Chapter VIII - Invasion

~Truth, Honor, Respect, and Loyalty.~

VC Deception - Invasion


   The invaders were ruthless; the green bolts of lime coherent energy tore into the battered structure of Versai Tech’s main buildings, each shot hitting its mark with the planetary shields down. From the control room Lance Jade ordered various strategies against the invaders, as the room was heavily fortified, the shots that slammed into the structure only shook the massive War Room as he watched the blips flash along the scanners above Tuulab’s space.

People scattered from decks and doors to escape the buildings, only to have to dodge the barrage of energy bursts that missed the buildings and ripped into the ground, sending debris in every direction and clouds of dust, smoldering embers and deep black billowing smoke. In the ensuing melee of energy bursts, bodies flew. Some were caught in the blast radius of a lime bolt, crushed by falling sections of buildings and rubble, others hit directly within the blast radius of the energy bursts were incinerated on contact.

Within the once structured and safe location of Versai Tech

Only death, pain, suffering, and carnage thrived…

It was everything that Val dodged, everything he wanted to avoid. Thanks to the VT Mole, these intruders had found him, and invaded his sense of stability. His company, his employees, his successes and accomplishments were being blown apart, and taken from his grasp. If Quillion wanted to push Val’s buttons into hatred and rage, he was accomplishing his mission well.

Quillion’s motives towards Valaryc Versai seemed bent on a focused, and patient hatred…Some binding element was there, something that Quillion had felt possibly in his other life, or some wrong that was inflicted upon him forced Quillion to unleash his brutal invasive forces of Shadow Serpents upon Versai Tech directly.

It was as if Quillion knew exactly where to strike, how to do it, what players to introduce into his schemes and what pace to reveal them. The man was clearly a master of intellect. Not one soul in the flaring VT confines understood just what had happened to them.

All of course would not have been possible if not for the faithful service of his insider. The very same figure who carried out the order to lower the planetary shields, leaving Versai Tech a sitting duck had accomplished the impossible, because of his interference the VT defense systems refused to come online, the hanger bays refused to open and the assault from above, like deadly hellfire and brimstone had already burned several buildings and like a mighty sword of vengeance, sheared into vital structures, crippling several of the towers surrounding the main VT building…

Lance knew several tactics to turn the tide in an assault such as this but the odds were piling up against him as the mole had managed to reformat the passwords to Versai Tech’s defense systems. Lance had a Splicer droid working at lighting fast speeds to try and crack the individual combinations…

Val, Isis, and Corrie made it inside the building, avoiding the carnage below but more was yet to come as the planetary defenses flared to life. Something about the readout of the invaders irked Val, particularly the design of the ships themselves since they were ships Versai Tech had designed!

It was then that he burst through the doors of the war room and attempted to halt three planetary turbolasers from firing on the crafts. Val remembered the armor, he remembered the purpose and he foresaw the future left if the weapons fired upon it.

He was too late…

Val screamed his orders NOT to fire on the vessels, but it was now useless, his vision was coming true already starting a chain reaction as the muzzles of the planetary turbolasers released their shafts of emerald fire. The planetary turbo lasers expelled three massive bolts of forest green energy towards the Shadow Serpents above, Val bit his lip and grabbed Isis and Corrie by the wrists, barreling down the hallways, and down flights of stairs, shouting for everyone who was not aware of the emanating danger to get out of the building.

It was as if Val could sense the shots paths and their reversed trajectory, he KNEW the craft and what they could do…someone once asked him if he could bare to lose something he cherished if it meant saving the ones he cared for…in that instant, Val made his choice.

He gave the order to evacuate Versai Tech…

The green bolts ripped through the gravitational pull of Tuulab’s atmosphere as the deep black void of space illuminated in shades of green, the first of the bolts slammed into a formation of three Shadow Serpents, but as the beam collided with the smooth, shiny black surface…

The armor…

The Versai Tech...


Luxor Armor…

Repelled the massive discharge of energy as the three bolts impacted into the shiny surfaces of the Killain forces and bounced back, like flaming boomerangs towards Tuulab’s surface, and ultimately with a damage factor off the charts directed back to the very thing the weapons were meant to defend, it was only then that the massive, proud structures of Versai Tech…impacted by the massive energy…


On the surface, the ground was scorched and torn open like a fresh wound. The once beautiful landscape of Tuulab was now lacerated in flames; smoke billowing from craters drilled into the earth as trees, bushes and shrubbery burned. Buildings or what was left of them were surrounded by clouds of billowing dust that choked the lungs of anyone caught within it. Jagged, knurled bits of the tower’s metallic structure speared through piles of concrete, steel, paper, wood, and transparsteel strewn about leaving the business district of Versai Tech a wasteland…

Most of everyone had made it out of the buildings, some were not as fortunate and as Val, Isis, and Corrie headed to his ship “The Assailant”, his blood boiled with hatred, with anger towards Quillion and The Killain…but not to let his feelings overshadow his priorities, Val realized in his stubborn nature he was not ready to give up, telling Corrie and Isis to get in the ship and wait as he ran through the rocking halls of VT’s lower decks to the secondary War room and trained the turbolasers back on the ships once more.

Some might have thought it was suicide to fire again, but Val knew the weakness in the vessels, for it was he who had designed them several years after the great Krath War. The battle he and Commander Lance Jade had fought and bled through, to bring victory to his people in the Rebellion.

Lance looked at Val curiously as Val’s eyes locked on to the undersides of the invader’s ships, waiting for them to unleash another salvo into the already decimated surface of Tuulab.

Versai Tech was severely damaged but it was still not fully taken from him, though the towers and the surface levels of Versai Tech were reduced to smoldering piles of rubble, the section that were miles under the surface of it, were still functional and for the moment this is what served as a massive bomb shelter for the various Versai Tech personnel who had survived the onslaught.

True to his word, Quillion did show that he was very much still in control of Val’s current life. From the assassination of Malcom and Devon, the setup, and the perfect plan now unleashed he had not proved to be as much a threat as he was thought to be…he had proven to be a GREATER threat.

But in all the carnage, death, destruction and pain inflicted, the destruction of Versai Tech by his hand was only the one step in his master scheme. Quillion wanted to send his message; he had taken Val’s friends, his security, his privacy and his possessions in the blink of an eye.

There was no place Val could go where he could not find him, nowhere he could hide, no one he could protect, and no one he could trust that would prevent his


VC Deception – Chapter VIII - Invasion


Within the morbidly redecorated structure of the Shadow Serpent vessel named “Havoc” stood one of Quillion’s newly appointed Warlords. Recognized from an earlier incident it was the figure now known as Killain War Master Elric. Elric stood on the deck and gazed to the crew. They meant nothing to him; nothing meant anything to him but the pleasure of his master Lord Quillion.

His eyes roamed the monitors of the damage below as he instructed exactly where to hit the tumbled buildings. Alongside the monitor of the damage on an opposite computer screen was a fully detailed map of Versai Tech’s layout. A tell tale sign that The Mole had practically given The Killain the keys to VT’s front step. It was this image that revealed just how The Killain knew where to strike and how.

Every support beam, every questionable structure, every vital section was dissected piece by piece by the twenty five Shadow Serpents, each with a section of VT’s master schematics on their screens. Like a game of chess, Quillion had positioned his pieces well and had checked his opponent, but Val below unknown to Elric was about to make “his move”.

Suddenly the image of Quillion appears in a holographic figure upon a holo platform within The Havoc. Elric quickly paces towards the image of the Dark Lord and kneels to one knee, lowering his head as Quillion sits upon his throne, thousands of miles away baring a silver shimmer to his mask with lines of red adorning his eyes, the mouth piece having the same shade, but more curved and ominous to form lips. His ruby red onyx eyes blaze towards Elric as his deep mechanical voice speaks to his War Master.

QUILLION - (calm tone, commanding) Report…

ELRIC – (confident, head lowered) All is as you have ordered milord. Versai Tech has been destroyed piece by piece; in the exact manner you have wished it.

QUILLION – The signal…does it still exist?

ELRIC- (nods slowly) Yes milord, as you had foreseen it still remains undamaged…

QUILLION – I suspected that Versai and his friends would not be caught within the damage, given the sporadic patterns I have told you to release…if they were to die, it would prove a very big disappointment.

ELRIC – (raises his head confidently) We are victorious Lord Quillion!

QUILLION – No…my plans are far from completion…

ELRIC – But milord, he is beaten. You have taken his company, you’ve taken his technology and he still has no idea of your leak within his corporation, what is left?

QUILLION – (narrows his eyes) That is none of your concern, the day that you underestimate Valaryc Versai’s resilience is the day you will no longer remember.

ELRIC – With all due respect milord, with his corporation crippled and his possessions in your hands, what is there left for him to fight for?

QUILLION – (growls) Your overconfidence Elric, I did NOT make you a War Master to exude such weaknesses. You have carried out my orders in exact detail and for that I am pleased, now I want you to inform the other ships to leave…we’ve sent the message that is all, no need to waste anymore time there.

ELRIC – Retreat? In our moment of triumph?

QUILLION – Did I stutter?

ELRIC – No but…

Suddenly the massive explosion of three Shadow Serpents to the right distracts Elric. Debris of practically invulnerable Luxor armor collides against the ships hull, as six more ships explode in another shower of debris and explosions spreading throughout the decks. On the comm. system the other Killain Fleet Commanders scream for help and are silenced. The barrage of familiar lime green bolts burst from the surface of Tuulab and pick off the invaders like flies, one after another they are destroyed until only ten ships remain.

The remaining ships fire desperately at the surface of Tuulab as the beams erratically collide into the dead structures of Versai Tech’s crumbled towers, beating a dead horse, as their damaging effect no longer causes alarm. The remaining members of VT were now safe miles underground from the impacts. It is Val’s eyes that flash with delight as he watches the ships expire in HIS monitor now.

QUILLION – (glares) What is it...Elric speak to me…NOW!


QUILLION – Yes, I did it repels any form of energy weapons fired upon its structure; our informant has confirmed this claim. This is why you fail to face me?

Elric transfers the holo image of Quillion to a closer holo port, where Quillion’s eyes behind his mask flare in utter shock as Val’s perfect “Shadow Serpents” are reduced to bits and pieces, littering Tuulab’s airspace, Quillion had played the game of chess with Val, and it was clear that it wasn’t Elric who had underestimated Val it was himself…



ELRIC – TOO LATE!!!!!!!!

The bridge of the Havoc illuminates in a lustrous lime green light as the first shot from the planetary turbolasers from below miss the craft, but the second beam doesn’t come from the front, or the side, or above but below…the fatal flaw in the Shadow Serpents was that as long as the mini superlaser like weapon was retracted, the ship was completely whole and protected when lasers hit the surface they bounced, but with the primary weapon lowered, in Elric’s arrogance of “picking off what was left” he had not foreseen that now the blasts from the turbolaser were not hitting the armor in one spot, the beam was entering through the weapon’s extended bay doors along the underside of the vessels and was ricocheting INSIDE the ship's decks tearing through the structure of the Killain war ships like swiss cheese from within.


Quillion screamed in anger as he saw Elric’s image stand, wide eyed before fading out, signaling that The Havoc was now no longer. The scream echoed through the halls of the Killain Citadel so loudly, that every member within heard the frustration, as Quillion exploded in a fury from his throne, his fist balled tight with his head tipped back, his shiny mask looking skyward.


Quillion had intended for Val to survive but his master plan was now altered because in his attempts for a flawless blow to Val’s pride, he DID NOT want Val to have a counter. Not one shred of hope, complete and utter defeat and his grand scheme was now…


As angered as Quillion was, he gazed up above him and retook his place back on his throne for even with Val having the victory in the battle, the war was indeed coming and only one word came from his metallic mask.

QUILLION – Touché…

Quillion clasped his palms in front of him, seething from the loss to his military forces, over 15 ships destroyed, each worth a king’s ransom from the applications of the very precise, very immaculate Luxor Armor that plated them, Quillion was a patient man, and he knew that despite the set back he did plant the seed in Val’s psyche and in time it would grow…

This delighted him, his anger and rage over the setback drifted as he fell into a deep, relaxing sleep.


This was not the case back within the lower decks of Versai Tech. Val’s eyes narrowed as he saw eight of the twenty five Shadow Strikers flee the system, while the others were completely hollowed out, floating in space like massive paperweights.

