on the dark side pooling inside the suit, knowing she was planning something, but not sure exactly what it was as her will was strong to shield her thoughts from his detection.

ELIXIS – A lightsaber? Well oh “observant one” if you had bothered to do your homework properly you would see I have no use for such devices.

Q2 gazes over Elixis’s belt a moment. His eyes trace the details of the modified Vader shaped codpiece and the rectangular compartments of her belt surrounding her flared sensual hips. Its then that he notices Elixis has no trace of a weapon. Not wanting to allow her the satisfaction of his oversight, he quickly shifts the subject, glaring back to the beheaded droid.

Q2 – Yet you reduce yourself to decoy tactics? Those expired with the Old Republic. I contemplated you would be more…original.

ELIXIS – There is nothing “typical” about me. You however share the same trait as your predecessor, blind sided overconfidence. If you imagined you could just waltz in here, seduce me, and take over my domain, YOU ARE GRAVELY MISTAKEN!

Elixis’s eyes being to flare up with an orange-red tint as she narrows her focus on Q2. He expects a typical force maneuver, but he gets something more “original” then intended. Sensing the new attack a split second too late, Q2’s eyes widen in surprise as he is suddenly hurled backward by bolts of fiery orange literally screaming in thermal howls from Elixis’s fingertips illuminating her in hellish light. As they engulfing Q2 in tendrils of heated fury they force him off the ground into the air. She screams out in satisfaction as her stretched black gloved hands unleash her “Inferno Force Lightning” towards Q2, setting his white suit on fire in an explosive series of cinders, radiating the room in wicked flashes of ginger radiance.

Seconds later Q2 slams hard into the top of a large column and hits the floor with a thunderous crunch, as the bolts cease a moment. Steam rises off his under suit as only tattered, singed rags of his formal white ensemble remain while the remnants of his apparel rain down ashes from above. Q2 can see out of the corner of his eye that Elixis is closing distance before unleashing another salvo of her scorching aggression. The pain was immense but Q2 loved every moment of the sensation, it only pushed his desire to capture her into his flock more and more. When Q2 studied Elixis there was no record of her devastating power, he had only seen a few throws and minor lightsaber action before her reported demise. Perhaps she had learned this maneuver earlier and kept it a secret or perhaps she had merely mastered a new form of force potential…thermal, not electronic.

ELIXIS – (closing distance) You ordered a display worthy of your reputation? Tell me was it worth the price of your FUNERAL!

Elixis shows no mercy as her hellish fiery threads of torment scream from her fingertips unleashing her Inferno Force Lightning, once again wrapping around and lifting Q2 into the air, viciously whipping him across the room as he’s controlled like a robot.  Q2 is propped up by intense, metal melting heat as flames spread along his red under suit and completely incinerate his lower pants, revealing a odd serious of metallic plates inset in another black ribbed material. The only reason Q2’s upper half is not melted or burned off by now is the simple fact that the material of his upper material was resistant to fire, should there be any accidents inside his Throne Room, which was illuminated and dominated by the volatile element.

Q2 – (growling) I believe that now qualifies as a challenge…

Suddenly the power Elixis holds over Q2 reverses as her body is picked up and thrown with such force into a wall, she shatters it into rubble, exposing a large mass of blue moonlight into the dark chambers while her lightning ceases. As she stares upward she can see another salvo of rocks plummet. Evoking her force enhanced mastery she holds the rocks at bay and flings them aside. Just as she belives that she is free, her body is lifted once more and hurled across to the opposite side of the room, smacking head first into a pillar as she sees a blur of Q2’s hands raised upward with a closed fist. It is then that she feels deep inside her body another sensation…a sensation that is believed to be impossible as a constricting feeling spreads inside her internal organs and the grip around her very heart…

Begins to tighten…

Swiftly Elixis shifts her gaze to a support on the far left and flicks her wrist forward, sending a powerful TK punch to the center of the unstable structure, toppling the massive shaft downward as it collapses towards Q2, who is forced to release his grip on Elixis’s heart and counter the column, sending his own TK impacts into the towering rock, shattering it into rubble as segmented pieces crash to the floor. Swirling up clouds of dust Q2 spins around to see Elixis raise her hand palm up, flexing her fingers again…and smile.


While the battle for control rages on inside the Sith Temple, the scene wipes away to reveal a stunning landscape of towering trees, beautiful rainbows of various flowers and shrubbery dotting the countryside of grassy surfaces and alongside a small erected building, there is a vast lake of glittering blue-green water. Here we can detect the Assailant II nestled atop a landing platform to the far left; where towards the right as elegant cylindrical series of small buildings forms the setting for a vacation resort, which we can assume has been attained for the purpose of Gen’s plan.

Passing beyond a forest like succession of trees and tropical flora, unfolding into a vast grassy plain that diminishes into an embankment of sand, stretching towards the lake we can see there are several colorful tables set up and various decorations strewn across trees. Gradually coming into focus, we can spot Sara and Lance seated along the distant right of the table sharing a couple’s kiss, with Lon then Terra watching, then Val seated at the center of the table. Along his side, Gen is standing prominently. There is another table to Gen’s left piled with various boxes and in the center a giant cake reading, “Happy 47th Birthday Val!”

Of course Val still cannot see any of this nor does he know that aside from sensing Gen remove his clothing he wore in the Firehouse, what new attire he’s been outfitted with. He can also not hear any of the guests as they know once they speak, their stealthy position would be revealed. For all Val knows, Gen could be leading him into some sadistic Dark Jedi exercise against a fleet of opponents. He trusted her of course but she had a habit of breaking his expectations.

Gen glanced towards the other “guests”, specifically invited to this secluded region of Chandrila, where only those related to and part of the Versai family were allowed to attend this secret gathering in Val’s honor, complexly unaware that their celebration would prove more eventful then they had intended.

GEN – (grinning) Mr. President, you may now remove your blindfold.

As Val removes the blindfold, he can hear everyone shout “SURPISE!” as his eyes slowly focus in on the details of his surroundings. Instantly his fears are quenched with a warm smile that flushes along his lips. Although he would have wished to have shaved for the occasion, he still had his growing facial hair. He glanced towards the right first, smiling to see Lance fully healed and decked out in a black and gold two piece suit, reflective of the attire worn at Versai Tech but much less formal. Nodding to his best friend, Val gazed to his sister, Sara Versai in her blue and green attire grinning proudly as she looked much more grown up and mature then when they first crossed paths.

