Star Wars
"The Versai Chronicles"
Official Timeline

(Based on the Dark Horse Comic's Adaption)

Blue - Born/Introduced
Red Italic - Death
Magenta Italic - Title/New Faction
Light Blue -  Significant item


55 BSW4
Russel Versai Born
Tuhzon Krevlin Born

53 BSW4
Kathryn Xe’der Born

37 BSW4
Crymson Vachon Born

35 BSW4
Cire T'Negun Born
Gen Zeridian Born
Kathryn and Russel meet

32 BSW4
Star Wars : Episode I
The Phantom Menace

30 BSW4
Russel and Tuhzon Duel – Tuhzon Loses
Russel constructs forest green lightsaber
Russel Leaves Jedi Council
Versai Locket Forged
Vachon’s Attempt to Kill Russ and Kathryn
Vachon Dies
Valaryc Versai Born

27 BSW4
Val is lost on Forest Moon of Endor

22 BSW4
Star Wars : Episode II
Attack of the Clones

22 BSW4
Gen Zeridian and Crymson Join Shadow Guild
Gen constructs purple lightsaber
Crymson constructs twin bladed pink lightsaber
Form G invented by Gen Zeridian
Form C invented by Crymson Vachon

20 BSW4
Corerilla Dublon born
Lance Jade Born

19 BSW4
Star Wars : Episode III
(Fall of the Jedi?)

19 BSW4
Gen and Crymson Rank #8 and #9 in Shadow Guild

18 BSW4
Sara Versai Born

17 BSW4
The Versai Massacre Begins
Val is adopted by Jonathan Winters
Val given name "Winters" to hide "Versai" ties
Shadow Guild Crumbles to 1-6, then 1-3 members
Gen Duels Crymson and Elixis
Elixis Dies

14 BSW4
Val trains as Scout Trooper
Gen Zeridian Becomes HeadMaster of The Dark Jedi Academy

13 BSW4
Kathryn Versai finds Val in Mos Eisley
Kathryn and Russel Die
Val acquires Versai Locket after Gary Luruba is killed
Jonathan Winters Dies
Sara Retrieved By Ras Krueger- Hidden from Krevlin
”Isis Surul” introduced as Ras’s Daughter
The Versai Massacre Ends

12 BSW4
Val Kills Superior With The Force
Val given Imperial Shuttle "Appurtenance" by John Masterson
Ras Krueger Arranges Meeting with Val
Val is accepted into the Dark Jedi Academy

10 BSW4
Valaryc Winters meets Foe Raker
Val constructs first fire orange lightsaber
Form "V" invented by Valaryc Winters
Val faces Gen in “Final Exam” duel

5 BSW4
Val fights Crymson Vachon – (VC-V)
Gen Reveals Love for Val
Val and Gen Consummate Relationship
Crymson Has Relationship with Ras Krueger
Terra Born

3 BSW4
Operation “Endgame” Formulated
Ras Krueger and Krevlin Contact Cire T’Negun
Krevlin Makes “Deal” with Cire

2 BSW4
Val Duels Cire for Versai Locket (VC-III/The Prize)
Cire T'Negun's lightsaber destoryed
Val Tried for Treason
Draconis Dies/Dark Jedi Council Dissolved
Gen Zeridian Murdered
Cire T’Negun Dies
Dark Jedi Academy Destroyed
Val reclaims Versai Locket after burying Gen

0 BSW4
Star Wars Episode IV
A New Hope

0+ ASW4
Val confronts Krevlin in Office
Tuhzon Krevlin assumed dead
Val Acquires Obi Wan Kenobi’s Lightsaber (VC-II)
First Death Star Destroyed/Battle of Yavin

0-3 ASW4
Val Becomes a Bounty Hunter

3 ASW4
Star Wars : Episode V
The Empire Strikes Back

3+ ASW4
Val Contacted To Hunt Falcon/Solo – Refuses Offer

4 ASW4
Star Wars : Episode VI
Return of the Jedi

5+ ASW4
Val Leaves Bounty Hunting to Train Alone
Val Joins Rebel Alliance
Val meets Lance Jade in the RA
Val targeted by rival factions
Encounter in Cantina by Droidekas (VC-III)
Val meets Corerilla Dublon

7 ASW4
Val Betrayed by Rebel Alliance
The Krath War occurs and the RA is devastated
Val Returns to Dark Jedi Academy (Destiny I-IV)
Cire T’Negun’s Remains Placed In Carbonite (allegedly)
Val Turns Darker and Assumes Dark Overseer Title
Val Relinquishes Dark Overseer for Dark Justice Title

8 ASW4
Val Fights to Redeem Himself from The Dark Side
Val rescues Corerilla Dublon from Imperials
Val Becomes “Legend” For Aiding The Innocent
Ras Krueger Establishes Obsidian Order
Crymson Reveals Terra T’Negun to Ras – Cast Out
Quillion Introduced – Serves Ras
Crymson Plots with Quillion
Val Discovers “Versai Inheritance”
The Versai Mansion is Built on Alpha Xeridia
Versai Tech is Formed

9 ASW4
Star Wars : The Zahn Trilogy
Heir to the Empire
Dark Force Rising
The Last Command

9+ ASW4
Crymson Hunts Down Racine (VC-IV)
Racine Dies

10 ASW4
Dark Empire

10+ ASW4
Val Retreats Into Seclusion
Quillion Dissolves Obsidian Order
Ras Krueger Dies
Quillion Establishes The Killian
Crymson Serves Quillion – Terra Becomes “Maligna
Val Perfects Dark Jedi Abilities
Form B Perfected

15 ASW4

15+ ASW4
Events of Deception Occur

(listed oldest to youngest)
Russel/Kat - 2 years Crymson/Ras - 2 years
Krevlin/Russel - Same Crymson/Isis - 19 years
Krevlin/Cire - 24 years Cire/Isis - 17 years
Krevlin/Val - 25 years Gen/Cire - Same
Kathryn/Val - 27 years Isis/Terra - 13 years
Val/Cire - 5 years Crymson/Gen - 2 years
Val/Isis - 12 years Crymson/Cire - 2 years
Ras/Val - 5 years Crymson/Terra - 32 years
Ras/Isis- 21 years Crymson/Val - 7 years
Val/Corrie - 10 years Gen/Val - 5 years


"It is simply the final all things."

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