Chapter III - Shards of Suffering, Reflections of the Past

The Versai Continuum Chronicles - Shards of Suffering, Reflections of the Past


After the events of Trade Federation invasions, and narrow escapes. Valaryc W. Versai finally achieved the security he searched for within his Versai Mansion, where the Trade Federation had no knowledge of his well-being, his appearance like a wraith, a specter…seen but never touched, found only in a blink of an eye, then gone before your eyes…the Trade Federation had taken great lengths to protect their plans known as “New Future”. Fate has a tricky way of breaking even, flawless plans…so was the case for Valaryc Versai, for what he discovered among the top secret files when he broke into a Trade Federation installation to gather info on the disappearances of public figures, bore a greater threat to the Trade Federation, greater than even a Death Star…and for Val Versai, the price for knowledge would be a grand one, not just physical…but emotional as well….

What was the price for dedication and friendship?

He was about to find out……….

Corerilla Dublon, Val had studied her files from his computer counsel deep below the Versai Mansion, having crossed this young woman’s path evading a Trade Federation raid on him…Her cowlicks hanging slender curls in front of her deep brown eyes, reflective to his. He had only seen her for a moment, but that moment was all he needed for his mind to spark with questions he wanted to answer, who she was and what she was doing there in the same place…He knew something about her was different than the rest, remarking for her to get down, just inches from blaster fire…

He had cared for a stranger…

As time passed, his curiosity grew more and more, learning just about everything about her, her father her past…he knew more about her then most others could find themselves. Yet the one thing missing was he knew nothing but data, not Corerilla herself. Tracking her down through his sources, he called her to a secret location, where after a time they grew quiet close. Not as far as a romantic relationship…but more then acquaintances, perhaps both of them hiding their true intents. Corerilla knew that Val was a public enemy, forever single time she had seen him, he had to run from droids, the damn droids…time and time again. But, this meeting was years ago…Corerilla had left Val a note, telling him she had personal matters to attend to and would contact him when she could be safe to do so.

As Val’s eyes blink away the memories of their last visit, a red light begins to blink to his right, across his vast view screen, the words “Incoming transmission” appear…Val knew very VERY few had his private holo coordinates, accepting the transmission through a UNITRAC frequency, a complex set-up of satellites that shift to deliver messages, making the ability to trace his location impossible. Carefully as Val’s finger delved over the ignition button, did he press it, causing the screen’s flickering static images to slowly form into a silhouette of Corerilla herself. Her features were as attractive as ever, the shiny black pearls zigzagging across her voluptuous chest. But her eyes, were not full of wonder and delight, her usual eyes of brown, were lowered, her words dragged out in deep thought, void of emotion.

“Val, I have run into some trouble, I need you to meet me at once, Please I know you value your privacy, but it is a matter of life and death, that only you can help me settle.”

Val’s eyes lifted up to the screen, scanning every single attribute of Corerilla to make sure this was not a fake transmission, an imposter. However everything was in place, her actions matching Corerilla to a tee…slowly, Val rose from his chair, smoothing his fingers back through his brown locks, tipping his head back, taking a deep breath. Val knew it was time once again, to step to the plate…and do what he did best…

Take care of business…

Spinning around to the screen, as Corerilla’s image faded out leaving coordinates for a Cantina on Carida, he turned and paced to his chamber, where he kept his attire. Gathering his attire, he starts with his belt, snapping the band around his waist, having already been in his blaster-dampening pants. Then he moves to his boots, pulling one up his leg, then the other, the soft light of the caverns reflecting highlights off his Versai Crests shimmering within the rubber of his boots. No outfit for Val would be complete without the last addition to it, besides his weapons…his long black sleeveless trench coat.

