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Final assembly, part 2.

These pictures show some work-intensive weeks, up to the point of final examination by SFRO.

What an mess....... water hoses and electric harness being fitted, thank god its plenty of space.

A slight improvement, lots of tie wraps being used.

Yeah, why not, no loose end shows, it could work....

Here are some loose ends thou, lets make those up later!!!!


"With a little help of my friends...."

Marriage Point, this is a milestone to pass with careful attention, we dont want to make scratches in the VERY new paint, do we?

This is Robert, lining up the two, soon to be one.

You know the joke about men and remote control for television???

In the garage, its the jack instead......

Almost done, I only need to fit the wiper assembly before body is completely down.

Björn H.

Are J.

Robert H.


Inside of wheelhouse is protected with bodycoating.

Then I used Sikaflex, black sealer in tube, between frame and body to keep most water at outside.

Then the body was bolted in position.

Side pipes and heat shield.

Side pipes and heat shield.


Center console.

Center console and wiring mess.......

Minutes before instrument panel goes in.

And viola!!

Are we beginning to see the end?

Im still waiting for the other "roll over protection loop".....

Trial fit of trunk floor.

Trunk floor in 9 mm plywood.

Door Trims in 3 mm plywood.

After painting these were covered with vinyl.

Trunk floor and "trailer hook"

Trunk floor was reinforced with an aluminium tube, 40x40x2, the effect was incredible, its superstiff.

Olof F. helped out with the door hinging and adjustment.

Door with trim and lock.

Made an footrest for left foot, very awkward without it.

Let there be light.


Here we are, at the test for SFRO. Only incidents were when we forgot to loosen the handbrake, which caused some smell.... and then the shift knob decided to leave the car!!!

It passed the test.

Also noise measurements were approved.