Chessmen of Mars

by Edgar Rice Burroughs

This book is the fifth Barsoom book currently released by Project Gutenberg. Also available are "The Gods of Mars", "The Warlord of Mars" and "Thuvia, Maid of Mars" -- others may be formatted and made available as (and if) they are released.

 NOTE: This is a hypertext formatted version of the Project Gutenberg edition. For more information, read the small print or check out the full ascii text. This document is part of a small, but growing collection of html formatted etexts. (Others may be found in either my home page or John Ockerbloom's indexes by author and title.)


Prelude John Carter Comes to Earth
I. Tara in a Tantrum
II. At the Gale's Mercy
III. The Headless Humans
IV. Captured
V. The Perfect Brain
VI. In the Toils of Horror
VII. A Repellent Sight
VIII. Close Work
IX. Adrift Over Strange Regions
X. Entrapped
XI. The Choice of Tara
XII. Ghek Plays Pranks
XIII. A Desperate Deed
XIV. At Ghek's Command
XV. The Old Man of the Pits
XVI. Another Change of Name
XVII. A Play to the Death
XVIII. A Task for Loyalty
XIX. The Menace of the Dead
XX. The Charge of Cowardice
XXI. A Risk for Love
XXII. At the Moment of Marriage
Glossary of Names and Terms

Thomas Oughton