Chapter III - Distraction

VC Deception - Distraction


Malcom was gone. The imagery streamed through Val’s head in a never-ending loop. He wondered how he could be so blind as to not have SENSED the Sith Infiltrator below him, why he didn’t sense the people inside the ship or even in the cantina. Had these assassins known now as “The Killian” somehow found a way to block his force sensing capabilities? There is no other possible explanation, for their ability to shield themselves from his detection. If this theory was true though, it would mean that they were all force users, and with the evil intentions they carry out and their efficiency, they were not be a threat to be taken lightly.

As Val’s sturdy Howlrunner “Nemesis” streaks through the blanket of streaming stars around him, as he predicted across holo-networks across the galaxy, news of his appearance had spread. Each reporter over several networks all showed the same footage of a man suspected of being Valaryc Versai, performing feats of skill unmatched by current heroes of the day. One of the people who witnessed the swoop slicing incident had grabbed a camera, and captured the entire event on video. It was well known that the people of Mos Espa didn’t care for outlanders, but the video was priceless and sold to the highest of the media moguls, then stolen, copied and before long, every shady media hub, holoscreen, tabloid network, and even foreign networks had copies of the footage.

Even though Val had flipped on his visual display unit to wave “buh bye”. They didn’t have enough concrete proof that the man they had watched jumped twenty feet in the air, turn around, and sever a speeding swoop right down the middle along with its driver, was not just another pretender or obsessive fan. Since Val’s disappearance, his image was not forgotten as he was led to believe. Had Val paid more attention to the more distant realms of the galaxy, he would have seen that his images, his deeds, were in high demand in the collectable realms. This might even explain whom the children knew of his name, and his attire.

Indeed there had been comics, t-shirts, tunics, videos, books…all of these things were underground to avoid lawsuits, but each fat cat, credit hungry knock off producer was cashing in on his image and his heritage. Within this circle of collectable merchandise, no one who possessed it could match the complete, definitive collection the leader of The Killian possessed. In an obsessive like “shrine” all these things were evenly placed in his quarters. For what particular purpose the leader of The Killian had all these “Versai” collectables was unknown by his members. Next to none had seen his face, and lived to tell of it. He would only reveal his face…before he took life.

The leader of The Killain believed that if one were to see his face, they would take his power from him, as long as he remained unknown, unseen…his enemies could never break his veil of deception. It is well known that an unseen, and unknown enemy is indeed a formidable one simply because you do not understand how he thinks, how he moves, how he fights and what weapons he uses. Knowledge is power and with the leader of The Killian, he understood this concept well, hence why he denies even his own kind the knowledge of his identity, governing his subjects behind a mask, and dark black robe adorned with silver etched designs.

However, also known is that nothing no matter how much you try, how hard you try will remain secret forever. A crucial flaw in his master plan will teach the leader of The Killain this lesson and as such he will have to adapt and conform to where his path leads for nothing plays out exactly as planned, there is always room for…


VC Deception – Chapter III - Distraction


As Val’s ship rocks back and forth from the entry through hyperspace, his comm. unit flashes a message indicating an incoming signal to him. Val having set his course for Versai Tech Headquarters, figures it is the detective crew alerting him of more information. Val was quite annoyed with them however, after all what was he paying these people for? To drink blue milk and dunk donuts? They had not picked up on the clues he had, and they had access to the footage of the VT invasion way before he did. Taking a deep breath, still bothered by the loss of his friend Malcom Shields, Val flicks on the receiver switch.

VOICE –(nervous) Is this…this umm…umm…Valaryc Versai?

VAL – Depends on who wishes to know.

VOICE – Ummm I need to meet with you as soon as possible

VAL – Excuse me but I don’t even know whom in Qui Gon’s name you are.

VOICE – My name? Uh uh well uh…you have to to promise you won’t umm won’t yell at me.

VAL – (raises an eyebrow) Why would I yell at you? Who are you…speak now.

VOICE – Uh well you see umm boss uh my name is umm…

VAL – Boss??? Spit it out boy, my patience grows short.

The voice is shaky, the individual behind the other end of the audio comm. apparently quite nervous from some form of aggression, fearing rejection from his “boss” other matters having forced him to face the one man he knows would skin him alive. On his own was not an option…

VAL – (annoyed) Well??

VOICE – My name is umm is ummmm Devon Troy…


VOICE – (trembles) You…you promised Versai! You promised you wouldn’t yell!

Val attempts to calm himself, knowing he did in a way agree to Devon’s terms. As angry as he was about being betrayed, being contacted by “the mole”. It did save him time tracking him down himself, but what irked Val more was the fact that if “the mole” was trying to disappear, why then did he bother contacting the same man he betrayed and for what purpose? That information would come in time.

VAL – (takes a deep breath) You’re right…I apologize. Continue…

DEVON – Sir, I know you are rather upset with me but I can explain all this…at first it was about money, then about family but now its gotten to the point I can’t handle this alone!

VAL – Upset doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about losing thousands of dollars in property damage, which could have been avoided.

DEVON – (voice quivers) I…I…But Val I, I didn’t know they were going to…destroy those…. buildings…honest! I was forced into…

VAL – Pull yourself together Devon, as annoyed as I am about your deeds, I’m more interested in finding out WHY you chose to betray me. What, the money not enough?

DEVON – No its not that it was my famil….my daugh…

Hearing the word “family” Val’s anger quickly subsides, even knowing this traitor to have cost him money in property damages, it was only money and with Val there was plenty more where that came from, instead Val wondered what this strangers family had to do with his actions, starting to form a picture of his own…the Force giving his visions of a shivering man, his wife and daughter in the arms of a Killian warrior, demanding favors and access…Before Devon could even explain, Val already knew the answers.

VAL – What did they threaten to do to your family?

DEVON – (shocked) Huh? How did you??

VAL – Never mind that, answer my question.

DEVON – The people well, they threatened to kill my family if I didn’t give them access into the buildings. I’m so sorry Val but I had no choice!

VAL – (sighs) What you did was wrong, and it has cost me much but as bad as your deeds were in the long run there was little damage done. This however does not mean I’m letting you off the hook, I want to know everything…SPILL IT.

