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Final assembly.

This side shows how the winter and spring of 2001 is spent by me. Here I am working like insane to be able to make registration this year.

Frame picked up at paintshop.

Body in base paint trim, waiting to go green.

Picking up the nice green body. Colour is from 1997-2001 Jaguar BRG, Sikkens colour includes clear top coat.

Vax based rust protection is used inside frame members.

Brake pedal assembly, originally from a Mercedes compact, now heavily modified.

Brake and accelerator pedals installed.

First stage in re-installing engine.

Almost done.

Installed, and some accessories bolted on.

Header pipes are wrapped in heat insulation, as is rubber tube from radiator to expansion bottle.

Wrapping the headers, it took about 20 m of 25 mm wraps to complete these.