After straightening his coat along his shoulders, Val spins around, his coat following his rhythms to his signature MARC known only as the “Assailant”. Strapping himself in, Val eases the stick back, the engines to the Assailant roaring to life, Val’s fingers flicking the switch to open the doors before him. The doors parting for him, rush with the Ithorian air as the section built into the side of a mountain opens for his departure, Val’s eyes focused in determination, flicking another switch then pulling back the stick, Val and the Assailant break the atmosphere of Ithor…to Carida

And to Corerilla…

Or so he thought………

The Versai Continuum Chronicles : Shards of Suffering…Reflections of the Past

Upon Carida, Three figures begin to come into view. The first is obvious from the shimmering silver hair, and cocky smile…Kralyn. The second figure however is not familiar to our eyes, no…this female silhouette, is indeed a very attractive individual, her green eyes shimmering from her wicked red lips, pursed into a grin…while long flowing blonde hair, spills across her shoulders in soft curls, before another girl strapped to a table. The blonde female is an illusion in herself, for she is not human, her race is not one born of this world by life…but by machine. Her name is Salnn Dupres, and she is a HRD unit designed to reflect her predecessor “Guri” with how we should say “supple” changes. Salnn is a cunning servant to Kralyn, her superior and sometimes…personal interest. She has been trained in every form of combat known to this galaxy; her actions are ruthless and effective. However her most devastating action of all, her most stunning attribute is not her curvaceous figure, but how she implements her appearance into her assignments. You see conflict can be just as much physical, as mental…Salnn’s beautiful features were implanted as a weapon themselves, a weapon that no man could resist…seduction.

The girl strapped to the table, before Kralyn and Salnn, was none other than Corerilla herself. Corerilla’s features showed great fatigue, from what seemed to be countless hours of interrogation, for as much as she tried to fight it, Bavo Six, was successful in getting her to relinquish the frequency to Val’s lair.

Salnn smiled to Corerilla and narrowed her ruby red lips, whispering to her….

“You have been so cooperative in our plans dearest…Corerilla, I’ll be sure to personally thank your boyfriend when I see him…”

Corerilla narrowed her eyes, as she remarked with her quick wit…

“With those cheap looks and that outfit? Please….He’ll knock your cute lil butt down in a heartbeat…and he’s not my boyfriend…”

Salnn narrowed her eyes, showing little emotion to Corerilla, but obviously reveling in her naïve observances to her foreshadowing hints of a master plan…devised by herself. Kralyn steps in between them and looks to both girls replying :

“Now now ladies, we’ll save the cat fights for later…Salnn, show the bitch why you are such a badass vixen and my personal Head Advisor….”

Salnn grins to Kralyn, drawing her fingertips through her hair, as the synthetic strands, begin to weave and morph themselves to her wills. Salnn’s green eyes locked on every detail of Corerilla’s features, as in time with her eyes scanning her, Salnn’s own hairstyle that was blonde and wavy, now completely mimicked the exact shades of brown that Corerilla’s hair had, right down to the cowlick curls in front of her eyes.

Corerilla narrowed her eyes, grinning to Salnn

“Yes, new hairstyle, same dimwitted blonde”

Salnn’s hand came across Corerilla’s cheek, striking her hard enough to cause Corerilla’s cheek to flush a deep red. For you see Salnn’s mainframe was solid metal, with synthetic replicant skin. A gentle smack from her could feel like a freight train slamming into you, able to tear apart a metal pole if she so wished to do so in seconds with little to no effort. Kralyn just sat back looking to the scene, curling his finger under his chin in thought…waiting for Salnn to complete the process he had witnessed so many times before, in the guises of Mara Jade, Leia Organa Solo, Winter…simply astounding what technology could do now a days.

Kralyn’s lips parted to whisper to Corerilla, while glancing to Salnn:

“Amazing ain’t it? Finally technology has evolved so far; men don’t have to picture other women when they have sex! They simple press a button and WHAM instant goddess!”

Corerilla showed no emotion in these cheap pallor tricks, keeping her lips closed tight, as they had already betrayed her under the heavy truth invoking effects of Bavo-Six. Salnn was not finished though, as she glanced up and down Corerilla’s body, unimpressed, but her advanced programming allowed her to perfectly replicate another female form. Corerilla’s lips were forced to gasp in shock as she seemed to look into a mirror…before her Salnn had replicated every feature of Corerilla’s own looks, right down to her signature outfit with black pearls…

Salnn grinned and spoke with Corerilla’s own voice……

“Do you like what you see? I hope Val does…I’ll be sure to kiss him for you, before we have our way with him…”

With a cruel laughter, Salnn paced from the room, in perfect mimicry of Corerilla’s walking patterns, leaving Kralyn and Corerilla alone to speak with one another. Salnn having been the one that sent the distress call, took her place at a booth in the back of the Cantina, ignoring the other patrons staring at her features…awaiting Val and her mission. She had discussed this plan with Kralyn over…more…personal or you might say “intimate” settings, both partaking in a hot bath to rest their weary bodies. In Salnn’s case she was a perfect human, functionable in every way…water was no threat to her, very few things were…she had read the file on Valaryc Versai in the Trade Federation records, studying his fighting styles and manners of speech. She had also studied Corerilla’s actions profusely, wanting to make a perfect clone of her so convincing, that Val would have no clue what had hit him, when she unleashed her own little blend of toxins upon him.