Oh yes, Val had made his move and it was as intellectual and well planned out as any other. With his assumption that the Shadow Serpents were impervious to energy weapons, and that solid weaponry was not close enough in range with Versai Tech’s primary defenses still locked, the energy stored within the lowered superlaser units were prime targets for well placed shots from VT’s three planetary turbolaser emplacements.

He made his move, and he turned the tide…

Versai Tech, or what was left of it…was still his.

VAL – (turns to Lance) I have to get back to the girls, Lance walk with me…

LANCE – (nods) Sure thing Boss.

Val and Lance pace through the tunnels beneath the carnage above Versai Tech as they nod to personnel around them. Some are shaken, some cry. As much as Val cares for the people he has to keep moving, he has to keep VT functioning. His eyes trace over one scene of loss to the next, feeling the same emotions as when he lost Gen in his arms he can sympathize with their pain, and their suffering. His anger flared through his veins as he entered the Hanger Bay, where his ship stood ready for departure.

VAL – (takes a deep breath, eyes narrowed) They will pay for this Lance trust me on that.

LANCE – (nods) In light of the damage Val, don’t feel this is your fault…I know you man and I know how you think, they were after everyone here Val, not just you.

VAL - ….

LANCE – Val, you saved them, everyone could have died here but your strategy paid off. Hell I would have never guessed to keep firing on them, which was brilliant man!

VAL – (smiles softly) Yeah, I guess you’re right.

Val glances to his ship, then turns back to Lance, knowing that Isis and Corrie must be getting very worried that he’s not returned, and probably are not aware of the extent of the damage that has been dealt above them.

VAL – Lance my friend, this is a direct result of this “Mole”. I tell you man I am getting damn sick of this traitor hiding out in our domain. IF there is one order I give you, one command as both a friend and a superior…find him and shoot him.

LANCE – Wha? That’s a bit harsh isn’t it; I thought you didn’t believe in killing.

VAL – (growls)Tell that to Efface…

LANCE – (shivers) I will do my best Val, you know that. I know you don’t want to leave right now but it’s in the best interest for the women sir.

VAL – (sighs) There’s so much I should do here, I could send them on their own…no wait Sacul would never know what to do with two girls around him.

LANCE – Hehe…

VAL – (takes a deep breath, balling his fist) Someone is lying here Lance. This mole is not a commoner or a spy he’s of a high-ranking status. Only a high ranked VT employee could gain access to access codes to VT defenses, let alone lower them and I KNOW for a fact that this leak has been here for quite a while BEFORE my return here…You know how I knew how to take out those ships man?

LANCE – Ummm, no how?

VAL – Because I helped design them…they are Versai Tech ships and the armor they used was OUR design, called Luxor Armor. This means that the mole has been giving away our secrets to The Killain and from what we’ve seen here, it appears they know exactly how to use them.

LANCE – You think it’s a high ranking official hmm?

VAL – I don’t think, I know it is…and there are only 5 people who have access to security clearance that high and two of them are standing right here. That only leaves three others.

LANCE – (nods) I’ll cross-reference our information on the other three as soon as the mainframes are back online. You’ve deserved a break Val, take the girls and go to your secret location. I’ll clean up things here and get people back on schedule and back in focus.

VAL – (glances to his ship) I guess…I guess you’re right. I just don’t want them to think that I’m running away and abandoning them, I do care…about the lost, the dead, the injured and the fearful.

LANCE – They know this Val, they trust you with their lives, not one person here can blame you for what happened, YOU didn’t lower the shields, its not you they blame it’s the traitor. I have everyone from staff, to human resources, to internal affairs all over this case, you have no idea how many people are watching everyone else like a hawk. The entire staff is on high alert. My comlink has been buzzing constantly!

VAL – (nods) Ok Lance, I’ll go…You can reach me through the private frequency I gave you when I hired you as Vice President.  I’m sure you know where I’m heading and I doubt very much that even a jackal like Quillion will be able to find me.

LANCE – Be careful my friend…

VAL – (sighs) I wouldn’t put it passed him to try though, be on alert Lance. We won this battle…but the war is just beginning…I can feel it.

LANCE – I’ll keep in touch via your UNITRAC networking system.

VAL – (nods) Keep me informed…

Val glances to Lance, spinning on one heel as his coat billows around his slender form, pacing up the ramp to his Marauder Corvette known as The Assailant. The loading ramp retracting with a hiss of hydraulics while Lance watches Val reach the cockpit as the engines to the ship ignite in a flare of ion blue energy.

As Val’s ship rockets off to its destination with Corrie and Isis aboard it, Lance spins on his own heel back to see Dathan standing before him, a vicious laceration in his left shoulder as he holds it protectively with his right hand.

DATHAN –Lance I…I…was that Val who just left?

LANCE – (raises an eyebrow) Yes…we’re evacuating Versai Tech and moving to another location, you should get that wound tended to.

DATHAN – (blinks) Oh, its nothing I just was running through the halls when the building was attacked then the roof caved in and sealed me under some rubble, the metal girdle in the wall sheared my shoulder pretty bad but I made it here.

LANCE – (nods) Very good Dathan, I guess that ol fighter survival experience paid off eh?

DATHAN – (watches a tiny blip of blue light in the sky head into space) Yes…I wanted to make sure, Val was ok.

LANCE – Val’s a tough, stubborn, man…he’s going through a lot right now but rest assured he’s safe and sound.

DATHAN – (pants) Oh that’s good, I was a bit worried I mean with the ships hitting buildings so rapidly and all, I’m surprised that we managed to make THEM retreat!

LANCE – Val is not the CEO of this corporation for nothing, he’s always found his way out of the impossible, be it Krath, or Sith, or Bounty Hunters, or being surrounded by Droidekas he’s too stubborn to lose.

DATHAN – I’m glad we have such a resourceful leader, one day I hope to be one myself.

LANCE – Dathan trust me, you don’t want the price that Val has paid for his success.

DATHAN – (nods slowly) No, I don’t believe I would…I’ve heard stories about his first love Miss Zeridian and his time within some academy that was destroyed.

LANCE – I respect Val for more then his rank or his wealth, he is the living symbol of all that is honorable and all that we live for. He once told me something that I’ve remembered to this day when he and I were stuck on a Krath warship surrounded by Krath War Droids with seemingly no way out.

Dathan slowly releases his grip on his shoulder as a medical worker begins to patch up his deep laceration the blood stops flowing from it.

DATHAN – What’s that?

LANCE (shifts his weight to another foot) “Defy your destiny.”


Lance slides his foot against a wall leaning against it, looking down to Dathan, shifting his arms to cross over his chest as his sandy blonde hair slides down his face, flicking it from his blue eyes.

LANCE – “Defy your destiny” It means that whenever fate tells you it is the end, you do not accept the circumstances and no matter how much you bleed, how much you suffer…you be a man and find a way out…never give up, never surrender.

DATHAN – (drops something)

Lance shifts his eyes over to see a disc lying next to Dathan, raising an eyebrow suspiciously.

LANCE – What is that?

DATHAN – (picks it up) Saved copies of the files on my computer before the building was attacked.

LANCE – (quirks a brow) Convenient isn’t it Dathan? Backing up files just before an invasion?

DATHAN – Well one can’t be too careful…

Lance gestures towards two security personnel holding his hand out for a portable laptop unit, as one of the guards flips a switch, as the screen and keyboard part from one another.

LANCE – Let’s just see what is on this disc of yours Dathan…

Dathan’s eyes do not waver as he nods is head slowly, letting Lance slip the disc into the computer unit, a window appears with several folders. Lance clicks one folder after another as twenty documents appear in each, but when his curser slides over the individual page icons, the file size reads zero bytes. He fingers through the rest of the disc then looks over towards Dathan, as he waits for a file that reads 500k to open.

LANCE – Well Dathan it appears you’re not too good at copying data now are you? It seems only this file is all that’s been copied; the others are blank.

DATHAN – Yes…I tried to copy but I guess I must have hit the wrong button or something and ruined the disc, clumsy me you know. But again I was typing with one hand.

Dathan gestures to his now tended to shoulder as the file pops up on the screen.

The file reads the following:

V!RS?* T<CH R!C*****

S+bj<ct – Sh?d[w Str*k!r
?rm[r Cl?ss – L+x[r B?s!d
W!?p[ns – M[d*f*!d S+p!r L?s!r C?n[n


?LPH? T?NG[ !CH[ [N!

1200 – 630 – M
1230 – 330 - WFM

L+x[r ?rm[r F[rm+l? –

[n! p?rt P!rm?c*te,
[n! p?rt D+r?st!!l,
[n! p?rt sc+lpt!d Tr?nsp?r?st!!l

Sh*!ld ?cc!ss C+d!s –
PS+ = 187745 ?LPH? [N!

VT – MSC = TK421 D!LT?

VM = 1879 ?LPH? D!K? Z!R*D*?N 456


--- END

Lance’s eye rises a bit at the garbled information, craning his blue gaze towards Dathan whose face shows little concern. But rather a more intrigued expression. Lance couldn’t make any sense out of the odd text and figured that in the recording process of burning the disc, something must have disrupted the back up creating process, this further evident by the various page icons with zero data in them.

LANCE – I tell you Dathan, how did you manage to even get this job? It’s obvious that computers and you do not mix very well.

DATHAN – (snickers) Well sir, that is why I’m at the Head of the Board of Directors for Versai Tech, I let my staff handle the computer work.

LANCE – (smirks) I’d suggest you continue to do so.

Lance takes out the disc and hands it back to Dathan as he glances to the guards to let him go. His eyes wander up and down Dathan’s body for a moment, noting the blood stained trail leading down his left shoulder where he was injured, his eyes trailing back to Dathan’s eyes. Lance could tell if a man was lying to him he knew the look within their eyes and his judgment was for the most part, flawless. Within Dathan’s eyes Lance only saw frustration…not fear.

LANCE – Sorry Mr. Hawkyn’s with the current incident above us, we can no longer allow any more breaches of security within the grounds. You can head back to your quarters and relax for the moment. I will call a meeting later with you and two others over other matters when everyone’s nerves have calmed down. According to the casualty list we didn’t lose as many people as we could have, but there is still a great deal of coping people will have to do with the losses.

DATHAN – (nods) Oh I fully understand the need to make sure everyone here is on the up and up. I’ll cooperate with you in any way you need me too. It’s nice to see that the new VP of VT is so observant of the little things in life.

LANCE – It’s my duty to my superior and friend, to find this traitor in our midst and subdue his efforts.

DATHAN – (quirks a brow) Sir if I may…

LANCE – Yes?

DATHAN – Well I was thinking, I mean we have been looking for a male as the Versai Tech “mole”, what if it were a female?

LANCE – (raises a brow) What motive would a woman have?

DATHAN – Well we all know since the dawn of time that women have been a key part in the male’s downfall from grace. I just find it odd that as men we all assume so much, like that maybe a woman is too weak and fragile to pull off such a double cross.

LANCE – Go on…

DATHAN – Well you might want to look into the other members of the VT staff, I have noticed that Tula An has been acting rather strange as of late. I wouldn’t want to point fingers but its just one of those possibilities you might not have thought of. But I don’t know, she seems pretty weak; I don’t think she is intelligent enough to plan something out that well.

LANCE – I will speak with this “Tula An” and I assure you Dathan, I have no such views on the female species. If you had seen what I have witnessed within The Krath, you would change your views…women are hardly fragile. Properly honed women are the most deadliest and successful of assassins.

DATHAN – Oh? Why is that?

Lance speaks over his shoulder as he walks by Dathan; the two armed security guards following along side him.

LANCE – Ever turned down a good pair of breasts and a firm backside?

DATHAN – Uhh…no

LANCE – (grins) Exactly my point…

Before Dathan can further question Lance’s “lesson” in female observation, Lance disappears down the hall attending to the others who are injured, doing his best to keep morality up in the time of crisis, now having been several hours past. It was as if the upper surface was no longer important, the only thing mattering now was the outpouring of support and kindness that every sole deep beneath the carnage above exuded for their fellow workers and friends.



As the scene fades from the more hectic, somber scene within the devastated interiors of Versa Tech, two months having passed since Val’s evacuation from the scene. The imagery shifts to a more cheerful, and delightful spectacle of vibrant trees, bushes, dazzling gardens and luxurious spiraling staircases and velvet curtains hung throughout the glittering wings of the one building as massive in beauty and elegance as its clever owner, from the twin waterfalls cascading their liquid splendor down into the river running miles below the cliff side rising above them lies the luxurious formation known as The Versai Mansion.

