7800 system

Working 7800 System.
Atari 7800 power supply
Custom hard sided case for all parts.


2 7800 controllers 1 pair paddle controllers
1 Atari light gun

25 7800 Games (13 with Documentation)
Ace of Aces Jinks*
Asteroids* Joust
Ballblazer* Karateka*
Barnyard Blaster* Mario Bros.
Centipede Meltdown*
Choplifter Ms. Pac-man
Crossbow* One-on-One
Dark Chambers* Pole Position II
Digdug* Rampage* (Documentation is copy)
Donkey Kong* Real Sports Baseball
Donkey Kong Junior* Tower Toppler*
Galaga Xevious
Hat Trick*
* indicates manual included


64 2600 games (40 Manuals)

Adventure Megamania
Air Sea Battle Millipede
Asteroids (doc only) Missile Command*
Backgammon* Mouse Trap*
Barnstorming Night Driver*
Basketball Othello
Battlezone* Outlaw*
Berzerk* Pacman*
Black Jack* Poker Plus*
Blueprint Pong Sports (doc only)
Bowling* Porky’s (doc only)
Breakout Raiders if the Lost Ark*
Breakaway IV (doc only) River Raid
Casino (doc only) River Raid II
Centipede Skiing (doc only)
Circus Atari* Sky Diver
Combat* Slots*
Defender* Solaris
Demons to Diamonds (doc only) Space Invaders*
Dig Dug Space War
Dodge’em* Squeeze Box
Donkey Kong (Atari)* Star Master
Donkey Kong (Coleco) (doc only) Star Raiders (doc only)
Dragster (doc only) Star Wars – The Arcade Game
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (doc only) Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back
Fast Food Street Racer*
Frogger (doc only) Super Baseball
Galaxian Super Breakout
Hangman* Superman
Haunted House Surround*
Home Run* Target Fun*
Human Cannonball Video Checkers (doc only)
Ice Hockey Video Chess
Journey Escape Video Olympics
Joust Video Pinball*
Jungle Hunt Warlords
Kaboom Wizard of Wor
Mario Bros. Yar’s Revenge
Maze Craze (doc only) Misc. Catalogs.

* indicates manual included with cartridge.