Moving back to the scene between Kralyn and Corerilla, Kralyn had put her through hours of torture, not of pain or ways of gathering information, but his egotistical rantings of how his plan was perfect and could not possibly fail. Corerilla narrowed her eyes to him and remarked sharply :

“Just kill me already, God if I have to hear another one of your stupid speeches
I’ll kill myself and save you the trouble!”

Kralyn grinned in response, cool and charismatic…

“In due time, in due time……..”

Shifting to the scene back with Val on his way to Carida, his nav-computer wakes him from a much-needed rest, alerting him that he has reached his destination. Val quickly finds a place to land, not too far from the Cantina, but not too obvious, setting the Assailant down behind a large sand dune. Val’s mind buzzed with so many questions he wanted to as Corerilla, having been quite sometime since they last spoke. He was rather more interested in visually drinking in her features than speaking of the danger she was in. She was special no doubt, no matter how much he attempted to avoid it.

Walking in non-chalantly, Val paced within the Cantina walls, seeing only one person in the room, her back as turned to him of course, but the “V” shape slit in her dress was no mistake to his eyes…it was Corerilla. However Val was not one to walk into a place without caution, for he knew that for him…no place was safe that the Trade Federation morons could enter. Val’s eyes narrowed along the walls, the bar-top looking for any sign of danger…and hidden traps, the Force flowing through his veins, ignited no danger sense to him…he was clear to relax, for the time being.

Pacing one foot in front of another, he paced fully into the room, letting his emotions settle closing the distance between him and the girl he cared for, the girl he left his secret domains for…Corerilla herself. Salnn in the guise of Corerilla, turned herself around slowly, as a small smirk spread across her lips…ummm the man approaching her was truly unique indeed, Salnn herself letting her business set aside checking the slender figure of Val’s body out, letting her eyes wander from his shimmering gauntlets baring the Versai Crest, to the long, black sleeveless trench coat seeming to amplify his every gesture. Salnn as Corerilla licking her lips slowly in thought at what this target that had posed such a threat to the Trade Fed could do, had they met under other…circumstances. Still she was loyal to her faction, setting her personal queries aside to nod slowly to Val replying to him….

“Val, Thank god you’re here…..”

Val nodded slowly to Corerilla jokingly replying to her :

“What no witty remark about my clothing this time?”

Salnn cursed herself under her breath for not making one; unaware of what a “joke” was at this point in time, replying back sharply….

“Well couldn’t you have gotten here any sooner? I’ve been waiting for over an hour!”

Val’s lips pursed in thought, knowing well that to him that was the Corerilla he remembered, sharp witted and yet loved to tease in her moments of seriousness.

Val glanced up and down her figure once more, whispering to her…

“Well babe, you haven’t seemed to change that much, still as feisty and attractive as ever…So what brings you and I together like this? What is this danger?”

Salnn glanced to Val, deciding to sweeten her chance at touching him, being in Corerilla’s form she could get away with practically anything, and he more she delved into his hormones, the closer she would be to finding his weakness, and exploit it to complete her mission. Salnn quickly standing up, glancing to Val as she spoke leading her fingers down her rising breasts, to her hips:

“My father is after me again, I think he has some damn droids chasing me, Sounds familiar doesn’t it?”

Val’s eyes lower, then rise again, as the memory of evading capture flares to life in his mind replying to her softly, with his witted tone of speech:

“Yeah, seems like everyone wants to get their hands on my…ass (ahem) these days…”

Salnn grinned at these words, uttering :


Val’s eyes shot back to Corerilla again, then he asked her :

“Tell me more detail, on this whole situation…how many droids have followed you?”

