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Ulfs home turf.

Here You will find things in my life, especially my AC Cobra Replica, and if you find it interesting dont hesitate to let me know.

Designing a car.

Why do anyone decide to build a car of his own?

In my case, its a matter of environment of mechanics. My father was skilled in welding, my first moped was rearranged with a new frame, then there was technical school, motorcycle that HAD to be tuned, first car in my life was a Beetle with 34 hp which in final stage had 130 hp. Working as an engineer at both Volvo and SAAB made me see all compromises in family cars, why not make a car with only my compromises?? And isnt it easier to make a totally new, rather than take away built-in characters? To choose parts that suit a specific character instead?

Absolutely, lets go!!



Building a Cobra

Driving a Cobra

Final assembly

Final assembly2

Approval docs


My cat




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