DEVON – (nervous) I….no I can’t not here…..uh can you meet me? Ummm I’m rounding Bespin right now, near Tibannopolis. Can you uhhh meet me here in say umm a few hours? It’s not safe to talk on this frequency….they have ways of knowing….ears and eyes everywhere…

Val’s first inclination is a set-up, but something about the imagery he sees as Devon speaks, the look of terror on the little girl and apparently his wife’s faces, their arms being held tightly by a Killain warrior shows that there is some truth to Devon’s claims, and like it or not his trip to VT Headquarters was now changed…he wanted answers and the only way to try and learn more of the events of the last couple days was to give in and meet Devon, trap or no trap…in person Val would know everything, face to face.

VAL – Very well, I will arrive in a few hours…wait and signal me on my wrist communicator when I land. The frequency is being transmitted to you as we speak.

Val flips a series of switches as a series of numbers transmits to Devon’s ship, orbiting in Bespin’s atmosphere. Devon knows that in space he is safe for the time being, unaware of how far the connections of The Killain extend, not wanting to land until he knows he will be safe.

DEVON – Received Sir, again I’m truly sorry about causing you so much pain but I had no….no…choice, you understand this right? I uh I have a wife and a daughter to umm, uh mmm watch over and uh ummm raise.

VAL – (lowers his voice) I understand for now…and Devon?

DEVON – Uh, yes sir?

VAL – If this is a trick, if this is a set-up, there will be no where you can hide from the wrath I will unleash upon you, is that clear?

DEVON – Umm yes sir, I swear to you I’m not setting you up, I can’t prove it you’ll just have to trust me…

VAL – Trust is earned, not given Devon…I will arrive none the less in a few hours. Be ready spill everything when I get there. Get your facts in order and wait.

DEVON – Uh yes…uh yes sir. Umm I will do as instructed uh…boss.

VAL – You may call me Val knock off the formal introductions. I hate that.

DEVON – Will do uhh Val, and umm Val?

VAL – Yes?

DEVON – Uh for what its worth umm, thanks?

VAL – Thank me when I get there, Val out…

As the transmission ends, Val flips another series of switches, sending a secure signal through a series of multiple satellite networks known as “UNITRAC’, the signal was linked to his Mansion on Ithor as well as Versai Tech Headquarters, through the network of satellites, if a signal were to try to be intercepted it would first be coded, and secondly the message is broken into segments, where only specified machines can properly arrange the series of transmission strands into a proper sequence to form a conversation. This device was owned and invented by Val himself, his master engineering and mechanical skills once again proving to be a valuable asset in his future endeavors.

VAL – (UNITRAC comm.) Come in VT Headquarters…respond.

VOICE – VT Rep 123 here…identify?

VAL – This is Valaryc Versai, what is the progress of the investigation?

VT 123 – Say again? Did you say you are Valaryc Versai?

VAL – That is correct, again I repeat what is the progress into the VT invasion investigation?

VT 123 – You are claiming to be THE Valaryc Versai? The CEO of this company?


VT 123 – (nervous) Uh…hello Sir.

VAL – Dispense with the pleasantries, this is the last time I’m going to ask this question. WHAT IS THE DAMN PROGRESS OF THE VERSAI TECH INVASION INVESTIGATION!

VT 123 – Sir please calm yourself…The information was received by Malcom Shields, and we reviewed the footage and came up with the mole’s name, his name is Devon Troy who has recently disappeared.

VAL – What the hell? Did you and Malcom go to the same damned training academy or something? I already know about that, STOP EATING DONUTS AND GET SOME REAL PROGRESS NOW!

VT 123 – Umm sir, for the record, I’m not in the investigation department. There is more if you wish to hear it.

VAL – (calms himself) Very well, I am having a REALLY bad day. I’m calm now.

VT 123 – Well sir, we checked into your leads and we cannot confirm at this time the identity of the invader Malcom pointed out to us. We suspect as you do that it is Crymson Vachon, the most notorious assassin, wanted in over twenty-five systems. We can however conform that the group responsible for the attack on VT was “The Killian” we can also confirm that they have been in operation since the days of the Empire, and have connections to them as well. We do not know what their leader’s name is, because none have seen his face, and those who have are deceased.

He has some kind of policy that those who see his face take his power according to our sources. The Killian have attacked the Empire, the Republic, The Black Sun, and even the Bounty Hunters Guild. We suspect they are a mercenary for hire organization.

VAL – This explains their fancy toys…

VT 123 – You’re referring to the Sith Infiltrator and the swoops? We researched the identities of the gang that attacked you on Mos Espa, apparently they were hired to expose you to the public, and how they managed to know where you were to do this is unknown.

VAL – You’re saying that The Killain wanted the world to know I am still alive?

VT 123 – That is correct sir, apparently The Killain wish to take away your right to privacy. It is all over the news that you are alive after five years of seclusion. That is all we really know at present time. We’ll keep you updated when you get here.

VAL – I’m not coming there…

VT 123 – (surprised) But Malcom informed us you were on route??

VAL – Change of plans, I’m on my way to another location. I will speak with you after my business has been concluded.

VT 123 – Very well sir. I can personally say that it is good to see you back in action again.

VAL – Huh? How? You don’t know a thing about me other then I founded VT.

VT 123 – I grew up reading the articles on your past adventures, how you dispatched The Vong, crushed The Krath and other things. I don’t think you realize how much memorabilia there is out on you since your disappearance.

VAL – You will have to show me this sometime, and your name is?

VT 123 – My name is Matthew, Matthew Blackheart..

VAL – Very well Matthew, we will meet at a later time. Until then inform the detective crew that I appreciate their help for the moment and to keep up the good work. Leave the bit about eating donuts out will ya?

MATTHEW – Indeed sir, oh and Val?

VAL – Yes?

MATTHEW – Umm before you go, I just wanted to let you know it has always been my dream to work for you, ever since reading about your journey through hardship, you’ve inspired me to face my own demons so to speak and overcome them. Thank you for the inspiration sir, it is an honor to serve you.