Salnn dropped her eyes to the floor as in mock sadness:

“I don’t know Val….There were so many, I just I can fight em off but there are times even I can’t stop them all, you understand that right? I’m just so scared now, I need you….I can’t stop my Father alone this time…”

Val’s emotions attempted to overtake him, wanting to take her in his arms and quiet her fears…yet this was not his style to be so direct, smoothing his fingers through his hair in thought, then lifting his eyes to hers once more, as Salnn approached him, attempting a tender embrace…:

“Val I know you don’t show too much emotion over the events of the past, but its just so good to see you here, I remember the old times where all I could do is get a glimpse of you, then I had to leave you that letter, because my Father forced me to meet with him…..”

Val glanced to Corerilla, sternly narrowing his eyes:

“What did I tell you about tricks Corerilla, These bastards are very clever…they will take your most prized, most loved possessions and use them against you, you can’t trust your heart…”

Salnn nodded slowly, finally able to get her arms around Val as she and him embraced, her fingers scanning every inch of his signature armor, moving them up and down to simulate a loving embrace, cloaking her detection of his armor plates and various blaster-dampening fabrics.

Val’s eyes didn’t suspect anything, as like most men…a woman, especially this one embracing you is indeed a rare occurrence in such times of danger and running especially when her ample features are clearly pressed into yours…letting his hands surround her body, rubbing up and down along her skin in rhythm with hers, whispering in her ear:

“It’s so good to hold you again Corrie…I’ve missed this, I’ve missed you……”

Salnn grinned from out of his sight, knowing that her plans were creeping closer and closer to completion as her mimicry proved to work without much of a flaw, in her robotic brain she had the perfect plan, letting her features still mimic human intimacy, while she primed toxin vats built within her for release. Salnn had derived a powerful toxin, able to knock out a Force User with little effort, her own signature brand of capture, utilizing certain elements, to send the Force User’s body into shock, fast than they could channel the Force to combat the effect, in small doses the toxin could also keep a victim quite weak…in large doses, make them unconscious for several hours…but not lethal…Salnn believed that killing a man in his sleep was too compassionate and not to her liking.

Val’s mind began to slightly buzz with danger now, Danger Sense slowly began to materialize, the more he embraced Corerilla in his arms…not wanting to cause alarm, Val glanced from the left to the right…then he noticed a door was ajar in the backroom…

Salnn herself was grinning from ear to ear, her plan was working without any more failure, her record for capture would remain spotless…but Corerilla, the REAL Corerilla had managed to escape her bonds using the Force, while Kralyn was in another room. Corerilla dashed from the ship, into the rear entrance of the Cantina, hoping she was not too late…Kralyn’s screams of


This informing her she had little time, rounding the corner, enough to peek her head out before Kralyn grabbed her by the hair:

“Val it’s a trap! It’s a trap Val!”

Val’s eyes quickly registered Corerilla’s head peeking from the corner of the ajar door. He thought to himself if she was there then who in the hell was holding him right now…before he could react, a sharp pain ripped into his neck, his body quickly sent over the edge in shock from the intrusion, as the Force struggled to battle the toxin that invaded him, far to slow…Val’s eyes lowered in seconds to narrowed slits...grasping Corerilla’s dress as he fell, inadvertently ripping the black beads, struggling to grasp something as his body shut down…Salnn’s full featured breasts were revealed in the process, the beads that kept her supple features covered by thin strands of black material, being torn left her revealed in all her rounded glory, but Val was not interested in the peep show, he wanted to know what in the hell just hit him…glancing along Salnn’s fingertips, extended from her index and forefingers were long 5 inch slender needles…Corrie’s eyes narrowing in horror from behind the pillar, before a sudden shock closed the lights from her vision…knocking her unconscious….

Val’s own slumped form hitting the Cantina floor, as hard as he tried, struggling to resist stun, he was failing, but stayed conscious far longer than any other of Salnn’s victims, as she shock her hair seductively, the blonde curls returning to normal, her own figure reshaping to the curvaceous outline of Salnn’s true form, her breasts still exposed kneeling down a bit further to press his face almost between them, lifting his eyes to hers, as she glances down…whispering to Val…….

“Was it good for you?”

Val’s eyes were closing faster and faster as what he saw turned into a complete blur…demanding to know on last answer as he blurted out his question…….