Then there was Terra, his sweet loving daughter. Although she was told to dress “down”, Terra preferred to remain dressed in her deeper brown jumpsuit, which no longer displayed the insignia of her mother Crymson Vachon, nor any Killian markings, baring two Versai Crests along her breasts. She still had a quiver over her left shoulder with glints shinning off her javelins. Val smiled proudly, seeing that his daughter was absorbing that “never be caught off guard” tactic of remaining armed, even when everything was at peace. Looking to Lon, Val nodded accordingly noticing that his Padawan friend was dressed in his signature attire from Alpha, but he did not wear the black and silver tunic, nor did he have his hands covered with gloves, taking notice of the scar by the Hssiss on his right hand.

Val was not only observing his friends and family at this event, he was gazing into the past…a history that he alone had redeemed mistakes of the precedent and had forged the future. Lon was consumed by darkness long ago and in that knock down, drag out fight Val had shown Lon that power was not found within the darkness but in one’s will to remain true to themselves. Terra who first met Val as an enemy named Maligna had vastly changed from her soldier mentality that came from being part of The Killian to a loving, open individual who was dedicated to her training first and loyal to her parents second. Gen was the right hand of Val’s current stability and Terra was the left, each aiding each other and forming a trinity of love and support.

There was Sara, a fragile woman who had no apparent memory of her true self. Only after bitter betrayal did she come to embrace the truth of her family bloodline and turn away from the lie she was told by Ras Krueger. Sara Versai had suffered immense emotional trauma from Quillion, from being poisoned to being encased in a tomb of carbonite. Lance fell in love with her fragility and taught her to be stronger, supported her through the obscurity and gave her hope. Gen and Val in turn did their best to train her to embrace the other aspect of her bloodline…the Versai were uncanny fighters. Val was hands down the strongest saber duelist to date and Sara inherited that trait. Still it wasn’t Val’s saber training that allowed Sara to defeat Skorne, it was Gen’s guidance in discovering her inner power and her undying love for her husband Lance. When Lance’s leg was shattered by Skorne, Sara avenged with brutal intensity. Love defeated Skorne that night, just as love matured Sara from Isis Surul into Sara Versai, a confident, bold, powerful woman of substance and not just another pretty blonde.

As Lance guided her through her nightmares, so did Sara direct Lance through his physical therapy. In the year that passed, Lance had learned how to walk again although he still used the aid of a cane from time to time. Every night of his recovery, Lance vowed to take another shot at Skorne for what he did to him and his fiancée. Little did he know that it takes more then courage to face a man of Skorne’s caliber.

Val shifted his gaze to his lovely companion Gen. Sweet and radiant as ever in her two piece black leather outfit, drinking in the swirls of gold around her breasts, running down her sides. Gen still wore her usual belt however, complete with her new lightsaber dangling against her thigh, shimmering in black and silver as Val looked over the menacing claw shroud knowing well why such a macabre detail was there.

As stated before, to lose one’s lightsaber is to lose a part of one’s self in the DJA. When Skorne destroyed Gen’s legendary first lightsaber it not only shook her emotionally but it made her feel a sense of deep inner shame to have been caught off guard so easily. It was humiliating to her, that stalemate with Skorne on the rooftops and her newest weapon reflected that anger in its deadly design. Everyone at the table besides the youngest members had a score to settle with the rare hunter, but fate alone would decide who would be granted their final victory in due time.

The silence was suddenly broken as Val listened to Gen speak.

GEN – You have all been gathered here to celebrate the anniversary of Val’s creation. During my time studying records and mechanic’s manuals I discovered that today is my Beloved’s 47th birthday. Given the tragedies of long-ago, use today well to enjoy the life which we have been granted and the second chances we have attained.

LANCE – Here, here!

LON – Damn straight!

TERRA – Eloquently stated Mother.

SARA – There is no one who deserves this admiration more then my cherished brother.

Gen gestures to Val to look over his new attire mentioning that one of her gifts have already been given. It is then that Val is able to see what apparel Gen has created for him. As he gazes down he can now see that his vest contains a padded maroon material running beyond his shoulders in curls of round fabric, which rests upon a grayish velvet structure. Down the center of the vest is a line of gold, which is mirrored by the cutaway sides of the vest, tracing down and around the bottom of the vest. Gazing down his usual belt is wrapped around his hips but the buckle has been replaced with the Versai Crest inset in a silver clasp, and has a lines running opposite from each end of the crest’s golden rings. Leading down to his pants, along his hips is a series of padded regions, alternating from red to black similar to the pattern found on Sara’s “battle gear”. Around his forearms the pattern is continued atop red gauntlets with gold trimming. One thing is missing though…

His sleeveless trench coat…

As if Gen can read his mind, she picks up the first of several packages on the opposing table, tossing the box carefree before Val pointing for him to open the long, rectangular container. No one at the party besides Gen knows what it contains as Val peels back the decorative foils, untying a ribbon as the box pops upon to reveal its contents. Standing up, Val pulls the contents free and spreads out the lengthy black apparel. His eyes widen and he beams with pleasure as he sees a long, black, sleeveless trench coat billow outward, but different then his previous incarnations. There are the same designed triangular clasps found in Gen’s attire, four in number running down a grayish lapel. Outside the coat is black as midnight but inside there is a silky red lining which matches Gen’s coat. Val is ecstatic as he whirls the coat around and quickly wraps his arms around Gen kissing her passionately, clutching the coat in his grasp.

After a few minutes Gen breaks the kiss gesturing towards the other stack of presents, yet to be opened.

GEN – (embarrassed) Ummm err Honey, there are yet other gifts to unveil.

LON – Yeah come on man, save some of that for the bedroom!


LON – What? Like I don’t hear things that go “bump” in the night?

Terra pounces Lon to shut him up and the two rustle on the ground a moment playfully as Val and Gen look at each other shaking their heads and returning their attention to the guests. Soon everything is back in order as Lon sits down and Terra twaps him in the back of the head, rushing to Val’s side before he can react.

VAL – (sarcastic) Children, children if you don’t stop messing around you won’t get any cake!

