"New Arisings"
The Official History
"Valaryc Winters Versai"

"New Arisings" - The History of Valaryc Winters Versai

I. The Beginning
1. Valaryc is born to Russel and Kathryn Versai.
a. Time passes – Val grows very close to his parents.
b. Val’s parents, love the boy, but Russel still fears for his wife’s safety and Jedi involvement.
c. Val’s existence is kept hidden from Russel and Kathryn’s aquaintences, The Jedi, and The Old Republic
d. The Jedi sense that Russel’s son is very strong in The Force, with Russel’s defection from The Council, they
seek to recruit Val into their ranks, and perhaps through him show Russel the error of his own judgments
e. Russel and Kathryn decide to live life on their massive ship “The Stargazer” for fear of Jedi involvement, or
their various enemies finding their location. Being constantly on the move, The Versai couple are untraceable.

II. Turn of fate
1. The Stargazer ends up around the Forest Moon of Endor.
a. Russel and Kathryn are hunted down by Imperial fleets. Their ship is discovered as a common Imperial
violation, they are unaware of its contents significance.
b. Russel and Kathryn are not aware of this, and take no chances as Russel orders Kathryn to
listen to him and his plan. Kathryn senses something about her son, then slowly agrees.
2. The Stargazer lands on the Forest Moon of Endor, where Russ and Kat attempt to find a secure, safe
hiding place to hide Val, whom at this age is about 3 years old.
a. The Imperial regiments on the moon spot Russ and Kat. Russel grabs Kathryn and starts the engines.
b. Val plays as children do in the forest, senses great danger.
c. Val notices his parents are missing, soon grows worried.
d. Val sees his parent’s ship Stargazer fly overhead……
Val’s words that haunt him to this day, “Mommy…Daddy, Where are you?...don’t leave me.”
e. With seconds to spare Russ and Kat divert the Imperial’s attention away from the moon, where they
lead the fleets that pursue out into hyperspace, then soon with a couple brilliant maneuvers, lose them.
3. Russel and Kathryn disappear from Val’s side.
a. Val lives alone in the forest, struggling to survive.
b. As time passesKathryn and Russel return to Endor, but to their dismay
Val is thought dead, by torn clothing found, stained with blood.
c. Russel never forgives himself for the mistake he made, Kathryn continues to hope the evidence found is wrong.
After a full scale scan of Endor, Val’s parents move on. Assuming Val has been killed.
d. Something Kathryn senses tells her otherwise, and though the evidence shows her son was
obviously a victim of an attack, she hangs on to her hope Val still lives, knowing some how she
would find him again.

III. Val’s rebirth
1. Val is found by a Scout Trooper unit, captured, and brought before
the commanding officer.
a. Val grows up as a servant/slave to the Scout unit….soon finds favor
with the commanding officer. On his adopted birthday, he is granted freedom
at age 11.
b. Val refuses, preferring to join the Scout Trooper unit and fight along side his
adopted father John Winters (commanding officer). John has grown to love the boy, and takes
him as his own adopted son.
c. Val grows stronger, training exceptional well above the others.
d. Soon after gains the Scout position 1897b – paid by the Empire.
e. Val’s skill in weapons and combat are uncanny, John informs the Empire.
about Val’s loyalty and exceptional skills.
f. Time passes – John is killed under mysterious circumstances.
g. Val takes his armor and speeder bike, then leaves. Once again alone
i. Assumes the last name Winters in honor of his father.

IV. Destiny grows, fate draws near
1. Val is contacted by John Masterson, his good friend from training
on Endor. John tells Val that he is doing well, and would like Val to join
he and his friends aboard his ship the Shooting Star.
a. Val agrees, takes up residence with John, informs the Empire, he is still
loyal and ready for his next assignment In his spare time he reads up on ship’s tech manuals.
and grows very educated in ships mechanics and weaponry.
2.Val is assigned under Commander Krevlin.
a. Val has a gift “sensing” people, and their motives
b. Grows very disturbed as Krevlin is hiding something from him
2. Val is assigned to help fight the Rebels, ends up stationed near Mos Eisley.
a. In the Mos Eisley Cantina, he meets Gary Laruba, a arms dealer and supposed
friend of John Winters.
b. Val senses he too is hiding something,

V. The past returns.
1. Val has a dream of his parents, from when he was young. Feelings long
dead, become rekindled, as he is filled with an uncanny urge to find them again.
2. Val is alone in the Mos Eisley Cantina, he senses a presence he has not felt
in many years, a beautiful woman walks into the Cantina, clad in dark robes, her cloak
covering her face.
a. Val looks closely, the figure looks disturbed, turns around.
b. Val looks deep into the woman’s eyes, his mother…Kathryn.
c. The figure turns to Val, looking into his eyes and his mind, knowing through the Force that
the man before her is the one she has been longing to find once again, responding with a simple,
aghast manner, “Val?”
d. The two embrace – mother and son reunited.