Val closes his eyes, then opens them again, for Matthew’s words were akin to Malcom’s own five years ago when Val told only he and Sacul where he was going and his plans to disappear. Still moved by the loss of Malcom, so quickly…so abruptly torn from his grasp in a flash of light and fiery debris, Val didn’t want to allow anyone else to get close to him as Malcom did for everyone he has allowed close to him has met death in one way or another. This was a battle he had to wage on his own, and with that he spoke his final words to Nathan before clicking off the channel.

VAL – (calm, drawn out) I’m glad you feel that way Matthew, but bury your feelings deep down. Knowing me personally has grave consequences and I will not allow you to learn of them. Val out…

Before Matthew can respond, Val clicks off the comm., setting his coordinates for Bespin and his meeting with Devon, so much was being unraveled and so much was just to be seen, new things were thrown into the mix that revealed to Val that things are more connected then they appear and the attack on his VT facilities was just a smoke-screen for a bigger plot, set in to motion.


The scene now shifts to vast chamber, akin to that of the Dark Jedi Academy Council Room. This was different in some ways. Along the walls were lit torches, not that of current tech but a more morbid method, the torches were authentic and illuminated the vast area with natural light cast from the fires flickering in a circular pattern around the room. The floor was hard, cold, and a shiny onyx black, reflective of the same type of floor paneling that was found in the Death Star Hanger Bay. This location however was far from a hanger bay; it was actually a throne room. You can tell this detail by the raised dais aligned along the north wall of the room, two huge pits sitting along the left and right of a small flight of stairs leading to the throne itself. The pits blazing with roaring fire themselves that rivaled that of the torches along the walls.

This was where another event takes place, while Val slips back into his slumber as his ship enters hyperspace and its new coordinates to Bespin. In this room, twenty figures lay at the bottom of the throne, all bowing upon one knee, raising their eyes to the currently vacant throne.

The inhabitants of the room crane their heads to the left as a figure dressed in the same attire as the other members of the Killain have, except for one little detail. Where the gloves and boots and cowl of The Killain were all gray, this figures color was purple. Also his robe was decorated in the same patterns that the leader of The Killian had along his attire. Apparently it was clear that this individual who walked the platform where the throne stood was above the rest of the group below him.


The figures do as instructed, each hooded head lowering, their eyes gazing to the floor, as another figure much broader and vibrant paces from the far left of the throne, where the main figure before has now moved to the right, stopping by the throne.

The new silhouette is clothed in jet-black fatigues, but they are nothing like the rest of the group below him or even the servant to his right, aside from the matching boots. Draped along his body, covered by a velvet robe, he is dressed in a jet black Jedi like outfit akin to Luke Skywalker during his battle with Jabba. However extending from his shoulders, across from one another, down to his hips were the symbolic impressions of two dragon patterns, the bodies stopped at his waist, but the tails wrapped down along the sides of his legs. A brilliant double dragon like pattern from his belt buckle shone in the darkness, the light of the fires around him, making the silver dragon trim sparkle, covered only by the rippling movements of his robe, which had a thorn like silver pattern that extended from the collar, down to the tips of the robe, which cut off about his ankles. Upon his belt was a lightsaber, very visible by its hilt hanging from the clip. The design was that of a mixture of both Darth Vader and Obi Wan’s second lightsaber saber combined, wrapped in shades of black and silver. This figure’s face is shrouded by the hood drawn over his head, a silver mask reflecting from the darkness within. His face is completely hidden by it as he walks over to the throne and sits upon it.

We now can conclude that with the luxury of his attire, the people bowing before him, and his servant standing to the right of the throne as he sits upon it, the man is the leader of The Killian, whom has come with some form of business yet to be revealed, his voice is masked by a mechanical tone.

LEADER – Report…

The figure standing to his right is known as Lord Efface, a skilled master in the ways of The Sith. His skill is impressive by his list of confirmed kills and successful missions, his styles of combat have defeated even the strongest of opponents and he has easily dispatched several of the glory hungry heroes of today who have not learned that underestimating an opponent is a mistake, a mistake they only learn when their remains are cast into their graves. Lord Efface carries a specially designed double saber, much like Darth Maul he is also a Zabrakian from Iridonia, except Lord Efface had blue skin along with the black tattoos and yellowish-red eyes.

EFFACE – (glares to the crowd) SOMEONE ANSWER THE MASTER!

A single person known only as Elric stands from the other nineteen around him, bowing his head before the leader and Lord Efface, his words loud but smooth, not wanting to anger either of them.

ELRIC – The swoop gang accomplished their mission. Valaryc Versai can no longer hide his presence from the galaxy; he successfully dispatched the swoop gang publicly as you had intended milord.

LEADER – Excellent…continue.

The leader folds his hands in his lap, leaning back against the throne, then spreads is fingertips along the outstretched arms of his seat, kneading the shiny black material as he listens intently.

ELRIC – We were unable to tell if he had what we are searching for, all that is known is the one, milord.

LEADER – According to research he has two…where was the second?

ELRIC – I do not know milord, only one was used.

LEADER (looks to Efface) Lord Efface, what do you think of this?

EFFACE – (low voice) I find that the more we have to search, the more we are at risk of discovery.

LEADER – I agree, what of the raid on the VT facilities?

EFFACE – Devon was instrumental in providing access to the grounds, he deemed to be quite cooperative when we took his wife and daughter away from him.

LEADER (grins behind his mask) – A pity he hasn’t discovered yet that his usefulness has ended as well as his family. I want a report on what was found at the facilities…bring in Crymson.

Efface nods slowly, as he motions to the door, as a lone silhouette of a woman approaches the dim, flickering lights of the room, stopping short before the throne after pacing through the other twenty bowed souls around her. She draws back her hood, revealing her long black hair, as well as her signature white streak down the right side of her locks. Her shimmering crimson red eyes glancing up towards Efface and the Killain leader watching her from above.

EFFACE – Crymson…speak!

CRYMSON – (voice low) What do you wish of me Lord Quillion?


CRYMSON – (shivers)I apologize milord, but I thought it wise to address you as your proper name in respect of your position above us all.

