What would it be like I wonder, to write from the other side of the spectrum...


    It had been a few days since the encounter at the desolate bar…the Neomidian Commander adjusted his clothing, still wincing from the cracked rib that he had suffered. In his mind the Commander wondered why did he run like a coward, he could have taken the figure down…no he was too quick though, too lethal, better to send the droids.

Then the Commander narrowed his eyes thinking, “Yeah a lot of good they did, pieces of junk.” Slowly though his ship rocked back and forth in the midst of hyperspace, each streaming star starting to thin out, his own Trade Fed cruiser, slowly retracting it’s speed to a dismal impulse setting….His ship had dropped from hyperspace now, having followed his orders, to contact Kralyn at once, should he run across anymore Jedi or Sith. The Trade Fed’s goals remain unchanged, the orders were simple……

Find a Force User…and destroy them on sight. But this time, this time this particular Force User, had moved like he had never seen before, so quick, so agile. The Trade Fed Commander’s shimmering blue eyes moved over the video monitors, for three probe droids had recorded the action from afar with wide lenses, the dark figure who was wrapped in a black cloak, so suspicious to him. The Commander wondered though as the footage cycled through…who was he, the one that bore a mark banned from public view, a mark so mocking of the Trade Fed, so threatening, those who bore it were put to death…..

The Versai Crest…..

Yet this figure, this...man dared to wear this mark not once, not twice but over his entire outfit like a badge of honor, sure the tattered rags he wore were indeed old for this day in age…clearly an outlander. The ignition of a signature fighting style, lightsaber combat… made no mistake to the Commander as the monitor shows him screaming, “THAT MAN IS VALARYC VERSAI!!!! KILL HIM!”.

At that moment, the Trade Federation Commander knew that, somehow, some way…Valaryc Versai was suddenly walking around again, after 217 years of being thought DEAD, he was alive??? This lowly Commander had no idea what to make of the imagery, but he knew he had proof of Val’s existence…and so did…


As the Commander strode from his carrier shuttle, upon familiar ground, baring the great insignia of the Trade Federation, he had in one hand, a file and in the other video discs. The Commander was surrounded by his battle droid battalions, being of a somewhat high rank his security force was a key part in keeping himself alive, but the words Val had said to him…the things he had done to him, played back in his mind again and again….

Pacing from two grand structures, parting to the left and right, massive 25ft doors, another figure paces down the hallway, each click of his feet colliding to the solid steel floor, like a thundering storm approaching, the figure’s eyes narrowed in concentration, with silvery streaked hair blowing along his facial features, wrapped in a high ranking Trade Federation uniform, the uniform of the Head of Security, once worn by Ruyl, now fell upon the physique of Kralyn Deka.

Kralyn watched from his distance, as the Trade Fed Commander approached. Kralyn was not interested in the fools name, nor his rank…he only wanted to know what the boy knew, he wanted to know everything and in short time he would. As the distance between the two narrowed, Kralyn extended his hand to the Commander, nodding in silent acknowledgement to him of his pleasure…at the Commanders arrival.

Slowly the two paced down a narrow walkway, amidst a bustling city, reflective of Coruscant, but far more darker in nature, for everywhere the eye could see, banners with the Trade Federation logo were hung with pride, the city was not Republic, nor Imperial…this whole city was solely devoted to the Trade Federation alone, as the streets were lined with battle droid squadrons, the landing bays full of MTT and ATT units, as well as droid fighters that streaked across the sky on a silent patrol. This place of origin could only be known as the Trade Federation Outpost “Alpha-Deka” named after Kralyn himself. With the two pacing side by side, a conversation ensued between them…

(turns to a play-style now)

Kralyn : I trust your journey was pleasant?

Commander: Ye...yyyyyesss it’s good to be back in friendly territory again

(Kralyn turns to the Commander and grins replying to him)

Kralyn : And what makes you think this place is friendly? But…no matter on that, I wish to know of your “discovery” on your travels….

(The Commander turns to Kralyn and hands him the discs, Kralyn glances over them and the two reach the double doors, passing through them into a room with bustling lights, various droids and screens along the walls, with pictures of battles ensuing, prison colonies, and other menacing imagery, until they arrive in a smaller room, with a typical office setting)

(Kralyn points to a chair)

Kralyn : Sit……….