Lance and Sara giggle and point Gen in the direction of their gifts. Lance kisses Sara a moment, running his fingers through her blonde locks, gazing into her emerald eyes before striding towards the opposing table, retrieving a box from Gen, handing it to Val.

LANCE – I had to go through a lot of red tape to get this, but I think you of all people should have this as a token of your contributions to a better society.

Val perks a brow a moment, and then begins to unwrap the package revealing an elegantly framed box. The frame contains red velvet in a shadowbox format where Val recognizes one half of a lightsaber. The memories begin to flood back as he gazes over the name plate which reads:

“BATTLE OF TABANNOPLIS – One man’s quest to return to his roots.”

Val can picture the flashes of light and hear the sizzle of his purple blade meeting an orange ferocity. Back and forth the battle raged in the dark, cloudy depths of Tabannoplis and in the end, Val had prevailed against the saber’s former owner…Lord Efface.

Val could see the light glint off the cooled, formally melted section of Efface’s dual bladed menace. The rush was there…that adrenaline Val felt when he leaped upward and split Efface in two up the middle. Here Val stood with Efface’s weapon neatly framed in his hand. Taking in a deep breath, Val nodded back to Lance.

VAL – (reflective) That was the start of this discovery Lance. A fitting title and a suitable end to a formidable adversary, if I did not have the strength to defeat him, I would have never known what treasures from my past I had uncovered.

Sara paces up to Val and settles a hand on his shoulder, while Gen does the same to the opposing one. They can sense that underlying tone of sadness in Val’s response. Lance didn’t intend the gift to bring back bad memories though, it was created to show Val that he was still the strongest and best duelist even if he was aged another couple years.

Val noticed Lance’s borderline regret, but he assured him that he loved the idea and would hang it where Cire’s carbonite block once hung. Now knowing that Krevlin’s remains were encased inside and that Cire was very much dead but not forgotten as he had proclaimed.

LANCE – There’s more to it, look under the plate.

Val gazed as just under the brass title plate was a photo. There he could see all the signatures of the people in Versai Tech, including the occupants of the party now. From Lance to Marc, to Adam, to Sara, Gen, Lon, Sacul, Michael Angilis, Corrie, Kalin, they were all there and even Terra had her signature reading, “Terra Versai” along the bottom. It was a reminder of all the people who respected and admired what Val had contributed to their lives, it was no longer a bad memory but a beautiful symbol of the unity Val shared with his friends.

VAL – (loss for words) It’s just…just…its perfect buddy! You old pirate you.

Lance nods happily as Sara leans in to whisper into Val’s ear.

SARA – You have affected more lives then you’re aware of brother. From my own to hundreds of others faces you have never seen, we all thank you for not giving up. I especially thank you for showing me my true potential and introducing me to Lance, such a wonderful, charming, dashing, specimen of a man.

VAL – Sara words cannot express the joy I have when you, Terra, and Gen are around. There is no better man then Lance I would want to see as part of our family…officially. His loyalty and dedication is unfathomable.

Sara gives Val a long, heartfelt hug as she slowly returns to her seat with Lance holding her hand while Lon makes his way to the table.

LON – Well seeing as I don’t know Val longer then Mr. Charming over there, I gotta tell ya that I had to think long and hard for the perfect gift for Master Versai.

Quickly Lon grabs a lengthy rectangular box and drops it on Val’s lap. Staring upward at Lon a moment skeptically, Val opens the box to find a wooden cane inside. Val glares towards the obvious reference to his age and grins up to Lon.

VAL – A cane eh? You know I might be old but I can still kick your butt without one. Then again perhaps Lance will have more fun with this.

LANCE – (joking) What? Is that a cripple joke?

LON – (snickers) If the boot fits?

LANCE – Why I outta! I’ll show you crippled Padawan boy!

Val tosses the cane towards Lance who speaks out in protest as the females watch the men break out in a testosterone fueled frenzy of who is stronger then who, and Gen is quick to refocus the group as she shouts out.

GEN – BOYS! WILL YOU PLEASE! We all know it’s not how powerful you are…it is who holds your leash at the end of the night. We women have our own advantages.

Lance, Val, and Lon look at each other a moment, then slowly nod their heads knowing that Gen has their number as peace settles back over the gathering. Sara and Terra giggle to each other briefly then direct their attention back to Gen.

Having recaptured the male’s attention, Gen points back to Lon knowing that he has a “serious” gift to give, handing him another box.

VAL – What is it this time? A stuffed Ewok?

LON – (smirks) Great idea for next year! This one you’ll like.

Lon smiles a moment as he relinquishes the box. At first Val is cynical, but he can sense the sincerity in his Padawan’s eyes, nodding his approval. Everyone is in suspense momentarily as Val shears off layers of paper, reaching a white box. He takes off the vacuum sealed lid to it with a rush of air. Reaching inside, Val withdraws a single item, long and thick curling forward with his motions. It is then that the light glints off an octagonal buckle, revealing a jet black belt.

The leather was roughly four inches thick and had two sets of round, metal rivets on each end. Val having kept the traditional D-ring approach also noticed the belt was fitted with a bent piece of metal, secured by smaller rivets and the apparel also had two pouches. Lon watches Val’s reacting with eager vigor as his Master gives an approving nod.

LON – I thought you’d get a kick out of this one. I was going through some records the other day and I found out about another legend in the universe. A farmer boy named Luke Skywalker who grew up to reform the Jedi Knights. Well see in the archives it showed that this was the belt he used in his final confrontation with Lord Vader. Ever heard of em? I know you like those classic relics so I figure this would be right up your alley!

VAL – (thinking) Yeah, you could say I know Vader more then you realize. This is awesome Lon! I used to see this thing in all sorts of archival records. I really enjoy the simplicity of its design, especially for its time. You remind me of Anakin sometimes, you both were Padawans who became Knights but you show more promise then he did…you know where the dark side leads you. Good job!

Lon smiles happily, beaming with pride that his master is pleased with his gift. Stepping away, he turns over the “podium” so to speak to Terra, whom approaches Val casually, timidly wrapping her fingers around a box handed to her by her adopted mother, Gen.

TERRA – (handing the box to Val) Umm I sorta made something one of a kind. Mom helped me find the materials, but this is pretty much hand crafted from measurements of your sizes in the computer. I hope you like it father.