VI. Painful memories, twist of fate.
1. The two talk, time passes, she must leave.
2. Val tries everything he can to make up for lost time, giving her
his coordinates, name, location,. She accepts and leaves.
a. That night Val has a dream – his parents ship the Stargazer, is destroyed
by  a fleet of Imperial scouting crews, his last images, his mother injured severely
dying on the floor crying “Val……Russ……I…found….Val…………………..”
b. His father Russel ignites a lightsaber, clad in ancient robes, fighting to the death,
c. Russ, is struck down by a figure in the darkness…imperial issue outfit…Val sees
The figures face is dark, and unrecognizable.
d. Val is filled with grief the next day, determined to find out what happened the night
before. He tracks down Gary, Gary seems distant, ignoring all of Val’s questions.
Val yells answer me or I’ll turn you in, Gary draws a blaster on Val, shooting him in the leg (flesh wound).
Val grows enraged…stares into Gary’s eyes and thinks…
Gary grabs his throat…collapses on the floor.
e. Val calms down, but is filled with shock…as this power, which he has had since
birth has struck out at a man…
f. As fate would have it, a guard near by draws a blaster and kills Gary in cold blood.
g. Val turns to the guard and screams, “why!”
h. Val is hit from behind, leveled by an unseen force, knocked unconscious…
He hears the words “bring him”.
3. Val awakens in the chambers of the Empire’s elite. John Masterson, is there.
a. John tells Val that he saved him from a group of bounty hunters, and brought him
to his new post on Coruscaunt. Val senses he is telling the truth, as John is his most
trusted friend. John tells Val of a meeting he must attend. Time passes, Val trains on Coruscaunt and
soon masters multiple fighting styles, tactics, and weaponry.
b. Val is lead VIP treatment to a secret location…there he meets the Emperor’s
Emissary, whom tells Val that the Emperor personally, has invited him to this
c. Val then is asked several questions about where his loyalty lies, and about what
happened that day in the Cantina with the arms dealer.
d. Val tells everything, except the locket he found…explaining that he does
not understand what happened to Gary, all he did was look at him. The Emissary
smiles, and says, “that boy is why you are here”.
e. Val feels a sudden rush of coldness enter his body as the doors open. Royal Guards
Enter the room then a dark figure approaches, and turns to Val. The figure speaks,
“Sit, young one, we have much to discuss”.
f. Val sits and listens – The figure replies, “Are you aware of who I am? I have summoned you
because you are special, I take it the weak powers you posses, are not yet known to you young apprentice.”
g. Val speaks, “You are the Emperor’s Emissary that my friend John speaks of, what do you wish of me lord.”
h. Ras Krueger speaks, stating that he has found favor with young Val, and wishes him to join his Master’s
secret Dark Jedi Academy, deep within the forests of Endor. Val dares not question Ras’s words and agrees.
i. Ras Krueger smiles and replies “Good young Val, in time you will learn of the power you posses, indeed you
will serve us well.” With that the Emperor exits the room with his guards, telling the Emissary instructions
before he leaves.

VII. A new presence, long good-byes.
1. Val says goodbye to John, telling him that the Emperor’s Emissary, Ras Krueger has requested
him personally to join some Dark Jedi Academy on Endor. John turns to Val and says, “before you go
on where your destiny is leading you, I have a gift for you, come with my buddy.”
a. John puts a blast shield helmet on Val and leads him to his private docking bay.
b. Val trusts that John is not going to injure him, they stop.
c. Val hears the sound of huge metal doors sliding open, John counts to three.
d. On the count of three, Val opens his eyes, and is amazed at what he sees.
e. Val sees a brand new Sienar issue “Lambda” modified Imperial Shuttle.
f. John smiles, and hands Val the keycards, and access codes. Val smiles for once, which he has not done
since that horrible dream.
g. John asks, Val what he will name his “going away” present. Val responds, “ I feel to suit my life so far t
hat the Appurtenance, is appropriate, because it goes with me, brand new, and ready to face what is out there.”
h. John tells Val there is another reason why this is a going away present…John has been called to be stationed
on a top secret battle station, and will not be able to communicate with Val for quite awhile.
i. Val raises a curious eyebrow, but tells John ok; however he must swear when communications are possible
to inform him about how he is doing.
j. John agrees, shakes Val’s hand and opens the docking bay doors. Val grabs his things, the locket
hanging from his neck.
k. Val once again leaves to face his destiny.