The building was twice the size of the original based on Ithor, built over many years ago. This main mansion, this single established kingdom that Val had constructed was forged in elegance and decadent beauty. Every attention to detail was made to its construction as well as its many defensive measures buried and disguised throughout the rising hillsides, cliffs, and rainforest exteriors that surround its brilliant foundation. Val had made sure that no one in the entire galaxy would know of its existence except those whom he trusted most. Every attention to detail was placed in its secrecy as well. Only those whom Val had privately hired were paid handsomely for their tireless efforts, making the very icon of Val’s mission in life stand strong and proud.

The mansion was nestled upon a lushly foliage filled cliff side. From the very front of the Mansion traveling down a semi light pathway of ivory white, extending from the main gates beyond the security towers and scanners an elegant fountain marks the center of the grounds. The design of this fountain was truly unique and far from the curved structures of the Gungans, nor the straight, jagged architecture of the Imperials or even the dusty, worn out look of the Republic.

No this fountain was as unique as Val was, constructed of a shimmering white material, but metallic in structure with a symmetrical design. From the left and the right were two angular structures that formed the support of the main fountain foundation. While traveling from the slanted supports, moving inwards was a sharp contrast of vertical crystalline like sections, which led into another angular twin towers but unlike the outer design, these stretched upwards and slanted in forty-five degree angles. The most intriguing attribute about the central fountain was that the water did not pour out, nor did it sprout into the air. Much like the elegant twin waterfalls behind the Mansion’s landscape view, there were two smoothed, vertical tracks, where the water was pumped in from the back, as like the very nature of the waterfalls, the trails let the water from the apex of the fountain heights cascading down towards the pool of water below it.

There in the center stood a design element of the same propose as the twin slants along the right and left of the structure, but it stood proud and was the tallest of all the pieces in the fountain’s composition, vertical as before it was a tower protruding from the depths of the collection of water itself, drawing the eye along its smoothed crystalline surface and at the top, a sharper thirty-five degree slant.

This central structure led into the mouth of water contained within a double cylinder shaped structure, which was fashioned into layers, like a cake. The first held the water, while the other which was larger then the layer above it, settled the fountain upon the ivory white pathway, that circled the walkway to the very front of the Mansion before it, then curved around in a endless loop back to the main stretched pathway back towards the main gates of the grounds.

Beyond the central fountain, stretching horizontally along the front parameter of the lower support walls of the mansion itself, were similarly designed fountains, with the same twin waterfall motif, but were composed to reflect and symbolize the Versai Crest “V”, two like the crest itself, where the main tower found within the central fountain was also found within the ones lining the off white wall, but unlike the main fountain the ones along the wall also contained a “V” forged of the same golden material that was found within Val’s crests on his boots and gloves, the material was unlike most, more darker then gold, yet much lighter then onyx, close to brass but also to copper. The material was exclusive to Val’s symbol and as well so was it exclusive to the metallic structures scattered throughout the mansion grounds, especially noted along the handrails of all the staircases that his mansion contained within its multi decked, multi roomed region.

The exterior of the Versai Mansion was filled with the common plant life and vast foliage found in rainforests, but more exotic then those found on Naboo, many flowers and various plants exuded all the colors of the rainbow when in bloom for the planet that was discovered, and claimed by Val deep in Wild Space was named after his lost lover and his new beginning…

Alpha Xeridia….

The Mansion contained over fifty guestrooms and that did not take into account the various study rooms, ballrooms, dining rooms, and other quarters as well. From the outside the Mansion was deemed to be just that, more elegant then a castle would be but just as big in structure. There were countless windows that adorned the overall look of the building, which was formed into several sections, but each section blended perfectly with the other, as every attention to detail was taken into account. Val wanted to make his true Mansion, the one unknown to the public to be inherited by the new race of Versai that would one day rebuild themselves throughout the galaxy, and frequent his home. The many rooms were not a necessity but symbolic in itself that one day, in the years or decades to come each room would be filled with a family member or a new family that married a female Versai and spread the chain from generation to generation, one day his Mansion would be his legacy that would be passed down from one generation to the next and in this, he would gain immortality and prove he could defy his destiny, that told him with his “curse” life would not be worth living.

Starting from the left, which mimicked the right side of the region, you find a double-floored domain of ten rooms and each, baring a window. There were two types of window designs in the Mansion, one was vertical with two panels that swung out capped off by a arched section of four pieces of glass, while the other window was simply rectangular, more tall then wide found on the higher levels.

Moving along from the building on the very end of the chain of structures forming the mansion, was a taller four roomed, four windowed watch tower like structure with a dual slanted roof and below one of the storage rooms like an attic with the rectangular windows counting four, and a
sandstone ledge that jutted out from just below the rooftop. Alongside moving to the right, was a similar structure which contained all rectangular windows as well, but was taller then its predecessor and where the ledge was upon another set of windows and a more larger guest room with stairs that led up to another room yet above that, a romantic study with some books, comfortable chairs and elegant crimson red velvet curtains that hung alongside a single window that doubled as a door, leading out to a walkway where one could walk out and breath the sweet aroma of the waterfalls and flowers of Alpha Xeridia.

Still more above that was another storage room, which stood as one tower on the left, while between the tower on the right was Val’s Master Bedroom. Capped along the highest point within the mansion’s composition was a multi planed, tri stacked roof with a pole extending towards the heavens, where a flag could be hung but was never utilized.

Along the center of the mansion was the main focus of its design. Layered like a cake as well, it contained four stacked sections, each having a number of rooms and uses as well. From the lowest point, were the massive, glittering doors that served as the main entrance to the mansion interior, nestled within three archways that led you inside its hollowed space. Alongside the main entrance archways, were four windows that lit the massive Foyer, which was so vast that there was another set of four windows that lit the upper regions as well. From within the Foyer, there were twin staircases that curved up the East and West Wings of the building. Atop the first and second layers of the central buildings was the third level, just below Val’s Master bedroom it had five windows, the third serving as a door that led out to another ledge complete with a rosy, elegantly carved banister railway.

Stacked at the very top of the Versai Mansion was Val’s main Master Bedroom, which stretched along the length of the mansion’s dimensions it was as elegantly detailed as it was massive, which unlike the other rooms which had walkways and banisters, Val’s room was the size of four or six put together and had both walkways on the front and back of it, where from the front he could stare at the fountains, and the scenery towards the gates of his manor, or from the back he could stare at the breathtaking spray, shimmering rainbows created from the twin cascading waterfalls stretching high above even the highest point of the Versai Mansion itself, standing like two proud towers, watching over his property surrounding it in its beauty and grace.

It was that splendor and grace that Val chose this location for, serene and wondrous and yet unknown to the world around it, unmolested it remained trapped in time, in an age where buildings and cities, bases, and industrial plants littered the once glorious landscapes, forging the grounds into a maze of pipes and steel structures. Val tried to avoid such clunky design choices, within his grounds the plants and functions needed for his Versai Mansion to run properly were all cleverly masked and hidden out of view so that nothing obstructed the magnificence and grace that his luxurious accommodations bared to its visitors. In such planning and careful steps to keep the local secret and non-existent in the public’s eye, Val built himself a utopia of serenity and harmony.

With such peace though, Val had masked the other side of his pleasure world. Deep within camouflaged silos, mountains, sculpted rocks and other structures was the best defense equipment that money could buy. Val had several high tech weapons ready at his command if danger should ever try to invade his home world, from a Comer Planetary Shield Generator with backup units numbering two also spread in clever locations, the planetary shields could be initiated from almost anywhere given the proper access codes, as well as the five Planetary turbo and ion cannons as well. Hidden in panels and behind some of the fountains were eweb blaster units, flechette launchers and other projective and energy based weapons. Val never expected a war but he would damn well not be caught off guard if once would try to present itself.

Val could wage a full-scale war on anyone with the amount of weapons and defenses he had within his estate grounds could overtake a entire legion of the Imperials best troops, take out an entire sector of Krath invaders and overthrow even the highest, most skilled strikes from a bounty hunter guild or The Black Sun. Versai Tech supplied most of these factions however, and Val was both respected and feared by most…in these syndicate circles, few would bother to attack him. The only ones who wanted to overtake Versai where those who wanted to make a name for themselves, or were out to make a quick buck, hoping to gain the fame and media blitzed glory that would surround any who would be the one man or woman that “slayed the legend” Not bloody well likely though, the only ones out to attack Val’s place in society were for the moment solely The Killain and their leader Quillion.

Val knew that even they could not possibly know of his local, no matter how much money Quillion poured into his spies and resources. Lance had told Val that his sources revealed that the three suspected leaders of Versai Tech were cleared of charges, even though Val persisted to scan and review every last member of the staff, given the incident at VT, there was clearly still a individual at large that struck once and given the opportunity would surely strike again, it was only a matter of time…

A matter of time for either the mole to be caught and exposed, or the mole to inflict more damage and remain both undetected and unscathed. Either way it was also time that would reveal which of the two would present itself first.

Upon their arrival to the Versai Mansion, Val had explained to Isis and Corrie the significance of its existence, its history, and some security issues they needed to be aware of. Val gave them free roam to choose whichever room they wanted to reside in, even several if they wanted. The amount of rooms was so numerous, one could sleep in a different bed every night of the week for a months.

However as much freedom as Val had given the two to explore the many corridors and hallways throughout the labyrinth of open spaces inside the mansion, he gave them both one warning and one very strong request…and it was this:

“Of all the rooms within my home, all the luxuries, all the staircases and furniture, walkways, banisters, windows and goods. You are free to indulge yourself in all of life’s pleasures here, and make yourselves comfortable…however, of all the rooms here I ask only one thing…”

“Do NOT enter the upper floors of the West Wing…Stay out of those places. There are things there that are best left undisturbed and unseen by your, or anyone else’s eyes. This is my one request, violate it and I will be less then understanding over the situation…please respect my privacy and comply with my wishes.”


From the very mention of this request, Corrie’s curiosity was aroused. She wondered why that particular section would be off limits to anyone, what Val might be hiding in there. As curiosity goes, a woman’s need to know everything was present in both Isis and Corrie, but Isis was more grateful for Val’s actions and was quick to listen and comply, while Corrie was more stubborn and avid about making Val understand that when he said he was going to function as a unit with his friends, there should be no need to hide anything from them, for they understood everything and should share it as well. She didn’t know what was up there that was so important to keep secret but her nagging urge to open that present before Christmas weighed heavily on her mind as the months carried on. It was two months later; having approached to this very day that she worked up enough courage and had observed enough occurrences to indulge her curious nature and find out what Val was hiding from them.

Do not mistake curiosity for respect however. Corrie very much respected Val and try as she might she avoided the West Wing’s upper levels like the plague, but it was the fact that late a night she would hear footsteps approach the creaky door to the levels that woke her from the dead of night and the jet black robe with a blazon Versai Crest logo on the back that attracted her eye, every Friday about midnight. The robe was clearly Val’s and during this time of night when he assumed the women were sleeping or roaming other sections of the mansion, he could not be contacted nor found. Corrie in her limited Force abilities could sense Val was behind the doors, within the forbidden sections of the West Wing, and he remained there sometimes overnight. No doubt in this forbidden area, Val had secret passages built in that must have led into his bedroom because he would always appear from his room in the morning, and yet for three nights Corrie stayed up all night, unable to sleep studying that Val never exited where he entered. Given the location of the floors, there appeared to be no other way out of the rooms.

When Corrie greeted Val in their robes the next day, she would innocently peer into the door behind him and often even ask for a tour of his room, but she could not for the life of her find any secret entrances from which he exited. Either she was just getting ahead of herself, seeing things, or the places he had were very well disguised from anyone’s suspicious eyes.

Still today was the day; Corrie had no doubt in her mind what so ever. She would finally find a way into that room if it killed her. She had asked Val in her subtle ways to maybe relent and show her anyway but he was stubborn and determined in his forbiddance, he usually replied to her with some sarcastic or sly remark, or changed the subject to another one. Corrie was amused at first, but soon she grew more agitated because the occurrence of Val walking into the West Wing at midnight on Fridays was driving her insane with “being left out”. She even discussed her findings with Isis, but the girl was so captivated by Val’s mysterious and charming nature that she paid little interest in angering him in any way, shape, or form.