“WHO in the………..hell………are……….you”

Salnn grinned to Val, having tucked her breasts into her normal attire once more glancing to Val’s eyes as she hovered his lips to his:

“My name is Salnn…..that is all you need know….now be a good little boy and go to sleep”

Salnn drew her lips to Val’s kissing his full on, allowing her to inject Val with her toxin even more, through them…secreting the liquid into his body, filling his bloodstream as Val’s hand grew limp…his entire body collapsing lifelessly to the floor…...also making good on her promise to the REAL Corerilla.

Salnn licked her lips in pleasure, purring to Kralyn:

“Men, the weakest of species…….He’s yours…”

Kralyn narrows his eyes a bit at her crack against men, but replies to her:

“Oh goodie, well I got my bitch (clutching Corerilla over his shoulder unconscious), why don’t you grab him as yours and bring him to the ship.”

Salnn nodded slowly, normally she would take offence to it, but target or not Val’s lips were a pleasure to kiss to her…rather enjoying the look on his face, as she used her fingertips to inject him full of her toxin, then added a “kiss of death” so to speak to “seal” the deal.

A sudden blast of pain ripped through Val’s body, forcing his eyes to open immediately, apparently some sort of electrical discharge, rippling through him, as the features of Kralyn’s face slowly came into focus. Kralyn glanced to Val, standing near the captive figure of Corerilla, strapped to a menacing restraining device, where from Val’s position he could see the smooth metal plates under her, knowing all to well what they are used for…shock treatment.

Val however had no clue where he was, all he knew was that his arms and legs were spread into a “X” shaped, seemingly molded into his form, maybe molded to HIS form. His wrists and legs were pulled taught to what appeared to be recessed canyons within the “X” pattern, feeling them press into his skin so tight, it caused his veins to bulge all along him…Kralyn glanced to another figure in the corner of the room, a tall Neomidian, his attire obvious of the Head of Security…Ruyl Kovo himself.

Ruyl never did his own dirty work however, as he watched Val from a safe distance, remarking to him:

“So the great Dark Jedi Master finally wakes up from his slumber…”

Val’s eyes narrowed to Ruyl replying to him :

“Oh yes, and I suppose you are going to fluff my pillow and bring me breakfast in bed, then your bitch other there can #$%@$% me.”

Salnn was also within the room, sending a cold hard slap across Val’s face. Val narrowed his eyes as he once again saw the green eyes of Salnn boring into him. Val wanted to rip the bitch to shreds for her treachery, he didn’t like being fooled, nor did he appreciate the current state he was in, but smugly he replied to her

“Ooo so dominate, Please Salnn may I have another?”

Salnn gladly obliged with another quick slap to Val’s cheek, drawing a small trickle of blood from the corner of Val’s mouth as he turned back to face her again. Salnn beginning to trace a line down his bare chest with her fingertip seductively whispering to Val :

"I wonder what it's like to get inside you Versai….(her finger circling the center of his chest) to get inside this chest of yours…and watch your heart stop in my hand….(her eyes lift back to Val, sending a deep scratch along the center of his chest) But Val darling, I’m not going to have that pleasure…we’ve got better plans for you…”

Salnn turns her back, pacing from the room going to grab some “items” as Kralyn paces to Val’s side holding a remote in his hand, his cocky stride that of a child filled with glee at discovering something he’s wanted for so long before Christmas as the calm and collected Corellian spoke to him :

“Ah yes, the ever illusive Valaryc Versai, the master of evasion…You know Val I kind of admire you for your resourcefulness, a pity it just took a good piece of ass to get yours…”

Val turned to Kralyn narrowing his eyes once more:

“What is that Kralyn you like my ass? What are you, coming on to me?”

Kralyn quickly shook his head, striking Val in the face once more, screaming to him


Val only stayed there laughing to himself, his eyes searching the room, testing the tinsel strength of his restraints for weaknesses. Kralyn however turned to Ruyl, handing him the remote. Ruyl’s deep red eyes glancing to Val with a smile spread across his own lips…the time for games and pleasantries were over…it was time to get down to the business at hand.

“Hello Val, you know how long I have waited for this day? Oh my good friend I feel as if I have known you for years, and yet you seem to know a lot about us as well…I think it’s time we had a little “talk” to see just how much you know, and get to know one another on a more…personal level.”

Val’s eyes glanced to Ruyl, not giving a damn about getting aquatinted knowing all to well what he was in store for, but not aware of what extent the sick monster before him would go to get his information…having endured several forms of torture…nothing could have prepared him for the pain he was going to feel shortly, and few who had felt it…rarely lived to tell of it.