VIII. Introduction to Destiny

(Some of this is recapped)

a. Val kills a Imperial superior with a Force attack in a act of anger.
b. Foe wins a contest to meet with Emperor’s emissary for entry into a “elite academy”.
c. Both Val and Foe meet the Emperor’s Emissary’s but at separate times, but end up being sent to the
same academy on the Forest Moon of Endor.
d. Academy is headed by Gen Zeridian, a accomplished Dark Jedi Master, with years of experience in
secret underground Imperial missions, as well as member of the elite “Shadow Guild”.

X. Trials
a. Both Val and Foe are put through various trials, duels, and tests of loyalty and strength. Val and Foe both
encourage each other through, and overcome each challenge.

XI. There Can Be Only One.
a. Val and Foe as being the top of their class, must fight each other for the right to be called the best, gaining
the right to be a Instructor and personal assistant to Gen.
b. Val concedes the fight to Foe, under the grounds of choosing friendship and honor, over power
and promotion.
c. Foe becomes an Instructor, and Gen’s personal assistant.
d. Brother/Sister relationship ensues over time.

XII. Val Fights Cire
a. Since Val and Cire are the only other best of the class, again there can be only one.
b. Cire is defeated in a saber duel – Round one victory to Val.
c. Cire defeats Val in a Force Duel by cheating, injuring Val in the process
d. Sudden death, all bets being off Val defeats Cire for a two out of three fall victory.
e. Cire is outraged, attempts to defeat Val, Foe intervenes and further humiliates Cire by defeating
him in combat.

XIII.  Val Declared “Best of Class”
a. Val challenged by Gen Zeridian.
b. Val wins first half of fight, having gained exceptional prior melee combat.
c. Gen uses seductive tactics, seeing into Val’s mind to discover his true feelings about her, using
them against him, exposing weakness.
d. Val faces Gen, overcomes the “weakness” passing the final test of priority over emotion.
e. Gen further defeats Val, holds saber to his throat, but turns it off and helps him up.

XIV. Feelings Kindle
a. Gen kisses Val, to give him a taste of what he wishes for, yet still as a composed Instructor, does not
get personally involved. More of a symbol of “victory”.
b. Val is promoted as Gen’s second Assistant thereby joining Foe, finally becoming equal with his “brother”.
c. Cire is enraged at the kiss, and that his place was stolen by Gen’s side.

XV. Krevlin ‘s Discovery
a. Krevlin discovers the academy and Val’s location within it
b. Krevlin researches Val’s history, discovers an ally in Cire.
c. Krevlin informs Ras Krueger of his findings.

XVI. Fall From Grace
a. Cire seeks the aid of his sister Crymson Vachon, to teach the new “Instructors” a lesson, and
render them unable to remain at Gen’s side, to take their place.
b. Crymson learns of Gen – flashbacks ensue of their past, motivates her to hurt Gen’s prized students to
send a “message” to her.

XVII. "The Rising Sun"
a. Val is ambushed while on his usual walk through the forest by Crymson.
b. Crymson emerges challenging Val to prove his skills against a woman.
c.. Val fights Crymson, Crymson masks her true abilities playing a weaker version to lower Val’s guard.
d. Crymson tries to turn Val to the Dark Side completely like herself.
e. Val pledges his loyalty to Gen Zeridian, in turn Crymson becomes angered by being scorned so
she intensifies her fighting advances bent on killing Val no longer wishing to convert him.

