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What documents have I needed to approve my amateur built car?

  1. Throughout the building process, take pictures. This is to show that its YOU that made the parts go together. If the rate of purchased, prefabricated stuff is too high, there could be problems. Swedens generous rules applies to single vehicle, not mass production.
  2. Save all receits, same reason as above + any suspicion of stolen goods is eliminated.
  3. During build time, I recommend to have an garage insurance, value of parts together becomes high early.
  4. First check-point is the "SFRO Byggbesiktning" , which is a static look-over, what parts are used, quality of welding, wheel clearance.....
  5. Second check-point is the "SFRO Slutbesiktning" , this is a dynamic test, handling, braking.
  6. Vehicle noise certificate. Noise measured by SFRO.
  7. Manufacturing certificate. Written by myself.
  8. Asbestos free brake and clutch pads. Be sure to recieve this from the store.
  9. Appointment paper from SBP (svensk bilprovning) , needed to be allowed to drive on public road to and from registration, together with......
  10. Traffic Insurance paper, you must apply for a one-day insurance at registration day.
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