(The Commander, nervously sits in the chair, very shaken from his encounters on that desolate planet, the shady bar, Val’s red angered eyes still flashing in his memory)

Kralyn : Now, (sits in his chair, clasping his hands in front of him) Tell me of this encounter, before you show me what is on these discs, I want to know first hand, what problems you had that would require my direct attention…..

Commander : Well Sir, I had taken my squadron of droids out, hunting for force-users to a small-uncharted planet, thinking that it would be a place where the scum could hide out from detection. Upon entering the room, taking a seat in the back, a lone figure paced in the room. This person chose to hide himself and his features behind a dark black cloak, reminiscent of the Jedi of old…

(Kralyn glances to the doors outside, then back to the Commander nodding his head to him)

Commander : Well I sent the droids to scan him….and

(Kralyn interrupts him)

Kralyn : You see this watch? (he points to it)My time is valuable, YOU are wasting it with your babbling, I don’t give a damn about his fashion sense, get to the #$%@% point….

(the Commander, becomes a bit edgy, leaning back in his seat, blinking a bit before continuing)

Kralyn : Well????

Commander : Well after time, the droids reported the man had the forbidden symbol, known as the Versai Crest. I sent the droids to apprehend him…..

(Kralyn gets up, seeming to be quite upset, throwing his hands up in the air in a frightful rage screaming to the Commander)


(The Commander shrinks back, lowering his head, then continues with his report)

Commander : Well, basically…the man tried to escape after the droids opened fire on him, igniting what appeared to be a blue, and purple lightsaber. I cannot be sure if the man was Valaryc Versai himself, this is why I have brought the video discs with me, so you can confirm this yourself…

Kralyn :So then…these are the only discs that exist? Here in this office??

Commander : Yes Sir, I made sure no one could copy them, for a threat of violating the sacred band of secrecy we have established…

Kralyn : Oh yes, secrecy is a must in this…issue (Kralyn’s lips part in a sadistic grin)

Commander : Sir, this man had the same cocky attitude that Valaryc Versai had, even as far as to mimic his fighting style, I would think…(Kralyn interrupts)

Kralyn : IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK, You are not paid to think, you are paid to sit back like a good little soldier and take orders, and if you disobey we slap you around and make you piss like a scared puppy…however you please me with this report and your loyalty to our secret ways…….

Commander : The man demanded to know where “Dark Territory” was…and I well, he broke my ribs sir he caused great injury, the pain was…….

(Kralyn turns sharply to the Commander growling)

Kralyn : You think that, that was true pain? Need I remind you of the “X-Tinction” Chair Unit that almost KILLED him? Do you want to know true pain….you told him, didn’t you…….

Commander : No, Sir I didn’t really I was loyal!

(Kralyn glares deep into the Commander’s quivering blue eyes)

Kralyn : Awww, there’s no shame in it, come on…tell your superior the truth….(lays his hand on the Commander’s shoulder in support)

(The Commander breaks down, almost in tears trying to hide them replying to him)

Commander : I did……….I only told him Talasea…(drops his head)

(Kralyn slides his fingers under the Commander’s head, and lifts his eyes to his)

Kralyn : You made a mistake didn’t you?

Commander : I…well I guess I……

Kralyn : Aww come on, say it…….say it….

(The Commander breaks down again, and admits that he made a mistake to Kralyn. Kralyn paces over to a table and inserts the disc into his video-playing unit, then grabs a small hold out blaster, point it to the Commander, who’s eyes lift barely to turn to pure shock and fright)


(Kralyn swings the blaster by the ring-guard, making the hilt of it shift towards the Commander, whispering to him…..)

Kralyn : I’m not going to shoot you Commander. You want to prove your loyalty?

Commander : Yes, I do…how do I do this?

(Kralyn’s eyes narrow, as emotion is completely gone from his facial features…whispering to the Commander)

Kralyn : Place this blaster to your temple…and pull the trigger in front of me…

(the Commander jumps back in horror, but Kralyn’s words are cold, and dead serious…as the Commander slowly grips the blaster, quivering his lip as he aligns the barrel to his head…squeezing the trigger, with agonizing…….”click”,. the blaster being inoperative…..

