Known Users
Valaryc Versai, Sara Versai

Form "V" is one of Val's two custom lightsaber techniques. Form V favors a two bladed attacks but can also be effective with one. In Form V the wielder’s body is placed facing the opponent, fully presented with the blade held along either side at a 45-degree downward angle. During a duel, 
Form "V" also favors the unique use of a “reverse handle” style, where a lightsaber hilt is reversed in the wielders hand so that the blade faces along their back, rather then always forward, usually with purposes of twisting the wrist to deliver precise and widespread 45 degree advancing arch, very similar to wielders of a katana blade. Form "V" also highly favors swift cross parries with a dominant forward advance. 

Form "V" is known for its “one-two” coordination of either knocking an opponent’s blade out of position such as in the air, or causing an opponent to become lost in the momentum of a failed attempt at slicing the head or neck, resulting in the second blade to either be quickly ignited or if already engaged, sent slashing in a horizontal, close range arch across the opponent’s vulnerable midsection, typically halving them. Based upon the manipulation of time and momentum, Val’s signature Form has granted him countless victories in even the most difficult of situations. 

Form “V” possesses refined, highly focused speed, the defensive parries of Form III, and the power and twirled grace of Form IV. Form “V” also highly favors 180 to 360 spins. Form “V” is only known to Valaryc Versai as well as some of its basics to his friends. Though Form “V” possesses several tactics, there is no known “exact” formula to the style as Val consistently changes his method to avoid an opponent’s preparation for attacks.

Form "V" is not a Sith style, and does not rely on the dark side to function. It is neither a Jedi nor Sith religion or practice and holds no such limitations upon the user who wields it.


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