Gen wraps her fingers around Terra, coaxing her to lean her head on her shoulder as she embraces Terra lovingly, watching Val open a hand crafted wooden box. Removing the lid, Val reaches in and retrieves a pair of specially designed gloves, not fingerless like his usual choice.

Slowly Val slides each glove over his hands, as his audience watches in eager fixation, studying the detailing that’s been put into the hand wear. The gloves themselves were crafted from a flexible black leather material, with elongated circular rubberized units. The base was an off gray, while a rising cylinder in the center of the base stretched upward with a smoothed over, rounded surface. Each of these “capsule” shaped pieces were stitched into the fingers of the gloves, between each portion where knuckles met, making a total of two on each digit, even on the thumbs, likewise there was a ribbed pattern of a single inset above and below each tablet.

Above these formations, along the wrist was the Versai Crest inset against a pure black rectangular well, with a Versai gold rim surrounding it. On the left glove was Val’s insignia and on the right glove was Gen’s crest. As if the gloves couldn’t get any more detailed, there were two evenly spaced golden clasps that held two pieces of leather that slide into to elongated “O” rings, which secured the gloves firmly around the wearer’s hands. The undersides of the gloves were covered in a rubberized grip material which lent the wearer extraordinary support against slipping while climbing rocks or other structures. Terra had taken careful study to see what kind of punishment Val put his gloves through, from training endlessly with his lightsaber, to climbing up the side of Kathryn’s Bluff, to seeing how he handled the fires of his metal lathing machines, they were one of a kind and extremely versatile.

Val marveled at the craftsmanship and the love and dedication that went into the construction of these one of a kind gloves. Lance, Sara, and Lon gazed in wonder as the sunlight reflected rays of light off the golden regions of the buckles. Terra breaks the silence, taking a deep breath.

TERRA – I know they’re not fingerless but uh, you like them right?

Val gets up from his chair and wraps his arms around Terra tightly, pressing her into his chest as he displays his gratitude.

VAL – Terra I absolutely adore them! I’ve never seen such detail put into something as trivial as a pair of gloves before…thank you so much baby.

TERRA – (smiling wide) I’m glad you enjoy them father, they’re durable too, fire proof, double stitched, superior grip and resistant to electricity all rolled into one! We all know how you can give your clothes a workout in the Powerhouse.

LON – Where can I get some of those things? My birthday ain’t too far off either you know!

TERRA – (smirks) Tell ya what Looney Wolf, when you become a Dark Jedi Master, I’ll make you a pair.

LON – LOONEY WOLF???? Hey I resent that! I am not looney! Sure I can be a little nuts sometimes but well uh err umm, ok I’ll shut up now.

Terra winks to Lon then kisses Val on his cheek before reaching into her belt to hand something over to Gen, wrapped in a smaller box with a purple ribbon.

GEN – (raises a brow) A gift? For me? It’s not my birthday???

TERRA – (grins) Mother, by my calculations you should have about twenty or so birthdays to make up for since you and dad hooked up in the past.

GEN – (turns to Val) She gets this from YOU, you know…the whole detective thing.

VAL – (winks) Hey, she’s got a strong argument there.

SARA – Go on Gen, live a little! It’s ok to be treated like a princess every once and a while!

LANCE – (snickers) Sure, toss in some shiny pink bows and a carriage…you already got your knight in shinning pleather.

GEN – (to Sara) You will NEVER catch me in a pink dress, blonde curls, and a tiara that I promise you.

Gen glares a moment in mock anger as she starts to peel off the wrapping, revealing a quaint white box as she pulls off the cardboard lid. Unveiled, illuminated by the sun is a dazzling display of Terra’s weaponry craftsmanship passed on by Val. An elegantly detailed dagger, complete with a decorative sheath is revealed much to the gasped surprise of everyone who gazes upon it.

Gen removes the ornamental sheath with a fire like pattern of silver and black luster, to display the dagger’s blade itself.

The hilt of the dagger is shaped like a “T” and is layered in silver and black, mirroring Val’s sword. Starting from the very hilt of the weapon, there is Gen’s crest, carved out of a semi-thick “coin” shaped piece of steel, electroplated with gold. Moving along the shaft, there is a small section of black, then a band that exactly replicates the ring found on Gen’s lightsaber, which moves upward to a thinner cylinder, leading upward to another singular cylinder the same width as the latter half of the handle. From that point, in an almost trapezoid design is the upper portion of the “T” motif, where the ends of the “T” point down in sharp angles to form the guard before the blade. The middle of the “T” has three lathed metal rings which lead upward to the blade of the dagger, which rounds off to a point making the entire dagger roughly 8 inches long. The distinction to the blade is that it is not a single shaft but is split down the middle into two separate blades, which meet at a brass casing, extending from the guard, each side of the blades also has a half circle notch cut away in the steel as well.

Gen struggles to find words to say, completely unaware of Terra’s work on the weapon which she did simultaneously while crafting Val’s gloves. It did explain the mysterious disappearance of her belt at one time though, discerning that Terra borrowed the belt buckle to get the design of Gen’s crest right, and it was perfectly replicated in the coin centerpiece of the hilt.

Gen wraps her arms around Terra tightly, as both Val and Gen cradle their teenage daughter in a warm embrace. Terra then walks over and hugs Sara and Lance as well, each giving her torrents of praise for the generosity she has shown her parents.

GEN – No one has ever given me such a gift of this magnitude, save for your father. Cherish this gift, I will always Terra. Rest assured I will never let this leave my sight.

LANCE – Wow, I’ve seen some nifty customs in my life…half of them your father’s but that is just astonishing Terra. Ever thought about a career in this sorta thing?

TERRA – (beams) Maybe some day, but until then I want to complete my training. I don’t really need a career as much as I need guidance and family.

SARA – (smiles) With Val and Gen as your instructors Terra, you and Lon are well on your way to becoming Dark Jedi Masters. Stick with your training and I have no doubt in your potentials.

VAL – The force is strong in both of them. I foresee that not only will they reach master hood but they’ll both achieve great things, you’re still young yet, you have your whole lives ahead of you to build your own legacies and in some cases…redeem mistakes made in the precedent.

LANCE – I’ll drink to that! Where’s the Endor ale? You can’t have a party without the goods!