XVIII. Crimson Dawn.
a. Val defeats Crymson in saber duel. Crymson reveals second blade in saber hilt, and blinding
speed abilities revealing her true power levels.
b. Val’s signature maneuver is countered by the new blade.
c. Crymson catches Val off guard, dealing a crushing blow to his jaw.
d. Val responds by prepping and releasing his ultimate attack a 30ft Bolt of Hatred.
e. Crimson is caught within the blast, but she is unharmed.
f. Crymson responds with using Force Lightning upon Val, sending him crashing to his knees.
g. Val telepathically alerts both Foe Raker and Gen of his ambush and his pain.

XVIV. The Dark One Returns….
a. Gen senses the cry for help as she and Foe run to aid Val.
b. Before Gen and Foe can arrive in time, Val is inflicted with several TK blows to his chest, and
eventually his ribs break from the impact.
c. Gen in a murderous rage attacks Crymson and brings her to her knees, but between vengeance
and Val’s life. She lets Crymson go.
d. Foe sees the damage Crymson has done, and pursues her on a quest of vengeance.
e. Foe Raker attacks a weaker Crymson and scores a critical blow across her thigh with his Ryyk blades.
f. Foe too is forced to choose between killing Crymson or saving Val.
g. With a final anger filled swipe, Foe lets Crymson escape.
h. Gen while holding Val whispers to him “I love you”. This forging the exact moment she no longer
hides her feelings toward him, giving him more to hang on to until help arrives.
i. Gen and Foe use their combined Force abilities to temporarily mend Val’s broken ribs.
j. The moment finally arrives, where Gen confesses to Val that she loves him.
k. With Val stabilized, Gen sends Foe to get assistance with getting Val back to the Academy where
his wounds can be better addressed.
l. Alone, Val and Gen exchange few words and the words they do brings them closer together as a
newly established couple.

XX. Rest, Recovery, and Revelation
a. Gen nurses Val back to health over a period of weeks.
b. Val recovers enough to instruct again...with taped ribs, and wrappings, and a cane.
c. Gen and Val confess their feelings to one another one fateful night, while they are alone as Gen
unwraps the wrappings from Val’s healed wounds. After which in the privacy of Gen’s quarters, Val and Gen
consummate their feelings for each other and take each other’s innocence as well.
d. Foe returns outraged that Crymson escapes, but discovers the kindled relationship of Val and Gen,
in the form of both being in the same room with their coats “off” and saber belts on the floor, taking
the hint that they wish to be alone.
d. The next morning Gen, Val, and Foe discuss the “future” as well as the encounter with Crymson
and come to the conclusion there is a traitor in the midst of the academy.

XXI. Operation “Endgame” - The Zero Tolerance Agenda
a. The Sith Followers decide that they wish for purification of their ranks, the Jedi that remain no l
onger matter and Dark Jedi are “half breeds” and risks to the might of their existence.
b. The Sith Emissary to Palpatine named Ras Krueger orders the “plan” kept secret, passing the orders to
only his most trusted Imperial Advisors who go under the name “The Inner Circle” which have chosen to aid
The Sith with their plans in secret in exchange for higher ranks within the Empire, Krevlin being at the top of
the list of rank hungry Imperial staff. The Sith, with the aid of the “Inner Circle” then systematically eradicates
several Dark Jedi academies, training facilities, Jedi temples, Jedi Academies, and other various Force related
establishments with both The Sith and various “death squads”.
c. Krevlin informs Ras, that he knows of the last threat to their plan, being the Academy on Endor which
does not appear in any Imperial files, accept his own, also telling them of all the intelligence info from Gen’s
leadership to Val’s status, to a possible ally in Cire.
d. Krevlin asks only that Val be spared and brought into his custody.
e. Ras  plots to gain Cire’s trust and invade the academy, by passing the planetary defenses and base
shields, breaching all defenses with death squads, but unknown to Krevlin also plots to kill EVERYONE,
and defy his request to capture Val alive having more important agendas in mind.

XXII. The Conference
a. Cire is informed by Gen Zeridian that he must attend a meeting with the Emperor’s Emissary aboard a ISD.
b. The shields lower, only long enough for Cire to be transported off the planet, to meet in the ISD.
c. Cire is led to a room with Ras Krueger and Krevlin.
d. Cire is offered a high position in the “new order” within the Sith ranks, if he would betray his own and
prove his ultimate loyalty to the “cause”. Cire agrees, since he is burned by Val and Gen’s relationship, and
his current status in the academy, in his mind choosing to take the “easy” road to the top.
e. Ras gives Cire a talisman as a sign of his promise to allow him access into the “new order” as well as
instructions to follow.
f. Cire agrees and the Ras leaves the room, but Krevlin stops Cire and continues his own meeting,
wanting to know about Val, and Gen and the others in the academy.

