Known Users
Dark Jedi Master Gen Zeridian

Invented by Head Master Gen Zeridian, Form G is clearly attuned to take specific advantage of both her sexuality and her suggestive eyes, which cause males to lower their defenses or weaken their attacks almost to a standstill. Form G favors rhythmically balanced fluidic “dance” like movement and the refined grace of Form II. Form “G” contains the defensive blaster parrying attributes of Form III and the flawless timing of Form “V” with a high support of agility and harmonious movements. Form “G” favors a one handed approach but can also use two. One highly distinct attribute of Form “G” is that the wielder holds consistent eye contact with their opponent’s eyes and hand movements. This tactic is used to detect an opponent’s strategy almost before it is even carried out, in a very disciplined “farseeing” manner. 

In Form “G” the wielder holds their blade at a vertical angle, pointing down with both hands on the lightsaber hilt, allowing a snap forward sweep of the blade at first attack, with a rolling of the wrists, into a 180 spin, allowing the wielder an easy shield against an on coming sneak attack while also adding power through their firmly grounded stance. In Form G three quarters of the body is presented so that there is a minimum visual target for an opponent to attack or track

With these advantages Gen Zeridian’s fighting style was fairly unequaled in combat. However the drawback to Form G is that one must be focused at all times to properly carry out its demanding and often taxing series of movements, which are solely made to throw an opponent visually off balance. Form G requires the highest of mastery in the Dark Jedi arts, it is not a Jedi technique nor a Sith method. Form G relies on distraction and manipulation over speed and power and does not draw upon the more malevolent powers of the dark side.


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