Gen smiles softly and paces over to a refresher container, taking out several glasses, she starts to pour that precious velvet red liquid into them. Handing each glass to the guests, Gen takes her seat next to Val and pulls Terra close to them, while Val grabs Lon by the collar and yanks him over as well. Lance and Sara look at the happy family, nestled together, seeing the future of the Versai family take shape. Val was now with Gen and Gen was with Terra and Val was training Lon. The Versai family was now being rebuilt, just as Val had intended when he took that step away from vengeance and embraced nobility, aiding the innocent to see that a family could not be wiped out as the first generation of the Versai nearly had been.

Val and Sara were the only living carriers of the original bloodline. This wasn’t just a celebration of birthdays and triumphs; it was a celebration of unity and a vision of the future. But all was not as it appeared for while each member smiled and laughed, joking around carelessly, slowly Val started to sense a disturbance as their glasses clashed with a loud tink into a toast. He could hear it stirring in his head again…that warning voice.

“People you cherish will become lost, people you love…will suffer.”

It was Obi Wan’s voice echoing again…Why now? Why does he have to ruin this splendid moment by triggering Val’s defensive measures. Suddenly that disturbance grew bigger and bigger, causing Val to lose his grip on his glass of Endor Ale as it crashed to floor. As Val looked into the sky he could see a series of flashes emit from distant shapes. The intensity started getting brighter and brighter as Val traced the trajectory to a series of smoke and debris rising in the distance…then he felt the force strongly urge him to move and move fast.


Val instantly searched for his sword, but couldn’t see his weapon anywhere in sight, forced to ignite his lightsaber as a shimmer of golden radiance erupted swiftly from the shroud. No sooner had Val switched on the weapon that a series of blaster fire suddenly pelted the table and ground. With expert precision Val used his lightsaber to deflect as many shots as he could, but he saw the steadily rising numbers of a droid army swiftly come into view from above, falling down from the sky with thruster assisted velocity.

Suddenly Sara and Gen reached for their lightsabers flicking on the switches as shafts of purple and green extended in unison. Val not wanting to risk completing the prophecy frantically ran towards The Assailant II, dashing up the ramp to grab his prized sword, quickly unsheathing the mirror polished surface as he re-emerged with his lightsaber clipped along his belt. No one noticed his odd maneuver as they were busy fending off the incoming swarm of heated green energy bolts. Lon quickly ignited his emerald lightsaber and took his place next to Terra blocking incoming shots as Lance, whom only had a single DL-44 blaster quickly scooped up the gifts and dashed to get them out of harms way, running back as he trained his aim on the first set of XIM droids raining in paratrooper formations from the sky and blasted it through its electronic skull.


LANCE – (firing) Those son of a Siths must have placed a tracer on our ship!

SARA – But we didn’t detect anything!

LANCE – Uh Honey, we’ll discuss logistics later!

Lance fires as three droids reach the surface, shucking crude mechanical devices that each droid possessed allowing them to invade from the skies and attack immediately upon reaching the ground. Although these bots were not very intelligent and programmed solely to attack and somewhat easily dispatched as Lance shot down three more bots, their numbers kept coming and coming.

Lon spotted a group of four droids touching the surface and rushed in with Form VV grace, using his mastery of a lightsaber thanks to Val making quick work of the invaders with upward, rising sweeps of his blade, halving two of the droids in two, while slicing off the blaster arms of the other ones, pivoting back on his heel as sparks burst and melted metal slammed to the ground, taking off the droid’s heads as he caught his breath.

Terra saw a few droids rushing towards Gen as she withdrew her javelins and trained her aim, trusting the force as Gen was busy fighting off her own set of droids, with her back turned to the approaching threat. With a mighty arch of her hand, Terra hurled her javelins clean through two of the droid’s optic units, causing their heads to explode in a shower of yellow-blue filaments.

Val also had his own trouble as eight droids surrounded him, already missing limbs with their aggressive tactics his sword whipped back and forth, slicing through their metallic structures like tin foil. In seconds he had dispatched the eight machines, obviously making good use of his training inside the Powerhouse.

His arms swung upward as he leaped into the air, slicing one of the droids in two, just as another set of droids opened fire on him with their emerald blasts. Training his aim, Val kicked off the body of the halved droid and used his weight to back flip behind the two blaster firing droids, sweeping his blade in a crisscross pattern, instantly slicing the droid’s legs off in sputters of electronic fury, then he watched as their body shells slide forward, followed by their heads toppling to the ground.

Five more droids quickly advanced where their predecessors had failed. Able to use the force for the moment, Val snapped his fingers outward and instantly shattered the five droid’s craniums as they clattered to the floor. Sliding away from another salvo of blaster fire, Val used a baseball slide maneuver to pass between the center droid’s legs. Jerking his focus skyward, Val commanded the force to instantaneously disassemble the second detachment of droids into nothing but clattering scrap metal. Single handedly and without the aid if his lightsaber, Val had decimated nearly 15 droids…proving his superiority.

As Sara battled her own set of droids swarming around her, the numbers kept growing higher and higher, adding 5 then totaling ten droids circling her, all trying to get a lock on her with their blasters while her green lightsaber deflected the shots back, managing to destroy several of the attackers, but just as she would take down four, two more would take their place quickly beginning to overwhelm her while Lance tried to fight his way through his own group of droids attempting to surround him. Blasting the droids like ducks in a carnival, one after the other Lance reduced his attacker’s numbers.

This all seemed like some extreme scenario in the Powerhouse to Lon, but it was very much real combat and his lightsaber hummed back and forth striking through whatever laid in its path. Using Foe Raker’s technique Lon forced one of the droids to open fire on two of its other companions, then halved the droid straight up the middle, standing on its shoulders as the droid toppled in two white hot pieces. The victory as short lived however as the droid army invasion continued to drag on, exhausting the powerful, but overwhelmed group and time was taking its toll, especially on Val though he kept his exhaustion hidden.

SARA – (deflecting bolts) THERE’S SO MANY OF THEM…UGH


Terra ran about, tossing her javelins as best she could playing the “cover girl”, making sure as each droid arrived that none of her friends or family would fall victim to a sneak attack as her javelins found their mark with such powerful intensity that they would shear through one droid and straight through several others lined up behind it.


Soon the beauty of banners and decorative tables were in ruins, as piles of shattered and sliced droids littered the landscape in plumes of smoke and small patches of fire.