If Corrie wanted to know what was behind those doors, she would have to discover it on her own. She plotted her move as she gazed out the window, to Val and Isis engaged in a lightsaber spar below her. She could see Isis’s forest green blade, collide with Val’s golden yellow saber time and time again, each seemingly evenly matched, where Val looked as if he had his hands full with his new found interest. Corrie was a bit jealous that Isis had far superior training to her own, but she dismissed the thoughts knowing that in a show of marksmanship, Corrie could hold her own against any force dependent user. The blaster was her specialty, her saber which she constructed mostly upon her own hung along her belt, the memories of her and Val building their weapons side by side gave her comfort that she was just as important to him as Isis was, and yet unlike Isis…Corrie wanted more.

Corrie understood that to beat the man, you have to know the man. She didn’t want to literally beat her friend Val in a fight; she would stand little chance if she tried, rubbing her backside from the last spar with him days earlier. Cocky as she was, thinking she had Val whom was unarmed, had the tables turned on her followed by a flirtatious slap to her hindquarters. Corrie didn’t want to beat Val; she wanted to understand him and how he ticked. This proved way more difficult then she anticipated for when she thought she had him figured out, he would show another trait that was completely different then she would assume or act in a way that contradicted any real pattern she could formulate. In both his fighting styles and morality issues he was constantly changing his approach, perhaps that was part of the illusion he presented to his advisories that granted him victory, time and time again.

She discerned that the key to his stability or his focus had to lay behind the doors of the West Wing, and in there is the only place she could understand him beyond what he’s shown to both she and Isis. She yearned to know more about the one known as “Gen Zeridian” and why she had such a profound impact on his life for over twenty years. Corrie had heard of Val speak about her and his darker times in the Dark Jedi Academy, but there had to be something else that led him to tell her about his constant nightmares and his protected nature around anyone he cared about. She wanted to know more about Krevlin and Cire. She wanted to know about Val’s Mother and Father, and if he had any other relatives. Within the Mansion she noticed that nowhere except a few places were there a hint of his past. A gigantic painting of Gen Zeridian in a somber, relaxed pose hung along the wall, where the twin staircases came together at the top along a hallway…but no where else was there anything else of Val’s past achievements or images of the past. There were no pictures other then the one of Gen found in any of the rooms, save for a smaller picture of Gen by Val’s bed.

She concluded that no one could have no links to their past lost in such a manner that Val took to preserve them and these secrets…these clues where protected and shielded within the forbidden locations and there is where she would find the answers that she sought after. Her eyes fastened upon Val and Isis training below in the courtyard, as she bit her lip and thought to herself if there would be enough time to slip in and out real quick without him knowing of her intrusion.

CORRIE –  – (talking out loud to herself) Hmmm…you seem pretty fixated on more then Isis’s talent there Val, let’s just hope you find her skills as attractive as her figure for the next hour or so. Just give me enough time to understand you Val…enough time to find out what you’re hiding, and I pray you’ll understand if I should get caught…I trust you will.

As Val and Isis trade glittering parries to one another below Corrie’s quarters in the Courtyard, Corrie already slithered from her room and was pacing down the solemn hallways of the East Wing, passing the twin staircases that lead to the massive Foyer, slowly entering into the darker, more ominous section of the Versai Mansion known as the West Wing.


Corrie slowly stepped through the dimmer lighted hallway of the left section of the building. Her deep brown eyes widened as she slipped further and further within the depths of the forbidden passage, noting that with all of Val’s luxuriously decorated sections of his mansion, this side…the West Wing as it was called was only a shadow of the East Wing. Where the east section of the Mansion was dotted with twinkling lights from shimmering chandeliers and bathed in soft, red velvet curtains and rings of gold, brass, and chrome littered among ivory whites and rosy hues, the west section was not as glamorous.

This mysterious West Wing was kept in a state of neglect…along the walls there were paintings, torn and ripped, cobwebs strewn about the corners of the ceilings, which stretched high above Corrie’s head. Her gaze befell everything about her, from the dusty duller red curtains, to tattered clothing and furniture covered in white sheets as if the place was just moved into, but the units never put into service…the white innocence of the sheets stained by coats of debris and dust, that expelled clouds of dirt into the air as her body passed by them. She didn’t know exactly what to feel in this section…fear came to mind. Everywhere she looked she could have sworn that some of the statues and figures of shimmering armor, besieged with rust and tarnish were staring at her every move.

Corrie’s eyes fell upon a shattered mirror before her. Her reflection splayed into twenty different images of herself. The impact mark was clearly a blow to the center of the mirror itself. Four small indentations from which the streaks of shattered glass extended also led Corrie to conclude that the mirror was struck by a fist in a fit of rage or anger…The entire section of the Versai Mansion was dark and foreboding. A chill crept up Corrie’s spine as each step into the darkness of the West Wing seemed to grow even more terrifying and depressing. The dazzling illuminations of light that dotted the many sections of the Versai Mansion bathed each lit corridor in breathtaking shades of color and luminescence, were far from this section of the mansion, the rooms were only lit by the slightly boarded up rectangular windows, which spilt in subtle shades of gray, blue, and dark black voids of light within the chambers.

Corrie turned another corridor and the grisly scene seemed to clear a bit, like the eye of the storm where darkness was around, standing out from everything else she ventured into a well kept, well-decorated and very cheerful interiors of the Study.


Corrie could tell that this room was an often-used place of meditation…of reflection. It struck her as rather odd that among the darkness and terrifying imagery surrounding this West Wing, this single room was as pristine as the rest of the mansion. Careful attention seemed to be put into the details of the room, from more vibrant red velvet curtains, to elegant decorations in the furniture and this location contained something even more unique then the other rooms...

A fireplace…

CORRIE – Yeesh Val, just when I think I have you figured out, you go and pull some bizarre things on me that leads me back where I started. What could you possibly want to sneak in here for, night after night? What is so prominent about this place, that you keep it well groomed and let everything else falter?

Corrie shook her head as she stepped into the room, pacing towards the fireplace. There above the ashen filled unit built into the wall was yet another picture of the infamous Gen Zeridian. It was painfully obvious Val was obsessed over the loss of this woman, Corrie admired the depth of commitment Val had put into his relationship with this woman and yet she was creeped out by the fact that it was only her picture that was ever seen in the house…like a specter haunting rooms throughout the mansion…her picture, her image was scattered everywhere but also strategically placed.

CORRIE – (shakes her head) Well if this is your big secret, then I’m thoroughly unimpressed Mr. Versai. Might as well try out your chair while you’re otherwise occupied. This room is kinda cozy.

Corrie’s brown orbs fastened upon a bookcase to her left. The structure of it was tall and broad with several volumes of books she had never even heard of. Her fingers delicately traced over the spines of each until she stopped upon a book called “Destiny”. Something about the particular volume had caught her eye…of all the books in the shelf, this “Destiny” book had no author on the spine. She went to draw back the book from the shelf, when a click was heard.

Her eyes broadened as the bookcase began to take on a life of its own, sliding to the right, it slide along a cleverly disguised track in the floor, revealing a staircase that swirled down in a spiral into a small luminous shaft of light at its end. Her body leaned over the first step staring down as the stairs seemed to go down a shaft, which looked as if it could go down to the bottom of the mansion and beyond. Corrie’s eyes wavered back towards the fireplace and the chair before it, a wine glass half full of red liquid that she could discern from Val’s fondness of the identical liquid as Endor Ale sat on the tabletop near the chair.

Val visited here recently…

Corrie felt that nagging bite of her curiosity flare in her body, as her hair slide along her shoulders with her step back from the bookcase in thought. She had figured from the instance it took her to get here, she had used about thirty minutes of time. By her estimate Val’s lesson would last no longer then an hour and she would be smart to get back before she’s discovered, and yet she figured she had come so far that there was no way she could stand to turn back, so slowly…she began her decent.


Val glanced to Isis, and slowly he extinguished his lightsaber, as she stood barely able to sustain herself from fatigue. Isis was good at sparring with lightsabers…far superior to Corrie. She however did have that lack of thought before striking properly, which led Val to have the upper hand in her assaults and send her falling on her butt.

Still Val didn’t want to discourage Isis from feeling better about her skill, he constantly complimented her more appropriate and often impressive moves, and pointed out her flaws. Isis herself respected Val as well; the man who had saved her from death at the hands of The Killain was as mysterious as he was attractive to her. There was something there that was never there before. Isis felt a subtle attraction to Val and never felt that complete now out of his presence. Even when she slept at night, she longed to be by him.

His grace and generosity only strengthen the bond she and he shared. These last two months, that barrier of any mistrust was eroded away with a mutual respect and a shared degree of freedom. Isis knew what Val didn’t like and what he did not. There was little Val didn’t like though, Isis assumed that was because with Val’s new found “outlook” on trusting his friends, he was letting more things he kept secret be revealed in small increments. Her mind did wander from time to time about the West Wing, but she dismissed the urges to find out for herself…her respect for his wishes was the least she could preserve for the amount of trust and nurturing that he gave her.

Val clipped his new lightsaber hilt to his belt and paced over to Isis, sliding his finger pad along her chin, smiling into her dazzling emerald eyes. He felt that attraction whenever they were near to one another. Not as strong as it was with Gen, still that powerful tug upon his emotions was ever vigilant within his tortured soul. Val’s fingers gently caressed the curve of Isis’s face, soothing her with his words of praise regarding her combat styles and encouraging tips on how to fix her errors.

VAL – (gazing to Isis’s eyes) Isis, in the two months we’ve been here you’ve grown exceptionally strong in The Force, more so then you had when I first laid eyes on you. Your saber combat is also quite impressive…never have I came across someone who picks up my teachings so swiftly.

ISIS – (blinks softly) Well I have a wonderful teacher…Mr. Versai.

Isis fastens her eyes on Val with a broad grin spreading across her lips as she leans closer into his embrace, feeling safe in his slightly built arms. His attire not that of his red and gold armor, but a all black outfit reminiscent of Luke Skywalker’s jet black Jedi outfit. His black, long sleeve shirt and pants were set off by his usual belt, baring his twin sabers sliding along his hips, and his jet black boots that he surely must have had more then one pair of baring the rings of his Versai Crest, always prominent on whatever clothing he was wearing, except at night when he lounged around in nothing but his jet black robe.

ISIS – (glances slowly to Val) Val, I often wonder about something…

VAL – Oh? What is that?

ISIS – Well we’ve been here on your home world for about two months since the Versai Tech incident and I’m wondering why are we here? Why aren’t you back at work handling your company? You are the CEO aren’t you?

VAL – (sighs) That’s a difficult question to answer Isis. When I spoke to Lance I wanted to stay behind and attend to the wounded during the raid, but he insisted that for the good of the company and yourselves that I take you two out of the public’s eye and hopefully out of The Killian’s grasp.

ISIS – Then you’re protecting us?

VAL – Yes…you two are only a couple of the few that I trust with the knowledge of where my Versai Mansion is located, There is something about you Isis…something about you that I have not felt since…

ISIS – Yes?

VAL – (slowly looks away) Since long ago…an attraction.

ISIS – I…I see

VAL – (slowly looks back) I don’t know if its love Isis, I don’t know if its companionship or just the way you smile or move your hips when you walk, but there is something there in you that completes me.

ISIS – Out of so many possibilities Val, why would you be attracted to a person you hardly know?

VAL – That’s the thing that I ponder constantly Isis. I feel as if I have known you for years and never really sensed it before…I don’t really know but I do know that when I vowed your injury would be the last I would allow, the last person I would allow “The Curse” to infect…I meant it.

ISIS – (leans against a rail) You speak of that often Val but you never say what “The Curse” really is…what is this force that haunts you? What is it that keeps you awake at night?

VAL – (widens his eyes) How do you know I can’t sleep???

ISIS – I can feel your uneasiness Val…I can’t really explain it but I know when you’re upset. What is it that you’re trying to protect me from?

Val slowly withdraws from Isis and stands to the side of her, his head tilted down as the wind billows his long black sleeveless trench coat around his slender form, Isis’s golden blonde strands of hair cascade along her shoulders, waving like tiny flags in the breeze as her green eyes gaze upon Val standing near her…there again was that moment of distance.

ISIS – (walks up to Val, slowly putting a hand on his shoulder) It’s ok Val…I want to know…you do trust me don’t you?

VAL – (quietly spoken) It’s not a matter of trust Isis…I trust you with my life, but it’s your life you might not wish to trust me with.

