Known Users
Kathryn Versai, Corerilla Dublon

Invented as a means of both exploiting a “vulnerable” opponent and a sometimes successful way of peacefully ending a dispute by Valaryc’s Mother Kathryn Versai, Form A favors swift, precise saber arches when an enemy fails to keep a desired distance. In Form A the wielder stands with body fully presented, hands along their sides with lightsaber extinguished in one hand. 

When threatened, utilizing force speed and calculated had eye coordination a battle can be ended with the loss of a limb, or even a life in a matter of seconds, very similar to Obi Wan’s motions in AOTC and ANH in the various bar scenes. Form A relies on means of a peaceful warning to a potential enemy, when that warning is ignored and the attacker decides to step too close, a wielder of Form A responds with simple arched and horizontal, lighting fast counters.

Form A is a Jedi founded style.


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