Known Users
Valaryc Versai (VCD)

Form B is the second style invented by Valaryc Versai, in the event one can no longer depend upon their eyes in a battle, a small fraction of this Form can be noted in his battle with Lord Efface in chapter IV of Deception, after he is poisoned. Form B favors force guidance over flashy moves or intimidation, even over power. Using the force and trusting solely upon its guidance without the ability to see, the wielder can fight “blindly” moving their saber with the aid of the force to parry on coming lightsaber blows or blaster bolts. Form B also relies on an opponent’s vulnerabilities that present themselves from underestimated, impulsive assaults.

In the above graphic you can see that the dark figure representing the attacker, has miscalculated a swing to the figure using Form B’s head. Because of this oversight, trusting in the force, the Form “B” user senses the mistake and gains a swift advantage, dealing injury to his attacker.

Form B favors two hands, over one and one must be an accomplished Master to maintain its heavy toll on absolute focus and faith in the force or risk serious personal injury from a miscalculation in timing and accuracy. In order to fully execute full precision of Form B, the wielder must be aware of Form I, II, III, IV, and VII and exude mastery over extensive and prolonged force meditation.


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