ISIS – (blinks) I don’t…I don’t understand.

VAL – (sighs) Every woman that I care for…I….(stops)

ISIS – (turns Val to face her) Listen to me, I know you won’t hurt me and you won’t let others hurt me so let me know you, let me complete you…your pain, let me know it and help you cope with it.

VAL – No…I can’t involve you in that manner…the price is too high for me to pay.

ISIS – Damn it Val, please…stop being so stubborn and let me inside…I want to be close but you won’t let me near, what is it your protecting me from? What is it that keeps you so distant?

VAL – (slowly turns to Isis) You really care for me don’t you?

ISIS – Yes…with every fiber of my being, not because you saved my life, not because you’re protecting me but because you are desperately in need of moral comfort…let me give it to you.

VAL – (breaths softly, gazing deep into Isis’s eyes) You really want to be inside Isis? You want to understand me? Ok…ok…I’ll tell you why I hold both you and Corrie away from the deepest chasms of my soul.

Val slips his hand into Isis’s and sits against a wall, pulling her into his arms, sliding them so that both their hands are clasped together in front of her, as her head slides along his neck, nuzzling it while her curvaceous back presses into his firm chest. Val’s eyes are forward as his lips whisper to her ear, her stare also looking towards the central fountain in front of the mansion entrance as the trees bustle softly, flowing in the more intense breezes signaling the approach of dusk.

VAL – (calm but controlled voice) The Curse Isis, takes on many forms…many faces. I cannot tell you what or whom it symbolizes or its origin, all I know is that it simply…is.

ISIS – (breaths softly) Continue…

VAL – This “Curse” has haunted my family bloodline since before I was born, starting with my Mother Kathryn and my Father Russel and a love triangle that existed between Russ and the one responsible for the latter Versai Massacre known as Admiral Krevlin.

ISIS – Massacre???

VAL – (sighs) Krevlin was a jealous man Isis…he felt that because my Mother rejected him and chose my father Russel over his affection…that the only solution was to purge the Versai all together. He formulated a plan that nearly destroyed every last member of the Versai Family…as far as I know I am the only known survivor.

ISIS – Oh that’s terrible…I didn’t know…but why stay distant because of that? It’s in the past isn’t it?

VAL – No…this “Curse” is relentless into making sure that I am never at peace and never happy…everyone I know, everyone I truly love has met with death, pain, or trauma. From my parents to my first love Gen, to friends I had in the Imperial Academy to students in the Dark Jedi Academy, anyone who has ever been too close to me has perished.

ISIS – But still isn’t that in the past?

VAL – No…Devon and Malcom have proven that and you…despite how hard I tried to defeat Efface you fell…so did Versai Tech and I shudder to think what else might approach, I care too deeply for you to allow you to suffer with the rest.

ISIS – (turns her eyes to gaze into Val’s own) Val…listen to me, no “Curse” took Versai Tech or Malcom or Devon from you, Quillion has and he’s not a ghost, he is very much physical, I have seen his mask and felt his touch horrify my body…he is flesh and blood. This “Curse” you have from the past surely must have died there for think a moment, despite the overwhelming odds against you Val dearest, you powered through the best Quillion could throw at you and because of that, I am alive…

VAL – Yes but for how long?

ISIS – That is up to how stubborn you are Mr. Versai.

VAL – (grins) Oh I’m going to be a stubborn old man for many many years to come, so that means you’re not going anywhere as long as I can brandish a cane…and make no mistake as a old fart I could STILL whoop your pretty lil behind with my cane.

ISIS – (snickers) Oh I’m sure you could…you’re too stubborn to lose too.

VAL – Uh…that’s…that’s right; I am too stubborn to lose.

ISIS – So then this “Curse” has nothing on you does it! Oh no not the legendary Valaryc Versai who defeated the wicked and always rescues that damsel in distress, sweeps them away in his powerful arms and whisks them off to his castle frozen in time.

VAL – (whispers to Isis) Hey, I’m supposed to be the sarcastic one on this estate…and you forgot ruggedly good looking.

ISIS – (smiles, drawing Val’s arms around her waist) Tell me about your family Val I want to know more…

VAL – (takes a deep breath) Mmm the Versai family was in league with the Old Republic, my mother was a spy for them and my father was a prominent Jedi Knight. Russ and I didn’t really get along too well because he secretly wished for a daughter I guess…but none the less we did have some memorable moments. My mother on the other hand, Kathryn was my sole desire in life. I loved her more then words could describe, in her arms I felt safe and warm.

ISIS – (smiles) What did she look like?

VAL – Well I was too young to remember her in full detail but we did meet in the Mos Eisley Cantina years later when we were separated. Her eyes were like yours, shimmering emerald with long blonde hair that came down to the small of her back a little above her backside. She was slender and her smile could light up the darkest cave, I always felt a bond with her as strong as I did with Gen.

ISIS – Like ours?

VAL – Ummm similar. Kathryn was gentle and kind, while Russ was more stubborn and brave. Of the moments I did have with my father, the one I remember most is his explanation of truth, honor, respect, and loyalty…a practice that I uphold today as the “Versai Creed”.

ISIS – What did he look like?

VAL – Russel had dark curly brown hair that extended to about his shoulders. He usually wore the tan tunic that the Jedi use and the same deep brown robe. I distinctly remember he also had a lightsaber that hung from a belt he wore and he wasn’t home that much, Mom did most of the parenting because Russel was a member of the Jedi Council, though not on the council itself, he served them on diplomatic missions.

ISIS – I…I see, then what happened to them? They were in love weren’t they?

VAL – Oh yes, very much so. In fact years later after their passing I came to discover that within a locket that I found off a smuggler named Gary Luruba, my father had created his own legacy to pass on to his children from generation to generation. A locket with a tumarian pressure ruby on it the most valuable stone in the galaxy.

ISIS – Ooo it sounds like a beautiful piece of jewelry, but if it’s a locket what’s inside of it?

VAL – Well inside this locket is a picture of the last known members of the Versai Family and on the right was a message that Russel inscribed within, when he left the Jedi Council.

ISIS – He what? Left it…?

VAL – Yes, you see a Jedi’s loyalty is to their duty first and foremost above all else. My father Russel did not agree with this notion, and my mother was pregnant with me when the Jedi Council ordered him to go on a mission with three others.

ISIS – But the Jedi are so noble and pure…why would they find a problem with family?

VAL – No one really knows exactly why, but mostly its “fear”. You see it was fear for my mother’s safety while he was away that forced Russel to choose between family and duty. He tried to convince the Jedi to allow him to watch over his wife but in the end, they made him choose…Russ chose Kathryn over their beliefs and he defected…

ISIS – (gasps) He…defected?

Val reaches for something in his pocket, as a golden locket is produced, the curved, smooth ruby stone shimmers as the sunlight catches the surface, bathing both Val and Isis in rays of crimson radiance, while the eight beveled edges shimmer a golden luster as well, Val’s finger sliding along a small clasp as the one oval unit opens into two halves. On the left is the photo he spoke of and on the right, etched into the golden casing was the phrase Russel had personally scribed inside the precious heirloom.

ISIS – (Reads the inscription) “Before victory comes humility, before duty comes family.”

VAL – Yes…that was what he wrote in here after he defected from their order…He made his choice.

ISIS – So he chose family, over the duty of a Jedi? That is so noble…

VAL – (nods)That is when our rocky relationship smoothed out between Russ and I, he took more of an interest in what was important to him, myself and my mother’s well being.

ISIS – (purrs) That is so touching Val, it’s no doubt now where you’ve inherited your sense of morals.

VAL – (sighs) Unfortunately. I wasn’t always so noble and strong Isis, there were darker times but I’d rather not go into them.

ISIS – So that’s it…

VAL – (blinks) Huh?

ISIS – That’s what you have in the West Wing isn’t it? Your painful, locked up memories of your past.

VAL – Yes, things there I would rather not be known…they are in the past, they remain there even though from time to time it’s a cruel irony that they have to remain up in that secluded section as a consistent reminder to not revert to what I once was…

ISIS – What were you…I could never imagine you as anything less then noble?

VAL – (sighs) I wish that were true but…

Val cuts off his thought as a vision flashes inside his head, the image of Corrie inside a room filled with pictures, uniforms, and medals of honor as well as torn and damaged fatigues…his eyes narrow a bit as he knows what the Force is showing him, and where Corrie is at the very moment he’s outside far away to stop her prying into his affairs…his eyes flash open in a fit of anger, as he looks towards the point where the fountain and the ground meet, as if he could see through the layers of concrete to his secret chambers where his skeletons in the closet lie…clearly unsettled.

ISIS – (Senses the change in Val’s emotions) What? What is it Val…tell me.

VAL – (growls) Damn you Corrie…why couldn’t you have left things alone.

ISIS – What? Corrie? Where?

VAL – (closes his eyes and slowly re-opens them) Nothing Isis…I’ll deal with it later.

ISIS – If you say so…just relax ok? You’re scaring me.

Val’s gaze slides from the ground, back towards the warm pools of emerald that shimmer within Isis’s orbs, seeing sparkles of white like diamonds shining along the curved surface of them, and suddenly his bottled up anger and his upset feelings of Corrie’s intrusion, her outright violation of his ONE request…faded away. He figured if he was letting Isis draw closer to him, then he could no longer hold Corrie at bay either and in that moment he knew what she would discover and he trusted her to understand and deal with what demons she was about to tamper with…and live with the knowledge of them.

VAL – Ok I Isis…after all I guess with you here, I have no reason to hide anything do I?

ISIS – Yes, exactly…there is nothing you could say to me that would make me trust you or desire you any less then I do in this moment.

VAL – Even if I was evil, ruthless, and uncaring?

ISIS – Val dearest, if you were any of those things…they were necessary for you to experience in order to better yourself to whom you are today, I know that you couldn’t ever be as evil or ruthless or uncaring or whatever you were before we met.

VAL – (sighs) There are times Isis, that I have reverted to that image…that figure I once was consumed with anger and rage, seeing only red and caring not for anyone I killed. Consumed with so much anger and hate that I was driven like a machine to purge it the only way I knew how…vengeance.

ISIS – When was such a time? What set you off to this path?

Isis’s body turns around, so her breasts slide along Val’s medium built chest as her eyes bore into his own, which still stared off into a distant set of trees, the kind of expression that was that of pure, transfixed thought where his body was in one place and his mind was in another.

VAL – (slowly opens his eyes) The beast inside me, the dark side of me only manifests its grip over me when I suffer a traumatic event, such as a death or severe betrayal. You see I was separated from the nobility of Kathryn and Russel, accidentally left behind on the Forest Moon of Endor when I was very young when a close friend to the Imperials betrayed my parents. I was picked up by a Scout Trooper unit and adopted by their commander, Jonathan Winters.

ISIS – Oh! So that’s why you used the name Valaryc Winters Versai! I understand now.

VAL – Yes, and unfortunately that “Curse” that I told you about followed me even to there, Jonathan was found stabbed to death by an assassin. When I came of age as a teenager, after his death I took my armor and my speeder bike and enlisted with some friends of mine in the Imperial Training Center.

ISIS – Very fascinating Val…please by all means don’t stop there.

VAL – Well I had a friend John Masterson which I joined with and there I learned about mechanics and was fascinated by it, so I studied engineering and ship modifications as well as weapons technology. One day though I had a disagreement with my commanding officer and I guess now I know I Force Choked him to death…

ISIS – You what?

VAL – Point is he was dead, but this caught the eye of the advisor to Emperor Palpatine named Ras Krueger…your father.

ISIS – (widens her eyes) You knew my father???

VAL – Unfortunately yes…your father was not as kind to me as he was to you, because of him my lover was killed…but at the time I wasn’t aware, I blamed Krevlin who was also responsible but not solely.

ISIS – You…wanted to kill Ras?

VAL – Yes…at one point I did, but he disappeared into hiding and I would assume formed your Obsidian Order. I’m sorry Isis; I cannot forgive your father for his actions…ever.

ISIS – (sighs) I didn’t know…shouldn’t you…shouldn’t you hate me then? I was his daughter…

Val draws Isis close to him, nuzzling her shoulder planting a soft kiss on her cheek, whispering softly in her ear as his hands slide along her hips and press her back along his chest.

VAL – I could never…hate you, nor hold you responsible for his actions…what happened, happened for a reason its because he was allowed to life that made it possible for us to meet. For that I’m thankful.

