Known Users
Crymson Vachon, Terra "Maligna" T'Negun

Invented by Crymson Vachon, Form C favors intense speed and multi-combination attacks and 180 to 360 degree full body spins and parries with the blade always facing opponent in a sign of feral aggression. Form C does not always rely solely on a lightsaber blade, hand-to-hand and martial arts training is also enhanced and evoked by the barely trackable power of the user’s force enhanced speed. When a lightsaber blade is not relied upon, Form “C” can also favor the use of telekinetic blows to an opponent’s body utilizing the force to inflict them.

Form C requires uncanny control with both a single and a dual bladed lightsaber. The user of Form C must be incredibly agile in their physical training and use of force enhanced speed with near flawless hand-eye coordination. The body is presented either three-quarter or full on depending on the fighter’s preference legs firmly planted in a “sprint” manner. If a dual saber is used, and I specify NOT a lightstaff like Darth Maul but a lightsaber hilt used along the lines of Exar Kun the wielder of Form C must have total control over the functions of their blade, to allow their opponent to over-exert themselves with powerful swings that with split second blade modifications, could easily pass through a Form C user’s weapon and present the wielder with a vulnerability on their opponent. 

To date only Crymson Vachon has used such blinding abilities with maximum accuracy, most noted against Valaryc Winters in his early days of training where her Form nearly ended his life. The only other heir to carry on the tradition of Form C is Crymson’s daughter Terra “Maligna” T’Negun, unlike her mother however; Terra favors javelins in addition to her saber abilities and effective hand-to-hand combat techniques. It should be noted, while Form C is both used for aggression and assassination it is not a “Sith” found style, but it does harness the power of the dark side, those who stray too close to dependency upon it, fall to darkness.


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