Known Users
Cire T'Negun, Lord Jenner, Elite Killian Warriors

Cire T’Negun Invented this style after several failed attempts to defeat Valaryc Versai. Form K relies on inflicting as much mental and physical pain to your opponent as possible while playing off of an opponent’s impulsive actions, or using the force to deceive an opponent’s eyes from your real attack strategies such as a doppelganger or other such deceptive measure. Form K combines Form I, II, III, IV, VII. A limited drawback to Form K is that it does not favor a dual weapon/saber strategy. Form K does not rely heavily upon lightsabers, but rather Sith Swords and brutal Force Attacks such as Force Lightning. 

Form K begins innocently enough as a mimic of Form II, graceful and defined this is only used to fool an opponent into underestimating the wielder, furthermore a wielder of Form K may even feign weakness or loss of concentration as a tactic to knock their challengers off balance through ego and a false sense of security. After an opponent has fallen for the trap, Form K begins to manifest into a highly exhausting and deadly onslaught of near flawless and highly aggressive slicing and lunging attacks

Form K is also used specifically by Lord Jenner and exudes the power of Form IV with some of the highly intense speeds of Form C in its latter execution. Another heavy advantage to the use of Form K is that it also relies on the system of Form G, keeping consistent eye contact with an opponent for means of farseeing and intimidation. 

Form K can favor either one handed, graceful movements like Form II or more intense attacks like form IV, each attack can often be very impulsive but this is allowed considering when the attack is made, the opponent’s counter is already predicted. The only way a Jedi or an enemy can counter this effect is to avoid eye contact with a wielder of Form K, and focus their mind on something besides their attacking procedures. Having an opponent who cannot reasonably think through every possibility of their moves gives the user of Form K an asset to take advantage of their opponent’s miscalculated counters. This in turn leaves any fighter who comes up against this style vulnerable. Form K is specifically based on Sith methods.


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