ISIS – (smiles softly) As am I…what about Gen Zeridian?

VAL – I could be here for hours describing Gen. But in a brief summery, I met Gen after I met your father for he placed me in the tough confines of the Dark Jedi Academy, where I was literally stripped of everything I owned and she was the Head Mistress of the school, from the moment I laid eyes on her I was mesmerized by her beauty and well I later learned that her eyes had a special ability to them that explained why I felt drawn to her, along with anyone else.

ISIS – Oh? Do tell.

VAL – Gen’s purple eyes have the unique ability to trance anyone she chooses to focus them on, and make them lower their defenses, their will, do her bidding and other matters. She didn’t really abuse that ability but it made her quite a formidable opponent, she even whipped my ass along with everyone else with it.

ISIS – Hmmm love at first sight eh Val?

VAL – (chuckles) Not exactly, actually the price of Gen’s affection was pain and suffering beyond most could stand…it wasn’t until her rival Crymson Vachon beat my inexperienced butt to the brink of death...hanging on a thread that she told me exactly how she felt about me…that she loved me.

ISIS – (smiles softly) And they say that Dark Jedi are supposed to be evil and uncaring…

VAL – In most respects that depends on a certain point of view Isis. I’m a Dark Jedi Master, make no mistake of that and I have to ability to be ruthless and conquer worlds but I choose not to. Gen also had this ability but she chose to teach rather then lust for power or rank. She was content with her place in the Imperial society. However she was conflicted because she broke the carnal rule of teaching.

ISIS – Never fall in love with your student?

VAL – Exactly…she and I only had a relationship when I earned the right to become a teacher myself, alongside my close brother Foe Raker Gilkane, not of blood but of stronger things. He’s the brother I never had and she and he completed me at the time.

ISIS – Val, I can’t blame you for being cruel and ruthless, I understand that we are victims of our environment; to us at that innocent time we know nothing more then what we are told. To people like us we knew only to serve and to protect, that murder and taking a life was as common to our lifestyles as eating and breathing.

VAL – Yes, exactly…although on one occasion three Jedi stumbled into our residence and attempted to purge our way of life from their own…in the end, I watched as their allies were slaughtered and personally…ended their lives by my own hand.

ISIS – (shocked but comforting) It’s ok Val, we all live with our past deeds…it wasn’t your fault, you didn’t know.

VAL – No…all I knew was that they posed a threat to my existence, my accepted way of life and I couldn’t cope with them…even the sight of them, so I had only one conclusion…remove them.

Val’s eyes water a bit as he fights back tears, in his mind he can hear the woman’s screams and the men who defended her, possibly her friends and her own lover…the stood no chance against the secondary Head Master of the academy and without a trial or relent…he butchered them. Val’s arms slide from Isis’s waist was he walks over to a banister, glancing towards the rear of the mansion, towards the twin waterfalls rushing behind it as the setting sun creates rainbows within the mists of the falls.

Isis slowly breaths to herself, then paces over to Val, sliding her arms around his waist from behind, drawing his taller form against her, sliding around to run her breasts along his chest, gazing deep into his eyes, showing she understands his remorse and that it is ok to let it go in her presence, his lips slowly drawing towards her own, but stop a inch away as his eyes fasten upon her own glimmering green orbs…their lips drawing closer.

Then he's distracted...


Meanwhile under the serene scene above, the source of Val’s vision unfolds as Corrie stands within a circular room known as the “Hollow of Memory” where her eyes linger upon the many objects she sees within. Her brown gaze fastens upon a row of containing display cases, each baring a costume inside in pristine order, aside from a few with signs of battle and carbon scoring where it appeared someone “Almost got em”. Corrie didn’t know that Val knew where she was and she had lost all track of time, as she waded through the red velvet carpet along the floor to the cases, wandering her curious observation to the tattered rags below her…some stained with blood and bit by blaster shots and singed elements. This room clearly showed that Val was a tough cookie, a vigilant fighter and the best of his game.

It wasn’t until her finger slide along a tattered, jet black shirt stained with blood that the somber room seemed to melt away as her eyes saw before her a vision from the past…a vision of a Val standing before three Jedi before him, the look in their eyes terrified as they watched him reach for his saber, and Corrie shuddered back, falling over a chair as she felt each blood curdling scream tear through her body as each Jedi was struck down by Val’s fiery orange saber blade.

Corrie couldn’t believe what she was seeing, as she flung her grasp off the clothing, the visions stopped. Her eyes flickered in shock at what she had just experienced, as her fingers wandered she didn’t realize that her hand contacted another piece of material, that of an Imperial uniform.

Corrie’s visions started once more as she looked to a younger Val in a full Imperial uniform screaming to another higher ranked superior, as the figure grasps his throat and fell to the floor. She could hardly breath as she could almost feel her own throat being squeezed shut, quickly removing her hand from the uniform collar, she stood up and watched around her with careful eyes to make sure she didn’t touch anything else.

CORRIE – What in the blue hell was that???

Corrie’s eyes closed as she focused her approach to any other surprises as she slowly paced to the first of four of the display cases. This suit of armor was Val’s very first signature bounty hunting outfit, which was the Scout Trooper and Mandalorian mix to it, a vibrant green armor plated suit with the signature white imperial plastoid armor shell like pieces, but they appeared to be made of a much more durable material. Underneath the armor was a jet-black, rubber body glove suit. Her hand touched the suit and like clockwork another vision spread through her mind.

She saw Val sitting in a Café, watching over a girl who was dressed in very high-class Imperial robes, appearing to guard her, when an ominous figure dashed out of the shadows and drew a hold out blaster. Val in his special armor raised his arm as a dual cannon fired twin beams of lime towards the assailant, tracking his movements as the woman in white dashed out of the way. Val moved like lightning in the armor, as he found the assassin and cornered him. When Val thought he had the upper hand, another man with a large pipe hit him hard from behind. Val engaged his jetpack in a brilliant maneuver and the second strike hit the assailant and busted his head open with a rush of blood. Even though the assassin was bleeding he raised his blaster again to fire at the woman in white, but Val ignited Obi Wan’s Second lightsaber in a blaze of shimmering blue and cleaved the blaster’s shaft off in one stroke, then from within his kneepads, six darts slammed into the assailant and his accomplice and both fell to the floor unconscious and subdued, as Val extinguished his saber and walked over to the woman, before the vision receded she could see him pacing away with his helmet covering his face, the Scout Trooper helmet shimmering in the dim light of the room…then she returned back to her present place.

She walked from the first case to the next, observing a vibrant Imperial Uniform with a Commander’s rank plate insignia in it, as her fingers slide along the base of the plate, another vision filled her head seeing Val dressed in the uniform looking at a computer screen searching for information on a hunch he had had, finding that the ship, his parents ship the “Stargazer” was recently destroyed on a standard scout patrol. Corrie’s heart pounded as she felt Val’s anger in the moment, that moment that explained why his Mother and Father never contacted him after his dream…how they were hunted down in space and executed…his parents ship destroyed from the raid Krevlin had inflicted upon it.

CORRIE – Oh Val…so much rage, so much anger…is this what you wanted to protect us from by forbidding anyone from entering in here?

Corrie withdrew from the case and moved to the third. Within was Val’s new addition to the timeline of his costumes, a jet-black sleeveless trench coat. Also for the firs time she saw the emergence of the Versai Crest but it was not the same as the current version, it was more primitive, not a double “V” but a single one with a triangular wedge above it. The breast plate wasn’t red or gold either it was just a simple black vest with silver plates over the abs, which were also damaged from a what looked to be a massive energy discharge, the metal was melted and disfigured along the midsection of the vest…then it struck her.

CORRIE – I know this costume…you wore it when we…when you…saved my life…

Corrie didn’t even need to touch the fabric, but she did anyway as the next image played through her mind opening in the Mos Eisley Cantina. Her lips smiled as she recalled Val in this attire sitting at a table with a drink in his hand watching her dance in her skimpy black outfit, adorned with a tiara of jet-black pearls. She felt her body convulse with the first impact, as a droidekas rolled into the bar suddenly and opened fire on Val with such precision that he was nailed in the damaged area of the midsection of his vest and sent flying into a wall…her ears hearing the echo of his command to “get down” as another blast nearly ended her life…her body was aching from the illusion of the cracked ribs Val suffered from the sheer impact of the droids weapons…then the image faded to black as Foe Raker Gilkane entered the bar, igniting his blood red saber blade.

CORRIE – So many memories Val…but why hide them? Why forbid them?

Suddenly Val’s voice echoed into her head telepathically, as she approached the final costume, which was the one she was more familiar with, the red and gold armor with the claw like design on the breastplate, blood red pants and a single golden cross along on hip, his insignia of “Dark Justice” and the boots bore the somewhat but still not final rendition of the Versai Crest. More updated but lacking the ring of gold that the current design held, her hand reaching out as Val’s voice shouted, “STOP!” to her.

CORRIE – Uh oh…I guess I’m busted huh?

VAL – (telepathic) You're damn right you are missy…I have a good notion to come down there and kick your pretty lil ass all over that room…I told you it was FORBIDDEN to be in there, maybe now from your little picture shows you understand why…

CORRIE – Val I? Wait a minute; we said we weren’t holding any more secrets back from each other anymore so this room shouldn’t be off limits to your friends Val.

VAL – (telepathic) WHY did you go there…for what reason did you violate my trust Corrie?

Val’s eyes flicker as his voice booms in Corrie’s ears telepathically, as if he was standing right before her and yet he was staying silent stroking Isis’s hair, with her nuzzled against his shoulder miles above Corrie’s location, Val was speaking to her through the Force, while comforting Isis and it was clear that soon one would have to give out over the other…so his words were to the point as the concentration between a beautiful girl in his arms and a curvaceous, naughty woman in his private quarters was making his concentration quite hard to maintain.

CORRIE – I wanted to know it all Val, I came here because I want to understand you, I want to be your friend and the only damned way I can even come close is to know more then what you’ve shown me…what you refuse to show me…the truth.

VAL – The truth Corrie? The Truth? CAN YOU HANDLE THE TRUTH!

CORRIE – Yes, I can…give me a chance to prove it.

VAL – (calms) Ok Corrie, you want a chance? You want to be stubborn and know the darkness that surrounded me years ago that still looms inside me fine! But I warn you, in order to understand what you see, you have to remember that these things are past deeds I cannot atone for, and they are things that could happen again if anything were ever to trigger the shadows inside the depths of my soul. Which you will understand…go on, touch the Dark Justice costume…

Corrie knits her brows and touches the cold surface of the crimson red armor of Val’s attire, her mind drifting to a battle field with Val in the full garb, sabers both ignited facing a women, with a lime saber also ignited with a special tri saber bladed insignia on her shoulder…a Jedi “Crusader”.

Suddenly Corrie can see the battle begin, as Val shows no relent in parrying and scaring the woman and eventually she swings at his head…that crucial mistake as Val’s signature move claims her life as quickly as it had begun…but there was a darker rage in this image of Val, a much more sadistic nature that he approached the halved corpse and decapitated the head, then removed the entrails of the body…this evil incarnation was as wicked and dark as the figure she had watched brutally slaughter the three Jedi then the image faded.

VAL – Like what you see Corrie? Is that the truth you wanted to know so badly?

CORRIE – Look Val…as shocking as that was to me, it’s the past and the past its over… I don’t like it but I can understand it.

VAL – (sighs) I expected you to be outraged or scared…I’m sorry for keeping these things from you Corrie but you need to understand that in order to achieve that balance of good and evil within myself I have to remember the morbid memories of the past to make sure they do not re occur.

CORRIE – Yes…I understand that as well, you have to learn to stop being so defensive Val, I’m your friend and so is Isis…well maybe more then one but the point is you don’t have to hide these things from us we understand and respect you regardless of how many people you’ve slaughtered, how many people you’ve killed to survive or wronged. People can change…you’ve proven that.

VAL – Very well, roam as you wish…I’m rather occupied at the moment with Isis and I’ll be up soon, I can sense a storm approaching, if I were you I wouldn’t stay too long down there.

CORRIE – Thank you Val, I appreciate your understanding, I knew that you would understand.

VAL – At first I was angry, but you’ve shown me from the forging of our lightsabers together that I need to trust you and Isis completely and work with you rather then against you…so I suppose then as I’ve held nothing back from her, I grant you the same liberties. Just don’t mess up the place; it’s a bitch to clean.