XXIII. Bargain With Destruction
a. Krevlin pretends to sympathize with a overconfident, anger filled Cire and offers him places of wealth and
many ships if he would aid him in his own “agenda”.
b. Krevlin reveals his own hatred for Val and reveals that he and Val have a long history and that
Krevlin killed Val’s parents and knows enough information to give Cire what he needs to finally deal
Val a crushing blow….
c. Krevlin also sweetens the deal by telling Cire he will give him double his offer if he can kill off Gen Zeridian
infront of Val. Since Krevlin gains Cire’s trust by having so much in common with their hatred for Val, and
Cire continues to harbor the rage to Gen for denying his advances, reluctantly he agrees to carry out the deed.
d. Krevlin gives Cire a dagger to prove he has done the deed, wanting the dagger brought back with Gen’s
own blood as proof.
e. Cire agrees, but in his own mind doubts his full decision to kill off his object of desire, hiding his
small amount of reluctance to kill Gen off, but allows Krevlin to believe he will carry out the deed
with no hesitation.

XXIV. The Future...
a. Gen and Val form a bond with each other through Life Sense and Life Bond.
b. Gen is called away to a meeting with Ras and Krevlin, in which Val is left in charge of the academy while she is away.
c. Val and Foe discuss the “future” and that Val plans to propose to Gen, Foe as a brother and brother to
Gen, feels proud for his brother and agrees to be Best Man.
d. While Val and Foe talk of things, Cire sneaks into Val’s quarters and searches for something to
back up Krevlin’s claims, finding the locket with Val’s parents inside.
e. Val leaves Foe, and returns to find his locket missing.

XXV. "The Prize"
a. Cire challenges Val to a duel.
b. Val accepts.
c. Cire adds the stipulation that if Val wins, his secrets are safe…if he wins Gen is his and Val must back off.
d. Val knows he can defeat Cire and accepts the terms, but adds the stipulation that it is sabers
only and no Force Powers, knowing full well he can win.
e. Cire accepts.
f. Val and Cire duel. Val defeats Cire in the saber battle, in which Cire breaks the rules and uses Force Lightning
on Val, in an attempt to cripple him for a hidden agenda. Val retaliates by showing his true power levels and engulfs
Cire in a Bolt of hatred, which also results in Cire’s lightsaber being destroyed.

XXVI. "The Game"
a. Crymson re-emerges and challenges Foe to another fight in another location half way across Endor via a
holo to Foe.
b. Foe goes to answer Crymson’s challenge, there by leaving Val alone, unaware of the battle taking place.
c. Foe reaches Crymson and fights her and supposedly kills her.
d. Foe discovers that the essence he kills is a Doppelganger, leaving him to wonder where the REAL Crymson is.
g. The true Crymson interferes in the “sudden death” round of the fight disguised in a all black ninja-like outfit,
wielding a Sith Sword, The contest is no longer a battle for the locket but survival. In the fight, Cire cheats
yet again using a blaster to shoot Val in the chest, with his injured ribs re-injured further, Val passes out from
extreme fatigue and pain.
d. Foe senses Val fall, and rushes to return back to the academy.
e. With Val unconscious, Cire then informs the Sith that the first phase of his loyalty has come to pass, and
transmits clearance codes to bypass the defenses in the Academy so they can witness first hand, his final test
of loyalty to them.
f. The Sith receive the message and inform Ras that the time has come, in which Ras and the “Inner Circle”
prepares their death squads and orders them to invade Endor’s surface.
(NOT with lots of equipment like the Battle of Endor, just drop ships full of death squad troopers, since there
is no need to invade defenses, they do everything swift by low-key)