QUILLION – You are forgiven, but even you Crymson Vachon are not equal to me, is that understood?

CRYMSON – (nods solemnly) Yes…

QUILLION –Now, report on your findings at the four VT facilities.

Crymson spreads her legs a bit, standing in a military like position, her hands draped behind her back as she glances up to Quillion and Lord Efface, making sure to shield her egotistical views from their own, one false thought could turn them from her allies to her worst enemies, even she had not encountered such formidable assassins before.

CRYMSON – We searched as you ordered of us, our pace was efficient but we found no trace of your requested objective. We might have had more time if Isis hadn’t tripped the alarms in building four.

QUILLION  - She will be dealt with in time. You left the messages on the computers did you not? As well as the discs?

CRYMSON – Yes milord.

QUILLION – Excellent, so he knows our game is afoot then eh?

CRYMSON – That is correct, I would wager he is feeling pretty confused at this moment.

QUILLION – Valaryc Versai is a puppet, just like Malcom and Devon, they know what we’ve allowed them to know, nothing more. However we have a loose end we need to tie up. Lord Efface, give your mission’s status.

Lord Efface turns towards Quillion, nodding his head in respect, standing in the same manner as Crymson, his voice is calm, collected, and smooth as he speaks.

EFFACE – Our mission was successful, he does not know your name and his acquaintance Malcom Shields has been eliminated as you instructed. At the moment Mr. Versai will pose no threat to us, because as instructed I told him only what you wished him to know, our name and nothing more.

QUILLION – (clasps his fingers together) Splendid job Lord Efface, you prove to be a valuable asset to my ranks…tis why you are my most trusted advisor and second in command.

EFFACE – Milord something troubles me.

QUILLION – (raises an eyebrow) You may speak freely.

EFFACE – Why toy with Mr. Versai? IF you want him dead I can just as easily dispatch the relic myself. He will pose no threat if he is dead, why do you play these games with him?

QUILLION (angered)HOW DARE YOU QUESTION MY JUDGEMENT EFFACE! However, I will not reprimand you for morbid curiosity. Valaryc Versai must be made to suffer before he meets his end, if there is one thing that I have learned over these years all things are to happen in due time. To rush is to make mistakes; to be eager is to fail.

EFFACE- (nods) I understand Master, I will not question your judgment again.

QUILLION – See that you don’t Efface, I would hate to have to end our understanding so quickly.

Lord Efface stands silent, without a reply choosing to let the moment pass then anger his master further. Quillion slides his fingers along the base of his armrests, turning his gaze back towards Crymson.

QUILLION – ARE you absolutely SURE he has two?

CRYMSON – Trust me, I have studied his exploits; the one is not his only possession.

QUILLION – I am not interested in the blue one, I want the other one.

CRYMSON – I am aware of such things Lord Quillion. If you wish I will personally see to it that the object is retrieved from him.

QUILLION – No! Your speculation of searching his VT facilities for it was useless. It is obvious that he has the device in his quarters or on his person. Aside from the intimidation aspect of leaving discs for him to uncover, the raid on the VT facilities turned up nothing but useless information.

CRYMSON – But it drew him out of hiding…

QUILLION – That is true, and for that fact I will not punish you for wasting my resources on your empty hunches. However, because of the incompetence of one of your members, you were almost discovered! This is intolerable!

CRYMSON – If they had come for me I would have filled the room in their blood…

QUILLION – SILENCE! I have no patience for your egotistical blundering. The fact of the matter is, there is a weakness in our ranks, and it should be purified if we are to remain strong.

CRYMSON – (nods) You refer to Isis?

QUILLION – I refer to nobody, I accuse the one you call Isis.

Quillion turns to Efface and motions him to his side, whispering in his ear, as Efface looks to Crymson, then to the entranceway, then back to Crymson again flashing a wicked smile before pacing back to the right of the throne.

EFFACE- Crymson Vachon…leave the room, your work is done  for now.

CRYMSON – What? But I! (cut off by Efface)




CRYMSON (growls low, sending an ice cold glare to Efface) – As you wish…

Crymson turns around, glancing to the lowered figures surrounding her, walking past the sea of darkness annoyed that she is asked to leave, she knows however not to question this groups ways, like them or not, ordered or not she respected them for one reason alone, but she told no one this and only she and Quillion knew what the reason was. Something Quillion held over her that made her bow to him time and time again. As Crymson’s figure paces out the door, another passes by her, her hood drawn back with long blonde hair cascading down her shoulders, vibrant green eyes peering from the dark regions of her face. Her body was an older figure, but built rather curvaceously, one thing Quillion always found useful was the use of females in his plans, for women were deadlier then males were because of the simple fact that a mans blood boils at the site of a woman’s attributes, and with his hormones heightened, his defenses lower.


The girl is Isis Surul, a loyal member of The Killain for several years, her deeds helped to form the group from its former title known as the “Obsidian Order”. She served the master before Quillion, who lost in a duel. She had always preferred the former master’s ways to the new comer, but nonetheless it appeared she was about to discover that her family environment that she embraced in the past, was about to be ripped from her by the evolution of the new breed around her, and its newer, stronger, sadistic leader Quillion.

QUILLION – Isis Surul, you stand accused of the one unforgivable crime in The Killian ranks. FAILURE!

Isis gazes up from her location at the bottom of the throne, two stronger Killain servants holding her, grabbing her arms, while her hands remain shackled behind her back.

ISIS – The mission was successful, how was it a failure?

QUILLION – The mission was not flawless, therefore it was a failure. Both you and Crymson failed to achieve the objective of retrieving the object I asked for, and what’s worse, you put the entire group in jeopardy by setting off the alarm systems.


QUILLION – SILENCE! Do not shout at me girl…watch your tongue before I have Lord Efface remove it.

Efface smiles from his standing location to the right of the throne, his eyes tracing the curves of Isis’s body, had he not known previous information he might defend her from the accusations, but in this instance with his sources, he stayed silent, enjoying the view, as from the top of the dais with the raised view, and Isis being further down, he could see her cleavage rather clearly.