CORRIE – (snickers) Yeah, yeah. I won’t like dry-clean your memories or anything ok? I’ll leave em all nice and dingy just like you like it ok?

VAL – (smirks) Fair enough.

Corrie feels Val’s presence leave her mind as she slides her fingers over another article of clothing. This one was unique because she also pricked her finger on a sharp, jagged object. Her hand snapped back as her eyes peered closer to the medium gray material, pulling the piece of fabric from the bundle of things around it she laid it down in front of her and her eyes widened in pure amazement as she saw the triangular fasteners on the left, and the rings of silver metal loops on the right.

It was Gen’s shirt…



She could tell it was Gen’s because it matched the same shirt that was in some of the portraits of Gen inside the mansion’s many rooms and halls, and there was no mistaking from the cut of midriff along the bottom with the lip of fabric lining it. Her hands traveled over the cloth and for a moment there was no pictures that flashed in her mind then suddenly she was overwhelmed by images of Gen and Val in a dark room, which appeared to be woman’s quarters and Gen was…straddling Val who was laying down on a bed, with taped ribs.

Corrie bit her lip as she examined the Amazon mounting Val’s hips, taking careful observation of her down right hot curls of purple and pink streaked hair, that went down to her butt along her shoulders. She wasn’t sure what kind of peepshow she was witnessing but it was less then public. She surmised that every image she had involved the clothing she touched and it wasn’t long before she figured out just where this clothing fit in to the general scheme of things as Val’s brown eyes flashed open in shock.

Gen had looped her fingers over the triangular fasters to her midriff and curled her fingers under the lip of the bottom if it, and lifted the shirt right off her body…Val was staring at Gen’s naked, firm, breasts.

Right in plain view! Gen was getting topless while he was prone up with his injuries and her coat was already on the floor with her boots…Corrie snickered because she knew that Gen was in Val’s makeshift recovery room for more then just a checkup on his condition.

Corrie felt like a voyeur watching Gen and Val preparing for their very hot…first encounter. Val had alluded to it but left out the details she was now blatantly observing. Oh yes Gen had been one hot piece of ass alright, her body was athletic but busting with curves in all the right places…and she apparently knew just how to use it as Val’s shirt was ripped off his chest, and her lips were planted square on his own.

CORRIE – So this is why your itching for more of that Gen lovin isn’t it Val? I can see why.

Gen’s body was now slithering along Val’s own, as his lips danced with her own. Gen’s purple hair spilt along his shoulders, his hand also taped with medical bandages stroked her gorgeous purple locks. The look of love was defiantly in their eyes and they were no longer just staff of the Academy, they were down right acting on instincts…and from the door, Foe Raker walked in…raised an eye brow, then quietly as quickly as he entered the room, walked back out with a smile on his lips.

His bro finally was getting some “relaxation”…

CORRIE – Well I suppose after getting his butt handed to him by Crymson…he earned it.

Corrie was disappointed when the good part was coming, Gen’s prone body about to mount her chosen mate’s arousal, consummating both the loss of their innocence and the forging of a bond deeper then death itself…eternal and far more binding than any marriage. For Corrie, the image faded away at the exact moment Val entered Gen’s spread thighs, snapping her fingers in frustration.



Val gently nuzzled Isis within his arms, as his eyes fastened upon her shimmering emerald pools once more. The winds grew stronger and the sunlight was now gone from Alpha Xeridia’s surface, only the deep black and gray clouds slowly pushed its way through the jet black sky, covering the stars in its blanket of darkness.

Val’s lips drew close to Isis’s own, for the in climate weather that was rolling in did not break the somber, romantic mood of the moment as Val’s lips drew closer, Isis’s eyes fluttered shut and in that instant, frozen in time both Val and Isis crossed the barrier from friends…to something more.

Val’s lips slide along Isis’s rims, in a deep and passionate embrace, but suddenly his eyes burst open, wide and in utter disbelief as he tore from her grasp, stepping away from her, Isis’s face stunned, her mouth dropped open.

ISIS – What? What did I do?

VAL – Isis…Yo….you…I can’t….you..

ISIS – What, what is it?

Isis shrinks away to an opposite end of the banister, drawing her arms along her chest, her eyes slightly filled with tears at the rejection…but she didn’t understand why Val would reject her affections so briskly, it was clear he was as attracted to her as she was to him…then she turns back to speak to him. Val was in the same position as she was, arms across his chest but his eyes were still wide and quivering, also filled with the glint of tears. Isis slowly approached Val, sliding her finger along the base of his chin, turning his shocked expression towards her supportive gaze, wanting to know what had scared Val out of his skin for he was in total shock…and it came from…the kiss.

VAL – (stunned) Isis you…you….

ISIS – Val dearest…snap out of it.

Val blinks for a moment before his eyes return to their normal state, as he closes them and slowly breaths out refocusing his gaze back on Isis again with a new outlook on her appearance to himself. His fingers slide over her hand, as he resumes his gentle embrace with her once again, but this time he asks a peculiar question that makes Isis raise her brow.

VAL – Isis…what do you remember about your Mother?

ISIS – I never knew my mother…only Ras Krueger.

VAL – Yes but Isis…you said that Ras raised you by adoption, which means that some where along the way you had to have had another family.

ISIS- Huh? What does that have to do with us?

Val stands up and paces from Isis, still digesting the images that now fill his mind with wonder and amazement and yet revelations that he had never had the privilege to see before because he wasn’t there but Isis was…Val’s eyes divert to that missing figure in the portrait of the Versai Family inside the locket he fought Cire to keep, swiped from Gary and clutched night after night…the piece, the final piece surrounding the mystery of the locket had come into place and it all made perfect sense like a flowing quilt.

VAL – Isis, tell me about your nightmare…the one with the black demons and the two figures.

ISIS – Uh…how did you?

VAL – Just tell me Isis…it's important.

ISIS – Well there’s this little girl, clutching her stuffed ewok and these two figures I can never see the faces of, but one is wearing a deep brown robe and the other is in a black one. The black demons have gray mouths and are all black in some sort of dark armor…anyway these black demons spew fire from their hands.

VAL – (sighs)Yes, I know that now…tell me everything Isis.

ISIS – The demons approach the couple and there is this bigger demon in gray and an…Imperial uniform, and the guy with the brown robe ignites a green lightsaber as slashes at the demons and kills some but they overtake him and he falls after getting shot to death…

VAL – Describe the woman…Is she clutching her shoulder in pain? A fresh blaster wound through it, and does this gray phantom approach and shoot her in the head? What color is her hair Isis…

ISIS – YES! How do you know this??? I never told anyone these things before…the only person I told was…Ras…and he.

VAL – Yes? Isis, what did he do?

ISIS – He touched my head and the dreams just disappeared…it wasn’t until after Quillion died that these nightmares came back…what does this mean?

VAL – Isis…you and I can never be lovers…or anything of the sort, but we can love each other.

ISIS – (blinks)I don’t understand…I thought we loved…

VAL – We do…very deeply, and I know now why we have this attraction to one another.

ISIS- The woman on the ship! She has blonde hair and green eyes! The girl she stumbled into an escape pod and launched into space as the ship exploded! It was…

VAL – Yes, the girl is you Isis…just like the girl in this locket I have been wondering about…by some twist of fate your name wasn’t originally Isis was it?

ISIS – But I? Ras was my Father, I didn’t know anyone else but…but wait, I’m starting to remember more.

VAL – Take your time Isis…think carefully…I know I had to.

Isis slowly knits her brows in deep thought as she tries to search beyond Quillion and the Killain, probing her mind where a barrier once stood erected by Ras Krueger to hide the truth from his adopted daughter and what her intended purpose was…insurance.

Ras raised Isis in hopes to blackmail Krevlin if he should find the need to do so, Isis could see into her own fathers; mind now…the plot to wipe out the Dark Jedi, a part of which she could also see Val on his list. Anger started to fill her veins towards Ras’s actions…but smoothed over since he changed his ways when he took her under his wing atoning for his actions in the past…still he wanted to live a lie and her to do so as well…he used the Force to block Isis’s true memories from her…and now with his death, the wall was shattered and then Isis saw the face…the face of the woman, the face of the man. She quickly ripped the locket out of Val’s hand and stared into the portrait of the Versai Family and they’re in the girl’s hand

Was the stuffed ewok…

She knew it, in every muscle in her body she finally realized the truth, why her eyes and her hair matched the little girl and the women in her nightmares, and why the man had the brown robe and the green lightsaber and why she recognized the weapon in Quillion’s hand with the shimmering forest green blade…she knew her name wasn’t Isis Surul…that was Ras’s name for her.

VAL – You know now, don’t you?

ISIS – Yes…yes, its all clear now…

Isis takes the locket and points to each person in the picture, as she stands in front of Val, tracing her finger over the plastic shielded portrait.

ISIS – The man…is Russel, the woman is Kathryn, the girl is me and you…are the little boy.

VAL – Yes…I don’t believe it, for years I believed I was the only one, the only survivor…

ISIS – Then who am I! If I’m not Isis what is my name!

Val takes Isis in his arms and hugs her tight, whispering into her ear, softly stroking her hair as she weeps upon him, not even sure who she was anymore, having discovered everything she’s been led to believe was a lie…and this new life under it, so unfamiliar to her.

VAL – Your name is Sara Versai...

ISIS – Then that would make you my…

VAL – Brother…

SARA – Then that’s why…that’s why were attracted to each other so deeply, why we fight so well and why we both lead similar lives with adopted parents…because it’s in our blood.

VAL – (sighs softly) Oh god Sara…I’ve missed you so, so, very much…all this time, all these memories all the pain and torture of not knowing…trying to hold on to hope and you…your alive, you survived it all.

SARA – (tears stream) Val…my brother, I remember…everything now. You watched over me when I was younger, you taught me to laugh, to smile…you were there always for me and that’s why I felt so distant around Mom and Dad, why I didn’t remember them…because they lost you! I never forgave them for it! That’s why I couldn’t remember any emotion! Oh Val! Never leave me…never leave me again.

Val embraces Sara Versai…formally Isis Surul in his arms, as both long lost brother and sister reunite after years of separation, in the midst of all the chaos of VT’s attack, Quillion’s relentless schemes, the Versai Tech mole causing havoc…nothing no longer matters to either, as the moment is frozen in time…the last known ruminants of the Versai Family were one.

As Brother and sister embrace in reunited splendor, unknown to them within the facility of the newly established Versai Tech base, that same sinister figure that was in the shield control room was in another classified area and he was taping in keystrokes on a computer console, each stroke meticulously thought out as he entered in the keys to locks on his next target…His eyes watched for any sign of danger that might catch him as he glanced to the coded paper before him, tapping in the last of the codes into the Versai Tech UNITRAC mainframe he carried out his secondary orders…


Within Alpha Xeridia’s airspace a massive armada of sleek black vessels appeared from the folds of hyperspace, consisting of Y-4 Raptor Transports, Shadow Strikers, and baring payloads of hundreds of Krath War droids, XIM War Droids, and a powerful SD-10 droid as well as TIE Crawlers, Juggernauts, and other assault vehicles.

Inside the deck of one of the Shadow Strikers, A woman stood proud and strong, as her gray eyes bore into the planet before her view screen. Her jet-black hair was covered by a hood drawn up over her head, but the red strand of hair that streaked back from her bangs revealed exactly whom she was, and what her intents were, for her former attributes were no longer hiding her true identity.

She spoke into the comm. units as she watched a screen fill with various codes and areas of green symbolizing the planetary pictogram of Alpha Xeridia and along side on a separate monitor, the blueprint layout of the Versai Mansion.

The figure’s eyes glistened with pleasure as her lips drew back in a cleaver smirk, watching the Y-4 transports already pass through the planet’s atmosphere and begin landing. The green lights around the planet and the Versai Mansion icon were now red…red, which meant danger because the defenses, and the shields were now…lowered.

The figure on the deck of her Master’s ship, the “Cat’s Eye” laughed into the comm. as she gave her orders, handed down to her by her leader Lord Quillion himself, and it was clear by the equipment that began to land upon the surface of Alpha Xeridia that the intent was…invasion.

The figure was not Crymson Vachon but it was very much a ghost from the past, for her Master was elsewhere, it was none other then Maligna…alive and in the flesh, carrying out the orders of her Master and Lord Quillion…Quillion’s image flickered on to a holoscreen. His mask shimmered silver, as his crimson red eyes blazed with excitement, the scar like patterns around his eyes glistening in their blood red hues, while his hood shielded anything but his silver skull within its darkness.