Ruyl paced over to Val, and whispered to his ear, as Salnn walked into the room with several box shaped devices in her hands:

“You know Val, you’re arrival has been well planned for, we even have a little…..chair for you. I hope you like the spread eagle style of it, because my friend it’s about to get more revealing in a few moments…Salnn show Val what the boxes do…”

Salnn nods to Ruyl, walking over to a plant in the corner of the room, with a quick flick of her wrist, she sends one of the boxes across the touch bark of the tree like plant. As she passes beyond it, four small marks score the bark, causing the plants life giving juices to seep from them…Salnn turning back to Val smiles wickedly, as she knees to her knees before him…seductive in her motions one might think it was for some form of male pleasure…but no, far from it….

With a soft “click” followed by another, Salnn mocked Val by placing her heaving chest in his full view, as she secured the boxes onto tracks that ran from Val’s secured wrist, to his shoulder, the tracks running along both sides of it. Matching below his legs, the same, having placed into position a total of four box objects, obvious from the leaking plant, containing four blades within.

Ruyl turned to Salnn, waving her from Val’s side, as she sat in a chair, watching the skeptical glancing to Corerilla, with Kralyn standing by her secured device as well. Val’s eyes narrowed in anger, trying to rip the bonds that held him in place, pulling the material from his wrist, only to have his attempts snap his wrist back into position, Ruyl standing before him, paced to Val’s side once more, whispering in his ear:

“As I told you Val, we have a special little chair we call the “X-Tinction” unit, you see I know of your tolerance for pain…I also know about your Force potentials, as well as other things, such as measurements and such…consider this chair the amusement park ride from hell…”

Val licked his lips from left to right in concentration, he could not channel the Force within this device, discerning that a ysalamiri must be somewhere in the vicinity, preventing him from connecting to the Force around him…whatever Ruyl was up to, Val knew it would take all his strength to survive it, the leaking plant…a eerie omen to the events, yet to come.

Ruyl’s eyes looked over to Kralyn, then back to Val uttering in a soft sadistic tone…..

“Kralyn I think we should play a little game…How bout we make them both squeal and see who screams the loudest?”

Kralyn responds by sending a minimum charge ripping into Corerilla’s body, as she manages to keep her lips closed, not making much of a sound. Ruyl then turns to Val, doing the same on a much grander scale…Val’s eyes widen from the shocking needle like pain ripping through him, but remains silent.

Ruyl turns to Kralyn, and tells him:

“On second thought I think its better if we just make the great Valaryc Versai watch his girl get burned alive before his eyes…”

Kralyn responds by sending another hair-raising charge through Corerilla’s body, this time getting a small yelp from her body, still Corerilla remains silent. Val on the other hand growls under his breath…as Kralyn continues to shock Corerilla again and again, without mercy, after the seventh rip into her, Val growls out:


Kralyn only turns to Val and whispers “What? Did you say more????” Kralyn turning the knob a few clicks higher, enough to send Corerilla into a swift scream, low but a scream none the less from the pain inflicted upon her…Val’s eyes flaming with anger growls more waves of protest, but Ruyl leans close to Val’s ear whispering:

“If you want me to spare her life…I want to know everything you know about us…”

Val cracks a grin to Ruyl, having grown immune to the shock pulses rippling through him replying:

“I know that you are a sick twisted sonuvabitch with no life what-so-ever, and your servant dog over there is going to one day kick you in the pants and take over….”

Ruyl snaps a gaze to Kralyn, then turns back to Val replying :

“How do you know such things Val? Ah I know……cause dissension among the ranks here, and plot an escape, sorry hero…I know this game all to well, actually m’boy in addition to getting you to talk I’m going to enjoy watching your life….”drip” from your body all over my nice shiny floor.

Seconds later, before Val can compile a remark, the pain of daggers ripping along his skin at a lighting fast pace, sends alarms of pain through his wrists and shins, the pain then hits like a freight train, causing Val’s body to arch back at the sensation, gritting his teeth.