Efface quickly diverts his gaze away from Isis, shrinking back in fear, forgetting that Quillion’s abilities were quite advanced and that he could read minds at will, as well as see things others would miss, obviously having picked up on his “peepshow” efforts, Efface made it a point to stick to the issues, rather then other distractions that presented themselves.

EFFACE – No Lord Quillion…your needs are my priority.

Quillion scowls in Efface’s direction, and then turns his gaze through his mask back on Isis.

QUILLION – In light of your years of dedicated service in our ranks Isis, how could you allow for such an oversight? You have force abilities; you should have still been able to sense the system was active!

ISIS – But I didn’t think to…(cut off by Quillion)

QUILLION – Precisely the point! YOU DIDN’T THINK!


QUILLION- That is your mistake Isis, you trust people. This is why I stand above you and you lie below me. I am inclined to give you another chance, but then there is another issue to attend to.

ISIS – Huh?

QUILLION – I have read in your thoughts how you feel about my leadership. Oh yes you cannot hide the spite from me, in the darkness where you think I cannot reach, I hear you night after night grumbling about the master before I and how much things were better before I arrived, in the times of the Obsidian Order. You are the last member of that dying order. Tell me what did the Obsidian Order and its leader have that we haven’t accomplished now hmm?

ISIS – Respect…


ISIS – In the time of the Obsidian Order, we did not have the fortune and prestige that this Killian sect of yours had attained, but we had trust between the Obsidian Leader and myself and all the other members of our organization. For this fact we completed our missions WITHOUT failure, we remained secretive and we attained wealth through living contacts and spies, unlike now where you find it necessary to SEVER them.


QUILLION – If your ways were so effective, then how come the order is now extinct!

ISIS – Because you murder…(stops herself)

QUILLION – Murdered? (turns to the crowd below him) Answer me without punishment; did I murder the Obsidian leader? Did I not challenge him to a duel for the rights to his sect? He always preached about letting anyone come and challenge his rule…

The crowd below breaks into a sea of whispering voices all uttering to the tune of, “No”, “Never”, “You won fair and square.” And other phrases, all disgusting Isis, the last of her kind of that group, she reluctantly allowed herself to be taken over by Quillion’s ways in respect for her position over her emotion and apparently her respect given to Quillion would not be given back.


ISIS – Huh?

QUILLION – You think I will not show you respect as you showed your position do you? BRING HER TO MY THRONE…now.

The two guards holding Isis lead her up the stairs of the dais, stopping short of the platform where the throne lies, Quillion standing in a fit of rage, his arms moving up and down with heavy breaths as Isis is brought before him. Quillion motions to the two guards to leave her and return to the floor where they belong, as they obey.

QUILLION – Look at me Isis…look at your master when he speaks to you.

ISIS (raises her head, looking to the masked face of Quillion) – I see nothing but darkness.

QUILLION – Out of respect for your service in my organization I find you guilty of failure, insubordination, and treachery! However I am going to grant you mercy.

ISIS – But I….

Quillion motions to Efface to address the twenty Killain members below him, setting his plan into motion.


All the members of The Killian, in a uniform manner do as told, looking straight down to the void black tone of the floor, having seen this ritual before, a time when a convicted’s life was ended after given one last vision to see before they entered an eternity of darkness…Quillion’s true face.

Little do they know though, Quillion has another objective in mind, setting into motion another aspect to his plan as he stands before Isis, removing the latches that secure his mask to his face, only a hint of silver hair caught in the flickering light from the torches as he pulls her face to look into his own.

ISIS - (closes her eyes) NO! I will not look!

QUILLION – You will look at my face Isis, you will feel my power, and then I will take it back from you…LOOK AT ME! LOOK IN MY EYES!

Isis keeps her eyes closed, squeezed shut as Efface slides his fingers around her closed eyelids, glancing to Quillion, who stands with his face fully exposed to her view.

QUILLION – Out of respect for your service Isis, I am not going to kill you at the moment, but you WILL look at my face, like it or not I want the image burned into your soul!

Quillion turns to Efface, whom is the only living individual who has seen his face and lived to tell of it.



Powerless to stop Lord Efface’s strong willed determination to pry open Isis’s eyelids, he succeeds as she is forced to stare into the very windows of Quillion’s soul, knowing once she has seen his face, it was her death sentence, she had seen this before, shortly before Quillion or Efface removed the heads of those who saw Quillion’s true face, it was his sick game of intimidation, his lust to make his victim’s remember his face before they were plunged into eternity. Unknown to Isis though, she was a bigger pawn in Quillion’s game, she would not travel the paths of those who saw his face before her, but on a different path.


What Isis sees though, its not Quillion’s true face, but something far more horrifying, it is the same exact chattering skull figure that Val has seen in his nightmares, now etched into her own memory the only addition is long silver hair exuding from the skull to his shoulders. She wasn’t sure if this was Quillion’s true face or yet another illusion, but either way she had seen SOMETHING, and in The Killian ranks, it was more then you were supposed to, her fate was sealed.


Quillion then motions to Efface, who let’s her eyes go, Isis shaking with horrified fear as she drops to her knees. Within Efface’s hand is a syringe. Isis feels a sharp pain, then nothing as she blacks out. Her body falling limp at the head of the throne, as Quillion turns around, re-attaching his mask, slowly craning his body to sit back on the throne motioning to Isis.

QUILLION – Have your servants prepare her Lord Efface.

EFFACE – It will be done Lord Quillion…

As Efface motions to the guards to carry the unconscious Isis Surul away, Quillion motions to Efface, turning his attention away as Isis is carried from the room to be “prepared” for whatever purpose Quillion has for her.

QUILLION – Lord Efface, you will take four of your best warriors and meet Mr. Versai on Bespin. We intercepted his transmissions from his pitiful ship. He is heading there to meet with Devon Troy…

EFFACE – As you wish Lord Quillion…

QUILLION – Kill Troy Immediately…his usefulness to me has expired. I want you to see to it personally that this mission is successful I want no mistakes! DO NOT FAIL ME!

EFFACE – (gritting his teeth) I DO NOT FAIL…

QUILLION – Do your efforts match your words Lord Efface?

EFFACE – I will stain my hands with Devon’s blood.