Suddenly a distinctive figure plummets from the sky, landing to the ground with a dramatic THUD. He ignites his crimson red lightsaber and glares towards Sara, rushing towards her like a bolt of lighting as Lance’s blaster bolts erupt hot on his heels. We recognize the figure as Commander Gannon. His Coruscant armor noisily bucks up and down as he glares through the onyx stormtrooper helmet. Sara, not to be caught off guard is able to pivot back on her foot just in time to lock blades with the invader. Her emerald shaft grinds into his crimson edge as Gannon advances, grinning broadly.

GANNON – It’s about time you and I danced Miss Surul. I’ve been waiting ages to collect the bounty on your head.

Sara deflects another swing by Gannon as she covers her back from three more XIM droids trying to land a lucky blaster shot in, one of which manages to knick her left shoulder as she shrieks in pain. None of the fighters were really prepared for combat, Sara and Gen were practically forced to battle in their dresses against the onslaught but both held their own. Val spotted Sara’s predicament and rushed towards Gannon, sending a slice towards his legs, but Gannon is able to counter, colliding with Val’s shimmering edge. While Gannon is forced to deflect Val’s attack, it gives Sara enough time to slice her lightsaber across the armor of Gannon’s back, shearing into the metal and grazing his back as he stumbles away.



Val and Sara double team Gannon and drive him back as Val’s sword is deflected by Gannon’s red lightsaber, only to have to snap his shaft to the right to drive away Sara’s saber, easily becoming overwhelmed as he manages to attain distance, running away just far enough that several droids step in the line of fire.Val and Sara slice through them without relent, charging their way through the twisted piles of metal and flailing wires.

As Gannon tries to get away, he is shot in the shoulder recoiling backward crashing to the floor, grasping his injury. Gannon sees Lance with his blaster extended and smoking. Squeezing off a few more shots, Lance nails Gannon in through his other shoulder, as Gannon ducks behind a tree, while Lance’s shots pelt into the smoldering bark.


Finally as Lon and Terra continue to fight off the legions of XIM droids they make progress. The numbers begin to dwindle to fifteen droids left standing. Gen spins around with fluidic Form G expertise, striking another five droids around her down in a dance of violet ferocity. Lon and Terra continue to deflect the blaster shots from the remaining droids when suddenly out of no where, several figures ignite red lightsabers and charge out of the bushes towards the droids and the heroes.


Puzzled by the intermixed threat, both the patched together human fighters and the droids engage in bitter confrontation as blasters are deflected by several lightsabers, each easily overwhelming the droids with trained precision. As quickly as the group dispatches the droids, they turn their attention towards Lon, Lance, and Terra while Val and Sara continue to battle Gannon in a two on one battle. Gannon desperately tries to hold his own but the wounds in his shoulders soon force him to retreat with Val and Sara in hot pursuit.

Lon is the first to clash his vibrating energy blade with one of the new fighters, as his emerald shaft whips forward to block an obvious Form III fighting style, mixed with the power of Form IV which nearly knocks him off balance. He can’t see the face of his attacker and its hard to tell if the patchwork robed assailant is human or a droid. Having followed the code of the warrior, Lon re-gathers his control over the force and starts battling back as his blade slams with equal power into his opponent’s blood red edge.

LON – I haven’t had to kill anyone in a long time…you’re leaving me little choice.

SITH WARRIOR – The Sith don’t care about taking lives, all you are is a target.

LON – A Sith? I’ll show you why a Dark Jedi is superior to a Sith.

Lon locks blades with the Sith warrior, kicking him in the stomach as the fighter stumbles back. Lon stands firm while two other Sith warriors join and triple team Lon into a deadly clash of three red sabers to his single green one. Lon taps into the force and Val’s guidance as he uses his mind to slow down the movements of his opponents, not literally but he attunes his body to evoke force speed with makes the opponents seem to move slower as his blade now has the focus to bounce off one attacker’s edge to the other. Lon revolves on his leg as he whips around and slices one of the robed warrior’s in two, wasting no time as his blade spins around to slice across the second warrior’s thighs, dropping him to the floor, with wounds deep enough not to sever the limb but sever the muscle and into the bone that sustains it.

LON – (yelling angrily) COME ON! IS THAT ALL THE GAME YOU GOT???

Viciously Lon strikes down the third figure as he swings towards his head, taking a page out of Val’s signature playbook dropping to one knee as he halves the warrior across the midsection, toppling him to the ground, having no time to recover as another challenger rushes forward, unfazed by the deaths of his comrades.


Three more adversaries rush towards Gen as she makes very short work of their attack, spinning around so fast that in a blink of an eye they’re missing multiple limbs. Jerking her shimmering purple blade upward, Gen halves another attacker up the middle, spinning around to stab another through the chest, kicking him under the jaw off her blade as she spins back around to a opponent rushing up behind her. Taking off his head in a Form G swoop Gen releases one hand off her lightsaber hilt as she maintains her balance long enough to kick herself off another warrior’s body, back flipping over a droid and quickly dropping it to the ground as her purple radiance shears through its thin metallic appendages.

Meanwhile Gannon begins to tire as he reaches for his blaster and fires off a series of red bursts towards Sara, trying desperately to strike her down, while avoiding Val’s sword grazing inches from his body, feeling the blade flip around and slash along his cheek as Val continues to hunt him down and force him back.

Soon Val is separated from Sara however as four of the Sith Warriors charge into battle and surround Val, keeping their lightsabers trained on him.


SITH WARRIOR – You’ll know soon enough, that is if you live that long.

VAL – Many men have uttered those words to me, all worthier then you.

The Sith Warrior viciously charges towards Val, thinking that Val is going to back up his bravado by not moving like a coward. Val is smarter taking a step to his left as the Sith Warrior is cut down like an amateur running right into Val’s sword edge. Glaring to his left and right, Val waits for the other companions to make their move.

The first tries to swing for Val’s head, while the other attempts to swing for Val’s legs. Using the force, Val leaps forward, rolling along the ground into a ball as both attacker’s blade’s miss their target leaving them wide open for an attack from behind as Val slams his sword clean through the second opponent’s chest, then rips his blade backward and pivots the sword hilt into a reverse grip, spinning at a 180, slamming his sword straight through the second Sith’s ribs, emerging the blade out the other side.