You see, at the closing of Ruyl’s statement to Val, affixed to the tracks along his arms and legs in the “X” shaped structure of the chair, at the press of a button, the four boxes, sweep four razor sharp blades across the victims skin, drawing blood in four lacerations…but not deep enough to kill. This exact event occurred to Val’s wrists and shin area…causing a grand total of sixteen lacerations occurring almost simulatiously, the pain caused more from a shock to the Val’s system, coupled with the shocking current flowing through his body, the tourniquet like devices bulging his veins, causing his blood to seep from the wounds down, in small drops.

Ruyl grinned at the trails of blood beginning to flow down the lacerations his machine had caused, knowing full well this manner of torture was shocking Val immensely. Corerilla attempted to lift her head to see Val, but could only see small droplets of crimson streaming to the floor…her mind wasn’t sure exactly what they were doing to him, but she knew it wasn’t good.

Val’s eyes narrowed as the pain slowly slipped from him, the pain again adapted to by his tolerance for it. The damage of course could only be felt, and not seen…his head was forced to look forward, not able to see his bleeding arms or legs. Kralyn cringed from his position, watching Corrie’s suffering, making sure to make her shock treatment’s short and sweet to keep her alive.

Val on the other hand glances to Ruyl with the same defiant look he had before, narrowing his eyes to him, Ruyl responded by pressing the button TWICE, sending the exact same devastating pattern of lacerations twice more, across Val’s body now leaving 32 fresh lacerations along his arms and legs, each device on the track clicks closer to almost meeting each other in the middle of the victim’s body, from that point the victim has usually bled to near death, or the devices slide back to the base of each appendage and start over, in Val’s case he was just under half of one repetition. The floor was getting a bit messy. The combined lacerations caused Val’s body to bleed from all of the wounds, old and new…slowly draining him of his strength and his blood, crimson trails leaving him a bloody mess on the “X-Tinction” device.

Ruyl glanced to Corerilla, and told Kralyn to release her neck restraint, and click the power surge to full strength, he wanted Corerilla’s last image to be that of her friend, in a scene so shocking, she would remember it for all time in her nightmares. Kralyn loosened the harness around Corerilla’s neck, grabbing her by the back of her hair, forcing her eyes to gaze on her “hero”.

Corerilla’s eyes could only be described as riddled with shock, a look so terrifying that such things could never be captured on a video screen, or mimicked through acting…Corerilla’s heart was beating hard in her chest, as before her she saw the devices, click once more in two reps across Val’s exposed form (hes got underpants though) gasping in horror as the lacerations, 32 more appeared, slicing across him…Val’s head was tipped down, as the lack of blood was beginning to hit him hard…he was losing his fight, and yet Corerilla wanted to know if they wanted information, why do they do this to him? Her thoughts were the last on her mind, as a devastating shock of energy riddled her body beyond its threshold for pain, knocking her unconscious….if she only knew how close to freedom she would get, as the alarms dimmed in her mind…her last thoughts were

“I will remember always…”

As Ruyl finally came around to revealing his true purpose for such a devastating machine, He whispered to Val in his ear out of Kralyn’s range:

“I don’t give a damn what you know Val, I built this chair to KILL you, and advance in my superior’s eyes, with your death I will gain the power I deserve and you…will have caused it.”

Val’s eyes were glazed over as another painful repetition racked his body, then another, and another…Kralyn was growing suspicious now, for Val had been inflicted with the most amount of torture ever in this chair, a full cycle….Kralyn quickly spoke up to Ruyl

“What are you doing! Stop this now…he’s no good to us dead!”

Ruyl snapped his head to Kralyn replying to him:

“Val is MY CONCERN not yours, drag his bitch to a transport ship; take her away from here, while I finish off…..err up with Val here.”

Kralyn narrowed his eyes, and turned to Salnn, whom was licking her lips in delight from the overflowing of blood pouring from Val’s extensive wounds, such scenes of pain was slightly arousing to Salnn, whom glanced back to Kralyn who ordered her to grab Corerilla’s unconscious form and follow him, her obeying as they paced from the room. Ruyl clicked the button again, this time not cutting Val but resetting the box devices to the start of the track once more. Before Ruyl could press the button again, a blast rocked the foundations of the building, enough to knock the control box directly from his grasp. Ruyl clearly had come out of his power trip to hear the alarms blaring throughout the compound.