QUILLION – Report…

MALIGNA – My Master is already on the surface…she is carrying out your orders.

QUILLION – And the defenses?

MALIGNA – (points to the view screen) See for yourself Milord, the planetary shields are no longer operational…your mole has done an outstanding job.

QUILLION – He had better…I expect nothing less of a man of his stature in my organization. I am pleased, your Master is ordered to engage Versai much to her delight…while she does this, it is YOUR priority to see that his friends are captured and brought to me…preferably alive. Make sure that our droids know this, you control them from your ship they cost me a fortune! If there is ONE FLAW, I will personally remove your head from your shoulders is that clear?

MALIGNA – Crystal…

QUILLION – (smiles) Very well then, I’m quite pleased that my little secret has not been detected just yet…that tracking device grown in our biotech laboratories has worked wonders for us…Poor, poor, Isis little did she know, she led us right to his doorstep MUAHAHAHAH.

MALIGNA – What of the Versai Mansion?

Quillion Stands up and walks away from the holo pad, craning his head back towards the screen.

QUILLION – Burn it…


Quillion’s image fades out as more Y-4 transports enter the atmosphere of Alpha Xeridia. Maligna tapping in some keystrokes on a computer consul as a flurry of numbers light up with orange, digital text…each number that of a fully armed and operational War or Krath Droid below on the planet’s surface…the droids moving with stealth like agility march towards the Mansion gates and pass through undetected, for with all defenses down…there is no warning, no signal that deems their arrival.

Slowly the Krath droids train their blasters on Val and Isis holding on another in a tender embrace, flicking the scopes hidden under the cover of the foliage before them. The slight hum of the weapons turbines fill with gas bent on expelling its deadly fire towards the unsuspecting brother and sister…lost in the moment of reunion.

As Valaryc and Sara Versai hug one another…

The droids finalize their aim…

And open fire…


With Isis being revealed as Val’s sister, what does “The Curse” have in store for her and Corrie?
Why was Val’s Mansion, with all its high tech defenses left vulnerable?
Where is Crymson Vachon?
What will Quillion do next?

The best is yet to come… the answers draw near…



(Versai Chronicles  IX "Trailer")

The scene opens upon a all black canvas as a beam of light slides from left to right, leaving a "NRN Design"
glowing blue logo behind then the logo fades away like twinkling stars.

~The picture begins to fill the screen, the voice over starts in Sacul's voice...~

-SACUL 456-
For years...Master Val has defended the innocent...vanquished the unjust.

~The Image of Val fighting various opponents shows, a new angle from his battle with Krevlin shows Val driving a dagger through Krevlin's shoulder as the explosive affixed to the wall counts down. The scene then shifts to a image of Val fighting Cire in the forest, his saber flung from his grasp, as the next image shows a massive crimson red radient light fill the screen. The silhouette of Cire standing before it, shielding his eyes as he's consumed by the energy blast.~

~The image of Cire's saber hilt flings across the screen and shatters as the screen shifts to a view of the forest from a distance revealing a massive explosion that rips the trees from the ground, both Val and Cire's bodies flying back.~

~The scene now shifts to a close up of Val holding a poisioned Isis in his arms, his face scrunched in anger as he cries out within the vibrant orange depths of Tabannolis, with a screen wipe the image then shows Val and Isis' holding one another in a tender embrace, where the secret of their relationship was revealed.~

-SACUL 456-
My Master has bled, suffered and endured through all obstacles...

~The scenery from Val fighting Lord Efface on Tabannopolis blazes across the screen
as Val is backhanded off the railing, his saber cleaving into the turboshaft decending his fall,  Efface's blue face spreads a menacing grin across his tatooed lips~

~The next scene shifts to shows a younger Crymson Vachon standing in the forest as her jet black hair whips across her face, the single white strand evident, watching a much younger Val, shortly before he is sent flying back by a fierce Force Push. The scene flashes with pink and fiery orange brillaince as the images shift to Val and Crymson in fierce combat, Val's saber coming to slash towards Crymson's shoulder, in which she spins to her right, just as Val ducks below the pnk blade whizzing over his head, bringing his saber swing opposite towards her side, Crymson quickly countering by leaping back in a ball, her saber blade dually lit spiraling across the sky as she lands like a cat, slowly rising to her knees~

 ~The image of Malcom's ship exploding in a shower of sparks flashes, then a medium shot of a blaster bolt passing through Devon Troy's head, as he falls limp against the table, the image fading quickly in a blur to Val rising into the air as Lord Efface is cleaved in two, the camera zooming in on Efface's halved orange bladed saber clanging to the floor in slow motion, the blade retracting, symobilzing his defeat.~

-SACUL 456-
 But now...times have changed and new revelations have surfaced...

~The image shifts to Val sliding his hand along a severly damaged chestplate, sparks sputtering from the figure~

~The image appears of Lance reading over the garbled message on the lap top~

~An image of Lance Jade appears, speaking to a women who is unfamilar, Lance suddenly widens his eyes and dashes from the room  in a hurry~

~No music plays~

~Val is shown whispering to Isis~

"I can’t involve you in that manner…the price is too high for me to pay."

"I want to be close but you won’t let me near, what is it your protecting me from?
What is it that keeps you so distant?"

~SACUL 456~
If all he loved...all he cherished...

~Images of Krystyn, Russel, Malcom and Gen appear, each showing a side of their personality, fading in and out after one another~

~The images then fading away show Isis, Lance, Corrie, and Sacul with looks of terror on their faces~

~No music plays again...just a heartbeat and heavy breathing~


~The Versai Family Locket with its ruby red gem
sways back as one scene shows, then changes to another scene as it travels back across the screen~

~an echo of the locket in enhanced audio swaying, is heard slightly louder then his voice~

"The Curse Isis, takes on many forms…many faces."

~Images of Cire, Krevlin, Deceit, Maligna, Crymson, and Quillion flash on the screen~

"I cannot tell you what or whom it symbolizes or its origin,
all I know is that it simply…is."

~A vast amount of droids march towards the glittering Versai Mansion, as lightning flashes over head. Each taking aim on a section, the weapons open fire and blaster bolts slam into various sections of the mansion's structure~

~Val is shown with one arm around Isis covering her defensivly, as his other hand snaps forward towards a salvo of blaster fire from the bushes, where droids attack in wait, the beams bounce off a shimmering purple energy barrier and slam into the droids as they explode in a hail of orange fire and a spray of metallic debris~

~A close up of TIE Crawlers, Juggernauts and formations of heavily armed droids, are seen rolling through the terrain of Alpha Xeridia as trees topple and bushes crunch under the wheels of the vehicles and feet of the droids pursuing a relentless approach~

~the image of a figure clothed in a jet black cloak leaps down from a ledge and slowly rises to its feet, the camera panning in to a close up on her vibrant crimson red eyes, as it suddenly blurs back, the figure igniting two shimmering pink blades, the camera now panning in the same scene to a sidewards angle, as Val is sent back launching into the air

"The beast inside me, the dark side of me only manifests its grip over me when I suffer
a traumatic event, such as a death or severe betrayal."

"I know that you couldn’t ever be as evil or ruthless
or uncaring or whatever you were before we met."

~all music stops, only a heartbeat plays~


~SACUL 456~
Was taken from him...

~The scene shows Val's eyes opening slowly within a heavily damaged hanger bay, War droid remains litter the debris of the floor, his eyes slowly craning towards the damage then to a piece of Isis's attire in his hand, stained with blood~

~Val is then shown clutching Sacul in his arms, who's arms and legs are ripped from his body, as wires sputter electronic sparks and mangled metal, mixed with synthetic flesh that bleeds on the floor, Val's eyes dropping low then slowly rising as anger fills them...his eyes narrowed to slits, teeth clenched~

~complete silence~

-SACUL 456-
 Pray Quillion that your demons will help you...because no one else will...

~The riveting, high strung music from "The Cloud City Battle" plays~

~Val is shown battling the dark figure in a eight hit fury combo as before, but this time Val and the figure in black with their sabers barred leap back, and rush towards eachother as their saber blades clash face to face, Val's eyes filled with determination stare into the figure's hood,as Crymson's older feral gaze stares right back into his face, Val's hand ripping off the hood as rain pours down on them, kicking Crymson in the chest below the collarbone, sending her flying backward~

~An Image of Lance Jade appears as he faces someone off screen and speaks to them, there is no audio but he is clearly upset as three Versai Tech Guards accompany him, but are suddenly inflicted with blood red bolts of lighting as Lance's arms come up to shield himself from the impacts of the offscreen assualt~

~Lightning crackles across the sky, as the distant figures of Val and Crymson duel within the rain soaked grass of the courtyard, in front of the mansion, the camera zooming in to them as Crymson's blade cleaves off the main structure of the central fountain infront of the Versai Mansion, as Val looks to the damage, then backhands Crymson's skull, spinning around he sends his blade racing towards her back, but she holds her blade vertical and deflects the blow, her back facing Val's parried blade~

~No music plays again...just a heatbeat and heavy breathing~

Val's Dark Side has now been...

~The Versai Mansion is shown heavily damaged the rain  having let up to a trickle. Suddenly panels slide back from sections of the mansion, and from hidden compartments within the ground as four turbolaser units, and eweb blaster rise from their holdings, take aim on a TIE Crawler and a massice SD-10 droid and open fire, exploding the units and consuming a battalion of droids while others are flung about as one flies back and completly fills the screen to black~

~An image of two hanger bay doors fades on the screen from the darkness, as Val's MARC "The Assailant" suddenly screeches out of a hidden hanger bay, ripping through the two closed doors, shearing through the metal, blazing into the stormy atmosphere of Alpha Xeridia, another bold bolt of lightning rips through the heavens as his ship disappears in the distance. the scene fading out~

~Val is shown in another outfit, armed with four blaster holsters, two along his legs, two along his back, in a jet black and silver outfit with several compartments. his signature sleeveless trench coat billows furiously in high winds. Cylinders are inside two bandaliers that circle his lower thighs, as his sabers sparkle from his hips, the scene pulls back to show a ominous shiny black building, formed of angles that meet in the center of a disc with three distinct ruby red crystalline structures rising above it, a bolt of lighting streaks across a pitch black, purple clouded skyline~


~The Music from Throne Room March plays~

 ~Val's seen brandishing two flechette pistols, dodging blaster fire, as he tumbles into a roll, and fires the weapons, and a close up of his face shows complete concentration as the fire from the muzzles of his pistols completly fill the screen and the scene shifts to him backflipping away from red blaster bolts tearing into the ground, hot on his heels.~

~ Val stands with his back to the camera as two beams of blue and golden yellow ignite into an "X" two Killain Warriors swing blood red lightsabers towards his midsection, but he steps back, and whips his saber blades up under the two which miss him, then without relent, his blades whip forward as the two Killain Warrior's cry out, falling in two halves to the floor.~

~A image of Val standing before the massive doors to the Killain Throne Room shows him kicking them open and striding into a circular room surrounded in a circle of lit torches, and a set of stairs leading to a dias, where a distant sihouette of a figure can be made out, hands slide along the sides of his throne.~

~Images of Isis, Gen, Corrie, and Malcom's faces quickly appear and disappear in time with heartbeats, a close up of Val's hate filled eyes ghosts the images revealing his thoughts.~

~scene goes black~.

~Val's eyes that ghost the screen now slide back to reveal his full figure standing in front of the opened twin doors to the Killain Throne Room ,his, head tipped down as his bangs cascade along the sides of his face, his deep brown eyes slowly raise shortly after he lifts his head, narrowed and filled with rage...lips slowly parting.~

~The eerie Music of The Emperor's Theme plays low in the background of the dialogue~.

"You've stepped over the line this time...Quillion..."
"You've inflicted your vengeance upon those I cherish...You've awoken the beast within me..."
"You have brought me your you will feel mine."

"Come Versai...I have waited long enough."

~An Image of Val staring face to face with Quillion who stands before his throne, sliding his fingers along the back of his robe as a Sith Sword emerges...the image flashes on the screen from Quillion to Val reaching for his sabers~

~Val is shown igniting both his sabers in the same "X" pattern as before with Crymson, as his eyes lift a sadistic smile
crosses his lips~

"I've seen the future...and you're not in it..."

~High pitched, dynamic chord plays, title showing with credits~


~Screen fades to black~



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