Thomas V. Oughton

6411 West 110th Place, Westminster, CO. 80020

(303) 466-6344



Management position over technical support engineers, where I can use my experience as an engineer to relate to the needs of the employees that I manage.



Excellent verbal and written communication skills.  Strong understanding of the customer service industry. Strong communication, mentoring, coaching and teaching skills. Strong interpersonal skills. Excellent problem solving and analysis skills.  Able to follow exacting requirements or to be a self-starter.  Works well under pressure. Quick learner.



       6 years experience supervising engineers

       2 years experience technical telephone support

       10 years experience with C and UNIX

       4 years experience with Yourdon design methodology

       2 years experience developing and maintaining firmware for Motorola 68000

       2 years experience with CASE toolset Software though Pictures

       1 year experience with Oracle Reports, sql and ProC.

       10+ years experience with FORTRAN, BASIC, and numerous assembly languages

       16 years experience in designing, implementing and maintaining real time systems

       Familiar with many machine architectures, including Motorola, Intel, Sun and Apollo workstations, and a number of


        Familiar with many operating systems: Solaris, AIX, other Unix's, Open Windows, MS-DOS, MS-Windows

        Sun Certified System Administrator



Sun Microsystems Inc., Broomfield, CO                                                                      (1998-Present)



Responsible for resolving customer problems, creating information distributing documents, presenting Transfer Of Information sessions to the other engineers.  Assisting front line engineers with difficult cases.  Sun Certified System Administrator.


       Front line and back line support for the development tools (compilers, linkers, loaders) team.

       Front line and back line support for the Xwindows team.

       Back line support for the combined OS/Xwindows team.

       Unofficial acting manager when team manager was out for an extended time.


Rela Inc., Boulder, CO                                                                                                   (1998-1998)



Responsible for developing procedures and following them to ensure that the requirements of the FDA are met in the generation of requirements, creation of a design, implementation of that design and the validation of the implementation and verification of the design against the requirements.


            Developed plan for integration testing of the client created code for an infusion pump.

            Created integration tests to validate the integration of the client created C++ code.


Auto-trol Technology, Thornton, CO                                                                              (1994-1998)



Responsible for providing customer directed enhancements and maintenance of fielded systems (CAD/CAM and EDM/PDM) on several platforms.


            Integrated Oracle Reports as reporting tool for Auto-Trol's EDM system CENTRA 2000.

            Integrated FileNet's IMS with Auto-Trol's EDM/PDM system CENTRA 2000.

           Maintained and ported vendor daemon licensing software using Globetrotter's FlexLM

             Ported an existing conversion program from a Sun OS to Apollo, DEC Ultrix, HP, IBM Risc, and Sun Solaris.

            Performed critical testing of a pre-release product and provided feedback to the developers.

             Lead a group of engineers in providing customer support and corrections to operational level problems in a fielded

                CAD/CAM product.

            Designed, coded and tested several corrections to operational problems in a fielded CAD/CAM product.


UNISYS Corporation, Thornton, CO                                                                                    (1981-1994)


SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER                                                                                    (1987-1994)

Responsible for providing major enhancements and maintenance of a major FAA air traffic control system. Provide technical leadership and instruction for 3 to 10 software engineers.


    Generated a complete set of functional requirements for the ATC system replacing the minicomputer assembly code with microcomputer code in C.

    Performed feasibility study to determine which functional areas could best reuse the code from another ATC system.

    Lead six software engineers in the maintenance (including the addition of several major enhancements) to an air traffic control system software of 40,000 lines of minicomputer assembly code and 10,000 lines of firmware in C.

    Designed and programmed changes to the system that reduced CPU utilization by 40%, resulting in a system that met required specifications.

    Designed functional modifications to offload system functionality to three firmware controlled 68000 embedded systems.

    Presented requirements analysis and recommended designs to the customer; interfaced directly with the customer on a day-to-day basis.  Taught the customers engineering staff in the operation and maintenance of the ATC system and of the tools used for its continued support.

    Demonstrated major system enhancements and corrections to company management and the customer.

    Traveled frequently to support project management in meetings with the customer, design discussions, and system integration.

    Developed and maintained all levels of documentation including User's Manual, Functional Specification, SDD, coding Specification, Software Maintenance Manual.

    Worked on proposal teams and wrote sections of successful proposals, worked on Software Development Plan, SCM Implementation Plan and SQA Implementation Plan.


SOFTWARE ENGINEER                                                                                                    (1981-1987)

Responsible for the design, implementation, debug and integration of major enhancements to the air traffic control system in use at 130 airports.


    Designed, coded and integrated the operating system used in the ATC software in assembler.

    Designed, coded and integrated the controller display function of the ATC software in assembler.

    Designed, coded and integrated the safety function enhancements to the ATC software in assembler and FORTRAN.

    Modified the manufacturer supplied assembler, linker, and loader to operate with a MMU.

    Designed and coded the training function used to instruct air traffic controllers in the Bahamas.

    Taught 20 air traffic controllers in the use of the training function and it's adaptation for their site.


University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver CO


RESEARCHER II                                                                                                                 (1975-1981)

Responsible for maintaining the software and hardware of the department's minicomputer system; setting up and conducting experiments in medical ultrasound.


    Developed the software to control the motions and data acquisition of an Ultrasound CAT scanner in assembler and FORTRAN.



Bachelor of Science; Engineering Physics, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado

SEI training

Professional Communications Training

Advanced Oracle SQL

FileNet WAL for Unix.



Working knowledge of Star Office, Framemaker, Word, Excel, Lotus 123, Microsoft Project, Harvard Graphics, FileNet WAL, and Oracle Reports.



Council member/treasurer, Troop 511, Boy Scouts of America