The Warlord of Mars

by Edgar Rice Burroughs

This book is the third Barsoom book released by Project Gutenberg. Also available are "A Princess of Mars", "The Gods of Mars", and "Thuvia, Maid of Mars" -- others will be formatted and made available as (and if) they are released.

 NOTE: This is a hypertext formatted version of the Project Gutenberg edition. For more information, read the small print or check out the full ascii text. This document is part of a small, but growing collection of html formatted etexts. (Others may be found in either my home page or John Ockerbloom's indexes by author and title.)


I On the River Iss
II Under the Mountains
III The Temple of the Sun
IV The Secret Tower
V On the Kaolian Road
VI A Hero in Kaol
VII New Allies
VIII Through the Carrion Caves
IX With the Yellow Men
X In Durance
XI The Pity of Plenty
XII "Follow the Rope!"
XIII The Magnet Switch
XIV The Tide of Battle
XV Rewards
XVI The New Ruler
Glossary of Names and Terms (from "Thuvia, Maid of Mars")

Thomas Oughton