Kralyn : (laughs profusely) DAMN GOOD TOY AINT IT! (snickers) Very good Commander, now that you have proven your loyalty to me, let’s watch this movie shall we? Sure we’ll get some #$@@$ popcorn and some $%$%@$ drinks and have a good old time, sound fun???

(The Commander’s nerves are shot, as he sets the blaster on the table, nearly speechless, as his life seemed to flash before his eyes, slowly regaining the color in his face once more, adjusting his robes, wiping the sweat from his brow)

Commander : Yes…..Sir, what….whatever you wish….

(Kralyn shows no remorse for his actions, turning his back, to place the disc in the player, as the images begin to play on the screen, kicking back in his chair as he plops into it, moving his own chair next to the Commander’s, sitting right next to him, leaning a hand on his shoulder)

Kralyn : This is better isn’t it? Comfy? Cozy? Just kicking back watching the events of your failure? What do you think Commander? You think you deserve some sort of commendation for this?

(The Commander, becomes quite disturbed at the question, not replying at first, as he watches the video show Val leaping over the droids, smashing them to smoldering cinders.)

Commander: I dunno Sir, it’s not my place to ask such things…..

(Kralyn spins out of his chair, standing up Imperial like in mock tribute, one hand behind his back and he strides to the monitor, pointing to the screen)

Kralyn : You see that? (points to Val) That is a genuine pain in the ass...You see them (points to the droids) Those are genuine MORONS…walking toasters with short-circuits…You see those (points to the blasters) Those are $%$$# flashlights, look at this, hell Stormtroopers were more precise than these damn units! But hell who we kidding hmm? You see that man is Valaryc Versai, you can tell by his poor fashion sense, his damned annoying “Crests” he wears like a superhero in tights, and then of course the whole look of him. A pretty boy running around like some sort of desperado…But hot damn, if that’s Val I’m going to be rich! You well…I think I will give you a commendation….

(The Commander glances to Kralyn with a small grin, watching Kralyn seem to jump for joy at the video footage, grinning, feeling he has done a good job, and the promise of a commendation making his arrogance begin to flow back into his being)

Commander : Sir, I dunno what to say I…….

Kralyn : Think nothing of it my good man (his hand ejects the discs, and grabs the files) You know though, am rather tired of this office…(Kralyn clicks a button under his desk, as the Commander’s chair reveals steel banded restraints that secure him in place) I am a man of my word though Commander, I will give you my word you will have a commendation….But…you made a mistake, now it’s time to erase that mistake….(Kralyn paces to the doorframe, turning back to the Commander)

Commander : Sir I what is this? Another test of loyalty??? What is going on? What does not liking this office have to do with me???

Kralyn : Oh nothing soldier, I just think that this office is rather slated for...demolition.

(A cruel grin sweeps across the facial features of Kralyn once more; reminiscent of the one he flashed to Corerilla Dublon many years ago as he shocked her to the brink of death)

Kralyn : Commander, before your commendation, I want you to know that you’ll always be apart of the Trade Federation…

Commander : What? What do you mean sir????

(Kralyn calls in a squadron of droids, that march right behind him, the Droid Commander next to him awaiting verbal orders.)

Kralyn : (turns to the Droid Commander) Our friend here has been most loyal, and trusting, I think it’s time to give him that commendation…gives him (Kralyn begins to pace away)

Droid Commander : Give him???

(A sadistic grin spreads along his lips as he utters the Commander’s fate to the droid)

Kralyn : Give him a twenty-one gun salute for his commendation


A military burial………..

(turns back to story form)

As Kralyn paces from the room, the droid utters “Roger. Roger” as ten battle droids surround the captive Commander and open fire approximately twenty-one times into his helpless body, then proceed in demolishing the structure around what is left of him, literally burying his corpse under tons of rock and steel, Kralyn was true to his word

From a certain point of view…

As Kralyn clutches the only proof of Val’s existence, he smiles to himself pacing to his new office, sitting back in his chair, putting his feet up once again clasping his fingers before him in thought…uttering to himself……

“Ruyl my dear friend….I think it is time for a change….”

Kralyn’s laughs echo through the Trade Fed compound, as he plots his strategy to blackmail Ruyl into giving him the power he deserves, the only evidence to Val’s existence in his grasp alone as the only key witness, well…has become one with his company…

six feet under………


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