Gannon closes in on a highly exhausted Sara as she struggles to catch her breath, now forced far away from the heart of the battle, deeper in the woods but not completely invisible from view. He knows she’s getting weaker as he trains his lightsaber upward, hurling hatred fueled downwards arcs of coherent rage towards Sara as her emerald lightsaber barely is able to snap up and block the attack, feeling the strain placed on her wrists as Sara struggles to keep her grip, stumbling back.

SARA – Why are you attacking us? What did we do?

GANNON – It’s nothing personal Miss Surul, just business. Jenner placed a considerable bounty on your head and I aim to collect. Skorne might not have been able to finish the job, but I will prove superior.

Sara concentrates on the force, trying to muster up another second wind as her eyes irradiate with bright green light, pooling towards her gloves as she focuses hard, creating a buildup of jade energy.


Gannon is knocked back as Sara once again unleashes her unsurpassed Arc Lighting into Gannon, letting each crescent star fire burst of energy spin and slam into Gannon’s smoking Coruscant guard armor as sparks fling from it. His body is pelted back and forth and he can feel the power rip through the armor into his skin as he topples to the ground, holding up his hand trying to stop the barrage, able to use his limited force powers to sustain injury and hurl a large bolder towards Sara, forcing her to cease her attack.

Gannon struggles to catch his breath as he sees Val rushing towards him. Instantly Gannon is tackled to the ground and he is barely able to roll out of the way as Val’s sword slams into the ground. Val’s eyes are narrowed as he screams out in anger, stabbing and slashing wildly, clipping Gannon’s back as his sword gashes into flesh. Gannon rolls away and grabs a handful of dust flinging it in Val’s eyes, giving him enough time to distance himself from the Versai siblings.

GANNON – (coughing) No bounty is worth this price…I’ve had enough, Jenner can keep his money!

Gannon rushes past Val and Sara, running back towards Gen, Terra, and Lon as they dispatch the last of the Sith and Xim warriors. They both see him making a beeline for the Assailant II and figure out that he’s going to try and steal the ship. Val blinks a moment, trying to refocus his vision as he checks on Sara and encourages her to her feet, running back towards his ship to intercept Gannon.

However as Gannon starts nearing the ramp, he is suddenly struck down by gunfire coming from the bushes, distinctive gunfire with purple and blue bolts. Gannon crawls towards a rock, propping himself up looking into the bushes as the solitary figure of the REAL Skorne emerges into the sunlight.

Val suddenly spots Skorne simultaneously with Gen as they both brandish their weapons and rush towards him. Skorne is smart however, throwing down a series of grenades that release plums of thick, lung choking smoke as Val and Gen struggle to catch a breath of clean air. This leaves Skorne and Gannon to face one another, cut off from the rest of the group.

Biding his time, Skorne paces towards Gannon in a new set of armor never seen before. Although similar to his Jango Fett modified armor in Alpha, it is not the same design but drastically improved. The first detail that is noticed is that the flat metallic plating of his uniform is now replaced with highly polished armor, still a golden orange that complimented his black and red motif. His arms still had the same style gauntlets as he had before during his battle against Gen, one holding that tri-tipped grappling hook but the other had changed somewhat, with two concealed cylindrical compartments. His bodysuit contained a black plastoid shell and resembled that of a Clone Trooper, but the plates were metallic orange and glistened along with his neckpiece.

His helmet was a drastic change. Unlike the smooth uniformity of Jango Fett’s helmet, Skorne’s helmet was modified with two angular batwing shapes along his mask in red which met at the top of his golden orange helmet to form what looked like horns, swooping down in a crescent where he looked through a black visor. He had an antenna on the right side of his helmet and what appeared to be protective discs around his ears and three slits along the top of his headpiece.

It was clear that Skorne had to have come into another employer’s flock to afford such luxurious battle equipment and his familiar insignia was painted in black along his shoulder pads and knee pads as well as one on his left breast. But why he was here was the question. Did he order The Sith to attack everyone here including Gannon’s forces?

Skorne’s leg was also replaced with an evident, thinner counterpart to his real one. You could tell the leg Jenner had sliced off a year ago was refurbished with a mechanical prosthetic. The wires from his new leg even ran into portions of his black jumpsuit and some wound around his kneecap. Then there was the recognizable addition to his attire…the third battle suit of his design and that element was two leather strapped, black plastic segmented, rectangular holsters, containing exact replications of his infamous and deadly SKR-1 pistols.

Gannon’s blue eyes grow wide with terror as he hears the crunch of branches under Skorne’s feet. He knew  the face of his opponent well, or rather his choice of attire.

SKORNE – (mechanical) What’s the matter Gannon? You look like you’ve seen a ghost?

GANNON – But I saw you…I saw you blasted to bits!

Skorne cracks his neck with a slight jerk, affixing his gaze towards Gannon, keeping his blaster pistols in his holsters for the moment, looking up to see that Lon, Terra, Sara, Lance, Gen, and Val are well aware of his presence now.

SKORNE – I’m very much alive no thanks to Jenner, however I service a new employer…someone that can offer me more then money.

GANNON – Nothing is more appealing then money, except maybe beating you to the mark.

SKORNE – Do you think I’m interested in bounties? No, that obsession ended with my contract to The Killian. As you might have figured out by now, I no longer align myself with their organization.

GANNON – Then it was you…you ordered those sideshow freaks to attack my droids!

SKORNE – But of course, I know you better then you know yourself. Droids? Really that’s been done to death…sending in Sith minions to fight, now that’s more appealing.

Skorne smiles widely behind his mask as he shifts his glance over to the trio of exhausted heroes gunning for a chance to extract their revenge against him.

SKORNE – (talking to the heroes) Ah yes, then there are you six: Valaryc, Gen Zeridian, Lance Jade, Lon Wol, Sara Versai and you…Terra T’Negun. I know you all have been DYING to get your hands on me. Especially you Gen. I see you survived your little hair cut?

GEN – You have dared to show your face again coward? Come; let’s continue where we left off BEFORE you ran like a whipped puppy.

SKORNE – (grins) I thought I destroyed your precious lightsaber? Do I really have to break that one too? I would hate to witness you blubbering like a little girl again.

SKORNE – (looking to Val) Valaryc Winters Versai, You know you shouldn’t even be standing right now. Because of your little girlfriend I didn’t settle my score with you last time. I have my orders at the moment, but rest assured my grudge with you is far from settled.