QUILLION – Excellent…

Efface turns to leave, Quillion stopping him.

QUILLION – (annoyed)I was not finished. You will take Isis after she has been properly “prepared” and send her adrift in Bespin airspace in an unmarked civilian frigate. You will then give her three days to do as she wishes PROVIDING she does not leave the confines of Bespin. Upon the third day you and your selected men are to attack her, I want her injured but left breathing, and you know the rest.

EFFACE- (nods) Yes Lord Quillion I am aware, is that all?

QUILLION – No! Listen to these words very carefully. I want what we have been searching for, I don’t care how you get it, do not come back here without the object I have demanded.

EFFACE – You mean his other possession?

QUILLION – Yes, I have…plans for it. Do not engage Mr. Versai in combat, I do not want him injured, besides you might end up dead and that would be an unfortunate circumstance.

EFFACE – (growls) He is no match for my skill!

QUILLION – IDOIT! Have you learned nothing from me! All things will come in the annuals of time! YOU WILL FOLLOW MY INSTRUCTIONS AND BRING BACK THE OTHER OBJECT TO ME IS THAT CLEAR!

EFFACE – (growls low) As you wish Lord Quillion. I will see to it that your orders are carried out and I will not engage Mr. Versai in combat, I will retrieve the object of purple light and bring it back to you.

Quillion stares at Lord Efface for a few minutes as if delving into his mind, probing for his intentions. Quillion knew better, he knew the foolish pride Efface had for his lightsaber skills and his eagerness to prove his worth and his superiority in combat. Although Efface as soon humbled by the loss of his right hand by Quillion in a fight over loyalty, Quillion thought long and hard about his decision to send Lord Efface on this mission, and yet there was none other who would secure his wishes without fail. Like it or not, Quillion would have to trust Efface to carry out his wishes and return with his mission completed.

QUILLION – You had better deliver Lord Efface, or I will take away more then your hand this time.

EFFACE (growls) – I will not fail you Lord Quillion, I will see to it PERSONALLY that everything is carried out as you have ordered in full.

QUILLION – Excellent…pick your finest warriors and go.

Efface bows to Quillion and turns on one heel, striding down the steps, through the crowd still with their eyes lowered to the floor, tapping four of them on the shoulder, they rise and follow Efface out the door, as Quillion stands from his throne and diverts his gaze to the other sixteen remaining souls below his feet.

QUILLION – Rise my friends, we have much to prepare for. Lord Efface will return with success and if he should fail, you will have to carry out my wishes further. Go and train in your various sections, train hard. Leave me now…

The sixteen individuals below all stand, and walk out the door single file as Quillion sits back down on his throne, glancing to his right to a figure in the shadows.

The figure that approaches is that of Crymson Vachon, not dressed in her “Killian” attire, she strides out in her traditional outfit, the red and black flamed cat suit, her menacing double saber, akin to Exar Kun’s own hanging from her belt as she smiles to Quillion, stopping by his throne.

QUILLION – You were exquisite my dear…

CRYMSON – I am always eager to serve Lord Quillion.

QUILLION – Do they suspect anything?

CRYMSON – No, I set off the alarm with expert timing, they do not know it was I who caused it to sound.

QUILLION – Wonderful! Then the plan is set into motion. I never liked that brat anyway but she will prove more useful to us then she thinks, whether she knows it or not. I am very impressed with your performance Crymson that added act of defiance before I had you taken from the room was a nice touch.

CRYMSON – I’ve always had an affinity for dramatics, Lord Quillion.

QUILLION – Indeed, this I know well. Shall we?

CRYMSON – (nods slowly)

QUILLION – After our…private meeting, to you will go the sad duty of executing Devon’s wife and daughter, can you handle this?

CRYMSON – Of course, execution is my specialty.

QUILLION – Good, Devon Troy will soon learn that you do not double-cross The Killain and get away with it. He has only himself to blame.

CRYMSON – That’s what I admire about you Quillion, you’re so sadistic.

QUILLION – Enough talk…

Both Quillion and Crymson leave the room, exiting out a side door to the left of the dais, pacing down the hallways to Quillion’s private quarters to discuss more provocative issues, issues involving a greater scheme then even Quillion’s own subjects are aware of. Quillion only depends on Efface to accomplish his mission; anything more is nothing more then a complex mind game, meant to lure him into a false sense of security. Quillion cared for no one, the only one closest to him was Crymson Vachon, anyone else beyond that was lower then he was, SHE was not even equal to his level, but loyal enough to remain just below it and above the rest.


As Val’s navacomputer sounds off, Val awakes from the same dream previously, nothing having been added, or changed perhaps it served as a reminder to pay close attention. In either sense his ship had announced its arrival within Bespin airspace as he transmitted his request to land, shortly after touching down on a extended landing platform on one of Bespin’s many floating cities. In this case it was the region of Tibannopolis. His eyes dimming to the intense rays of light cast from Bespin’s near bye sun, making out the various rising columns of the bustling city. The shades of orange, brown, gold, and bronze color scheme stretching everywhere the eye could see. He sat in his cockpit, the canopy having risen up as he waited for the signal that he had instructed Devon to send. While he waited, he watched several service droids attending to other ships around him. Then the signal came, writing a text message across the mini screen of his wrist communicator….


Val gathered his things, finding another robe to wrap around himself, this one was more updated, a deep blue hue as he drew the hood over his head. He had been in Bespin before years ago on a bounty hunting mission he didn’t want any enemies, if they were still alive to recognize him until again, he had no choice but to reveal his identity. Affixed to his belt under the robe, were his two lightsabers and in his belt compartments three glop grenades. With the special material of his belt compartments, anything within them avoided detection, a wonderful attribute that dabbling in smuggling activities had shown him over his years of experience, his boots colliding along the smooth floor of a busy walkway.

Val glances to the patrons around him, nodding silently to those who acknowledged his presence, not wanting to show too much of an outlander like image, his somewhat odd choice of having the robe over his head, gave the impression to others he was a wise sage, or a holy man, this giving him some measure of respect.