XXVII. The Trial of Val
a. Val is captured and bound by chains to a table, where Cire arranges a trial, and presents to the Dark Jedi
Council Val’s locket, presenting it to the Council along with his findings that Val’s parents were Republic spies,
Val’s true last name is “Versai” and that such deception should not be accepted. The Council weighs the
“evidence” and Cire further fuels the fire by pinning the Sith amulet on Val saying that Val also planned to
betray the academy to gain entrance in the Sith. (Which we know Cire is the traitor, not Val)
b. As the Council is shocked by the new “evidence”, Gen Zeridian arrives, bursting through the chamber
doors, demanding to know the meaning of the meeting and why Val is being treated like a prisoner.
c. The Council tells Gen it is not her affair, Gen protests and explains how Val is her trusted assistant and
can’t lie to her and so on.
d. The Council orders Val to be put to death immediately and makes Gen prove her loyalty by dispelling
the “traitor” Gen refuses to kill Val, so the council then conveys that Gen is weak and no longer fit to lead
the council any longer.
e. Cire is given control of the Academy for his “loyalty”, as he approaches Val to kill him, Gen intervenes
and levels Cire to the floor…as Gen struggles to free Val, Cire at that moment decides to carry out Krevlin’s
request taking great pleasure in seeing Val suffer and having been struck is convinced finally that Gen will
never accept him.

XXVIII. Death Becomes Her
A. In a fit of rage, Cire slams the dagger into Gen’s back, leaving a stunned Gen only seconds to lock eyes
with Val, and in the intense seconds that follow she uses her power levels to scan Cire’s mind, seeing several
flashbacks through his visions, at breakneck speed of Krevlin, the meeting with The Sith, and how he and Val
fought in the rain and Crymson’s involvement.
b. Foe senses Val’s outcry, and bursts through the Academy with his Ryyk blades primed, setting his gaze
dead on Cire, leaping towards him, until he is cut short by several stun rings from behind, sending him just short
of stopping Cire’s next move.
c. Before Gen can come back to grips with the present, Cire screams to Val that if he wants Gen so bad he
can have her, as he whispers to Gen that he has seen the future and she is not in it, suddenly slashing her throat
in full view of a shattered and wide eyed Val.
d. Foe uses the Force to resist the stun rings, only getting angered further, fueled by the scene of Gen being
killed, in front of him as well, his own “sister” being murdered before his very eyes.
d. As Gen’s body falls, Foe tries to get up and tackle Cire but the real Crymson pounces him from above a
nd hurls him through a weakened wall into another room.
e. Crymson fights Foe, who once again becomes separated from a very devastated Val.
f. Cire further tortures Val, but Val’s true power levels seem to raise with his anger and rage as he shatters
the chains and he pumbles Cire to the ground, in which he immediately attends to a dying Gen.

XXVIV. The Truth Revealed
a. As Gen takes her last breaths, she tells Val to touch her mind and read what she’s seen and what
she knows…in which he does, as he kisses her on the lips to accomplish this feat, his head then fills with
the same images that Gen had from reading Cire’s mind, but in addition he sees what Gen discovered
on her meeting and that unknown until now, Gen knew she had borrowed time because she discovered
from one of the “Inner Circle” members of  “Operation : Endgame” although she did not know what
exactly what it meant, she knew it had to do with a great massacre. He also sees what Gen saw from
Cire’s POV as well.
b. As Gen whispers to Val with her last dying breaths “Your parents…your pain, your life..it was…Krevlin.”
Val’s eyes burn with fury, Gen then asks one last request of Val, to hold her in his arms until the very end…
however Cire interferes and as Gen takes her last breath, her and Val are separated by a huge blast as the imperial
death squads invade the Academy.
c. As Val struggles to get to Gen’s body, troops fill the room and he fights them off with various attacks,
making it back to Gen’s corpse as he attempts to pick her up in his arms.
d. As he does so, Cire strikes him from behind and eggs Val on to fight him, but Val at the moment, being
fueled by the visions from Gen’s mind, knows the truth about everything and decides that the game is finally OVER.
e. Val blinded by anger, with Gen in his arms, stares to Cire’s legs and sets him on fire, moving from his legs
until he reaches his head, each part of Cire’s flesh and muscle tissue reduced to ashes, so that by the time Val
reaches Cire’s dying stare, nothing but a stack of flaming bones remains.
f. Crymson senses her brother’s suffering and attempts to flee the battle with Foe, but the death troops keep
on coming and kill several students, which pisses Foe off even more where Crymson and Foe are separated
by swarms of troops, as Val stands in the far distance, with Gen’s body still in his arms.
f. With Gen in his arms, troops continue to try and kill off everyone in sight, as they attempt to approach Val,
Val is emotionless as he sets everything in his gaze ablaze, with no compassion or no humanity, everything is
incinerated in flames, from halls, pictures, room, humans, everything is set afire as he paces to some unforeseen
destination, with his head teeming with the deadly scene that would reply in his nightmares to the present day of
Gen’s death over and over again, he not even being aware of his location anymore.
g. Foe battles more guards and everyone in the academy is dead, except for Val, Foe and Crymson
who has escaped…Foe is seriously injured from the fighting and finally reaches the breaking point, his last
image is Val walking with Gen’s body through a wall of flame, then Foe passes out.