VAL – Why don’t you take off that mask then big man and show us who you really are. I’d rather stare into the eyes of a REAL MAN then speak to a yellow bellied wuss in an overpriced tin suit any day.

SKORNE – (laughs) If only it were that simple. You’d like to uncover the mystery right this moment wouldn’t you Val? That’s exactly why I’m going to make you wait until your last dying breath to gaze into the eyes of the man who has beaten you. Until that moment, you’re gonna have to put the clues together on your own.

Gen growls loudly, stepping closer as she clutches her lightsaber, still ignited and aligned by her side. Val motions for her and the rest to step back for the moment and wait, for he knows from experience that Skorne was crafty and a bit of a talker, letting him carry on might yield valuable information as to his survival over the last year.

SKORNE - Unfortunately for most of you, I’m only here for one singular purpose and neither Sara nor you Gen concern me. First thing is first though.

Skorne glares towards Gen and Val a moment as he directs his attention back to Gannon. Skorne rests his left hand along the side of his holster as his demonic red mask glistens in Gannon’s gaze.

SKORNE - Gannon I hear you were promoted after Jenner dumped me on Eol Sha.

Gannon reaches for his lightsaber, flicking on the switch as his crimson blade extends taking a swing towards Skorne as he rushes towards The Assailant II.  Running as best he can for his life, Skorne merely reaches into his holster and retrieves his blaster, training his aim.


Gannon stops in his tracks and starts to spin around as Skorne pulls the trigger. A white hot orange blast bursts from his gun; nailing Gannon as he turns a bright white then instantly vanishes into a pile of ash before everyone’s eyes. Skorne’s disruptor pistol was without mercy or regret, taking life in a blink of an eye and in that blink of an eye, Gannon was no more.

Just as quickly, Skorne pointed his blaster towards each of the six fighters as if he was deciding who would die next. Suddenly Val saw the vision in his head of one of his friends being disintegrated…the figure in the blanket of white shifted from Lance to Lon to Gen to Sara, none of which were definite as he felt the force trigger his danger sense. Assuming that Skorne would go after Sara or Gen, Val rushed to them and stood in front, pointing his sword towards Skorne with a feral growl.


SKORNE – (pointing his pistol) All I have to do is pull this trigger and your legacy is over Versai.


Skorne lets out a frustrated growl as he glances towards Lance and Sara, then to Gen, taking a deep breath keeping an eye on all of their motions, ready to react at a split second’s notice. His fingers don’t slide off his pistol for a moment, but oddly enough he lowers his weapon and moves a few steps back as if preparing to retreat.


SKORNE – ARRRRGH I CAN’T. As much as I would entertain the thought of striking you down where you stand Valaryc, my business is as I said not with you or Sara or even Lance. I have strict orders I will not break for your antagonistic fits.

Slowly, cautiously Skorne begins to pace towards Gen, keeping his grip around his pistol as he sees her recoil her lightsaber upward, adjusting for an offensive attack. The anger in her eyes burns as they glow a radiant magenta…Skorne knows full well the last time he witnessed her unique expression, he felt the anguish of her Twirl Force Lightning first hand, but again with his odd behavior he kept his weapon lowered.

He stopped a moment and studied her, occasionally glancing back to the rest of the group, noting that Lance was reaching for his blaster again. This moment of silence was about to come to a crashing end.

SKORNE – (looking to Gen) I’ve a message for you Miss Zeridian.

Gen scowls as she steps like a tiger circling its prey, keeping her focus on the target, whirling her violet lightsaber a few times to show she means business the moment Skorne makes any move towards her or anyone else.

GEN – I am not interested in your telegram antics.

SKORNE – (grins) Oh but I know you’ll find the originator of this message most educational. In fact she guaranteed you wouldn’t believe me, but I’m going to deliver this message whether you listen or not.

That vision echoes in Val’s mind again…now it wasn’t Lance or Sara in the line of fire, he saw Gen, Lon, and Terra in their place. Adjusting his position he quickly made his way in front of them, keeping his eyes trained on Skorne as the voice echoed louder and louder once more…

“I see grave danger in your future Val. I see the loss of life and your humanity if you return to your world with these same thoughts you have shown me.”

Val was growing increasingly tense by the minute hearing Obi Wan’s voice grow louder and louder, thundering in his ears as he tried to block it out the warnings as they were starting to break his focus. Then it began…that pain in his chest he had felt before. “Not now”, he thought to himself trying to quench the burning sensation while his vision blurred in and out. He tried desperately to refocus the force to stabilize his condition for all it was worth.

SKORNE – (looking to Gen) Are you ready for that message now Miss Zeridian? Like it or not, you had best be listening because after I’m done here you’ll be wishing you had paid closer attention.

GEN – (blinks) Closer attention to what?

SKORNE – Elixis Kel wishes you to know…Death wants its corpse back.

Gen’s eyes widen as she listens to Skorne as memories of her battle with Elixis flood her mind. The one woman in the universe that had actually terrified the unshakable Gen was Kel. Try as she might, Gen could never defeat the unquenchable hatred Kel possessed when they dueled. She tried to deny the truth of Skorne’s statement, trying to use the force to scan his thoughts but found herself blocked. Her grip over her lightsaber loosened ever so slightly as she was knocked off balance emotionally, but little did she know his message was more devastating then anyone would imagine.

GEN – Elixis Kel is dead. She was dispatched by my hand.

SKORNE – (grins) Are you so certain a woman of such hatred could expire so easily? She is alive and she will come to claim your soul.

Both Val and Gen were being mentally tortured by their thoughts, trying desperately to refocus. In slow motion they see Skorne’s deadly disruptor pistol raise upward. Sensing that Skorne was intending to kill Gen, Val leaped in front of her but to their surprise Skorne’s aim jerked towards Lance, then towards Sara.

SKORNE – Until then…I will claim HERS!

Lance tackles Sara to the ground, but at the last possible second, Skorne snaps his aim back towards Terra and pulls the trigger. As quick as Terra is, she is able to get one of javelin from her quiver, hurling it with ferocious intensity, as the sliver of metal slams into Skorne’s shoulder, she is a split second too late. Terra is hit point blank by Skorne’s heartless weapon, bathing her in white to orange radiance, then with a flash of devastating brutality and a horrified look towards her parents as they both cry out in shock…

Val and Gen’s beloved daughter…

Was gone…


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