Val’s body was in very sad shape, as red as the crimson attire he wore…he had not clothing, the crimson streams along his body were his own blood, seeping from over 256 lacerations across his arms and legs, the blood from his body, having been spilt upon the once shiny metal floor, moving down a draining vent. Val himself was literally bleeding to death…carved up like a turkey on Thanksgiving Day. His eyes were glazed over, he didn’t even know where he was anymore, everything to him was nothing but a blur, as the straps along held him upright, he had very, very little strength from the ordeal. Ruyl was suddenly struck in the back of the head by a blunt shimmering silver object……the back of a lightsaber hilt.

Before Val stood his adopted daughter of sorts, Isis Sarul, her long blonde hair spilt along her shoulders, but her eyes were full of concern for her adopted Father, the scene sending her into a state of shock, only the gentle tap of Gara’s hand to her shoulder drew her from it. After the shock had passed, Isis looked down to Ruyl and extended her silver lightsaber blade, pointing it to his throat, as her foot kicked him over to gaze into his eyes with her fiery blue ones.

“You, what did you do to him? I hope you enjoyed it, because if Val is hurt anymore then he appears I will slice each one of your appendages off, until your pain EXCEEDS his.”

Ruyl only smirked with a sly reply,

“Young lady, I am quite aware of your anger, but you see, You can sit here and kill me, or you can save his pathetic life…you have but seconds to decide “Jedi”

Isis, narrowed her eyes, sending another swift kick into Ruyl’s ribs. Ruyl only laughing as swarms of battle droids began to flood the compound, knowing full well he could have them all…in due time.

Gara was the voice of reason in all this carnage, quickly finding the releasing mechanisms to Val’s torture chair device, carrying him along with Krad Helo, side by side, one arm along the other, trying to be careful of the multiple lacerations along the front of Val’s arms and legs. Val’s mind was a blank, he didn’t know who he was or where he was…but the tenacity of him, as they appeared to clear the ysalamiri from the room, sparked his fighting spirit, instantly sending the Force to heal his wounds, though this task with the damage he has sustained proved VERY difficult…

Isis was racked with anger, about to strike down Ruyl at her feet, but the droids behind her opened fire, as she spun around with her silver saber blade deflecting the blaster shots with pinpoint accuracy, growling low as Ruyl had made a hasty exit, before he left though he screamed to her

“One day girl, we shall meet again and on that day you will see nothing but darkness!”

Isis, growled back to Ruyl with anger fueling her voice screaming to him


Gara and Isis, along with the young Jedi Knight known as Krad Helo, manage to evade the droids, as they have proven to still be as clumsy as the droids of old, evading capture with Val in their possession, the last thing on their mind was escape.

The scene blinks like a dream, skipping sections here and there, to the last vision Val had seen before he found himself sitting in the Assailant, far away from his encounter with the Trade Federation Commander….The last emotions he felt, as he broke away from Isis and Gara to race to the ship carrying Corerilla’s unconscious body, a hair too late…Val looked over the ledge at the time pondering to use the Force to reach the ship, but as he attempted it, the damage inflicted to him was far too devastating, sending him crashing to the hard concrete floor, his trails of blood still flowing from him, the last gaping thoughts

“Corrie…I will find you, I promise…I will find you.”

Moving back to 217 years later, Sacul’s abrupt questions to Val about Dark Territory, snapped Val from his flashbacks, as he had been lost in his flashbacks, from the scars on his arms, only seen by his own mind…

“Yes Sacul, what is it you want…”

Sacul blipped to Val about why he wanted to go to Talasea

Val responded, pulling his shirt down over his arms:

“We are going there to find Dark Territory, how many times do I have to tell you that?”

Sacul responded by asking Val:

“What is there in Dark Territory you want to find?”

Val narrowed his eyes, flushing the memories of the Cantina incident with Salnn and the “X-Tinction” chair, closing, then opening them in thought, slowly drawing out the words to Sacul

“Because Sacul, the answers to questions I have had, lie there…with a certain person.”

Sacul’s green dot expanded and contracted with inquiry, replying to Val :


Val’s eyes shifted to the stars out the view ports of his ship, the Assailant setting course to jump to light speed, his mind having the image form of a woman with a clever wit like his own, and signature cowlick bangs that fell in front of her eyes, eyes of the deepest shades of brown…as his words uttered only one name as his MARC, enters hyperspace again, halfway to his destination…towards Talasea as he utters his last words to Sacul his trusty lil laptop companion….

“Corerilla Dublon"


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