Val rounds the entranceway to a glitzy, glamorous, environment. Along the sides of the walls lie rows of bar tops, with stools and flashing casino lights illuminating the room in shifting waves of color. His eyes combed through the crowd, not knowing what Devon even looked like, nodding silently to more people who pass him and the provocatively dressed bar maids serving drinks to other tourists. Tibannopolis was famous for its many casinos and gambling opportunities, its luxurious catering to the rich, and lush colorful scenery. If Val were not keeping a low profile, he could have quite a bit of fun here, staring at the awestruck faces of the surrounding crowd, knowing full well, one of the most wealthy, well known men in the galaxy in their humble Café would meet with waves of Ooohs and ah’s and of course the traditionally founded “brown nosing.”

Glancing to his wrist comm. unit, another message flashes across the screen


As Val approaches table five in the Beldon’s Wing Café, his eyes befall a shady dressed individual, in civilian clothing, but torn and dirty from days of use. It was apparent that he must have encountered some sort of combat by the burn marks along sections of his dusty brown, long sleeved shirt.

DEVON – You are Val Versai?

VAL – Yes, I see you followed my instructions clearly. I appreciate that.

DEVON – (nervous)Well I didn’t want to anger you further after the things I’ve done…

VAL – That is a wise decision…now if you don’t mind Devon, fill me in.

Devon takes a drink from a brass colored cup near him, then turns to speak to the one and only Valaryc Versai. He is intimidated just by being in the same room with Val. He’d have heard of the things that happened when Val walked into a cantina or in this case a café…assassins galore, melee, property destroyed, but it wasn’t a factor in this circumstance, Devon had things to tell before they came for him, his eyes shifting over Val’s shoulder, towards the entrance to the café, then back towards the windows.

DEVON – Well Val, you se umm uh I was contacted about a week ago by a person posing as a interested investor who wanted to know more about the benefits of having stock in Versai Tech. As you know my job handles personal issues and correspondence.

VAL – (nods, eyeing the room as well) Continue…

DEVON – The investor turned out to be a cover for the spokesmen of The Killian, a race of assassins and mercenaries who have been responsible for numerous acts of terrorism and political assassinations.

VAL – I am aware of their deeds…

DEVON – Umm well uh err mmmm this person told me that they would pay me handsomely if I would do them a favor.

VAL – Lowering defenses in four buildings, I presume?

DEVON – Exactly!

VAL – (growls)You told them?

DEVON – Ummm well you would have been proud sir, I refused. Unfortunately these people do not take no for an answer and they said that this was essential to their needs, that I would cooperate with them or they would have to resort to more intensive means of persuasion.

VAL – I see…go on.

DEVON (shifts his eyes around again) Ummm well uh mmm you see Val. That’s why I had to do as they said! Because umm well my daughter and my wife and I were having dinner, when this guy in black and purple sliced through the front door with what looked like a laser sword.

VAL – (nods slowly) Describe him for me…

DEVON – Umm well uh errrm he had the same outfits as The Killian are known to have worn, except his outfit didn’t have the shades of gray the others do, it had purple and he had odd markings on his robe, silver I think, kinda looked like thorns.

VAL – I see, and this is the part where they invaded your home and he took your daughter?

DEVON – Ummm yes, he grabbed my daughter and my wife by the arm and he yanked them away, telling me that I better comply with their wishes or I would never see them again. He….He kid…he kidnapped my family Val! (begins to cry) I don’t know where ………where…they…are. I had no choice you understand! I had to do it for their sake!

VAL – (comforts Devon) – I understand about helping your family before duty Devon, my father had the same views. I do not hold you responsible anymore for the damage. I understand the circumstances, but I need to know everything that you know, the more you can tell me the more I can help you get your family back.

Devon looks around very unnerved to the entrance as well as the windows, as if he knows that The Killian are coming for him, and yet a part of him doesn’t care as long as his family lives…trusting Lord Efface will keep his word to not harm his daughter or his wife if he complies.

DEVON – The man dressed in black and purple goes by the name Lord Efface. I am still not sure what the leader’s name is, he was just referred to as his “employer”. Ummm well uh mmm anyway uh, these Killian warriors are pretty strong! They have connections all over, I’m hoping they don’t have them here but either way as long as my family is safe, my life is worthless to me.

VAL – Listen to me Devon, tell me what you know I will protect you.

DEVON – But I know, I know they will come for me Val! I know that they won’t let me go, I just its so unfair! All I want to do is safe my family, my beautiful daughter my loving wife! I didn’t ask to be involved it was forced on me!
(bursts out crying)

VAL – (calm) Devon, get a hold of yourself; you speak as if your family is already gone. You have the best damned saber fighter in the galaxy on your side, I won’t let you get hurt, we both know that there is no turning back for either of us. I don’t know what this Killain wants with me but I need to know as much as I can so I can stop them from causing any further damage.

Devon keeps his eyes transfixed around the patrons in the room, shrinking back as three characters waltz in the room in the same attire as The Killian, but slightly different with no jagged edges to their cowls or boots. The bartender shouts to them


As he shouts to the three strangely dressed teens, they quickly run out of the room, dashing down the hallways as the bartender draws a blaster, which is only a lighter in disguise meant to scare the youths from the room, which apparently works.

Val’s hand slowly slides off his saber, and then turns back to Devon, seeing the disturbance, keeping his senses sharp as he draws the Force to enhance his attributes of strength and speed.

DEVON – Ummm ok here is everything I know. The Killian are the successors to a lesser organization known as the Obsidian Order. Their former leader was slain by the new one. Unfortunately no one knows his name at the moment, more the leader before him. All we know is that The Killian is fairly new but through the ties to the Obsidian Order, they had existed for over a decade.

DEVON - Umm well uh err, they rely heavily on Force use and laser swords in their attacks, but their main key element is secrecy. No one knows where their “Citadel” is located, and its rumored that those who do, that are not in league with them are killed for their curiosity. These people kill with no remorse, with them its just money and business. Which probably means that with you, it’s not as personal as you think it is, but what business they have with you I do not know.

VAL – So you’re saying that they have something to gain by drawing me out in the open and exposing me to the media again? How then though is it that we’ve crossed paths and they keep preaching “THE SEARCH HAS BEGUN” I figured out that the “hunt” was finding me, but what do you suppose they are searching for?