XXX. Judgment Day, Meeting with Darkness
a. Val discovers Krevlin’s whereabouts and travels to the Death Star to confront him playing coy,
pretending to request to be discharged from the Imperial ranks,  where Krevlin reveals more information
about his past and connections to the Versai Massacre.
b. Krevlin is believed slain.
c. Val acquires Obi Wan’s lightsaber, and a Mandalorian suit. Shortly after Obi Wan Kenobie is struck down.
d. Val confronts Lord Vader. Through sheer luck, the encounter is brief and memorable. Val then leaves the Death Star shortly
before later, it is blown up by Luke Skywalker's fateful shot into its exhuast port. Val takes his "findings" and becomes a
little known but over time well know bounty hunter.
e. During the events of "Empire Strikes Back". Val is contacted to attend in the task of capturing the Millenium Falcon.
For fear of re-discovery by Vader, Val does not accept the commission, thereby not adding the 7th member of the
Bounty Hunter's pack consisting of Boba Fett, Dengar, Bossk, IG-88, 4-LOM, and Zuckuss.

XXXI - Revelations, Forgiveness, Retribution.

 The events of Return of The Jedi occur, while Val decides to leave the foray of the bounty hunting world, using
his mechanical skills, he invests his time in researching his parent's past, as well as repairing and modifying various spacecraft.
g. Val learns that his father was a former Jedi Knight, who left the Jedi ways, after he disagreed with their motives. This event
also explains the mysteroious phrase found within his locket inscribed by Russel Versai, before his birth reading,. "Before victory comes humility, before duty comes family."
h. Val also learns deeper aspects of the fued between Russel and Krevlin. Over a period of years, Val traces back his family
roots to discover with their service to the Old Republic as guardians, ambassadors, and spies. Russel and Kathryn Versai had
aquired and hidden away, vast amounts of money. With Val being the only known survivor of the "Versai Massacre". Val
then inherits the fortune. Bent on rebuilding the Versai name, Val leaves his current jobs and constructs a plan to create a allied
corperation "Versai Tech" and also keep his family bloodline alive.
i. Learning of his family's past. Val discovers the truth that he indeed was not abandoned as a child, but rather protected and
unfortunatly assumed lost and deceased. With this knowledge now, Val can finally knows the real reasons his Mother desperatly
searched for him. In this moment of time, Val forgives his parents for his assumptions and has shrines built in their honor in which
the New Republic gives them the prestigious "Kenobie" Medal of Valor for their dedicated years of service that helped
bring an end in its own way, to the tyranny of The Empire.

XXXII. – Sacul 456/Versai Mansion/Versai Tech/Alpha Xeridia

a. After months of development, and defenses. The Versai Mansion is constructed on Ithor as well as on Val’s secret
location deep in Wild Space known as “Alpha Xeridia”.
b. Somewhere a long the line, Val encounters a HRD badly damaged, taking the droid under his
supervision he implants emotion chips as well as new options inside the HRD unit, giving him a fully functionally
humanoid like body dubbing him “Sacul 456”.
c. Sacul maintains the Mansion on Alpha Xeridia. Over time Val builds great wealth and power from his
Versai Tech Corporation.
d. Val discovers special crystals that grow every winter and summer solstice. He calls these near
invulnerable crystals “Luminex”. The crystals are a clear, dazzling, topaz yellow material and have the
distinct ability to enhance a lightsaber’s functions beyond that of Adegen crystals.
e. Val decides to “retire” Gen Zeridian’s lightsaber from combat, creating a new saber hilt, which bares
f dazzling golden yellow blade when ignited.
g. Val seems to one day, disappear from the “public eye” running his businesses from his secondary
“Versai Mansion” on Ithor. Leaving his primary Mansion’s location unknown.

XXXIII. Versai Chronicles “Deception” Events Occur

All questions will be answered in this FINAL chapter of Valaryc Winter Versai's life.


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