DEVON – I uhhh mmm uh I don’t know!

As Val and Devon talk in the Café, a very timid Isis Surul dashes into the room and heads to the very back table, ducking under it. Val’s eyes watch her motions, sensing her feelings of dread with the aid of the force. His eyes quickly searching the parameter of the room, trying to find any signs of danger knowing she is running from something yet to be seen. As she cowers in the back, the same three teens that had fled before previously re-enter the bar. Apparently the youths had not learned their lesson the first time. A fourth enters and stops, looking around searching for someone. Val concludes it is the girl, but he is gravely mistaken.

As the tender continues to shout at the three teens sitting before him, he gets out from behind the bar and shouts to them…


As the tender wraps his hands around one of the teens garments, his eyes grow wide, feeling the fresh plunge of a dagger enter his chest, his body going limp as the teen stays motionless at the table, the only movement is his hand tossing away the tender, who’s body hits the floor with a thump, a dagger lodged between his ribs.

As Val spins around to watch Devon, his danger sense going wild, suddenly Val’s vision is obscured by a flash of pink light…a close-up of Crymson Vachon’s menacing lightsaber is seen, the sharp triangular etched ends extending from the emitter shroud were very clear. All Val’s images of that frightful weapon in his battle with her in the past poured through in a plethora of visuals. The next image he saw was that of an older woman screams, a flash of blood and the pink saber blade filling the screen of his mind with its dazzling hues. As he watched a shadow loom across the floor near Devon’s seat, a second set of images flashed across his mental screen, the same series but with a little girl, a younger child and the same outcome. It was then he knew exactly what had just happened….

VAL – (snapping out of it) NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! YOU TWISTED WENCH!

While Val is watching the distracted by the visions, his attention is diverted from the same red beam that was on Malcom’s body, a blaster shot ringing out as Val’s head snaps around. His hand comes up as the blaster bolt is absorbed into his opened palm, the blast dampening fabric serving its purpose. What Val does not notice until it is too late is that the very same shot he just absorbed had passed through Devon’s skull, clean through. Devon’s head was on the table, no blood from the cauterized wound, but it was apparent the distraction served its purpose…Devon was dead.

Angered at his lack of concentration, Val instantly leaps from his booth shouting to the other patrons…


Using his own tactics, Val’s own distraction was enough to put streams of people between him and the four Killian warriors across from him. It was clear that they must have intercepted the kids and taken their outfits to avoid detection…unknowing that the same teens were just banished from this same bar. Nonetheless Val didn’t care about that fact anymore, for making a fool of him, Val wanted their heads and this was apparent as he reached for the hilt of Obi Wan’s saber, extending the blade in a rush of vibrant blue.


The Killian warriors dash to oblige Val’s challenge, but from above, the incoming shape of Lord Efface’s fluttering robes drops in front of them with a thunderous thud. Rising slow like a serpent, Efface lifts his yellow-red eyes from behind his cowl, glaring towards Val.

VAL – Who, or what are you?

EFFACE – I am, who you think I am.

VAL – What might that be?

EFFACE – Devon’s Angel of Death.

Val narrows his eyes, glaring back towards the deceased Devon, dragged into this personal war against his will, another victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Val trembled with rage knowing the significance of the imagery now, it was the price of Devon’s information…his wife and his daughter, savagely executed by Crymson’s lightsaber. He didn’t know where but he knew it by the screams falling silent, and yet in a sick twist of irony, so then did Devon join them. It was be disturbing enough to lower his defenses, and that’s all it took to get the killing blow in on Devon. These people were good, and for that reason they were also possibly the biggest threat he had ever encountered in his years of combat. Soon he would learn if his skills were as sharp as they were twenty years ago.

Val glares towards Lord Efface, his saber vibrating with his rage as his fingers clutch around the hilt.


Efface only grins from his standing location, glaring over towards Isis, cowering under the table, then back towards Val. She then leaps to her feet and dashes towards the exit of the Café, Two of the Killain warriors attempt to grab her, but with uncanny speed she evades them as they tumble to the floor and into each other.

Val looks towards Isis who is now dashing down the hall then back towards Lord Efface


EFFACE – (grins sadistically) My name is Lord Efface, and you forgot to add his wife and daughter.


Val leaps from his position, using the force to leap into a direct path towards Efface, who sidesteps the decent, sending a chair into the air to slam towards Val. In his rage however Val brings his saber down across the chair, shearing it into two halves, still descending down upon Efface like a hawk.


Efface steps away as Val lands, motioning to his hand picked men.


Before Val can react, the four Killian fighters dash from the room, hot on the heels of the mysterious girl’s trail. Efface the last to leave the room flashes a grin towards Val, knowing full well Val’s weakness for saving the damsel in distress.


Something inside Val snaps, for five years, five long, dark, years Val had turned his back on the innocent, letting their fate decide their destiny, instead of being there to save them from harm or give them the time they needed to correct their mistakes. Val stepped aside and watched the cruel web of tragedy befall strangers he could have easily saved. Since being exposed by the media, and the first attack, the loss of Malcom, and now Devon…enough was enough.


Clutching Obi Wan’s saber hilt in his hand, he looked down the curved hallway of Tibannopolis’s interiors, which seemed more vacant then usual, the people obviously having cleared out after the incident with the bartender and the slain Devon. From the images of Devon’s family being savagely executed by Crymson Vachon…Val knew this, somehow someway he knew that it was time to stand up for what was right, like it or not. He could not stand idly by and watch another innocent soul perish if he could avoid it. To Isis, he was her only chance. He didn’t know the girl’s name but the same frightful expression; the rapid dash was all too familiar of many other females Val had risked life and limb to save.

Feeling the force flowing through his veins, focusing the source of energy to enhance his attributes of strength and speed. The Val that had walked into the bar was now gone…and the older fighter, the inspiration was back in the galaxy and one thing was for certain…

The chase was on…

(what does this mean?)


What happens when you run a Star Wars based "gauntlet" with lightsabers and force powers?

...Stay tuned.


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